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Aging gracefully or beautifully is a cultivated life-style, through the grace of God. It is not heredictory or in-built in us. it is a desirable principle by most people. If you love real life, the World will laugh with you, but roughness with untreated attitude pays the price. In this story, the opinions of various classes of people are considered. The middle-aged elites who disliked the boredom of the current old people in the society. They researched into the various avenues to curb boredom for the coming generation. Their research concluded Smart-Living.

The older people – 80 and above, belong to the grand-mother class.

Their ambition is mild and simpler but to-word the Eternity. The out-look is optimism. They look at the better side of life. They admonish the next generation to see life as comfortable, pleasant and fulfilling. By so doing, they will age gracefully.

The Scientists, as usual are most interested in the analysis of various parts of aging. Research told them that – UPS and DOWNS in the World contribute to aging problems. This leads to what is known as Stress. Thus STRESS-CONTROL factors are the predominant conditions to consider in Aging and Longevity phenomena.

The ideas of these three categories of people are listed below and they all remind us of the periods we studied in the University. Thus, the authors termed it all as the GREAT UNIVERSITY OF LIFE

Life is a school and a journey. Our passage through it reminds us of our early days in the university – Various experts teach us various subjects or courses successfully. Participants eventually earn their certificates of excellence. Aging gracefully or beautifully is a life phenomenon, just like learning different subjects. The specialists in this course are – The elites who currently do not like the status or the conditions of the present – day aged – people and researched the statoscope before they get to the ages. These elites conducted various researches using students of various ages to arrive on the modalities worth handing down to the next generation.

The current aged-people (75 and above) looked more or less toward Heaven. They are softer in their own ideas. They considered the optimistic art of life, as their main focus is the presence of the Divine. However, the two categories are experts in their reasonings toward aging gracefully. Let us now remind ourselves about the University of life procedure


The great university of life provides an infinite array of perfect educational experiences. It shows most especially life expectations from birth until the last day on earth. Each individual soul exposes the curriculum, classes and courses. The educational level of the student body in the University varied. Some souls are pre-schoolers, while others are in the graduate school, about to be gifted teachers. The class-rooms are everywhere. They occupy the entire planet Teachers and students are everywhere. Everybody spends some time in both roles.

Scientific studies also give us some understanding on aging gracefully. This is Stress Control. This is also one of the major causes of aging. In this story, the authors made an effort to describe these three categories of knowledge – advice from the youth, the old and science. The goal of all contributors is looking forward to graceful aging.


Some people about the middle age of 50 years, realized they had lived half their age and became curious of the future. They started researching aging. They didn’t like to experience the feelings of the current old people. They preferred to make it more graceful for themselves in future. They wanted to learn what society had to offer to make sure, the next half life is fulfilled, happy and not boresome. They researched with students and colleagues. The results were interesting, for elites can back on to prevent the horrors in aging. Those moving towards the very old dilemma can perform better and break aging down towards simple, multiple principles and actions, that all of us can take today and everywhere. Living smarter is an eye-opening guide to turn the challenges that aging puts in-front of us.


. interested people must love aging

. They must never retire from active service

. They must stay fit most times.

They must know that what they are is what they eat

. They must access mobility – putting cars aside sometimes, to refresh your mentality and life. Taking side-walks on the road, you feed your eyes by looking at the beautiful flowers. Thi can make you feel younger and more graceful. We can implement these life lessons at once or step by step. The small playful changes have positive effect on long term living. We not just remove the hurdles for ourselves but for the families, friends and neighbours. And we can live the life we want to live all along

. We need to make our homes our castles, to pass on to the next generation

. There is the need to develop new attitudes, especially to friends

. There is the need to be more sociable, and to stay relevant to the World

. Having a positive opinion is the beauty of the Divine. This allows to love anything on the journey in life. It transforms the fear of aging to the love and beauty of the universe. Graceful aging is a gift and an opportunity in life. We should all cherish it and pass the modality to the next generation., the need for the coming old people to have the gist of the current moment, and start each day with at-least one special experience – Eat something specially delicious everyday, see loved ones daily, learn something new or buy yourself a real treat everyday. Your life will be beautiful and graceful.

. Be adventurous. Aging must be met with a sense of adventure. Approaching life wonders makes life excited about the future. When young, we tap into qualities like optimism, curiosity, openness. There is no reason, we can’t carry it through every stage of our life. This gives better life-span to participate in history being made. It is a privilege to take part in progress in Arts, Science, and Socials. We can also take part in the story. All these will make us active in the current moment. We can even be Pioneers. The older we are the more we approach unknown territories, and explore the World without limit or limitation, and do the things we never dreamt of. A pioneer explores new grounds and try to change the World around.   I know some University teachers who were promoted or elevated to the status of professor at 70. This made their lives more beautiful and graceful

Healthy friendships are important both physiologically and psychologically for the overall well-being of men. As we age, social workers become more important. Staying social helps us to live in the community and stay current and meet more people. Good friends make great neighbours. Making your hobbies your work, giving generously, being students forever. You see and you are seen. You preserve your heritage, stay fit all the time, exercise with meaning. Go to Gym,, turn your work into play time, and participate in soul winning events.

. You can find a new opportunity, make room for visitors, live in comfort, volunteer on demand, watch TV for fun, shop from home sometimes. In a word, you age like starting a company. Designing your life this way will change the way you formerly think of aging. The totality is sure to give a beautiful and graceful aging.


They believe that the out-look in life, describes the unique patterns of thinking, feeling and interacting with one-another and it fundamentally impacts our health and aging. Out-look encompasses our personality, character-traits, general disposition and attitudes. Research shows that the influence of optimism on how we recover from illness. Middle-aged and older female optimists have less diabetes, high blood-pressures and symptoms of depression and obesity. They were more physically active than the pessimists. The optimists lived longer, healthiest, exhibiting 16 percent lower risks of first heart-attack and 30 percent lower risk of death from heart diseases. Thus, unhealthy out-look makes people older faster and a healthy out-look keeps us physiologically younger gracefully. Generally speaking, the main focus of the aged 75 and above is Heavenly. As children of God we experience peace, joy and light. We enjoy unlimited wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and patience. Believing all these make us feel alive. You don’t work on yourself. Live the life you want to live. Free yourself from old perception. Open your mind to the World of possibilities of new discoveries. Sow down and feel self-sufficient at all times. You enjoy the peace within and feel young at heart.

. Suffering and mistakes are part of the World because they include our growth. When we feel physical or emotional pain, the best response is to look for the lesson to be learnt and give thanks for the opportunity.


. Say O.K, to everything though they could be better. Only you can change yourself. What matters is your heart. The harder road is the one that makes you – YOU. You can make right choices and right mistakes. Keep moving, keep playing, keep dreaming. Your head has reasons, your head does not know

. Do not be afraid, love is abundant, perfection is over-rated. Trick your brain and smile Life is good. Enjoy every-bit of it. You can never catch up on having FUN.

Get out and do things. Be adventurous. Be yourself and do your home work. Look towards others to help and for help. Live everyday as your last day. Stay in-touch with friends. Be nicer to yourself and do not worry about what people say of you. This is your life. Love it and listen to your mind. Be friendly to people and make the World a better place.

. Telling lies is never good. Let your feelings be known to others. Attend school first and party on the week-end

. Appreciate your body. Practice compassion, forgive yourself, save money for the rainy day. Study more, Be more creative and curious. The passing generation say – This is the fountain of youth to age gracefully. Soak, in it, seat back and enjoy the ride. Love is everywhere. Look for it.


Scientists worked on how to protect grand-mother’s brain. It was discovered that when we enter the age of transformation, our brains start removing what may be for survival. Naturally, the brains drop more memories, forget more words, forget travels and lose other cognitive activities. But, the brain allows us to keep and strengthen our wisdom but diminishes our mental activities, regarding details of our lives that seem essential to us in the past. This is the journey of the holistic care of the brain, especially as we turn our attention to the sacred act of parenting.

Scientific researches showed cognitive brain health in middle age and beyond. They looked at bio-chemical and brain-scan reviews. These showed positive results in brain-health. Brain-health maintenance requires the following-

. Play lots of games

, Do what you like to do. Listen to music. Music is a brain game activity.

. Read and write more and more.

. Get the right amount of exercise

. Meditate, pray and relax daily

. Spend enough time in nature. You enjoy nature when you go out on sight-seeing, smelling beautiful flowers

. Sleep well, especially at night

. Eat the right foods and take supplement and vitamins when necessary, and have enough fin with your partner.


Life after 50 is an enormously fruitful and exciting time. Research in Neuro-science and other experts divide the second half of life into three stages-

. The age of transformation from our late forties to around sixty

. The age of distinction from sixty to seventy-five

. The age of completion which involves the final age of our life journey

Smart living considered how you can stay fit all the time and love aging – No retirement, access mobility wisely, eat well, make home your castle.

Older people, 75 and above look towards heaven. Their approach is milder, more courageous and sometimes, more practical version of yourself. They tell you that everything will be O.K. Their words are comforting, reminding you of what is important in life. They see the big picture kind to you, replacing fear, fatigue or inconveniences, so that no matter how frantic we get, we can still be the best version of ourselves. We only need to pay attention and listen. Positive out-look can transform health and aging. Looking up is important when you are down. They preach many faces of positive out-look and the presence of the Divine. It is the Creator who gives life and maintains it for prosperity. Aging gracefully is an art of God.

You cannot eliminate stress, but you can do a lot to control it. Stress debilitating effect that keep you from creating success in life whether personal or professional. You can transform feeling stressed into feeling confident, resilient, in-control and energized. You will find that you can literarily rewire your brain. You will be able to calm your Amygdala to face and accept your emotions and gain control over stress. You learn self-compassion and ultimately move forward with your pre-frontal cortex. You become cognitively. You find the right mind-set and live healthy in the face of stress. The ability to successfully manage stress is one of the most important skills that you need for happiness and success in todays rapidly changing World. Sudden unexpected or last-longing stress can affect your quality of life. The effect can threaten your life-term, health. Scientists showed that your amygdala and hypothalamus coordinate stress responses by sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems Neuro-transmitters such as Adrenaline and hormones like Cortisol ramp you up to fight and escape from impending threat. Thus, you can move forward more thoughtfully, strategically, create solutions, persevere, and grow. In conclusion, like the advice of the 75 years old and above, you are able to slow things down, ground yourself and overcome the feelings of helplessness. This change in mind-set can help you stay healthier or be a leader in your company or community.


The WORD – Real Life, Actualization and Eternity Home


. The WORD

. Mother Teresa as a role model

. Her Biography


. Unleash soul’s potential

. Balance Earthly life

. Beautiful fragrances

. Swarm species

. Truth and Reality


. Key to success

. Successful journey home


. Truth, Peace, Love, Joy, Sacrifice, Power and Gratitude


. The WORD of God

. Prayer for Real Life



The WORD is the foundation Father of Real life, the actualization, and our eternity home. Without it, life could be just subjective morality – that means – Living carefree to please nature whether it caused chaos or confusion. Let Vegas stay in Vegas. With the WORD of God, life processes come under control, because flesh is crucified. The WORD disciplines the flesh to set it in positive motion. The Golden Rule says – You do unto others as you like people to do to you. And this has become a civic rule.

The WORD of God is described in the Holy Bible as;

. Divine Law – Psalm 119:9

. Food for the soul – De 8:3

. Inspired Word – Rev 1:1

. Word in the Heart De 11:18

. God’s Light to brighten darkness – PS 119:105

. It gives life – Ps 119:50

. Loved by saints – Ps 119;97, Ps 1:2

. Mighty in its influence – Je 23:29, Ro 1;16

. Blessings for purity – Ps 119;9, Jos 1 ;8

. Written with a purpose – 1 Co 10;11, Jn 20;30

. God’s seed – Ps 126:6

. Absolutely Trust-worthy – Ps 68;11

. The message to be delivered – Ps 40 :10

. A perfect law – Ps 19:7

. Law impartial – Ex 12;49

. A command – Ex 15:26


Real life is objective morality. The practitioner does things according to the WORD of God. Self-discipline is the key. Self-ego or personal freedom satisfies only sinful nature, but objective morality creates peace and well-being for all men. Subjective morality leads to chaos, confusion and unhappiness. The WORD of God is a command for all believers as seen in Ex. 15;26. Because of His love, Jesus not only redeemed us from our sins, He left us inspiring WORD of the Truth to guide us. When you accept Jesus, you become a real man, you receive light, you shine in life.

A man with real life possesses a larger self. He gets joy, not by coming forward before others but by bringing others to the fore, by self-giving, not by possessing or by showing own supremacy. When he allows others to get joy first, his joy is more complete. It involves no hardship but a better life – True pleasure, eating and playing in a way that yields health and sensory satisfaction, having relationships that bring joy, trust, loyalty, satisfaction, love, power, grateful heart, and selling all to the world. Self-denial is the focal point. Also, how we want to live and leave behind. Real life is a calmer way of life, centered on our communities, families, friends and where happiness will no longer need to be pursued but around like the air, we breathe in – the two basic sources are the world and the people around us.

However, since – The Seventies or Eighties, things pretended to be real life are no longer the things we can touch or feel. Thank God, a person like Mother Teresa rose up as a solution to many of these problems. She became a sister, friend and comforter to many isolated or rejected people in the society.

Her BIOGRAPHY is as follows –

Mother Teresa (1910 – 1997), was a Roman catholic nun who devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute

. By the age of 12, she had a call to serve the poor

. She founded the Missionaries of Charity

. She taught at Saint Mary’s High School

. She had rock-like faith

. She was the messenger of God’s love

. She was 20th century Humanitarian

. She served people selflessly

. She was always willing to give. She actually, formed a ‘’Learning-To-Give organization

. She helped millions of people around the world – Africa, Canada, India and so on

. She was awarded Nobel prizes for peace, charity, selflessness

. She had a heart-attack and died in 1997

. She was canonized as a saint on the 4th of September 2016

Mother Teresa was the role model in this story. All her activities aligned with inspirational WORD of God – PEACE, JOY, LOVE, TRUTH, GRATEFULNESS and so on. She showed that believing and obeying the WORD create well-being on Earth and everlasting joy in Heaven. The prime purpose on earth is to help others. No wonder she was canonized as a saint. Her Eternity Home is guaranteed in the Holy of Holiest place at the Golden Shore right beside the Creator Himself.

Like Mother Teresa, all of us want to see our Redeemer, face to face one day. Our prayer to God is the wisdom to focus on Him, discipline our flesh and obey His WORD. This is the key to make Heaven.

Below are written the actualization of real life, and some inspirational messages in sweet poems, followed by the summary




By unleashing potential, you build vitality, embrace extra-ordinary life. Real life is not how you are made but the things that happen to you. A thing you cultivate yourself. To become the best version of yourself, you create the life you were born to live; spread joy, love, selflessness, power, child-like adventures, and heart-felt gratitude to the whole world. Being around the people inspires you to live bigger, longer to achieve your dreams. You create meaningful impact along the heroic journey. You step into full potential, and divine appointment that reminds you of the Truth – The WORD of God, and of how you really are. Jewels of happiness become your rewards and guide your life journey (GALATIANS 51:19-23)

To become the best version of yourself is good but may not always be right. It may lead to the death of your soul, but real life becomes rewarding if other people benefit through you. Think of Mother Teresa- A trained teacher who later became a Nurse. Her life ambition showed her the road map to enlightenment, how to deepen emotional spiritual experiences and potentials. Self-actualization is do-able. It is a dynamic action that changes challenges into opportunities. Mother Teresa tapped into the life-force that resided within her. She found her calling – a well-spring positive energy that was the source of her creativity, renewal, confidence and engagement. In the end, her life purpose took her to the most desired Golden Shore of Heaven. Jesus came to the world to redeem us from our sins. Mother Teresa came to the world to help the poor and the destitute. To become a real man, you need to find your purpose on Earth and unleash the potential to benefit the world. A real man has the sense of divine purpose, value, significance, meaning and fulfillment. Self-activation is a divine calling to land you on the Golden Shore of Heaven. You are not here by mistake. You are a seed planted to become a tree, which later produces fruits. The souls, you save and help are your fruits. A man of integrity doesn’t bury his talents in the grave. The choice is yours now. Sit up.


Many people awake these days. More and more people realize that it is by the power of spiritual inspiration and pure creative intention that new healing methods come into being. Anyone with a degree of energetic openness and clarity can channel a new way of working with spiritual energy and call it a new modality of real life. This is balanced Earthly life.

Light workers achieve balance integration on the path of ascension. You make the most important decision of your life by opening your spiritual path and praying for spiritual light on all areas of your life. Then you feel healthier, more balanced, share long-term relationships with soul-mates and friends, attract stable wealth through soul-filled work to make heaven on earth come through your life. Thus, you express divinity with humanity – life that is holistic, integrated and balanced from glory to greater glory. This vibrant life-style challenges you to re-evaluate the meaning of true success and reality.

Statistics showed that simple daily life – Joy of togetherness, neighborliness revitalize closeness to nature, replace values of life-long friendship and the endearing love of face-to-face conversation. This is balancing earthly life. As diverse as people appear to be, all human genes and brains are nearly identical. Researchers in genetics, neuro-science and psychology explored and confirmed these mysteries of human identity and behavior.

Concurrently, a sixty- year-old man explored what being sixty meant physically, psychologically and intellectually. He wanted to know – What pleasures disappeared forever, which ones were left and how much lived in the fourth – quarter? Sixty is the age when the body begins to dominate the mind or vice-versa, when time begins to disappear and loom. Despite these aging and elderliness memories, both young and old have equal opportunities in eternity. Actually, in most cases the aged are the first to benefit, due to the endowed life-span. However, we are all one before God, and statistically we are identical. Only let your spiritual energy balance with your Earthly life, before the final call.


Science tells us that – A mind once-stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension. A research scientist examined how brain cells receive information. The result showed that genes and DNA do not control human biology. Instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. This means that bodies, their beautiful fragrances and experiences change as you retrain your thinking. The mind changes constantly, every-time you have a new thought – A new neuro-pathway is formed in the brain.

