Longevity Blessings – Nature, Science, Divinity & Human Desires

. Longevity
. Blessings
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. Immune System Blessings
. The Brain Blessings
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. Research Blessings
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. Friendly Blessings
. Spiritual Blessings
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. Aging problems in longevity
. Desires at 50 and 75 years above
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. God is the Giver of all Blessings
. Pray for the BLESSINGS
. Bible References

Longevity is God’s gift. It has been in existence right from creation. The Holy Bible reported long ages for most Patriarchs. Some of them lived for more than the prescribed age of 120 years.
. Abraham’s father died at 205 years
. Abraham himself died at 175 years of age (Genesis 25:7)
. Sarah died at 127 years of age
. Isaac died at 180 years of age
. Methuselah 969 years (GENESIS 35:28)
. Joseph 110 years (GENESIS 9:29)
Scientists called the study of Longevity – Gerontology. The word comes from the Greek word ‘’ old man’’ and ‘’study’’. The oldest man lived 115 years 252 days. The oldest person – Jeanne Loise Calment in France (1875-1997) was reported to be the fully authenticated aged person that ever lived. The oldest living woman, Bessie Cooper (born in USA, August 26, 1896) became the World’s oldest person when seen in June 21, 2011 at the age of 114 years 10 months. As of May 11, 2012, she was 115 years 250 days old. She put her exceptional longevity down to a good diet with No junk foods. The oldest living man Jiroemon Kimura (Japan) was born on April 19, 1897. He celebrated his 115th birth-day in 2012. He appeared to be the only man verified born in the 19th Century who was still alive when last seen.
Early in the 19th Century (1840), there was an increase in life expectancy of three months for every year. The first substantial increase came from tackling infant mortality, infectious diseases – Small-Pox, Polio, Diphtheria, Typhoid. Tackling old age diseases also lead to a sharp improvement in longevity. Factors that caused the improvements are Better Health, Better Nutrition, Better Medical Care, Better Education, Better Technology, Better Sanitation, Better Income and public Health Innovations like sanitation, Drugs and Immunization. Many Countries experienced the improvements. Hence, 100 years longevity became the expected life duration, barring accidents. Rich countries enjoyed the improvement first, for longevity is good if life itself is good
Scientists recommended diets for longevity as follows –
. A diet low in Fat and Calories, but high in fresh fruits and vegetables (The key to long life is the diet with olive oil and chocolate. You are what you eat – is a common saying.)
. Regular, moderate exercise
. A stimulated mind
. A positive attitude
. Ability to manage disability falls
Scientists went further on longevity studies and discovered that Telomeres, strands attached to chromosomes get shorter with age. So, they tried to extend age expectancy from 120 to 130 years.
They have not yet succeeded. Another Scientists suggested longevity Hypothesis to be equal to Food, Fasting and Fellowship. The idea came from their experiences from aged people. In actual fact, many people have shown a lot of concern on Longevity. Even at 30, some people feel old. They are hilarious, proud and full of themselves. Longevity hypothesis teaches people to be mindful of habits like foods, fasting and connectivity with God and other Creatures.
In general, as living conditions improve and the science of medicine advances, people can conquer untimely death.
God blessed us by adding more years to men’s age. In America, the age-span at 1900 was 45, but in 1975 it increased to 75 years. Scientists contributed to improved living styles. God made nature its own healer. The immune-systems of the body protect us towards longevity. The brain monitors all life processes. Amygdala in the brain is flushed with Adrenaline to combat any stress-causing diseases and early death. The Holy Spirit is our spiritual Guide and Teacher. He teaches us how to pray to God through fasting for longevity
People in some areas have testimonies for longevity. The Aki-n-a-wa people in Japan were seen to live longest in the World today. They are blessed. Evidence showed that their life styles were in conformity with most of the scientific recommendations for longevity. Incidentally, some people living far away in the rural areas, not officially known, are equally blessed with longevity. For instance, my grand-mother had no instruction from either a teacher or a scientist and by mere instinct she lived happily for more than 100 years. Her instinct was the Holy Spirit who blessed her with longevity.
Blessings have many benefits for men other than Longevity –
. The potential to cleanse the personality from negative attitude
. To reinforce the positive attitude to one previously in control
. Blessings work from the heart and the mind for healthy positive relationship and enthusiastic environment for better performance
. Blessings bring multi – million ideas – visions, dreams and unexpected blessings
. They bring divine health, preservation, fruitfulness and longevity
. They bring accelerated growth and development – A new way of living, thinking and working
This story is concerned with LONGEVITY BLESSINGS. I’ve experienced Blessings in my life. That I am alive today is a miracle and a blessing. God has blessed me and my children exceedingly above all that we could ask or think. And He will do the same for you. As your faith in BLESSINGS increases, watch what God will do for you. Nature heals itself. Scientists aspired to extend longevity. Apart from adding years to age, human desires are – Fitness, Well-ness, and Wisdom till the last days. Pray to God for the Blessings. He is the ultimate Giver. PRAISE HIM. The following pages describe the various blessings in detail.
8 Salvation belongs unto the LORD; Thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah
PSALM 24:5
5 He shall receive the blessing from the LORD. And righteousness from God of his salvation
PSALM 133:3
3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descends upon the mountains of Zion; For there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore
22 The blessing of the LORD, it makes rich, and he added no sorrow with it.
26 He that with-holds corn, the people shall curse him; but blessing shall be upon the head of him that sells it