To live a real inspired life and for your beautiful fragrance to benefit mankind, your mind must cultivate empowering thoughts through your beliefs, assumption, agreements, words, feelings, choices, and action. This is how it works – The brain is made up of cells called neurons. These cells have nerve endings called synapses and dendrites. Nerve endings release chemical and electrical stimuli to communicate with each other. This communication forms neutral path-ways in the brain. This is the basis for how the brain works. For every thought you have, there is corresponding communication between the neurons in your brain. They generate your feelings, and your beautiful fragrances which you can pass into the collective gardens for others to benefit. A seed generates its kind.


. Personal fragrances may not yet exist

. When you put yours in collective garden, you fulfill your divine purpose on Earth

. Un-leash your mind’s capacity for joy

. Become present and attuned to your life

. Visualize positive outcomes

. Get directions from your Maker

. Turn off auto-pilot thinking

. Reframe thoughts that sabotage life

. Remain connected to infinite source of loving energy

. Surrender your life to be used in the service of others

. Join full co-creative partnership with the energies of life-force itself.

In conclusion, beautiful fragrance is in-born inspirational gift for humanity. If yours doesn’t get into the collective garden, you become a loser because positive response pilots you to your dream land.


Understanding flocks, schools, and colonies makes us better because it improves our communicating, decision-making and getting things done. Most people can’t fathom that ants, bees and other social insects find solutions to some of modern society’s vexing problems

Scientific researchers showed what these creatures do, how they do them and the lessons for the humans. Their speed and flexibility are valued for real life success. The basic principles teach; Self-organization, diversity of knowledge, indirect collaboration and adaptive mimicking. Thus, even the swarm species – Ants, bees and fish tackle some most complex riddles and technologies. This is their own way of actualizing real life.


People look at things differently. Scientific discoveries are facts validated in the lab. They are approved and accepted as the truth. But no one scientific report tells the whole truth in all its glory. Truth explores how communicators spin reality. In real life, there is more than one truth about most things. For instance, eating meat is nutritious but it is also damaging to the environment. When we communicate, we naturally select the truths that are most helpful to our agenda. We can select truths constructively to drive progressive change. Truths are neutral but highly versatile tools. They can cause good or evil. Clearer understanding of truth’s many faces renders us better able to navigate our world and be more influential within it

But the Holy Bible is a unique book – All the WORDS there-in are inspirationally discerned by God. We have been admonished to study the WORD as a miner digs for gold because most great truths do not lie on the surface. They must be brought to light for us to understand well. The WORD of God teach us direct us, inspire us and command us. As believers, we actualize real life by knowing the TRUTH of the WORD, for they are absolutely trust-worthy (Ps 89:34)



The truths of the WORD direct successful journey to eternity home. Some of them are Peace, Love, Joy, Power, Self- transcendence and Gratitude. They are divine phenomenon for the Heart spiritually. They are genuine promoters for the Golden Shore of Heaven. Real life is a life-long journey, and carries the best things for success. This process builds good habits and maintains them. There is no one inspiring story on accumulation of wealth but on life-sacrifice which makes it valuable. Donors are good. They feel good because they walk with God. Life of sacrifice is more attractive and rewarding than life of self-fulfillment

A story was told of a spirit girl who toured Heaven. She was shown the entire map of Heaven- The main gate, the beautiful grassy field, the Purgatory, the main city like the down-town and a lone building far away from the main city. This unique building was built partly in the sea and on the main land. That area, she called Golden Shore. Inside the unique building she saw Jesus with His crown on the head and some saints standing by. The Purgatory is a church place where souls of the dead undergo punishment for their sins before being admitted inside the main city of Heaven.

The spirit-girl’s heart told her that Mother Teresa could never wait in Purgatory. Her rightful place was right inside the place where Jesus Himself lives – the Holy of Holiest



. She had the passion on her side

. She was industrious

. She developed expertise

. She remained persistent

. She was inquisitive

. She served others selflessly

. She offered many people happiness, pleasure, friendship, love, accomplishment, knowledge and virtue

No wonder Mother Teresa was canonized as a saint. Her best desire in life was a blissful eternity home to see Jesus, face to face. Candidly, the spirit-girl’s vision could be a divine revelation. Glory be to God.





TRUTH   —-   A moment’s Truth

Can make the world beautiful

A moment’s peace

Can save the world

A moment’s love

Can make the world perfect

A moment’s sacrifice

Can earn you Golden Shore

If you learn to obey

The Holy WORD



PEACE ——–   Through inner peace

We have outer freedom

True peace is unaffected

By the roaring of the world


Inner peace encompasses

Man’s soulful smile

Perfect expression of love

Peace and Joy


Humanity needs peace

But where is peace?

It is love

It is life-acceptance



LOVE —–       Truth is in all

But love is all

Love is never tired

Love expands

Love magnifies

Love beautifies

Love unifies

In seeker’s heart


Love is universal

In this universe

The picture of your being

Shows full kindness

If you give that person power

You give him love

And call yourself blessed

From the forest of your heart


Also love yourself

And be the quest

Of your wealth

The journey of light supreme

Commences in the heart of freedom

God the Father

Has a very special love

For the awakening child

Right inside of you



JOY     —–               You cannot bind inner joy

The very nature

Is expansion

Expansion, expansion


Be like a child

Act like a child

Go from one flower to another

In your heart garden

True inner joy is self-created

It doesn’t depend on outer circumstances

Until you find complete joy

You shuttle for perfection


Joy is in vision-light

Sunlight that lightens creativity

When you have inner joy

You enjoy abundance of spontaneity



SACRIFICE     —-           In the human world

Man gets joy, real joy

Abiding joy in serving

And in self-giving


Pleasure is a brief word

Joy is a shining and glowing word

Love is a transforming word

And self-denial, fulfilling word.


Cultivate happiness in the WORD

They give strength to lions

Power to Elephants

And carry you to the Golden Shore

Nothing can stand against self-denial

They live within every-one

They live in the smiles

Of the sweetness-heart



POWER     —–                 Surrender to sacrifice, because it’s power

Surrender to love, because love is power

Surrender to oneness, because it’s measureless power

Surrender to God because God is power-supreme


Prayer-power is incalculable

Prayer-glory is ineffable

It moves mountains easily

It works miracles regularly


Your belief is your power

To achieve your goal

Because constant surrender

Warms the Supreme – Heart



GRATITUDE    —-          Man’s gratitude – heart

Is bigger than the greatest

True gratitude can only come

From hearts flowing with love


Until everything you have

Becomes sea of gratitude

Because gratitude – heart catches

God’s sweetness – smiles


Plant a gratitude seed

It will grow into fruits

Inside your heart-garden

They become glowing deeds


Gratitude as inner flower

Blossoms inside heart – garden

And glows in your heart

Until you get to the Golden Shore


A gratitude – heart discovers

Heavenly-delivered Rose

With colourful petals

To please lover’s soul


The Rose is not self-created

It all begins like a seed

Which absorbs water and food

From the air and multi-purpose ground



It grows to be a giant with leaves

And buds of different sizes

Which later open to live

Great lives of their own


Heart’s gratitude

Is life’s plenitude

Gratitude is pure happiness

For perfection and fulfillment


Let your heart-flute

Play the melody

For your gratitude-heart

Is sweeter than the sweetest


Thank the Holy One

For giving you hope

Joyful life and beautiful World

For the Golden Shore ahead





The WORD of God are Divine, Food, Endure, Inspire the Heart, Light, Love, Power, Blessing, Purify, Purposeful, Sacred, Standard, Great, Seed, Sure, Pure, Perfect, Law and Commandment for all believers.

The WORD of God referred to in this story are Truth, Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control and so on. These are also given to men as the fruits of the spirit (GAL 5: 9) It is of utmost importance that believers should approach the Bible in a reverent attitude of mind, regarding it as the inspired WORD of God. As Paul said – But the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned (1 Co 2:14). But seek to understand the deep things of God. Study the WORD as a miner digs for gold. Most great Truths do not lie on the surface. They must be brought up with the light of God.

The authors played on the WORD in poems, like children play with their toys, to make them sink into the Heart, and fully appreciated. With prayer, all things are possible.



The WORD of God blesses us

The light of God surrounds us

The love of God enfolds us

The power of God protects us

The presence of God watches over us

The mind of God guides us

The life of God flows through us

The law of God directs us

The spirit of God abides within us

The joy of God uplifts us

The strength of God renews us

The beauty of God inspires us

To make our lives real

Ready to see Jesus, face to face

In our Eternity Home

In Jesus name




The Beauty of Creative Brain


. Einstein’s creative brain

. Creative process

. Characteristics of creative brain

. Advantages of Real-World creativity


. Functions of various parts of the brain

. Creativity is a skill

. Remembrance of pictures by children


. The art of memories in the brain

. Training memories enrich lives

. Healthy memories make body and brain Young

. Healthy memories boost learning


. Memory and Intelligence

. Different memories stored

. Memory is a perfective faculty

. Indestructible memory in old age


. Meet creative brain

. Self-motivation

. Make body stay alive


. The creativity and Innovation of cat

. Creativity and beauties are soul-bodies

. God has all the glory



Einstein was the greatest scientist ever known in the World. His knowledge and discoveries set pace in World technologies up to date. His scientific theories (Explanations, Thinking, Thought, Process, Intellection, Mentation, Cognitive process, Mental process, Operation, Psychological features, Abstraction) create standards all over the globe. His theories of special relativity, generalization of special relativity which included Gravity (based on the principle of equivalence) provided the basic and solid foundation in most scientific discoveries up till this day.


Brain is a novelty-seeking machine. It contains mechanisms that promote exploring the environment, learning new information and synthesize new material into original ideas. There is no doubt that the brain is built for creativity. The brain keeps you alive, monitors external World, and internal environment (your body). The brain allows information from distant parts of the brain to come together. It appears to be involved in the ability to take knowledge about one concept and apply it to another. It acts as an internal research and development department that produces both novel and mundane combinations of stored and perceived material.

Einstein’s brain is certainly one of the most creative brain ever to inhabit a human body. Scientists call creative HOT – SPOTS in the brain CENTERS – Executive center, Me center, Judgment center, Reward center and Association center. These hot-spots create thoughts and activities.


Creative brain has the following qualities –

. Remembers numbers, names, dates, and other things to recall

. Performs complex maths in the head with fingers or on the back of a napkin

. Sparks creativity with innovative brain storming methods

. Uses effective systems to capture new ideas before they get away

. Communicates in creative new ways

. Makes better decisions by for-seeing problems and finding surprising solutions

. Improves mental fitness with cool tricks and games.


Ideally, parents are heroes for their children. Young children depend on their parents for physical and psychological care. They view parents as bigger than life – All-loving, more knowledgeable and powerful than other people. This makes them feel safe. It is natural for a child to want to be like and please her parents to make them proud of her. This desire spurs the child’s growth. And the newly developed skill becomes a part of the child’s own feeling of competence. If a child is encouraged by praise of the parents, he becomes motivated for life.

Adults (whether artists, writers or business people) create daily task, immersing themselves in their creative work both for joy, money, or profound challenges. Relationships with others are crucial to creativity. It shines light on the secret World of creativity. This means the innermost experience of the artist as he or she engages with others, the art-work and the audience. Though connection with others can inhibit creative immersion, key relationships are found in mirrors, heroes (parents for children) and twins. Success, Victory, or Happiness lie not in the mere possession of money, or your own brain, but in the joy of relationship and achievement. This is the thrill of creative effort.

Real-World creativity therefore –

. Increases exposure to creative work

. Creates an environment that values and expects creative behavior

. Avoids premature evaluation of ideas

. Provides time and opportunities for solitude

. Spends time in places of natural beauty

. Spends time with creative individual

. Avoid brain-storming possible causes when something goes wrong

. Makes you think about what slows you down

. Pays attention to negative emotions

. Scans environment regularly for things that could be changed and improved

. Creativity becomes a music play-list that inspires you and allows your mind to wander


Some parts of the brain are called HOT SPOTS. These parts are said to specialize in creativity. Scientists told us that both right and left of the brain are necessary for truly creative works. But there is no creativity in the center of the brain because creative cognition is a complex mental phenomenon that involves multiple sequential acts that will utilize wide-spread circuits throughout the brain. In-fact, many complex mental functions do not appear to reside in a specific location but instead are spread among richly connected constellations of neurons located across the brain. However, no area of the brain works alone but is dependent upon other areas with which it is connected.

These HOT SPOTS are called – The Executive center, ME center, Association center, Judgment center, Reward center.

The Executive center functions are –

Planning, reasoning, decision making, visualizing future. This executive center is important for virtually all aspects of creativity. It is crucial to PROBLEM- FINDING which determines new areas of venture that are ripe for change. It is necessary for THINKING THROUGH problems to come up with appropriate solutions. It is also crucial for being able to break away from one way of looking at a problem in order to see it from a different perspective. The ability to take different perspective is one of the most important skills for creative thinking. This area is also for creative growth. The Executive center decides when to step out of the way and let lower order areas of the brain have center-stage to present ideas. Effective executive is open to ideas from lower-level management. Like-wise, effective executive center can confidently delegate responsibility to other parts of the brain.

The ME center resides primarily in the pre-frontal cortex. It deals with self-awareness, emotions and awareness of what others are feeling. It takes the perspective of others and imagine how they may be seeing You. The ME center tends to be active when not involved in deliberate thoughts, that is when your mind is at rest. It sends information about SELF and social environment to the executive center to use in decision making.

Functions of the ME center are –

Self awareness, social understanding, social comparison to determine how events affect you personally with auto-biographical memory. The center is important for creativity because –

. It mediates self-expression

. It allows another person’s perspective like Writing, arts, business creativity.

. Self-awareness can interfere with other aspects of creativity.


This center is for middle management. It sends filtered information about appropriateness to the executive center to evaluate creativity, and determines whether an event or situation will have a positive or negative impact for you.

THE REWARD CENTER – This area is called ventral striation. It is a neutral projection to sub-cortical neurons. When this center is on, self-confidence soars. You feel euphoric. This center connects to ME center and other emotional centers.

Functions of the Reward center are-

. Internal rewards that make you feel self-confident and good about yourself

. It is a creative motivation. Activation of this center allows more ideas and information to feed forward from the association centers in the rear of the brain.


This center is in the rear of the brain (temporal, parietal and occipital lobes). The lobes pull together information. They integrate sight, sound, smell and touch to form meaningful experience. The center has direct connection to the Executive center that support creativity.


Too many people believe that creativity is a talent with which some people are born and the rest only envy. This is a negative attitude that is completely mistaken. Creativity is a Skill that can be learned, developed and applied. Experts in the latest research suggest that creative mental functions involve a set of specific brain activation patterns that can be amplified through conscious effort and a little practice. These are skills anyone can master by learning how and when to turn the volume up and down in certain parts of the brain. That is, you can develop your creative potential to achieve greater success and life fulfillment.


Scientists say that – Memory is when you recall something perfectly after only a brief glance. We marvel at such a feat in adults, but many children display this ability naturally. A research found that children aged between 10 and 13 could answer detailed questions about pictures they looked at for only 35 seconds including the number of stripes even in a picture of a zebra.

There have been surprisingly few studies of memory since that time but it is suggested that between 8 and 50 percent of children under the age of 11, possess the ability. The loss in adolescence may be due to the emphasis adults place on verbal skills during education.


. The Art of Memory in the Brain

Memory writes her light-beam character and makes them legible. Memory is the art of storing, retaining and recalling. Memory requires logical organization. It is in large measure a left- brain activity. In this respect, memory is an applied science but it is also an art because the information received through our senses can be made measurable through creative use of our imagination. This combination of logical and creative thought links the net-works of the entire brain together like bridges over a river. It makes our minds more efficient at creating, storing and retrieving every kind of memory.


Creative brain responds to basic memory-training, and it makes memory bigger, better and sharper week by week. Improving memories enrich our lives in countless little ways, from ensuring that we remember birthdays, anniversaries and appointments, to having impressive facts and figures at our finger-tips and from recalling names and faces to being able to speak in public without notes.

Experts said that – Mental exercise is imperative if you wish to achieve improvements in memory power but the other part of you should not be ignored.

In other words, by exercising your body, you also maximize the effects of the training. Our brains thrive on Oxygen and the most productive way to help transport oxygen to the brain cells is through regular physical exercise – meaning any form of exercise that can gently raise your heart-rate and leave you feeling slightly out of breath. This is better than nothing. The aim is to perform some form of physical exercise for about 20 minutes a day.

Diet also plays a part in helping to keep our memories in full-working order. Foods that are rich in the Anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C and E have been shown to aid memory. These vitamins are found in richly coloured fruits and vegetables such as bananas, red peppers, spinach and oranges. They help to mop up chemicals known as free radicals which can cause cell damage in the brain. Oily fish such as Salmon, contains Folic Acid and several essential fatty acids, in particular Omega-3 oils. All of which are vital for maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. Some nutritional supplements help transport oxygen to brain cells. However, Stress causes a decline in memory. In stressful situations, the body produces large amount of Adrenaline. Excessive or prolonged stress is highly damaging to memory. Not only does the brain stop producing new neurons as the result of stress, but the corresponding lack of mental stimulation can cause the existing neurons to die.


Experts’ prescription for memory says – You can keep body and brain Young by changing your diet, life-style and by incorporating physical and mental exercise. You are only as young as you feel. You can feel stronger if you wish by eating for longevity, focus on stress reduction, physical fitness, drugs and supplements for intelligence. Memory is like a muscle. You either use it or lose it. Memory plays a crucial role in our lives because it is closely linked to intelligence. Unless your memory is well-stocked with information, what have you got to draw upon when you need to solve problems, make decisions or think creatively.


There is no learning without memory. Research has shown that for both animals and humans, memory forms a crucial part of the learning process. Even the acquisition of apparently basic skills, such as when a baby learns to crawl, is impossible without the existence of procedural memory. An expert said that the amount of information we retain depends upon the amount of time we spend learning. He also realized that it is more effective to break up the total learning time into short periods separated by 5 or 10 -Minutes Breaks. This is what the scientist called – DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE EFFECT. This works partly because of the phenomenon called REMINISCENCE. This is the way in which our memory of something improves steadily over a period of several minutes after we have stopped learning it. Reminiscence is probably a result of the memory traces gradually strengthening. The time scale for reminiscence varies with the type of learning. Distributed learning increases our number of reminiscence periods. And when we learn blocks of information, the memories that we create interfere with each other. Regular intervals of rest lessen this effect. The brain seems to do this automatically.



Memory is not stored in one specific location in the brain, except Joy. All others are connected by a net-work of neurons. The brain is divided into two halves – The right and left hemispheres connected by a large tract of neurons called Corpus Callosum. This allows communications between the two halves. Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. But recently, scientists discovered that the hemispheres are actually two complete brains – each with its own personality.

THE LEFT HEMISPHERE – controls letters, words, languages, verbal memory, speech, reading, writing, arithmetic, objective processing, systematic problem solving, abstract-thinking, sequential processing, analysis, logical problem solving, approach emotions.

THE RIGHT HEMISHERE – controls Geometric patterns, face recognition, environmental sounds, melodies, musical chords, non-verbal memories, sense of direction, mental rotation of shapes, avoidance emotions, concrete thinking and parallel processing.


As you begin to use simple memory techniques, you find that your ability to recall facts, events, places and people gradually sharpens. Memory depends on three basic processes – Making something memorable, storing that item in mind and Recalling it accurately at some future time. Thus, it applies the basic operation of imagination, association, location, concentration and observation, and discover that physical health enhances memory and that senses hold information. Sensory faculty has two major departments of various durations – Short-term and long-term memories. The one with short memory stores raw information gathered by the senses of Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They flow into the sensory store and distributed into different regions of the brain. Each sense has its own associated region, responsible for processing the input. SHORT-TERM MEMORY is an active working memory. It depends on the electro-chemical activity of excited neurons because it is often used to achieve specific tasks. Short-term memory holds information generally for only 10 to 20 seconds, but it is vital to any activity that requires conscious thought, even a simple activity like understanding a sentence. LONG-TERM MEMORY includes Declaration, Episodic, Factual memories. They remember facts and information accumulated over the course of life. They allow us to name things as does a perfectible faculty.


As we age, the speed at which the brain processes and stores memories change. The reason for the slow down as we age begins with the slowing down of our circulation. At old age, humans begin the life-time of wear and tear of the heart and arteries. It takes longer for oxygenated blood to reach the brain in the quantities needed for peak performance. The neurons are highly sensitive to reduction in oxygen supply which cause them to have less energy under normal healthy circumstances. The ability to recall long-term memories, however, does not change. This is because the levels of RNA increase as we age. (RNA controls the manufacture of the protein in brain-cells which make larger synapses and better consolidation). Anxiety also impairs the power of memory. As we become worried about aging and loss of memory, we become the – Forgetful grand-parents in a self- fulfilling prophecy. But confidence in indestructability of memory is half the battle won for a permanent brilliant ability to remember. This is true, whether you are 10 or 110 years old; Your brain is more likely to remain alert throughout your life if you keep it healthy.

Research carried out in Japan showed that – A group of people aged over 80 had greater mental agility and memory power than contemporaries who were in their sixties. The difference was that the octogenarians continued working and believed in indestructible memories. You don’t have to stay in employments, but finding mental stimulation daily helps to keep memory in good condition at whatever age. Our brains are more likely to remain alert throughout, if we keep them healthy. Just as we take exercise to keep our bodies physically fit, watch diet to avoid illness, so do we need to take care of our brain.



. Creative brain makes you celebrate excellence.

. It makes you develop brilliant memory

. It gives marvelous reasons to stay alive

. It keeps brain and body young

. It helps you to remember and improve your memory

. It helps you to live from within your soul to become – Who you were born to be.

. You pursue elegance and make a difference by being yourself.

SELF-MOTIVATION – This is the ability –

. To be your creative self

. To feel your feelings

. To get clarity

. To start creating

. To quiet your mind and be receptive

. To listen to Divine inspiration

. To make time for creativity

. To stay focused

. To visualize success

. To put yourself out there

. To turn dreams into reality

. To market your creativity

. To be your own authority figure

. To do whatever it takes

. To move past fear, blocks and pitfalls

. To discover the power of creative immersion


When you are kept alive, you know what it is to live a full creative life all the way to the end. Getting older is much more a blessing than a curse; We age best when we embrace our age, live agelessly and find the endless joy nestled inside our soul.


. You enjoy the many paths of spiritual growth

. You learn things that open later in life

. You enjoy elders’ vital role in the lives of younger people

. You build new communities and leave a legacy

. You embrace the richness of experience – How to take life on, accept invitations to new vitality and feel fulfilled.

. Some elders experience un-expected revival of Youth. With youthful spirit, the body also looks Younger.

I met a woman in her eighties who confirmed this story to be true. After her husband died, she felt her life was gradually declining towards the end. Instead, her dreams started to portray her early life as a college teacher. She got new project ideas and her spirit came back to that early time in her life. She had the same spirit of adventure and she experimented her new identity. This was apparently a return of her youth and body. Her creative brain re-invented the spirit of youth. Youthful spirit in creative brain enables you to have fresh ideas and connect you more directly to the World. Youth and old-age sometimes work together to make a complete life. There is no difference between young or old, being alive or dead. One becomes the other in a surprising sudden shift. The older you get, the less you become pre-occupied with the things of the World. But when you stay alive and active, you become reflective and closer to wonder. You’re not focused as much on making a self – creating a career or becoming somebody. You are naturally open to a spiritual life. Your focus is to question the meaning and purpose of your life. The oldest clichés remain the truest. Time heals. The bottom of the valley never provides the clearest view. The tunnel does have light at the end of it, even if we haven’t been able to see it. Make your body stay alive to merit the golden gate in heaven.



The creativity and innovation of cat make the fur fly; Cats’ brains are blessed with Focus, Preparedness, Perspective and intellectual provocation.

. Their Focus tunes out distracting NOISES in everyday life

. PREPAREDNESS makes them ready to spring when least expected

. Perspective breaks them from the tired old way of looking at things

. Intellectual provocation shows everything is fascinating, and the brilliant memories tell them where to look

Curiosity might have killed proverbial cat, but without it, very real achievements would never occur. Curiosity is one of the beauties of creative brain. If you spark your innate curiosity, pounce on problems in ways never imagined, you will enjoy greater success and satisfaction at work and in your personal life. Like cats, your creative brain provides what you need for power of innovation.


. Cats create innovation friendly environment

. Cats are always prepared for innovation

. Cats know that innovation is not normal

. Cats welcome physical creativity

. Cats enjoy social provocation

. Cats promote intellectual provocation

. Cats know – How fascinating creativity is.


In conclusion, creative brain is a soul-body given to us by the Almighty to be creative like Him. We owe all the beauties to Him. Human brain is an associative mechanism that constantly builds associative net-works. Innovation and creativity bring vitality, meaning and novelty into our lives. Creative brain and all the beauties are human soul-bodies. They are blessings of the Holy Spirit within us. We live by His Grace. All Glory belongs to Him. Our prayer is to merit the golden gate of Heaven




At a time when the world is witnessing confusion, a message of love from the angels is a testimony to the divine love of God, even if we don’t always see or feel it. This is the belief of most people, particularly, the religious groups. Alice sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people, and she speaks to them everyday. She believes that no matter how alone we might feel, we always have a guardian angel by our side to support us. And that we can call on the help of our angels to carry us through the challenges that we all inevitably face, including loneliness, depression, stress, the death of a loved one or feeling inadequate as a person. No matter what obstacles we face, we can call on this support to make our lives happier and more fulfilling

However, as a small girl in Junior High School, spirit – friends frightened Alice. Some children do sleep-walking, and play with foreign beings at night and grow up to be heroes in special fields in the world. Have they been aided by angels or spirit-friends? Alice was the only daughter of a peasant farmer living near the church cathedral. Her family had a friendly dog as their pet. The German-Shepherd dog, fondly called Molly, had unwavering devotion for her owners and her behavior showed a reflection of God’s essence for pets. The dog stayed with Alice all day and danced at her return with a glee, wagging her tail to entertain her, no matter what; Lovers of dogs look up and see God in them demonstrating His usual love to mankind. Molly barked and chased away strangers especially men that approached Alice anytime of the day. She was a very protective dog.

Alice was expected to fetch drinking water for the family. The major source of drinkable water was the running river, two miles away from where they lived. There was no well in the neighborhood. She had to travel two miles to get to the brook. On many occasions, she went back with broken pot in the presence of the other people in her company, even the dog. Amazingly, her complaint was always fear. Fear of her spirit-friends whom she alone saw standing in the bush near the road leading to the river. She claimed to see them with her two eyes, laughing at her as they leaned on the nearby trees. Were the spirits angels? Had they come to play with her? Had they good messages from God? Believe it or not, anytime her mom followed her to the brook, Alice always brought water home. Then neither her nor mother would see the spirit – friends. Some people called her a living spirit or a liar. How could she alone see and speak with spirits all the time?

However, her behavior in their church told her accusers another story about her. Their family were good church goers. They never missed Sunday services and festive occasions like Christmas day in their church. Alice sometimes embarrassed her parents by falling down flat on the floor during worship hours – Singing, dancing and praising God period. She danced so vigorously that she was not aware of the consequences. Her friends geared at her, saying her spirit – friends pushed her down. Actually, some spiritualists living in her village believed that the dance was to welcome and celebrate the angels who came down from heaven to distribute blessings to believers. It was only after this statement that people started to believe her story of spirit – friends and angels from God. Angels are spirits because most people cannot see them with naked eyes. Spirit – friends are possibly angels

Seven years later, Alice became a full-grown teenager. She went to the brook for water without seeing spirit-friends. But something more awesome happened to her. She claimed to do spirit journey to heaven in her sleep. She was hail and hearty. She wasn’t sick nor admitted into any hospital for any reason. Some religious people confessed that cases had been reported that some people went to heaven when in COMA after serious diseases or operation. So, her case was nothing new, because many people had testified to this. But in this case Alice slept right on her bed perfectly well. She was neither sick nor in coma.

In her journey, she reached a beautiful city with a strong gate. The gate opened for her and she walked in to see a vast space of green grass in the front and beautiful sky-scraper houses behind. She saw various religious organizations on the right side of the field. Members of each organization stayed together, praying in their own style with their heads touching the ground. Alice didn’t join any group. She was offered a white horse as if touring the city was her assignment for the journey. She mounted the back of the horse which immediately flew into the sky. So, she toured the whole city on the horse’s back. At the extreme end of the city, far away from the other buildings, there was a lone and unique house. Unique because its back was inside the sea but the front was on land. A sea seemed to be on one side of the city. On entering the house, the flooring was perfect – concrete. The architecture was unique and spectacular.

Right in the middle of the back side of the house, Alice saw a mighty white beard of a faceless man. On the right side was a teenager – boy wearing hallowed crown (that is normally seen on Jesus’ head in pictures). He looked like about thirteen years old boy. With him were some men dressed in white uniform like military boys – brigade. On the left of the white beard stature, she saw her deceased principal in the High School, her beloved friend and teacher – Mother Christotome. Alice attended a catholic school though she was not a catholic. Mother tried to convert her all along but failed. Her parents didn’t permit her. Not withstanding, mother treated her like a pet in the school. Her early death was very painful. Mother dressed in her usual garment – white long dress, with black cross on her neck. She carried her beaded Rosario on one hand. Mother was very delighted to see her. As she held out her hand to shake and hug her, she heard a voice telling her to stop and go back home because she was not qualified to be there. Alice was sad and disappointed. Reluctantly she traced her way back home and found herself in bed with her mom praying by the bedside. She woke up from her sound sleep to tell the story of what happened.

Her story was unbelievable. Only her church pastor believed that she actually went to heaven. The description of Jesus and mother Christotome convinced the pastor. But, is it true that she travelled to heaven where Jesus lives? Is heaven a big city like New York? Do horses ride in the air? Many people believe that Junior High School spirit – friends could just be fairies that frighten children. If they are truly angels from God, they will not cause any fear. Angels are friends and servants from God. God is our daddy and our best friend. Instead of preventing Alice from fetching drinking water for her family, the angels from God will send help to assist her. Angels are created to help the needy. One would also like to know whether there is no car in heaven to tour places like in the urban cities? All these are the puzzles and the amazing questions to tackle.

In summary, journey to heaven is probably a dream time affair. Spiritualists, however, ascertain that heaven is above the sky and that God and the angels live there. Many people like to know whether flying horses are the only means of heavenly transportation since there was no evidence of motor cars anywhere on the streets? Horses seemed to be the Aeroplanes in heaven. Many people have dreamt of going to heaven. They saw their late loved ones like parents and friends but none had reported flying in the air on horses’ back. People on earth would rather ride their horses on solid grassy or concrete ground than in the air; On the other hand, horses for transportation is certainly cheaper to maintain than gasoline vehicles. You do not need any engineer to service them but they have to eat. Thank God for the luxurious grasses on the fields. Even horses have enough food to live on. Heaven is a good place to live for everybody. We can compare it to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived before their fall. Through His grace, humans will go back there conveniently. Jesus himself has gone to heaven to prepare the place for us. It is good that Alice, the spirit girl went ahead to see the promised luxurious home for us all. What next do we desire? His grace is more than sufficient for us.




. Speculations

. Healthy Living


. Placebos

. Do-It-Yourself Computer

. Spiritual Healing

. Inspired Story

. Right Judgement (Second Opinion)

. Healthy Brain

. Exercise and the Senses


. Personal Choice and Control

. Bible Passages


To speculate is to ponder or take risky chances in business. For most people, living healthy is to live without sickness or any form of disability, but it really means to be happy, robust, satisfied and fulfilling in all spheres of life, definitely devoid of sickness. Without good bodily health, you cannot have a balanced, enjoyable life. In this story, the authors looked into the two categories; healthy body and living healthy. Jesus performed healing miracles to offer healthy living to people in the Holy Bible, especially those who believed in Him. Some people think they can live healthy and have long life regardless of doctors. Such people think it all depends on their genes and parents. This belief wasn’t as simple as they thought. Though our parents’ height explains 80 to 90% of how tall their children are, their longevity is accounted for by only 3%. For instance, identical twins die, on average, some 10 years apart. Medical science is not perfect, and not absolutely correct unlike the Word of God. The Creator is the only Specialist who can give your desired healthy body and healthy living. Doctors make mistakes like any other person for despite good intentions, human error prevails. This is the limitation of medical sciences. Medicine is an inexact, evolving science. A well-meaning physician provides advice based on the best available knowledge of the day, but that doesn’t mean he or she necessarily has the right answer. Typically, parents do not perceive the uncertainty inherent in medical practice. Their advice tends to change (perhaps with very good reason) over the years or vary from one country to another. This inconsistency over time and place, comes to pass because medical doctors are human like you. Then, there are the antibiotics which had transformed society by eradicating most infections. Then, we have aspirin and quinine which alleviate most pains. Today, innovation continues with the development of synthetic drugs. Drugs coupled with unceasing research on health matters contribute to healthy body and healthy living. Medical researchers are worthy of our praises. However, you need to apply your intelligence, be in-charge of yourself, get the right information in relation to your health. Health is wealth. God desires healthy living for all of us.

The Bible says –

JEREMIAH 9:23-24

23 This is what the LORD says;

‘’ Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, or the strong man boast of his strength, or the rich man boast of his riches

24 but let him who boasts, boast about things that he understands and knows me that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight’’, declares the LORD


A story told us that a particular doctor ran out of morphine. So, he started injecting his patients with harmless saline solution to treat terrible injuries. To his surprise, there was little difference in the results. The soldiers thought they had received morphine. The salted water acting as placebo, suppressed the excruciating pain even among those recovering from amputation. Of course, it wasn’t really the saline solutions doing the healing. It was the human mind. This treatment is without any cost. Have we ever thought of this? If this is possible, why don’t we spend our hard-earned money on some important issues like helping the homeless?

I witnessed placebo effects on various occasions. It is a common practice in most hospitals. I saw a prescription of water for injection for patients desperate to have injection medications. Those patients believed injected medicines to be more effective because they went straight into the blood-steam. Little did they know that the prescribed water for injection did not contain any medicine at-all. It is just like taking water from the cup. Needle application is the only added task.

When two of my grand-children were playing a game in the car, they disagreed at a point. One of them started to cry. She complained that her brother wounded her and she wanted a treatment to show her mummy. There was nothing to show for the wound, not even a scratch or swelling spot. But because she wanted any type of treatment, I simply rubbed her hand with Vaseline oil to make it shine more than the other hand. She was happy. At-least she had something to show to confirm her case of rough game. The supposed relief was placebo treatment. She felt satisfied and healed with no medication whatever. Is this a spiritual belief? God created us to enjoy healthy living. We can obtain this without any stress or cost, if only we believe. Unfortunately, humans value only what they put money on. Money is the servant of the devil when it comes to being wasteful but it does good when spent wisely.

It has been verified that placebos can be more powerful and even reverse the action of potent active drugs. The incidence of placebo reactions approaches 100% in some studies. Placebos can have profound effects on organic illnesses including incurable malignancies. Placebo can often mimic the effects of active drugs. They render positive messages because human mind produces effects as strong as with the most powerful drugs. Despite over 50 years of research, science is yet to explain fully the self-healing or pain-relieving power of the placebos, yet their responses to health and longevity are significant. Mind and body achieve a lot for humanity. Can they really contribute to healthy living?

In the Bible, 1 SAMUEL 2:35 says

35 I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind.

I will firmly establish his house, and he will minister before my anointed one always.


God made us to be creative like Him. It is no surprise that scientists attempted to make a computer, possibly to mimic the placebos, and introduce all kinds of life-expectancy. The computer is not currently in use but it is in the front line of new inventions. Several studies have compared its ability with the doctors to assess health and life expectancy. In one research, doctors typically read medical history, see the results of tests and carry out detailed examination for each person concerned. Independent of doctor’s prediction, the person is asked to answer a simple, multiple-choice question such as the following; In general, would you say your health is – EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, POOR? (Please circle the write answer) Those rating their health as EXCELLENT were between 2 and 10 times as likely to be alive 6 to 10 years latter than people who rated their health as poor. It turns out that the older ones were the best judges of how long they would live based on the simple assessment of how they felt right then. The people who circled GOOD are probably doing something right. Whether good or bad, the assessment reads human minds because it influences the body. However, DO-IT-YOURSELF computer will definitely be a sophisticated device for rich people. The problem is probably going to be the high cost. Though computers have been made to take over from men globally, they still lack human touch and definitely they cannot be like the Creator who has made everything free and easy going for all of us.

The Holy Bible says, in EXODUS 20:25-26

25 If you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it

26 And do not go up to my altar on steps, lest your nakedness be exposed on it.


Many cases of spiritual healing abound in the Holy Bible. I will just refer to only one in this story. This is recorded in

MATTHEW 9;27-30

27 As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out ‘’Have mercy on us, son of David’’

28 when he had gone indoors, the blind men came to him, and he asked them, ‘’Do you believe that I am able to do this? Yes, Lord,’’ they replied

29 Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith will it be done to you’’.

30 and their sight was restored.

Jesus warned them sternly

‘’ See that no one knows about this.’’

Thus, the Faith of the two blind men healed them. Like the placebos, most of the Healings in the Bible are spiritual and freely given. The supernatural power of the mind orchestrated by the Holy Spirit miraculously give healthy healing to mankind freely. This is the desire of the Almighty God. All that is needed of us is to believe. At 55, I experienced this type of faith in a big way. When I had a horrible pain in my forehead, instead of seeing a doctor in the government health center where I worked, I decided to go to a catholic hospital. I had more faith in a Christian hospital than government institutions. Believe it or not, what I first saw in-front of the hospital healed me instantly, even before an interview with a doctor. Right in-front of the hospital was the statue of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. The statue exposed his bleeding Heart ON THE CROSS. This is the cru-ci-fiction where he died for my sins and by his stripes and blood I have been healed. In spirit, I hugged the statue. Inwardly I was healed of the migraine, the excruciating pain that brought me to the hospital. My faith healed me. I just entered the hospital for a friendly chat with the doctors. Bible passage says in LUKE 5:20

20 When Jesus saw their faith, he said, ‘’ Friend, your sins are forgiven’’


In the auto-biography of one renowned man, he described his experience on Earth as a gift of a life-time. Definitely he had a healthy living. There was no report on body healing but he was happy, robust, fulfilled, successful in all spheres of life. He shined a bright light on the values and principles that he learnt over his life-time. The values that he grew up with, and instilled in his children to practice on the World stage. People and experiences influenced his thinking, guided his moral compass which definitely contributed to his heathy living in all aspects of his life. He discussed the importance of hard work, getting along with people, honoring confidence, speaking out and much more. All the training contributed to the success of all his children who also turned out to be stars in the World market. This man was able to translate his experience of healthy living into an inspiring road-map for people everywhere.

Inspired imitation is recommended for any creative person, hoping to have healthy living. If you’re a painter and you can’t think of anything to paint, copy a landscape or a portrait by a painter you like. If you’re a writer and you feel like you’re not capable of writing something new, find a poem you like and type it out again. If you’re a chef and you’re drawing a blank in the kitchen, try to make a classic dish of your mentor’s. People with limited ideas of things call this cheating. It’s not. It’s called inspired imitation. There is a lot to learn about healthy living. You can take a step at a time. Better late than ever. You are destined to be great for healthy living. Making your own version of life style keeps your machinery humming along. It is rewarding to copy positive people. Your life is your own. Make the best of it as much as possible. Healthy living is honoable.

JOB 32:8-10 says –

8 But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty, that gives him understanding

9 It is not only the old who are wise, not only the aged who understand what is right

10 Therefore I say; Listen to me;

I too will tell you what I know



. The Soul- body

. Spiritual gifts of God

. Co – creative power


. Gift of breath – breathing

. Gift of humor

. Gift of Inspiration (Ezekiel 11:24, 1 Corinthians 2: 10)

. Growth in spirit (1 Peter1:22-25, St John 3 :5, Matt 3: 16-17)

. STORY OF BAPTISM (Matt 3:16-17, St John 3:5)

. Gift of Faith

. Gift of Healing

. Gift of Generosity

. Gift of Music


. Growth in His Grace (Ezekiel 11:24, Revelation 20:4)

. The Characteristics of His Grace (Zechariah 4:6-7, Romans 8:13

. The Benefits of His Grace (Jeremiah 6: 16, 1 Peter 1: 22-23, 1 Peter 4:19)


. The brain (soul-body) structure and functions

. Benefits of wellness, Humor and Happiness (Romans 8:13, Galatians 5: 16, Romans 8: 5-7)


. Holy Bible history (Age and Respect) Exodus 20: 12)

. Recent observations

. Interview with a Japanese woman

. Science – Morbidity, Mortality and body-cell care



. The second coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST



Longevity connections are supernatural occurrences. They take root from the spirit and soul which cannot be seen with our naked eyes. Spirit and soul connections manifest physically in our daily activities. These are termed Divine Gifts of God and His Grace. The longevity connections described in this story are spiritual gifts and His Grace. Both are divine blessings like Wellness of human body, happiness, brain functions, scientific knowledge, Inspiration, Faith, Healing even our breathing. The humans have them all.

Soul – body (soul self) embodies the sum total of our conscious experiences through each life time and are carried throughout our human journey (2 Peter 2:14). The soul contains feelings, involvements like learning, love, confusion and understanding. The soul energy is both light and dark, cloudy, heavy and restless. It is complex because it is composed of so many experiences- Positive, Beautiful, Horrific, Traumatic and Painful (1 Peter 1: 22, 1 Peter 4:19) and with-out the Holy Spirit in our heart, the soul body or ego becomes clouded by our perceptions, lacking clear boundaries. They get distracted, confused by others, live sentimentally in the past and allow our ego fears to out-shine love, absorb the negativity and needs of others. We become easily depressed and angered. We feel victimized, our eyes are dull, emotions heavy, energy depleted. We become passive and overwhelmingly stressed. This is the major cause of Ageing phenomenon which has been proved scientifically. Longevity means to live longer age before death, or live younger years, or grow in spirit for eternal life in heaven.


With the spiritual gifts of God, you feel energetically light, buoyant with No stress, no past story or experiences to carry. There is No darkness to illuminate, no timeline to follow, no urgency to seek, no restlessness to overcome. There is only Peace, Light and Happiness. This spirit is the God sent Being within us. It has no dark night as with the soul. There is only perfect and ceaseless illuminating light. When this spirit of God rules within us, we have clear and strong sense of Who we are. We know our boundaries and express them with respect (Respect is the first Longevity connection expressed in the Holy Bible – Exodus 20:12). We deflect negativity, stand in the waves of strong emotion without losing ourselves. We remain grounded and calm under pressure. We see humor in all things, easily laugh at ourselves and at life’s absurdities. We have bright sparkles in our eyes, easy smiles on our lips. And we have a bounce in our walk to become more lively, younger at heart and physically. They all boost Longevity and we live in the moment.


The light of the spirit negates whatever dark is in the soul. This enables the spirit and the soul to become CO-CREATIVE POWER. They give us energy, enthusiasm, confidence, love to grow, give, receive and share. All these benefits are building blocks for Longevity. The authors make bold to describe the soul-body and the Spirit of God as the sole key to human longevity. Reading through the whole story will convince you that God who gives us life can terminate it at His will. Once our breathing stops, Life and Longevity come to a Stop. We then have Nothing to talk about.



Breath is life. Breath is a spirit. Without it there is no life. Our Creator bestowed upon us the breath of life and it flows through our being; cleansing and releasing our mind, body and nervous systems from all that had passed, leaving us free and clear to live fully life or moment. We all enjoy this precious gift of life. After normal exercises in my re-creation center, the elders are instructed to take ‘’ Long deep breath in and out to release the tension of the exercise. Deep breath also allows the Holy Spirit to flow freely through us, to enlighten and inform us of choices to guide our ways. Deep breath opens the heart and allows the gift of generosity to flow in us.


Humor temporarily frees people from immersion and enslavement to soul’s struggle and ego’s drama. It elevates us back to the view-point of spirit; laughter, amusement, chuckles, smiles- that is the many faces and expression of humor. Humor restores perspective, returns sense of power, rebalances and liberates us from negative, toxic emotions, elevates us to freedom in the moment. It floods the body with healing hormones, bring relief and objectivity to the mind. We feel elevated and very young at heart. The Oxytocin in the brain is released. You feel happy, on top of the World. And you feel many years younger than you are. The gift of Humor is ushered into the hearts by the divine subtle joy that guides creative inspiration and solution in the service of God. They remind us that what we laugh at, we can overcome. The gift of Humor is obtained in humorous movies, funny books, comedies and jokes. You can find it if you look for it. They are all Longevity connections.


Some people mentor others because the Holy Spirit moves through them to encourage those whom they touch. Most of them are carriers of the GOOD NEWS, Joyful announcement reminding people of the many blessings we have and share in life. They bring the warmth of divine love, light and healing of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Longevity is not limited to physical ability or age, to live up to 100 years on Earth. Spiritual growth is development of your soul, to work closer in alignment with the wishes of the Holy Spirit to earn eternal life in heaven (Hebrew 13:17, Luke 1:47, John3:5

I experienced such gift at the age of 18. This was my last year in the High School. I was baptized only by the sprinkling of water on the head when I was 8 days old. I was unconscious of anything as a baby. But at 18, when the bishop of our church laid his hand on my head to be confirmed in the name of Jesus, I felt the touch of the Holy Spirit. But unlike Jesus at his baptism, I did not see a dove. The day was the happiest day in my life. I went home rejoicing and I knelt down on my two knees to thank my parents for the opportunity to attend the ceremony. I belief the people truly BORN AGAIN have the same feeling. I feel convinced that I have grown in Spirit and become the child of God.


The gift of Faith makes you silence doubt and suffering of the ego. The faith in your heart draws the love and goodness that the Universe has for all. It opens your eyes to the beauty around you, in you, in others, in everything. You believe in life, belief in your spirit and the Holy Spirit to oversee all. You stop feeling the need for soul and ego to control life with faith. You let go the notion that all is not unfolding and It activates the gift of un-waving confidence in life. With this faith you nurture long life physically and spiritually.

THE GIFT OF HEALING (Jeremiah 6:16, Luke 21:19)

Healing gift helps the fragments of authentic self come home in self and others. The power of Healing can restore distorted and un-loving perceptions of self and others to their divine complete, beautiful authentic nature. You look upon the World with loving eyes and hearts. The healing power within you flows to promote beautiful environment, adventure, sight-seeing. Every-thing around you brings you joy and happiness that promote ageing gracefully and longevity. The gift of healing is freely used. In it, you possess not only the power to restore others to wholeness, but yourself also. The gift of healing activates and amplifies. Divine angels bring healers in heaven to work miracles. The healing power commands the ego, soul-self, interfering with God’s wholeness to surrender to the healing power of the Holy Spirit present in that moment. You reclaim all shattered confidence and bring forward the divine, un-limited true nature of wellness. Thus, you are able to fulfill your life purpose which is essential in successful longevity.


Most people with this gift celebrate with the angels in heaven. They give beautiful songs and sounds.

Gift of music assists in healing old wounds, erases grudges and resentments. They help to move past real doubts and fears of not being loved. It expands the heart and mind to feel the spirit more and more. The angels of music move one to dance in the flow of life. The music gives you new songs, new melodies of joy and inner peace that gives longevity. In general, all spiritual gifts promote Happiness, Peace and Longevity in all and sundry as seen in the benefits of His Grace below.


Growth into His Grace

This is the power of truly committed to improve the lives of others, no matter what may come. When His Grace unfurls in your life, you shake your foundations to loosen the soil, allow devastating occurrences to become wondrous opportunities. Spirituality isn’t about averting crises, it’s about making the cycle from crises to Grace a little less bumpy. By identifying the patterns in your life, you are able to figure out how to relax, find your power, learn from your difficulties and allow His Grace to enter. Your mission is to reconnect people with what makes them happy. Happy people make better choices, and better choices make better Planet. Thus, Growth in His Grace promotes Longevity in the spirit realm.

If you find yourself lost looking for your purpose, if the meaning of your life-journey is evading you, if you are searching for ways to love, then it is time to sit down and grow into His Grace. With humor, honesty and insight, you can grow into His Grace. This will empower new generations to push and be tomorrow conscious change-makers. Daily love is a transformational thing for anyone seeking a life filled with Grace.


Divine Grace of God gives us the power to step past our comfort-zone, to live with both feet in. It is the grace of God that helps us face fears, give up resistance, let go and enjoy life experiences fully. The divine grace escorts our defended pride away from our hearts and leads it into the light of trust. The grace of God frees us from the prison of our own making and result in mature life of longevity. His grace enables us to drop our unconscious ego – based defences, prideful posturing, limiting ideas and beliefs. And it helps us to open our hearts to receive more of love, more light, more enthusiasm and more confidence. All these make us grow longer spiritually and physically.

His Grace flows un-interrupted through words, actions, thoughts and feelings. It opens the heart of those with whom we interact. This encourages graceful ageing and longevity, and it helps to fully open to all blessings.


You confidently step into the experiences of the day. And with commitments, glorious enthusiasm and willing participation, you receive the gifts that the moments bring. You accept the power of a divine-being and a true co-creator in the Universe. You become filled with the sudden enlightenment and profound understanding of a deeper, more profound holy wisdom that lies within you as children of God. Grace takes you to a place of deeper honesty with yourself and others. It frees you from the lies your ego tells you that keeps you from living the full authentic expression of pure divine nature. Grace turns the light on, in the darkened mind and shows that there is really nothing to be afraid of after-all. It helps to step forward your heart instead of run-away from it.

Grace is a personal visitation in your life from God. It is a force that frees you from the fear, attachment, control and entitlement that possess you at any given moment. Grace breaks you out of the jail of your ego and restores you to the throne of Universal awareness. You gracefully experience life free from the attacks, lies, shame, guilt and anger – your ego casts upon your life.

I guess Theodora’s story is all about the grace of God in her life. Theodora and I went to the same Convent School. She was actually my class-mate. She wanted to be a Reverend Sister but her parents adamantly opposed the idea. She was forced to get married to one rich man in the neighborhood. Reluctantly, she agreed and was blessed with six children. Twelve years later, the husband died and Theodora gave the wedding ring out as charity. The former Principal of the Convent School was still alive.

She consoled her and admonished her to join the Convent Staff because they all loved her. Actually, her initial heart’s desire was to be a Reverend Sister. However, Theodora refused the invitation. She preferred to stay with her six children and train them herself. Lo and behold, in a dream, she found herself in a big Church with the carvings of Jesus, Angels and the saints on the glass-walls. She heard the ringing of bell during Offertory just before THE HOLY COMMUNION. She saw a HIGH Priest holding up the white piece of Bread to break and distribute to people. She had the feeling that she was in a Wedding Ceremony, and a spirit wanted to slip a wedding ring on the second finger of her left hand. Theodora said that she was married before, and then shouted the name JESUS. The environment was so sacred that Theodora could not think of anything satanic. As she shouted the feeling left her. When Theodora woke up from the dream, she laughed at herself because she refused to wear a wedding ring for thirty years, since her husband died. She remembered, however, that the Reverend Sisters living in the Convent all wore wedding rings. They believed to be married to Jesus. Theodora also assumed that her soul model Mother Teresa wore a wedding ring during her life time. This belief gladdened her heart. She believed she had been visited by the Holy Spirit. She felt relaxed because His Grace had qualified her for throne in heaven.

His Grace surrounds us all the time, and it is responsible for Longevity. Apart from longevity, His Grace abounds in other situations – Forgiveness of sins, Acceptance of life as it comes, Light to everything and everyone, Surrender to God’s wisdom over our own, Feeling His loving presence in our heart and so on. All of the above favor peace of mind, graceful ageing and longevity.


The brain is built of cells called neurons and glia in hundreds of billions. Each one of these cells is as complicated as the city. Each cell sends electrical pulses to other cells up to hundreds of time per second. The cells are connected to one another in a net-work of staggering complexity. Inside the head is the three-pound marvel that beats any technology in the World today. Your brain is a soul-body. It sparkles by the flow of electrical currents and an ever-changing blend of chemicals, each with a distinct job. Its unending updates remaps itself to make things possible. Powered by one hundred billion neurons, each connected to ten thousand additional neurons, the brain is the most complex object in the Universe. It regulates fundamental body-functions: Your breath, heart-rate, and digestion. It regulates Sleep, hunger, growth and hormonal cycles. It is the foremost Longevity connection and the most important soul-body in the Universe. It processes memories, emotions, cravings and how you indulge them. It manages how you sense and navigate the World. It guides how you close your eyes and inhale slowly when you smell something delicious – savoring the aroma and the moment. The brain gives chemicals that sparkle feelings of pleasure, motivation, stress and satisfaction. The innate process makes decisions or automatic responses. The brain works non-stop to keep you safe and alive. The brain largely controls the soul while the heart controls the Holy Spirit within. It directs operations we’re not always aware of (like heart or breathing rate). The brain may weigh only three pounds, but it is truly among the most complicated objects in the World.


We can cluster brain functions into three basic categories:

. Managing our bodies – THE HIND-BRAIN

This is the lower part of the brain near the neck. It regulates appetite and sleep cycles, and guides our biological desires to eat or sleep. It coordinates digestive processes, balance, and hormone levels. These functions actually integrate across many different parts of the brain from the back of the neck to the center of the brain.

THE limbic system

This area houses memories and emotions. Feelings and memories are essential tools for navigating human life. They are so important that the brain manages them in a dedicated center. The limbic system (fist-size) nestle around the central core of the brain. Humans are social animals and have the ability to interact with others. They use the feelings to guide actions and help to survive things like Memories, Sensitivities, Responses. All other personal perspectives inform us to the World around us, even without our awareness. We may not realize it, but our memories and emotions guide the way we make sense of and take actions in moment to moment experiences.


Humans process information and thoughts in the Cortex. The Cortex processes information from emotions, the senses, prior learning and directs what to do next. The cortex is an assembly of wrinkly tissue made up of numerous domains, each with specific functions. Sensory information from the outside World, language, perception, thought and more are all processed in the Cortex, according to some theories, up to 90 percent without our awareness. The brain takes everything it mapped and calculates in an instant to react. Intentional processing takes place in the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) Which occupies the area behind the fore-head. PFC is the home of complex cognition – Planning, critical thoughts and impulse control. Here we make conscious decisions and evaluate trade-offs, and where we find ways to resist the easy actions and choose the ones we really want. This area really makes a man who he is. Longevity links up with your Purpose in life, and the brain contributes immensely towards this achievement.


. DOING NOTHING – Experts said jokingly that ‘’Doing Nothing occasionally is not a waste of time’’. It lowers Stress level because it is a gateway to productivity, peace and joy, if it is channelled towards longevity. Deeply relaxing actually helps to enjoy life more and find success. The time you put into doing nothing gives deep and restful relaxation. Deep rest is vital for wellness scientifically. The restful, plentiful sleep, the lowed stress levels, the boost of energy, the creative spark are found with regular practice of doing nothing. I personally observed an irresponsible old man in a family of six. He lived longest in the family because he did nothing most times. He looked robust, fresh and happy most times. Nothing ever bordered him. His type of life was not to be desired because he had no ambition, no purpose on Earth, but a responsible, hard-working man who takes a restorative pause when necessary, not only lower his stress level for wellness but gives himself well-deserved motivation and focus to invest in other areas of longevity. Eating nourishing food, getting more movements in a day and enjoying precious sleep are other areas that benefit longevity. Restorative breaks make people more focused as employees, partners, friends, and parents. You get energy from breaks – the kind of energy you don’t get normally and at the same time achieve your life purpose.


Experts say that – you get wellness, happiness and consequent longevity when –

. You find your calm

. Get your life back

. Create Real connections

. Overcome Tech Distractions

. Master new habits

. Reclaim focus

. Love and Respect

. Positive changes like Happiness, ageing gracefully and longevity are not a station we arrive at, but a manner of travelling.

Research Scientists tell us that – For longevity and good health, one must first discipline and control one’s mind. If we control our minds, we can find the way to enlighten all wisdom and virtue. This is expanding longevity. And they will naturally come to us. Money, social status, plastic surgery, beautiful houses, powerful positions may be indirectly, but certainly not directly connected with longevity. Lasting happiness comes only from God and you need to put your brain to work to reduce stresses envisaged in soul-ego, and align your-selves with God’s dictation for you. Love and respect for all also reduce stress. Scientists proved from formulas in mathematical terms, measured and quantified with precision that happiness and graceful ageing come only from Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin. However, not all explanations about longevity are scientific. Not all explanations can be experimentally tested and described in a neat mathematical equation to create improved Universe in future. However, it has been proved scientifically that STRESS-REDUCTION in all ramification solved ageing problems and physically connected longevity but as divine beings, we are on a transformational journey from limited human consciousness to limitless divine spiritual consciousness. We have two distinct aspects of self – Soul and divine spirit. Our longevity has been described as a supernatural gift, for we know who we are.


. BIBLE HISTORY (Age and Respect)

The Holy Bible is the oldest historical book in the Universe. I n it we saw the ages of some of our ancestors, and what RESPECT has to do with Longevity Exodus 20:12.

Genesis 25:7 (NIV) – Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years.

Genesis 35:28 (NIV) – Altogether, Methuselah lived a total of 969 years, and then he died.

Genesis 9 :29 (NIV) – So Joseph died at the age of a hundred and ten. And after they embalmed him, he was placed in a coffin in Egypt.

Most servants of God lived and died at or even above the prescribed age of 120 years as recommended by the Creator.

In the fifth commandment, God inspired Moses to write on stone what RESPECT has to do with Longevity (Exodus 20:12). This means that Longevity Connections started right in the Holy Bible.


Some experts saw an increase in life expectancy of three months for every year in 1840. The first substantial increase came from tackling infant mortality, infectious diseases such as TB, Smallpox, Diphtheria, and Typhoid. Also, tackling the diseases of old age caused sharp improvement in their life expectancy. Casual factors were at work behind the increase: Better health, better nutrition, better medical care, better education, better technology, better sanitation and better income. Most important were public health innovations like general control, drugs and immunization. Similar events happened in many countries all over the World. 100 years longevity became the expected life duration globally, barring accident. However, the Rich countries experienced it first. Longevity is good, if life itself is good. Disaster, sin, and unhappiness can cause short life. But if you walk with God, your expectation will not be cut short.


A research-team interviewed a 110 year- Japanese woman. They saw her pulling her grocery truck along the road. She acknowledged not to have any disability. She was strong, with two sharp eyes, eloquent in speech. Though bent slightly in stature, she walked her way without any help. Today, Japan has the highest number of old people who lived up to 100 years. The interviewed woman told us the secrets:

. They acquired the knowledge early in life to be independent.

. They controlled their diet. They ate foods without Sugar, Tofu, soya-bean-products, lots of fish, vegetables, greens and they drink water and green tea.

. They were made to work hard right from child-hood. They did a lot of body-building exercises – walking on foot most times. They didn’t indulge in pleasure transportation, like using motor-cars. The strength built-up early in life kept them fit for life. Most of their Centenarians still worked in the farms, and pushed their carriers


In science, mortality refers to life expectancy and the time of death.

Morbidity refers to the health – related quality of life before death.

Compression of morbidity is the term used when people typically experience first coronaries; but this has increased in many Countries, because mobility among the older population has improved. Today scientific research noted that both mortality and morbidity could be due to cell-ageing. And it is important to consider individual human cell before the causative disease. The experience I had with an eye-specialist confirmed this idea.

I gained this experience when I accompanied Susan to the eye-clinic. Susan was a prolific story-writer. She did a lot of reading and writing. She wrote the draft of a Story on the26th September 2019. The following day, she hoped to develop her draft. Unfortunately, she found herself blind. She could not read a single alphabet of the intended story, that she wrote herself a day before. She could not even read the TV screen. She needed help. So, I followed her to see the eye-specialist who wanted to know when her sight packed-up. I was baffled at the question. ‘’How can the sight pack-up within a day?” I concluded within myself that cell ageing is probably due to long reading involvement. Thank God, with merely an injection inside the eye-ball, Susan’s sight was restored within a month. Divine angels brought healers from heaven to work miracles.

It makes sense that if human sight can pack-up within a day all the cells that form various organs in the body can do similar thing. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to take care of individual cells in the body by taking body-tonics or food supplements. This encourage the cells to live longer and repair themselves. This is the first step for longevity. Thus, knowledge and science showed us that, much can be done for longevity.


God is the first and THE BEST SCIENTIST. As His image he gave people the Scientific knowledge as soul-bodies. Longevity Connections originated from the spirit and soul realms. The real operations, even the funding are just physical issues to please our ego. The fifth commandment written on stone by Moses was an inspiration by God. This commandment connected longevity with RESPECT for parents. Historically, therefore, longevity connection started in the HOLY BIBLE.

The gift of long life conventionally is seen as living older with longer years before death. It is also, living younger for longer years. Living long without happiness, wellness, peace, satisfaction negate the purpose of life. God created us to grow, multiply and enjoy life fully for as long as possible. The gifts of the spirit supervise and control the benefits to live the real life expected of our souls. God desired the best for His children: Longevity, happiness, wellness in all areas of life and spiritual growth to merit the kingdom of heaven. Scientists cannot do anything without the prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT through inspiration. What the HOLY SPIRIT needs of us are – Truth, sensitivity, dependence and obedience because we owe God our lives. His love for us is limitless. Where science ends the LORD begins.

The longevity connections reviewed in this story are the merits of the soul body and His divine spirit in us. Also, the soul and spirit are co-creative powers. The spirit gifts considered are –

The gift of breathing which is life itself

. The gift of humor – to give laughter and Respect to others

. The gift of inspiration – to educate us

. The gift of generosity – for kindness, love and compassion

. The gift of faith – for absolute trust in our Maker

. The gift of Music – to praise God like the angels

. The gift of healing – to know God as the Healer

. Spiritual Growth – to finally merit heaven.

All these spiritual gifts are manifested in our soul bodies and ego, one time or the other in our lives.

The authors reviewed the characteristics and the benefits of soul bodies, referring to the Brain, Happiness and Wellness. Longevity in box referred to the history in the HOLY BIBLE, recent observations, an interview with a Japanese woman and scientific claims of cell ageing. In conclusion, longevity connections are divine gifts of God – Our breath, His Grace, mercy, love, wellness, happiness, brain functions, knowledge, scientific inspirations even good foods to nourish our physical bodies. All of these and much more are soul issues. They manifest physically in our human ego. Soul and spirit connections are non-physical and in-separable. They are supernatural and both contribute to longevity which is absolutely a gift from the Creator. Breath is life. Once it packs up like one’s sight, that is the end of longevity. Only the Creator can revive it. The controller of life owns longevity. Without doubt, spiritual gifts, soul bodies and His Grace and Respect for others contribute immensely to longevity. That God inspired Moses to write it as one of the 10 commandments showed that the Creator Himself recognized the connection between longevity and parents, and other people related to you. What the whole story reminded me is the Second Coming of Our LORD, JESUS CHRIST When longevity and all connections will come to a permanent STOP. Are we all ready for the beautiful day?



7 But the manifestation of the spirit is given in every man to profit withal

8 For to one is given by the spirit the word of wisdom; the another the word of knowledge by the same spirit

9 To another Faith by the same spirit, To another the gift of Healing for your souls. But they said, we will not walk therein.

MATT 3:16-17

16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up-straightway out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him

17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.

  1. JOHN 3:5

5 Jesus answered, verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit., he cannot enter into the kingdom of God


10 But God hath revealed them unto us by his spirit: for the spirit search all things, yea, the deep things of God


4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither the images neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands, and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years


24 Afterwards the spirit took me up, and brought me in a vision by the spirit of God into Chaldea, to them of the captivity, So the vision that I had seen went up

1 PETER 1 :22-23

22 Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that you love one another with a pure heart fervently

23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which live and abide for ever

1 PETER 4:19

19 Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.


6 Then he answered and spook unto them, saying, ‘’This is the word of the LORD unto Ze-rub ba-bel, saying, not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

7 ‘’who art thou, o great mountain? Before Ze-rub b-a-bel thou shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shouting crying, Grace, grace unto it.

ACTS 1:7

7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.

Power promised with the Holy Spirit baptism


13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.


16 This I say then, walk in the spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

ROMANS 8:5-7

5 For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh: but they that are after the spirit the things of the spirit

6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace

7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

EXODUS 20:12

12 ‘’Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.


Life Stabilizers


. Pharmaceutical Stabilizers

. Life Stabilizers


. Bible – Timing Stabilizers

. Seasons of the year stabilizers


. Belief as fluid Stabilizers

. Alchemist belief as Stabilizers


Faith as Stabilizers

. Life – Spices as Stabilizers




Pharmaceutical stabilizers are used in the pharmaceutical Industries to confer stability on some liquid preparations like emulsions and suspensions. An emulsion is a medicinal mixture of insoluble liquids in which one is mutually dispersed in droplets throughout the other phase. A suspension is a mixture containing one or more insoluble medications mutually suspended uniformly in a liquid medium. These medicinal mixtures must be uniformly distributed in their containers to supply uniform dosage forms when needed. Thus, stringent care is taken by manufacturers to use some gelling agents to keep the insoluble medications evenly distributed. To stabilize is to make stable, homogenized evenly and mutually composed. And stabilizers are things or events that make the different components or even men steady and well-composed for successful usage in life. Pharmaceutical stabilizers are thickeners and emulsions or gelling agents that stabilize liquid dosage forms like suspensions and emulsions. The stabilizing mucilage lowers the surface tension of the dispersed phases and brings them to same terms or same equilibrium to be mutually suspended in the other medium. Examples are Methyl – Cellulose mucilage and Gum Acacia mucilage. Microcrystalline cellulose and Carboxymethyl cellulose mucilage are good pharmaceutical stabilizers. Their mucilage forms coatings on the surfaces of the diversified components and put them in agreement to stay closely together amicably to make uniform doses possible when needed.

Life – Stabilizers like pharmaceutical stabilizers are factors that put in place unstable circumstances for men – To make life easy, comfortable and fulfilled without worries, stresses, anxieties, brokenness, fear, unhappiness and other negative occurrences of this World. They compose the life-styles of contentment, beauty, satisfaction and grace by ushering in balanced life, full of purpose and happiness.

ISAIAH 33:6 in the holy Bible says –

Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation.

Life- stabilizers are seen as positive emotions in the Beatitudes rendered by Jesus to his disciples on the mountain in Judea (Matthew 5 :1-10, Luke 6 :20-26). He said mourners shall be comforted. He spoke about Mercy, Comfort, Meekness, Purity, Peace. Believers shall be reciprocated and their reward is eternal life. What else are we waiting for? Believers are richly blessed.

In this study, the authors described in-season stabilizers-factors, starting with quotations in the Holy Bible that – Everything Has Its Time (ECCLESIASTES 3:1-10)

Everything is seasonal even periodic living times – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Humans know this fact and some scientists take it up as an opportunity. Professional cooks collect fresh and cheap produce in seasons and advise people on the best cooking methods of the time – For instance, ingredients ideally suited for Autumn and for cold Winter nights. These scientists understand seasonal factors necessary to keep mankind stable, comfortable and at ease all the year round. They herald the benefits of cooking in season for practical reasons: Food taste, better quality, come cheaper, and better for you when it’s prepared in its peak season. Cooking your way through the year, you enjoy the finest ingredients each season has to offer. This is a comfortable and well-planned stabilizer for men. In addition, professional cooks researched into the most appropriate cooking techniques at various seasons: Boiling, Baking, Frying and so on. All effort was to prescribe the easiest and most comfortable technique in the various seasons. Without doubt, the various techniques and the chefs themselves are stabilizers for mankind. In season adaptations have been with us all along. Despite rough circumstances – Bad weathers, brokenness, hardships of various types, humans always invent their own stabilizers to keep lives going happily – undisturbed.

The Alchemist saw nature as ‘’ a guiding principle whose ways were to be studied, understood and imitated. Their belief was basic all along for centuries. Like a pinch of spice thrown into a dish of food, sometimes the presence of a tiny stabilizer or transformation can make all the difference in a man’s life. Sweet spices generally give characteristic of warmth and satisfaction. They balance savory, bitter and pungent attitudes to form extra-ordinary pleasant character or personality.

Belief system is controlled by the nature of your brain, heart and Immune system. These stabilizers are divine. Both physical and emotional self-healing of wounds originate from God. Psychologists believe that healing depends on self-will, to survive and to recover. Positive social behaviors like laughter and humor are also stabilizers for healthy living. They enhance neurological processes that promote health and reduce negative consequences of stress. These social behaviors like social support, physical exercises, seasonal responsiveness are stabilizers because they help individual recover psychologically. They are life-spices given to men from creation to make life beautiful and blissful. God Himself is love and He is good all the time.



The Holy Bible describes seasonal occurrences in life.

A Time for Everything


1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

2 A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to build up;

4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance;

5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

6 A time to get, and a time to lose;

A time to keep, and a time to cast away;

7 A time to rent, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

8 A time to love, and a time to hate; A time of war, and a time of peace

Scientists, as usual, follow this doctrine in most of their studies. Professional cooks have their own beliefs as follows – They confirm that food tastes better and works better for you when prepared in its peak season, and when you cook your way through the year, you enjoy the finest ingredients each season has to offer, because in-season produce maximizes nutrients and give best quality when fresh. For instance, fresh strawberries provide lots of Vitamin C, excellent source of potassium, B-Vitamin known for its role in reducing the risk of birth defects. It is also a good source of fiber which helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar which is best in season.

Cooking with in-season fruits and vegetables can also save you money. Out of season produce is costly and generally lacks flavor. It is best to choose fruits and vegetables that are in season. When produce is at its peak, there is abundance of it, and you can find it for a bargain. Cooking through the season makes you enjoy new varieties and flavors of fresh produce all year long. Moreover, doing things meaningful at the appropriate time keeps you active all year round. This idea is a good stabilizer to control stresses. Professional cooks also stabilized cooking methods for different seasons.


Spring’s seasonal ingredients are best suited for boiling and steaming.

. Boiling is a virtually fat-free cooking method that requires just a heavy-bottomed pot or saucepan to distribute the heat. Boiling-method cooks food at a relatively high temperature. 212 degree is the boiling point for water at sea-level. When liquid boils, bubbles break through and pop on the surface while the whole batch of liquid churns vigorously. When ingredients are boiled, they’re done solely in water. The food is usually added to the liquid once it reaches a boil. This intense cooking method is well suited for some grains. Boiling is also useful for reducing sauces.

Steaming is relatively easy and it offers a healthful way to cook, because it achieves excellent results with no added fat and it minimizes nutrient loss during cooking. Once you master the basics of steaming, the possibilities are endless. You’ll love being able to put together an entrée or healthful-side with little effort.


There are plenty of options to give great time for summer fun. There is wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in summer. There is always something for every occasion. The fresh seasonal foods help you make the most sumptuous summer meals. Summer is marked by the arrival of fresh corn, ripened tomatoes, sweet watermelon.

Professional cooks picked Frying and Grilling as best for the season.

Stir – frying is one of the fastest and healthiest cooking methods chosen. It’s easy, even a novice in the kitchen will feel confident using this technique

Grilling is fun, casual and versatile. The cooking technique creates charred edges, robust tastes with minimal effort. The heat of the fire does all the work – No added fat, so it makes it one of the easiest and most healthful cooking methods. Grilling works wonders with all types of meat, poultry, sea-food, vegetables and fruits. It is a good option for busy cooks, very relaxing and it stabilizes your nerves.


COOKING IN AUTUMN – There is no better way to celebrate autumn than by enjoying good food with the ones you love. Autumn’s bumper crop of fruits and vegetables offers a range of intense flavors and substantial textures. Groceries and farmers’ markets are full of apples, pears, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Autumn ingredients are good for Thanks-giving spreads and simple suppers for cold nights. Best ways to cook in autumn are Baking and Roasting. These techniques are perfect when the leaves begin to fall.

Baking is the process of cooking breads, pizza, cakes, pies in the dry heat of an oven. which changes the starch in the food, creating a browned exterior or surface while sealing-in moisture.

Roasting may be one of the easiest cooking techniques because the oven does most of the work. The food cooks in an uncovered heavy pan where dry hot air surrounds it and browns it, intensifying the flavors with a minimal amount of added fat. Foods can be simply prepared and then cook hand-free, making roasting an especially handy technique for busy week-night meals or hectic holidays. Roasting is a dry cooking technique as opposed to wet technique like steaming. Hot air surrounds the food and cooks it evenly on all sides. Depending on the food you are preparing, you can roast at low, moderate or high temperatures.

COOKING FOR WINTER – In Winter, there comes a supply of fresh ingredients that offer you comfort from the cold. Best ways to cook in winter are by Simmering and Braising. They are both slow cooking. These techniques help to make winter a season of pure comfort. Nothing warms you up better or stabilizes you more in the cold months than chicken-vegetable soup, or chili.

SIMMERING – refers to cooking food in liquid or cooking just the liquid itself, at a temperature slightly below the boiling point, around 180 or 190 degrees. It’s gentler but trickier than boiling because it requires careful temperature regulation so that the surface of the liquid simmers with a bubble coming up every few seconds. Simmering method cooks food gently and slowly. It is more versatile than boiling because it lends itself to a variety of foods.

BRAISING – uses low moist heat to transform food into melting tender and flavorful dishes. It’s an ideal technique for cooking cold weather – filling foods. Since much of the cooking time is hands-off as the dish simmers, braising is a stabilizer as well as a boon to busy cooks. The results are always satisfying, partly because the process involves layers of flavors.

In all the cooking techniques stated above, it has been observed that appropriate schedules at the right time or in-season, prevented stress and heart-attach. You are well-planned in advance. You take your time peacefully and you enjoy life at its best – Fresh food, contented life and the like. Therefore, in-season stabilizers are divinely planned for humanity. In this case, professional cooks are the helping scientists.



. Belief as fluid stabilizers

This section joins the dots between the power of beliefs, placebo effect, and scientific evidence and how the mind and body store trauma. Many people have been fascinated by the placebo effect – how people’s health improves through believing they are receiving a drug. Beliefs are fluid like water. They gain momentum and strength like fluid – blood.                                                                                 Yet if we are caught in a torrential rapid of belief without a boat or a paddle, it can be our down-fall. Hence, we need stabilizers to keep us balanced. Stabilizers touch everything in life. They form the centre of how we act and react to situations. Belief – system is controlled by what we learn from early childhood, from parents and cultures. If you transform your belief-system, you can transform your experience of reality.

Scientists on core belief ensure us that – Thought patterns provide fuel for emotions, drive chemical changes in our body and produce reactions and attractions to the external world.

  • That they underpin everything in person’s life, no matter the trauma. Many cases studied, ensure that practitioners focus on core beliefs to achieve true and sustainable change in their lives and their clients’ lives.
  • Belief – systems are full of creative ideas. They boost successes and take us on transformative journey through stress, pain and abuse of the past. They enhance body image, set goals and give a sense of purpose. If your relationship is fallen apart or you are broken one way or the other, your belief – system can work for you. You have emotional freedom or stabilizer to calm your nerves.
  • People learn this powerful technique which integrates psycho-energetic nature of reality with the body, mind and trauma theory. You don’t need a therapeutic background or a degree, only the willingness to be opened to change and new ways of thinking. The power of belief – system is the greatest stabilizer of our time. It is a discovery that human beings can change the outer aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds. Your beliefs are the rivers running through the inner landscape of your mind. They are the source of your stability and they affect all that grow on your fertile soil in life.

. Alchemist Belief as Stabilizer.

These days chemists think of matter in terms of its invariant atomic or molecular constitution – That water is H2O and Salt is sodium Chloride. In contrast, the alchemist of the medieval far east saw nature as ‘’ a guiding principle whose ways were to be studied, understood and imitated. The alchemist didn’t invent nor create. He merely imitated and transformed through his art; that which nature produced. This belief has been with us since creation as seen in the Holy Bible;

MATTHEW 6:25-26

25 ‘’Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?

26 ‘’Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap, nor gather into barn. Yet, your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

The above Bible passage is a very powerful stabilizer for mankind. What other assurance do we need? Nature is the guiding principle and the best stabilizer. Even, professional cooks state that in-season cooking methods are the surest ways for people to develop discernment and creativity in life. They believe that they are valuable stabilizer and reminder of eating experience which unfolds in individual mouth and nose and mind. That is to say that just trusting your emotional senses and experiment draws inspiration, love and happiness. Eating delicious food itself is a life – stabilizer.

In all ramifications, therefore, nature has provided all stabilizers to make life comfortable for mankind. There is no need to worry for anything. God is good all the time. However, Scientists expand existing knowledge for prosperity for instance, the Neuroscientist discovered brain – plasticity, the Engineers discovered seemingly better ways of living, Doctors made modern therapeutic remedies for health. We appreciate the new creativities. They are worthy privileges and stabilizers to be thankful for.



. Faith as a stabilizer.

Self – healing and placebo -effect are belief – systems. They are both faith program, trusting in the divine WORD of God. This is a life – stabilizer. A Scientist discovered that self-healing comprises of physical wound-healing and emotional wound healing. The process of self-repair is seen in the way physical wounds heal. At the moment of injury, blood vessels contract to stanch bleeding. Chemical messengers pour into the tissue, signaling a multitude of specialized cells to begin the inflammation process. White blood cells migrate into the wound within twenty-four hours, killing bacteria and triggering a process of cleansing and tissue repair. A matrix of connective tissue collagen is then laid down, knitting together the ragged edges of the wound in a repair that may not be perfect but highly functional. How well the damage heals depends on whether or not the process has been aided by treatment.

Healing of emotional wounds inflicted on mind and spirit by severe violence is a natural and divine process. Mind and body are powerfully linked from molecular level up to thoughts and social behavior of the person. Mind and body are similarly interrelated in their potential curative influence. After violence occurs, a self-healing process is immediately activated, transforming through physical and mental responses, the damage that has occurred to the psychological and social self. The scientist observed self-healing at the biological or physical level in individuals following all forms of violence. No separate biological response for ordinary persons and the trauma survivors. The human body including the brain is prepared under normal conditions to respond to any threat for survival. Then follows the stress response commonly called – Fight or Flight in which a sudden and immediate release of hormones such as cortisol activates the body. This activity is a divine stabilizer, and the victim is healed spontaneously. The cortisol serves to mobilize the body’s energy to increase arousal, attention, memory and learning naturally. At the core of this psychological dimension, is the WILL to survive and to recover. Like placebo healing, the individual makes a bold decision to do whatever needs to be done – not to CAVE IN to the violent act. The WILL to survive is the strong divine stabilizer that keeps the victim alive.

An eye – witness saw a boy with large bandage covering his damaged eye in the paediatric ward of a specialist hospital. The boy ran forward to a doctor and whispered, ‘’ Don’t worry doctor, I’m going to be all right’’. He focused on education which began in the clinic. He had the hope of living a productive life even if blind. His motivation for learning came as his Stabilizer and drive for self-healing. This young man saw a future that could not even be imagined by others until he verbalized it. His optimism drew the entire staff into assisting him with his educational goals.

A young man suffering from depression was said to be in- need of psychological care. He survived through his own agency by prayer. In this form of self-healing, he actively and aggressively kept himself alive by shifting his identity from – Spoiled human being to someone worthy of existence in the eyes of God. God is love, and His goodness all the time as undoubtable Stabilizer is always reliable.

Self – healing also involves social dimension as well as a psychological dimension. Human beings choose to do all sorts of social activities in order to repair their damaged life after violence has occurred. Positive social behaviors are Stabilizers. Spirituality enhances neurobiological processes that promote health and reduce negative consequences of stress. These behaviors and others, such as the use of Humor, Social support and physical exercise are stabilizers that help the individual recover psychologically.



In the Beatitudes rendered by JESUS to his disciples on the mountain in Judea, we saw some life-spices. MATTHEW 5 :1-10

The virtues stated are – Mercy, Comfort, Meekness, Purity, Peace. All these are Stabilizers for life growth and the eternity if observed to the letter.

. Those who mourn shall be comforted

. The meek shall inherit the earth

. The merciful shall obtain mercy

. Those who are pure in heart shall see God

. The peace makers shall be called the sons of God

The above, point to us the ultimate desire of a believer. What else do we want in life?

Like Salt and Sweet seasonings in our food, the blessings in the Beatitude have satisfactorily stabilized all worries and brokenness in this World, if accepted gracefully.

MATTEW 5 :44-45 —– says we should LOVE our neighbors as ourselves to be sons of your Father in heaven. This is the most important stabilizer to merit the kingdom of heaven. To show the dominant role played by LOVE, a scientist developed a perfume WHEEL that grouped aromatics into families that shared similar characteristics like Beauty, Inspiration, Love, Creativity and so on. The aim was to develop people attune-me-n-t and sensual intelligence and imagination. Love came out BEST – the richest and most intense character. Other characters narrowly followed its resemblance. This distinct nature of love conducted experimentally confirmed that it is the greatest spice for stability on earth. It stabilizes men’s woes, crooked ways and brokenness. Love is the achiever of all good things. If you love yourself, you only need to believe in healing yourself. You attract positive things like happiness, long life, prosperity and life-fulfillment. You become WHOLE, no deficiencies.

In the medieval World, cooking, perfumery and medicine were entwined. Little distinction was made between the end uses of cosmetics and drugs. Spices and perfumes had their parts to play in religion as well as in medicine and in daily life. They evoke LOVE in an indifferent beloved, to improve one’s social status and in many other ways like seeking pleasure and other big pursuits. Love spices human life in many ways.

Studies on Salt and Sweet rules showed that

. Salt pulls up sour and pushes down bitter

. Sweet pushes down salt, sour and bitter

In like manner, life-spices can push down all negative feelings and restore or pull up pleasantries. That means they can heal brokenness, causes happiness, long life and prosperity. To conclude, men are privileged because Our God is good all the time. He is the only Healer and the Best Stabilizer, or the healing power of nature.


In the days before modern medicine, self-healing was the major therapeutic force in the care of sick human beings. Ancient physicians were well aware of nature’s healing power which they described in the Latin saying – Medicatrix- Naturae or the healing power of nature. They developed ways to support and strengthen these forces in order to cure physical and emotional stress or at least to lessen their disabling effects and delay death. Because ancient doctors understood how illnesses would unfold, they could recommend medications, diet and changes in life-style that they knew were most likely to bring about a cure or the relief of suffering. Such recommendations are referred to as life-stabilizers in this story. Doctors try to remain close to the patient to produce a good result and maintain a good reputation.

To conclude this story, we have been able to show some factors as Life – Stabilizers in various seasons, Belief- systems and Self-healing. It was also shown that life spices added biological, psychological, social benefits, stability and vitality to our lives. They are all mediators of recovery and these processes need to be supported by all who hungry for well-being, creativity, fulfillment and purpose in life. In short, all the afore-mentioned stabilizers originate from our Creator. God is good all the time.


Happiness Queen and Status Seeking









Proverb 3:13-18 of the Holy Bible say –

13 Happy is the man that finds wisdom and the man that gets understanding

14 For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold

15 She is more precious than rubies; and all the things thou can desire are not to be compared unto her

16 Length of days is in the right hand and in her left hand – riches and honour

17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace

18 She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her; and happy is every one that retains her.

Philosophers told us that flexibility, authentic stories and testimonies from friends make people happy. The example of flexibility is seen in the holy Bible as well.

1 Chronicle 4:9-10 say –

9 And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren; and his mother called his name Jabez, saying – Because I bare him with sorrow;

10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying – Oh that thou would bless me indeed and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me; And God granted him that which he requested.

In the above passage Jabez’s mother named him SORROW. The scientists that did research on names discovered that surnames affect personality. If yours begin with one of the first letters of the alphabets, you’re likely to be happier and more confident than if it begins with one of the last letters. This is in line with Philosophers’ belief of flexibility. Changing ugly names like Thunder, Wood, Sorrow can work out your happiness and eradicate unhappiness. We make ourselves feel better by changing the way we think. True happiness lies inside us, if only we knew how to access it and cultivate it. Some people argue that in order to be happy, you need external things like friends, nice cars, well-paid jobs and so on. Money does not buy happiness (Psalm 17:13-15)

However, you should not be hard on yourself. If you’re hard on yourself, it means you recognize the need to grow, for growing itself is a generator of happiness. The Bible says – Happy is the man that fears always. But he that hardens his heart shall fall into mischief (PROVERB 28:14). People need to seek happiness because they have a journey to make in life. They should sit down to make themselves interesting, motivating and inspiring always. Mama Deborah was 100 years old when she died. Her siblings and most people around her called her the envious name – HAPPINESS QUEEN. Most times in her life time she was always HAPPY. She did not only believe in her happiness here, she looked forward to Eternal BLISS in heaven.

Proverb 29:18 says

18 Where there is no vision, the people perish:

But he that keeps the law, happy is he

Deborah used herself as a model. At 100, she trained herself not to let death come unexpectedly. Her ardent desire was happiness now till eternity. She looked over her shoulder at every tire squeal to note every slippery patch, every dangling wire, every scent of gas, every sign of infection. She knew that good health, good dispositions are excellent for everlasting happiness here and yonder. She was a woman of great faith. Her common Bible verse was –

Romans 14:22

22 Hast thou faith? Have it to yourself before God

Happy is he that condemns not himself

In that thing which he allows

Deborah’s Bible was her best friend. Fortunately, she could read it. large print Bible was always with her, and she took all her inspiration’s from inside it.

1 Peter 3:14 says

14 But and if you suffer for righteousness sake, happy are you; and be not afraid of that terror neither be troubled

15 But sanctify the Lord God in your heart;

And be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

Deborah preached ENDURANCE, quoting James 5: 11 which says –

11 Behold, we count them happy which endure

You have heard of the patience of Job and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

Our Creator is Omni-scient, He knows everything. He created everything to make us happy

. All men should acknowledge His Sovereignty. He knew us even before we were born –

The Lord says to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1 :5 –

5 Before, I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee, and before thou came forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Calling Deborah, a happiness queen is a big honour and privilege. If you desire it, work for it. It is your birth-right. God desires to have all His children back to the old garden of Eden to enjoy the bliss of heaven, the reason why He sent His only son to redeem us. The Almighty wants us to be industrious, prosperous, successful, and happy but the best use of all earthly wealth is to populate heaven. Deborah did her best to obey the truth here on earth. She believed that absolute happiness is our birth-right if well accessed and cultivated it to merit eternal bliss in heaven. At her bedside, just before her final sleep, she looked around eagerly for her transition. For her, it was HOME CALLING. She was sure to be in her HEAVENLY Father’s bosom very soon. As if smiling with her skeletal mouth, she passed away smoothly to enjoy Eternal bliss.

1 kings10:8 – says

8 Happy are thy men, happy are these thy servants, which stand continuously before thee, and that hear thy wisdom.

The following section lists the attributes expected of a happy queen. The authors referred to Diet – Tonicity, Bold Courage –Integrity, and Intention – Purpose. Enjoy as you read.



Scientists suggest the status of diet and tonicity – Showing that nutrients, jokes and laughter are medicines for happiness.

. DIET – By the proper intake of vitamins and other nutrients, the fraction of one’s life during which one is happy becomes greater. They defined happiness in terms of hormones – The chemical messengers in the body that tell other chemicals what to do. One of the most important hormones for happiness is Serotonin. Without enough Serotonin, we feel anxious and aggressive. With the optimum Serotonin, we feel calm, and contented. These hormones come from food – meaning that – we eat happiness.

Hormones including happiness hormones come from amino-acids, made by the body and from food if deficient. These amino-acids are – Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysin, Methionine, Phenylalanine, threonine and Valine. The key chemicals connected with food are –

DOPAMINE – The neuro-transmitter that makes you seek pleasure and enjoy life. It produces enthusiasm, exuberance and joy. When you have a pleasurable experience, dopamine reinforces it and makes you want it again. Dopamine is synthesized from tyrosine, an amino-acid particularly found in wheat-germ and milk.

ENDOPHINS – creates euphoria like morphine

NORADRENALINE – elevates mood

OXYTOCIN – promotes touching and affectionate behaviour which tends to make people happy.

PEA (phenylethylamine) found in Chocolate produces that – Walking on air feeling

SEROTONIN – a neurotransmitter makes you feel peaceful, unaggressive and contented.

TESTOSTERON – is considered to be a male hormone but also present in women at lower levels. It increases sex drive. Eating meat increases testosterone.

Thus, poor diet is a common cause of illness and sadness. Grandma Deborah admonished younger generations to take healthy food for happiness. In her days, she probably lived on STONE AGE DIET like fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meat – No processed foods. Her foods were direct from nature – No pollution. A healthy diet is a happy diet. The Holy Bible says –

Acts 27:34

34 wherefore I pray you to take some meat: for this is – for your health, for there shall not a hair fall from the head of any of you.

Isaiah 58:8

8 Then shall thy light break as the morning and thy health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee: the glory of the LORD shall be thy reward


. TONICITY is the normal firmness or functional readiness in body tissues or organ, like Dancing, Joking, Laughing and even Exercising the body. Exercises tune muscles and bones, while jokes, laughter tune the minds spiritually.

EXERCISE – When you exercise, you get happy – fit and generate happy chemicals. Exercise improves mood. It increases the body core temperature and relaxes muscles to induce a feeling of tranquility. The key ingredients in exercise is just to generate happy chemicals. It is advise-able to stick with one type of exercise. This helps, particularly if the body is familiar with it already. Doing it regularly, 30 minutes a day, five days in a week may probably be sufficient. Jogging is a lot of fun. The steady rhythmical movement seems to generate more happy chemicals per minute than many other activities. Dancing sounds like fun. It is a good exercise. It has all the benefits of jogging. My experience in the adult recreation center convinced me that dancing is both fun and exercise.

JOKES and LAUGHTER tune the body and soul of participants. Scientists educated us with the sciences of JOKES and LAUGHTER as seen below –


. An electrical wave moves through the cerebral cortex (the largest part of the brain) within less than half a second of seeing or hearing something potentially funny.

. The left side of the cortex analyses the joke or situation

. Activity increases in the frontal lobe

. The occipital lobe processes any visual signals

. The right hemisphere of the cortex is where you get the joke

. The most primitive part of the brain – the limbic system (especially amygdala and hippocampus) is involved in the emotional response.

. The hypothalamus is involved in the production of loud, uncontrollable laughter.



Scientists proved that laughter is a medicine because it

. increases the disease fighting protein – Gamma- interferon

. increases T-cells and B-cells which make disease fighting antibodies

. increases immunoglobulin A, the body’s first line of defence against infections of the upper respiratory tract.

. increases immunoglobulins M and G

. increases complement 3, which helps antibodies pierce defective or infected cells in order to destroy them

. Laughter benefits anyone suffering from diabetes because it lowers blood sugar

. It benefits the heart

. It lowers blood pressure

. It lowers stress hormones including Cortisol

. It strengthens abdominal muscle

. It relaxes the body

. It reduces pain, possibly by the production of endorphins, but certainly through relaxation and distraction.

. It flushes water vapour from the lungs

. It speeds recovery from surgery especially children

Last but not the least, it stops anyone thinking you’re dull.

Even animals enjoy a good laugh. Some scientists found Chimpanzees and gorillas laughing – A mixture of inhalations and exhalations. Dogs also have a kind of panting laugh. Rats chirp and ponies play practical jokes on one another.

Jokes create genuinely funny situations. Like laughter, jokes make most people happy and stress-free. They tune the minds spiritually. Mama Deborah was full of jokes and laughter. Possibly, one of the reasons why she was called happiness queen. You too can make yourself happy. At the same time, be compassionate and friendly. Practise jokes on your friends, be playful, say nothing cruel or dangerous. Make a good laugh, do something funny everyday, listen to some cheerful energizing music to make you dance occasionally. Remember THE DOS and DON’TS – love God and your neighbour. Do unto others as you want them to do to you. So, doing, you create a light heart to merit Happy Queen status.


1 Kings 10:8

8 Happy are thy men, happy are these thy servants, which stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom


Psalm 144:15

15 Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.


To live a life of meaning and engagement like a happy queen, you need to come alive, feel connected to life force and harness the energy of ascendance. These activate your aspirational self, spark creativity and resilience. They help you transcend the mire of negative thoughts, circumstances and align with a powerful ally that unites you in your desire to live the life of meaning and engagement necessary for happiness. Emotions and experiences are potentials like – Well spring positive energy, creativity, confidence and the desire to rejoice with others.

Bold courage moves you beyond compulsivity, exhaustion, demoralization and victimhood, towards a life of self-control, vitality, optimism, resilience and integrity. All these generate happiness, while negative emotions are assassins. A scientist found a link between emotions, illness and sadness. He gave rats saccharin-flavoured water along with a chemical that suppressed T-cells. Later, he gave just the saccharin-flavoured water. This time, the rats’ T-cells’ count still went down. The significance of the experiment was the connection between the brain (which tasted the water) and the immune system.

Scientifically, stress hormones suppress immune system, but this may get permanently compromised.

Deuteronomy 33:29 says –

29 Happy art thou, O Israel; who is like unto thee, O people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help

And who is the sword of thy excellency; and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee, and thou shalt tread upon their high places.

Happiness is a blessing, and bold courage is a motivator. It is about shifting your perspective, discovering your possibilities, making decisions to take risks and play a bigger game. If you want happiness, do what you think to be right, not just easy. Bold courage is committing to action despite your fear. It’s about becoming more disciplined in your approach to living and working with an engaged, renewed sense of excitement, accomplishment and joy. The pursuit of greatness, or the act of accomplishing great things is the dream of many. With a healthy dose of bold courage and integrity, you avoid future regrets. Bold courage is a call to change for the better. Everyone can benefit from its principle. Use what you innately have in your attitude; skills, abilities, passion, hobbies and talents. Pair them with opportunities to allow the authentic you to shine through. Then you create that scenario for a fulfillment and satisfied life. God wants all His children to be industrious, wealthy and happy through His grace. He wants the best for everybody.

My friend, Veronica, graduated in a profession that disappointed her – A reputable profession most people loved to practise. Some people saw her as an inspiration, admired her and held her in high regard. They aspired to be like her -a brilliant scientist. Unfortunately, she didn’t hold it high like them. She had a very bad experience in her university days, because she and three of her team – members got lost in the bush when looking for specimens. They were in the bush for two days before they could trace their way home. This horrible experience quenched her previous love for the profession. She now preferred a white-color job to stay in the office. She grudgingly stayed on the job for just a year to pay for her sponsorship. And soon after, she stopped the fear sabotaging herself to fulfill her dream. She articulated what her ideal life style looked like, what it felt like and how happy she would be to actually live it. Amazingly, after defining her awesome self, the directors of the big company honoured her desire because of her good reputation. She did her best within the short time she stayed there despite the original disappointment. The directors worked out ways to keep her in the company. Her courageous boldness earned her a higher position. She was instantly promoted to the rank of supervisor whose duty was mainly in the office. Thus, her integrity fueled her boldness to achieve her desired happiness.

Experts say – For satisfaction at work, challenge mediocrity, recognize the power of your story, accept being perfectly flawed, understand the gift of giving and receiving. Bold courage and integrity earned Veronica happiness. There was power in her voice. At-times, courage may lay dormant. While that is true, think of bold courage through the eyes of faith like the mustard seed in the Holy Bible. No matter how big or small, faith is, it is the only shelter we have to depend on for happiness. Veronica believed in herself, and her Creator. At-last her happiness was guaranteed. There’s something indescribably beautiful about living life in integrity. It is an incredibly fulfilling and meaningful way to live. This was the legacy Mama Deborah and Veronica left their siblings. The Holy Bible says –

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee, he will not fail thee nor forsake thee


2 By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.


7 The just man walketh in his integrity; his children are blessed after him

These passages tell us that, to merit the crown of happiness queen, you need to be strong and of good courage. Have the faith that the Lord is with you. Walk in integrity, rejoice in the hope of His glory. Through His grace, you and your children will be blessed with happiness here and everlasting bliss thereafter.




. Celebration is a choice

. Mother’s prayer

. The Rules of Life

. The Laws of Life-time Growth


. Feed on spirit/soul level

. Bring Attention to Inner Conversation

. Design true joy of love


. Clarify your purpose

. Life is a Feast and a Banquet

. Design your values

. Find your balance point


. Design good relationships

. Design moments for family blessings

. Design different friends

. Design the maturity in aging


. Go for the Gold and the Green

. Design Creativity for Celebration

. Stay in school

. Let your design greet you by name


. God is the Supreme Designer

. A poem on ‘’ DESIGN YOUR DREAM ‘’.




. Celebration is a personal choice. Design life of celebration sounds like baby-boomers’ bible. The beauty of it, is that it is entirely down to personal choice. We all choose to be on the side of the angels and not the beasts. To be on the side of the angels (if possible) is not compulsory. When most people go to sleep at night, they try to recap their day and feel proud of what they have achieved. Feeling that you’ve made a difference is great for some people. Being good to someone gives one a lot of joy. Getting nearer to 10 than 1 out of 10 for good behavior is excellent. Designing life to celebrate is not about making a lot of money or being incredibly successful, it is simply about how you feel inside, how you influence people around you and what impact you make on the World. Designing life to celebrate explores relationships with the World and nature of reality. In recent years, scientists see the World in a new way – That Atoms are not separate little things but expressions of universal energy. A universe of separate things never really existed. Each of us is part of a greater Unit. At the deepest level, our purpose in life is to be a loving mirror to the World. Our goal in not just to let life love us but also to love life back. Successful life-design affirms that you follow your joy and forgiveness to bless the World. Celebration has three important interpretations – Occasion that engages enjoyable, typically social activities, Occasion for parties, gatherings, festivities, festivals, carnivals, gala, and thirdly, an Occasion for commemoration, observance and performance.


A single mother did her best to educate her three children single-handedly. Unfortunately, the first son was not serious. He disappointed his mother and dropped out of school. In tears and silent cry, she prayed to God for the son to be blessed with a good career in life. ‘’ LORD, let this boy do something big, at-least something to be proud of and celebrate in future.’’ God answered her in ways she could not have imagined. The boy changed his life-style and started to compose Songs. His songs made him an International sensational STAR – The number one down-loaded song in U-TUBE. The story is not just about music, but about how human-spirit works wonders. In this way, the boy designed the life of celebration in a miraculous way. He became a champion of repute in the society. Glory be to God.

Design-principles help you get more out of life, to be a happier, calmer and more fulfilled person – worthy to be celebrated.

RULES OF LIFE as suggested by experts are –

. To know what counts and what doesn’t

. To be flexible in your thinking

. To take an interest in the outside World

. To be on the side of the angels and not the beasts

. To aim to be the very best at everything you do, not the second best

. To be strong, not to be afraid of dreams

. To dress like today is important

. To get used to stepping outside your comfort zone

. To have dignity

. To look after yourself

. To maintain good manners in all things

. To shop for quality not price.

A lot of these rules are about conscious choice, conscious decisions, conscious awareness. You too can be conscious. The challenges are rewarding and they enrich life experiences that deserve celebration. This is a call for you to design each day smartly.

THE LAWS OF LIFE-TIME GROWTH – These admonish us to –

. Always design our future bigger than our past

. Always design our learning greater than our experience

. Always design our contribution bigger than our reward

. Always design our performance greater than our applause

. Always design our gratitude greater than our success

. Always design our enjoyment greater than our effort

. Always design our cooperation greater than our status

. Always design our confidence greater than our comfort.

. Always design our purpose greater than our money

. Always design our questions bigger than our answers

In short, to design life-time growth or purpose is to listen to our heart and gut. Our sense of purpose is more connected to our heart than our head. We should let our feelings guide us to the right objective and then use our head to figure-out how to make it happen. Growth is the fundamental desire of all human beings. It is at the root of everything that gives the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, purpose in life and progress. The desire to grow is nothing less than the love of existence and deep desire to fully explore life. When you begin to align your actions with this principle, you commit to making the most of life. What greater gift could you possibly give to yourself or to the World other than to celebrate it with a dance for a job well-done?


. Feeding on Spirit/soul level is a journey that brings pleasure. It empowers you to open your heart and mind to the life you’ve always dreamed of. It leads you out of the darkness into the light of a better life – Loving yourself, aging consciously, bringing true prosperity and abundance to the World. It manifests positive relationships with families, friends, workers and enables you to face death in a dignified and peaceful way. Thus, spiritual principles improve the quality of life in miraculous ways. When you practice spiritual principles; You think thoughts that make you feel good, you make choices that make you feel good, you take actions that make you feel good. The major reason is that – How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is how you live your life. Everyday, what we think and say to ourselves on a regular basis deepen and directly influence the quality of our lives. The more we shift our internal monologue to language that serves a better life, the better our lives become. It is this daily ritual that gives us the chance for positive changes. Everything we think to ourselves is an affirmation. Love yourself first because life loves you. Desire it, design it and believe it. This spiritual principle is worthy of celebration at the end of the day. When you feed on spirit/soul level –

. You make your taste eclectic

. You love spiritual and inspirational stories of human-interest

. You read the latest News about health, science and technology.

All these will make you re-inspired, replenished and fed on spirit/soul level. Without doubt, you nourish your body with good foods, and your mind with good, comforting thoughts. All these are worthy of celebration.


The things we say to ourselves everyday, bring us the truth and more power to our soul-body, and it transmits energy out into the World. For example, either by design or inspiration, an expert drew ‘’A guideline for a good sleep’’ thus –

. Go to bed at the same time (a reasonable hour) every night

. Keep TV out of the bed-room

. Make sure the room is dark and a bit cool

. Don’t take any food or caffeine at-least three or four hours before you sleep

. Use soft comfortable sheets

. Recite Bible passages, or read the story you love as you fall asleep.

From experience, these guidelines are true. The composition was probably due to the expert’s spiritual inner conversation of the mind or scientific research. Whatever the case, ‘’Designing good sleep’’ deserves an applause and celebration.


Humans are designed to be happy and there’s no happiness without love. True love is not conditional, but delivers lasting joy without reward or gratitude. One scientist used Algebra Equation to describe happiness and true joy. Algebra in Maths solves Equations in many ways. For example, if –

A = B+C

B = A- C

If you want to solve for A, you look for the values of the other two parameters, that is B and C. And if you want to solve for B, you take different steps.

The parameters chosen to solve the problem changes the approach to the solution. In the same way, it is needless to multiply material wealth, fun and status and assume the product gives happiness or joy. True joy is spiritual and cannot be bought with money, though giving out money generously can make others happy. Inwardly, your soul-body rejoices and celebrates your achievement.


. The more love you give, the more you get back

. True joy is giving because love never goes to waste

. Love yourself, for you cannot love anything if you don’t love yourself

. Be kind, treat everyone like yourself

. If you keep what you need and give the rest away, life will flow

. Giving never takes away from the sack, more comes back

. Money can buy happiness only if you give it away because it makes the giver happy.

All the above soul/spirit principles are good foods for thought and deserve designing in our lives. They nourish our bodies, nurture our minds, comfort our thoughts and guide us towards celebration. Praise the LORD.


. Clarify your purpose

Understanding the life, you love is a good reason for celebration. The knowledge ignites, clarifies your purpose and facilitates reflective process. Metaphorically, each of us is a unique flower here on Earth for a brief speck of time. Our job is to bud and bloom for however long we have and fulfill our individual destiny. To manage this, we need a good foundation so that we can nurture our potential in deep rich soil. To achieve this, we need enough sun, water, air, food, laughter and love to make us grow upright, blossom, vibrant and fully occupy our space. When we have enough sustenance, it’s easy to sway toward the other flowers, bloom around them and merge without losing our essence. Designing life of purpose is a joyous occasion, celebrated strategically which tells you to discover your path, love yourself, others, live healthy, fulfill your purpose, set priorities, summon your creativity, become a child and act in harmony with nature. All these awareness call for celebration.

. Life is a Feast and a Banquet

As long as you live, keep designing how to live well. Your life can be a grand celebration, if you choose to make it so. Life is a feast, and a banquet, resplendent with every imaginable colour, taste, scent and opportunity. Life is what we make it. Which means we are the artists of our destiny and we create the life we live – Joyous creations, life rich in imagination, full of beauty, living in abundance and experiencing vibrant health. Our concern is to design motivated life and live fully today. We feel good when we give our love to others. The truth is that we create our destiny. At any moment we can choose to live in heaven, if we design motivated life worth celebrating today. Like planning a celebration party, to fully participate in the adventure of living the life we love, we need to design what is working in our lives and release what is not – meaning that we can travel on the journey of celebration with determination.

. Design Your Values

Successful, happy people know what their values are – what they stand for, and they refuse to compromise them. Most of the great men and women of history, have been admired because of their character; adherence to a set of values. this enabled them to overcome incredible adversity and go on to accomplish extraordinary things. Everything happens for a reason. Success and happiness are not accidents. You can design the kind of life you want and create the kind of future possible for celebration.

. Find Your Balance Point

In-balance in life results not so much from doing too much but from doing too much of the wrong things. Designing your life for celebration is to sort out what is most important to you from among the many activities you could focus on. When you efficiently identify and accomplish what really matters to you, you’ve found your balance point. Not only will you feel less stressed (which is good for your health) but you’ll accomplish more, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. Thus, you feel like your life is in perfect harmony with nature. This confidence is in alignment with who you are – a child of the Most- High God, and it should be designed in your life plan. your heart rejoices. Now you can celebrate, set your priorities, manage your time that energizes you and simplifies every aspect of your life. The result is an active approach to integrating life balance; work achievement and time management. These make you a champion and grand reason for celebration.


. Design Good Relationship

It is socially important for humans to design and celebrate relationships in their lives. Some Scientists illustrated how men existed and developed in the wombs; How children’ brains gradually became mature like the adults’ brains., and How environment, hereditary potential positively and negatively affected children. Biologically and socially humans are connected even before birth. This is a good reason to design and celebrate what nature itself already put in place for mankind.


. Blessings are good wishes for positive out-come; the luxury of little things – daily meals and true friends

. Blessings for our home in general

. Blessings for friends and neighbors wherever they are

. Blessings for the work we do

. Blessings for babies and children

. Blessings for partnership

A gospel song taught us to count our blessings everyday and name them one by one. Blessing is the most important human effort to pin down fluttery moments and make day-to-day life sweeter and glorious. Designing blessings in our lives is both necessary and worthy of celebration, because they open our eyes to see beauties un-noticed before. For all gracious moments, people should sing, dance and jubilate. In short, blessings deserve to be designed in our lives with the whole heart.


Friends come in different forms, and naturally, humans want to be close to one another. When separated, they suffer psychologically, spiritually and physically. However, it is desirable and wise to design the type of friends you want.

One scientist used ‘’The Boundary Effect’’ of Gelatin paste and semi-permeable membrane to describe different friends. Two solutes held together in gelatin-paste has no boundary, whereas a semi-permeable membrane only allows two solutes to touch and salute. Semi-permeable membrane is the excellent, healthy boundary covering each cell of the body for protection. The membrane protects each cell from outside toxin but allows nutrients and light to flow inside the cells. Therefore, you can design the sort of friend you want lest you lose your own unique personality in the service of relationship


Growth begins from the self-centered pre-schoolers to the flowering wisdom and compassion of old-age. True maturity flowers in joy and celebration. Mature relationship and true laws of aging see joy and celebration in; Loving and Having, love and marriage, parent and child, Interdependence, Needing and Giving.

Aging is nothing that you do but something that happens physically. Maturity is something that you bring to life. It comes out of awareness. When a person ages with full awareness, he becomes mature. Maturity is aging with awareness and experience. A mature person is more like a child; simple, innocent but knowledgeable. He is capable of being still and silent. He accepts pain, frustration and transforms the very misery into treasure; Pain gives sharpness, darkness has its beauty, depth and infinity. By designing the maturity in aging, you have come home and grown up. You have touched the height of your potential. You are blessed. What is next for you is to celebrate your newly-found growth.


. This means, you can turn life into the life you want. To accomplish great things, you must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. And then celebrate. Dreams worth celebrating are –

. Going for the Gold and the Green

. Staying in school

. Designing creativity worth celebrating

. Letting your dreams greet you by name

Going for the gold and the green is the very best possible way in all walks of life. It is necessary for everyone who is striving for excellence and greater meaning in their lives, to eventually celebrate. Possible break-down for gold and green are –

. Simply to capture joys, relax mind and body

. Connect with others

. Find power in the positive

. Transform great images to reality

. Plan for excellence through the power of passion and planning

. Get focused and stay focused

. Commit to improve everyday

. Set priorities for goals that will achieve your dreams

. Maximize efforts through team-work

. create a winning mindset to build amazing success for celebration


This is to unleash the forces within. Nowadays, the ability to respond creatively to new challenges is demanded of everybody. Making the switch from imitative and rule-bound behavior to creative innovation and flexibility requires a profound change in our attitudes about ourselves and our own capabilities. It is a blessing worth celebrating if you bring more creativity, playfulness and flexibility to lives. Your creativity allows something to happen through you. As a vehicle, beautiful songs can start to come through you. Of course, you are not the original Creator of them. They came from beyond. The energy is good. It is a delight for the whole World to celebrate it with you, because once released, you become a creator that brings intelligence, sensitivity and all that is beautiful. Climbing to the highest peak of a mountain is arduous. When you reached the peak, the joy that fills the heart is enormous. This is true in creativity. Your joy will know no bound but it deserves celebration, because you have made it.


This is not about becoming a professional student. Rather, it’s about expanding your knowledge both horizontally and vertically. You may finish a course or complete a degree, but you’re never finished with learning. You’re never going to know everything. So, be opened to broadening you base. This is especially true in the business World where new technologies effect changes in every sector. Staying in school, is accepting the notion that each day you soak up new experiences that can enhance your journey and update your thinking toward beautiful celebration. To achieve this, you can sign for on-line courses, sign up for classes or workshops in your local library or your personal library. You can also purchase books that will give you ready access in the areas of interest closest to your dreams. Joy itself is not success, nor financial security, fame or respect. They can make life easier but they are not things that truly make us happy enough to celebrate. If you want to create and design the life of celebration, you must replenish the part of your spirit that absolutely, positively lifts you high above the stress and struggle that is part of your day. You can go down to the memory lane of your childhood that brought you pure, un-encumbered joy. Think about how you can bring that old fun back to life. The mere thought and fun of these historical events can bring you great pleasure worthy to design and celebrate.


When you design boldly, you cultivate qualities that can change life for celebration everyday. You steer your life in the direction of your dreams. High powered endowments like gratitude, endurance, generosity, compassion, honesty well-administered faithfully deserve celebration and can greet you by name. Even, angels will gather at your shoulders and stand with you as you rest. All these are rooted in contentment and peace that call for celebration. The more you praise God the more celebrations will come your way. Celebrations wear a lot of out-fit, but always the same old beautiful dancing shoes. When you design processes that change life, people will hail you and call you the Queen of Celebration.


The aim of this story is to design celebrated life that you love to live: Pleasure, fulfillment and joy. It is the road map to living well. Celebrated life is a wonderfully unique blend of personal adventures and life’s challenges. Its authenticity and wisdom guide people to a richer, more fulfilling life. The story tells us how to live healthy, love ourselves, love others, fulfill purpose in life, finish un-finished business in this World toward celebrating success and victories. You need to decide whether you want to act or react, deal with your own cards or play with a stacked deck. If you don’t decide which way to play with life, it will always play with you. This story is a guidance for you to know the truth, perfect contentment to finally celebrate. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop, you will celebrate victory. It’s important to hear your music and play it right-away. Trust your inner voice, genuinely respond to other people with kindness, empathy, and make it a celebration-day for yourself.

. God is the Supreme Designer. He gave us delightful life: Pleasure like beautiful sun-light, the roaring seas, singing birds in the air, water-falls from the mountains, decorative flowers and a host of others. Their amazing music feel our hearts. And because God made us in his own Image, He allows our vision to work its magic upon us. Without any delay, God wants us to design our dreams and celebrate the victories with feast and banquet. Celebrations wear a lot of out-fit but always the same old beautiful dancing shoes. To round-up the story, the authors presented a poem –


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life becomes broken – feather

That cannot fly


Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams drop

Life becomes barren soil

Frozen with snow


Design what you love

For it is life

Yesterday is a dream

Tomorrow must not be dark


Today, well-designed

Makes yesterday a desire

And tomorrow a vision

Celebrated with passion.





. Creativity Celebration Dances

. Pleasure, Happiness, Satisfaction, Friendliness, Success


. Creativity is pleasure driven

. Creativity ignites life and dreams

. Creativity gives unique voice

Creativity unlocks creative mind and potential

. Creativity light the dark in the World


. Creativity and Happiness Qualities

. Creativity achievers are optimistic, successful and Happy

. Creativity is a friend of the mind


. Motivation for creativity


Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. We are all creators as the Image of God. We have been given the privilege to build and design the World to our taste which results in our creativities, just name it – Sky-rocketing buildings, vehicles, decorations, songs, stories, poetries and so on. In other words, we furnish the World with our creativities. Most of the beautiful things around us are the making of men. The Creator gave us our lives, animals, plants and mineral ores to work upon. He gave us trees but not chairs. Creativity benefits are too numerous to count like the stars on the sky and the sand on the sea-shore. The few we referred to in this story are – Pleasure, Happiness, Success, Satisfaction, Friendliness. They are the rewards of Creativity worthy of celebration. However, most of these terms connote same thing because culture and individuals do not share a common set of values that contribute to happiness. As a result, people cultivate different interests in creativity. Some people enjoy activities, choose varieties and novelties to add dance to life. They think of the different things needed in the course of human walk which may be interesting. Thus, creativity begins with seeing the World as a giant play-ground with new challenges to overcome and new advantages to experience

A psalmist told us to count our blessings and name them one by one. Do we ever count happiness as the reward of our creativities? Do we ever celebrate this joy? This story told us that Pleasure, Happiness, Successes are the rewards of creativities worthy of celebration. The Gurus of creativity described Happiness as – A new Approach for Building a Joyful life. Creativity is also a friend of the mind. It is partly inherited from birth. It lights the dark in the World. It makes us shine and have a voice. Creativity adds numerous benefits to life. Because we owe part of our crown to our creativity, it deserves celebration, if only to show appreciation to ourselves and to the Creator for giving us the privilege. Dancing to a musical rhythm is a good way to celebrate successes. You twist your waist and jump up feeling as light as a feather like King David danced in the Holy Bible. To celebrate, you can also host parties with friends. It is more rewarding to invite the homeless to share your joy. There are many ways to celebrate. Our focus here is why the pleasure and the Happiness of creativity should be celebrated. When we share Happiness with Love, compassion, empathy and generosity, the angels in heaven will dance with you, and more celebrations will follow you. So, light your candles now, be more creative and get ready to celebrate more successes.


Your creativity is pleasure driven when you have a place in the group – in your family, community, school and at work. You feel happy putting yourself out there when you share your creations with the World. Creativity has to do with something much greater than just making pretty things. You need to celebrate each step. Treat yourself with respect the same kindness, gentleness and love that you show to someone dear to you. Your creativity must make you happy. Feeling comfortable inside your skin is a life’s work and it has its merits. Allow yourself and others to see the light in your heart. Feel good even about tiny accomplishment and believe in yourself. The more you do this, the better you get. The beauty of what you love and do makes you happy. Happiness like creativity is pleasure driven. At play, children fly and wander passionately from one creative enterprise to the next. They display constant desire, constant movement, constant momentum – Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure the whole way through. Children seek pleasure at every turn. They don’t need reminders about how to play and to have fun. They know what feels good.

Creativity manifests what is on your mind. Sometimes, we aren’t always aware of our own greatness or even what awaits us. Using pleasure and desire as a guide can keep us in our hearts and souls. Living as a creative person calls us to be exactly who we are. No matter what we do in our creative lives we bring all our being into it. Creativity needs a subject and that is you. You bring your senses, awareness, experience and story with you. This is a combination of your style, experience, work and subject matter. People will feel your joy, love and excitement in your creativity.

In the days of my grand-mother, women used milled red stones wetted with water to paint their nails and body to be fully dressed for a wedding. I saw a maiden so decorated because I grew up with my grand-mother. When I became a scientist, I used the same red stones to make nail polish. My method was simple. I milled the red stones all right, but I vigorously mixed the powder in paraffin liquid to add luster and uniformity to the product. The liquid formed was a perfect blend to paint nails. I packed the red paint in presentable bottles to look like cosmetic product. I know this is a crude way to make nail polish. It however removed the stress of their former method. The women in the neighbor-hood accepted it. They were very grateful because it served their purpose. My creativity drew pleasure to me. More importantly my reward was in the women who celebrated me and my creativity.


Your teen years may be tumultuous, confusing and even sullen. That doesn’t mean you can’t light the fire in your life. You can forge your own paths and engage your passions to become the person you want to be. Great people ignite creativities within them to accomplish extraordinary things. Creativity presents an opportunity for people from all walks of life to light their fire and dreams as early as possible. All creative people define and cultivate their own uniqueness in the areas of their choice. You can build the best creative life and let it build you. The aim is to be creative in everyday life. All needed is to keep the inspiration alive. Best ideas are often generated when we are free to think, capture old belief, repetition and discover something new. Creativity is a free-will process rooted in the brain. Everyone has free-will to ignite his life and dreams for creativity.

Science taught us that Liquids have properties that make them different from solids and gases. For example, the atoms in a liquid are not as tightly packed as in solids and do not maintain their shape. At school, my science teacher dropped one coloured tablet in half a cup of water. It dissolved immediately to form a coloured solution that looks like orange juice. This experiment ignited my creativity. At home, I put one spoon of granulated sugar in half a cup of water. It dissolved but the solution was tasteless. I kept on adding more sugar until I added too much which did not dissolve. At this point, I heated the container because heat aided solubility. At last all the sugar dissolved to form a viscous liquid called SYRUP, looking like a pancake-smear. My parents were very happy and there-after, my assignment at home was to make sugar-syrup for pancake. This was actually my favourite break-fast. The creativity ignited my mind, gave me a place and voice in the family.


Fear is one of life’s biggest road-block. You keep fear from limiting your potential by tapping into your inner resilience, strength, translating your ideas into real World and liberating innovative ideas to creative actions. Finding your voice is as courageous as learning how to walk and it is an appendage of creativity spirit. It feels like joyfully stepping into the person you were meant to be. This is the boundless joy you get when you sense that life overflows with endless possibilities. You feel aloft, weightless, impossibly free-spirited and brim with hope. This is true no matter what your dream is. It’s a human need to experience and sense accomplishment, creative mind to shine and find unique voice. When you reduce your sense of fear, you instantly become more creative. The more fearless you become, the more you reveal your authentic self and the more you make your voice known and unique. Innovative thinking gives the mind access to new ideas. If your mind travels to un-accustomed place, you can find something wonderful to share with other people with loud voice leading to increased creativity. Vision is very strong but say good things. Because when we say good things, we succeed in our own’s eyes. Vision is a powerful tool to achieve dreams because it helps to discover the best steps to take on the journey toward new possibilities. Raising creative voice loud bring new ideas. The beauty is that once you speak it loud running it becomes self-perpetuating cycle – one that moves on its own energy. The structure you create fuels your immersive motivation and reality. In general, creativity gives you a unique voice in the community, an opportunity for you to celebrate.

In the year 2012, I was inspired to write stories to impact the new generation.The Holy Spirit had a way of telling me what to write. After receiving the Topic, I first of all, did some book-research. Then I composed my story. I never went to the Lab, but as a scientist, I tried to use recorded scientific facts to back-up my experience. I tried as much as possible to make my stories interesting, educative and in alignment with Bible passages. Am I really Creative or Is it just a calling? Whatever the case, I think I am. My style is an amazing way to write Life Stories under the Leadership of the Holy Spirit, because the stories communicate the stuff in my heart. It is just like writing a poem. Poets are creative by nature. Everything you create is your self-portrait. My stories move through me and use me to speak. Being okay with all parts of myself lays the ground-work of my creative practice because it gives me a unique voice. Where words stop, creativity expression is there to communicate the stuff in your heart – words too tender to voice out. In general, your creativity is your portrait and it gives you a unique voice in the society – An opportunity for you to celebrate.


Creativity unlocks creative mind and brings ideas to life. Scientists believe that – Opening mind and uniting left-and right brain thinking, drive you to take creative actions. Simple exercises make you create dreams like composing new songs, new business fearlessly. You communicate more effectively, finish projects that have stayed in pieces phase and make new ideas to shape the World. If becoming a World-class musician is your goal as a kid, start with Violin in your pre-school to make music. Play it at home and in your church. Enroll in music classes. Eventually, you graduate to be an Expert in Entertainment Industry. You can now compete in American Idol or American Got Talent. Thus, you unlock your creative mind and potential to be a World-known musician. Taking small steps at a time gradually brings your dream into focus and victory. The active doing is your reward worthy of celebration

Alice set up a small-scale manufacturing company to make Toys for children. She cut foam-sheets into various geometric shapes. She used foam because it was light and would float on the surface of water. Within 5 years, Alice was known all over her country as a Toy manufacturer. The motivation came from the time she saw a scientific fair project on – Density and Floating. She remembered her studies on the – Properties of Solids and Liquids, and that objects lighter than water float on the surface of water-baths. Most children love to play with water, particularly in their water-baths at home. Thus, the science project at school unlocked her mind and potential to become a giant manufacturer of Toys of her days. Has this creativity not called for celebration?


Creativity lights the dark for Artists to see the beauties in the World – How to think, find inspiration and get things done appropriately. This allows the mind and self to blend freely with the World outside. Artists need to stumble on the right words and things at the right time. The moment of realization is the instant the complex problem becomes clear. They chart the unpredictable path-ideas from genesis to maturity, map the ways the beautiful things come into being and take enduring shape. This is when ideas point the way forward and the Artist finds the incentive for his creative process. He overcomes challenges, finds in-sight into master-crafts and finds inspiration in everything he sees. The light within can change an individual’s whole life. Exposures like -Book-reading- can make you inhabit another Universe entirely. If you spend a week in New-York city, you see magnificent sky-scrapper buildings, spot-cars, spectacular decorations, ornaments, unique house utilities, Garments of various styles to mention a few. Creativities open human eyes to the beauties in this World.

A creative mind loves good things and wishes to add to the list. He looks ahead to see what is needed and how to make it. What many of us consider impossible become possible. Why don’t we approve creativity celebration? The extra-ordinary reward of Happiness giving freely to us through our creativities deserves celebration to show our gratitude to our Maker for the privilege and to ourselves for the benefits. An example is – The Feather Game created by Big brother. It was a small project but it gave him a big name in the family. Though he died many years ago, many people still call the activity by his name. He created – Feather Game -for children to play which was just putting a beautiful brightly coloured feather from Ostrich Bird’s tail on top of a water-bath. A balloon could be a good substitute. Because feather is light, it floated on the surface of the water-bath. Dolly, the baby of the family, just 2 years old, loved to have fun with the feather. She waded inside the bath aiming to pick the feather. This activity caught her attention. We all enjoyed our peace at home any time she was in the bath. Big brother’s creativity is scientific-based because objects lighter than water float on its surface. The project was absolutely big brother’s creation. He did not copy, imitate or repeat any one, even though something like balloon could have done the same thing. No creativity is too small. Believe it or not, Dolly is now a grown-up woman with three children. Often, she told her children that the creativity was originated by her big brother. Thus, big brother’s creativity spoke for him and gave him a name. What a celebration of dancing for Dolly as she remembered her late brother’s creativity.


. Happiness and Creativity Qualities

Part of our happiness is determined by our genes. We are brought up with inherent level of happiness, (about 50%). Creativities generate immense happiness and both have important qualities like Love, Optimism, Courage, Freedom, Pro-activity, Security, Health, Spirituality, Perspective, Humor and Purpose. These are the qualities men achieve in creativity.

Though retired from active service, I was not tired. At 72, I enrolled as a student in one popular clay-Industry. There I made earthenware products and designed them to my taste. These products, I displayed proudly as my creativity. I made porcelain trays, plates, and cups and decorated them to my taste. I drew flowers on the trays, I wrote my grand-children’s names on the cups. I gave all out as souvenir. My happiness knew no bounds as I saw happiness on the faces of all recipients. My children put theirs on the walls, some on the central table for decoration. Two of my grand-children used theirs to take cocoa drink before going to bed at night, and the others put theirs on the bedside table. A gift from grand-ma was like Gold to them. They were very proud of me. Money does not buy happiness. Actually, the creativity was more than one million U.S dollar payment for me. Why, then should I not celebrate my creativity?

. Creativity is a friend of the mind

This is seen in how leaders apply it for success in all walks of life. What’s common to all leaders is how much fun they seem to be having at work. First, they choose the approach which is usually playful, positive, unbeatable, constructive, and this is seen by people around them. The atmosphere begins to change – enjoyable and playful, small mistakes forgotten. This makes it easy for people to concentrate on creativity. The people supervised, get better at what they do. It is the embrace of the creativity traits in the leaders that makes them so successful and creativity-friendly.


Putting all together, creativity benefits give creative energy, and un-locks creative mind. Fear of disappointment may not make your desire manifest, but boldness has the genius, power and magic in it. Most importantly have absolute faith in your Creator.


. Embrace your uniqueness. Your difference makes you special, one of the kind-person

. Base your confidence on your inner beauty

. Be authentic with your work. Be your real you

. School projects could be helpful. They are assets to research

. Open yourself up for new activities and opportunities to celebrate

. Develop new skills and don’t quit when things get tough

. Set yourself up for a purpose and success

. Have fun; This is your life

. Thank God for the privilege

. Celebrate yourself, your creativity, and dance with other people.