. The Immune system is the secret in your body that makes you stay well. It contains invisible armies constantly at work to ward off dangers. Human body is a kind of fortress primed for defense at all times. This is a blessing.
THE SKIN is the first point of contact with the outside World. It forms water-proof barrier that secrets oil replete with bacteria killing properties. The skin is the body’s barometer. It is responsive to conditions in and around you. When you are too warm the skin flushes. When too cold it blanches. When something is irritating, skin lets you know. Thus, the skin promotes sensitivity and longevity.
SALIVA and TEARS contain antibacterial enzymes that help reduce the risk of infections
THE MUCUS IN THE LUNGS trap foreign bodies to cough out
There are armies within the organs and cells that fight invaders in the heart and brain. Immune system and the brain constantly communicate with various components marshaling troops to fight when and where they are needed. Immunization copies the body’s natural immune response. The body makes antibodies without having to suffer the disease. What a Blessing? This is because the body heals itself
HOT SPOTS are – The Skin, Blood Stream, Bone Marrow, Digestive tract, Liver, Spleen, Thymus, Lungs, Lymphatic System, Tonsils, Saliva and Tears
Before the internet, before computers, before TV, before everything we know, the Earth was here. I t was empty but for trees, water and dirt. But men were blessed with all the resources needed for happiness and longevity. The BRAIN is the foundation of our development. Studies showed that it is the single biggest driver of our happiness and longevity. Our work is important because it adds riches and days to our years. The Amygdala structure in the brain is responsible for scanning our worries. It is the scanning machine. When it finds a problem, it flushes the body full of Adrenaline and stress hormones to send you into fight-or-flight mode. Stress alone degenerates longevity.
The brain regulates sleep, hunger, growth and hormonal cycles. It is the foremost longevity connection. It processes memories, emotions, cravings. It manages how you sense and navigate the World. It guides how you close your eyes, and inhale slowly when you smell something delicious, savoring the aroma and the moment. The brain largely controls the soul while the heart controls the Holy Spirit.
The brain gives chemicals that sparkle feelings of pleasure, motivation, stress and satisfaction. The brain may weigh 3 pounds, but it is truly among the most complicated object in the World.
Brain parts and Functions give us more detail.
. The hind-brain is the lower part near the neck. It regulates appetite and sleep cycle. It guides our biological desires – Eating or Sleeping. It coordinates digestive processes – Balance and hormone levels.
. THE LIMBIC SYSTEM – This area houses memories and emotions. Feelings and memories are essential tools for navigating human life. The limbic system (fist size) is around the central core of the brain. The area is for socials. It informs us about the World around us. It makes you feel alive and not dead-alive. You feel much younger than your age.
. THE CORTEX – Human process information and thoughts from emotions, senses, prior learning and direct what to do next. Language, perception, thought and more are processed in the Cortex. The PRE-CORTEX behind the fore-head, is the home of complex cognition-planning, critical thoughts and impulse control . Here we make conscious decisions and evaluate trade-offs. This links up with purpose in life (what you say, think or do) in conjunction with other parts of the brain.
22 A merry heart does good like a medicine; But a broken spirit dries the bones
30 A sound heart is the life of the flesh; But envy the rottenness of the bones
21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue; And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof
4 A wholesome tongue is a tree of life; But perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit

During creation, God gave us foods good for eating to keep us alive and happy. (GENESIS 6:21). Scientists listed them out and classified them into categories; carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber and so on, to make sure the right type is taken for longevity. The benefits of foods are written below –
Foods boost energy and muscle strength
. Decrease fatigue
. Increase coordination and mobility
. Reduce vascular diseases and certain cancer
. Reduce brain degeneration
. Improve all life potentials
. Reduce undue death to prolong longevity
. foods starve off age-related diseases to feel young and active
. Anti-oxidants enhance the performance of the immune and endocrine systems
. A diet rich in Vitamin D and Calcium slow aging process – Loss of smell, taste, skeleton density, graying of hair as pigment drops from hair follicle.
. Good foods help the eyes to focus well
. Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, cures half the risk of oxidation
Scientific research told us that there are healing foods, medicinal herbs and natural remedies. They are natural Blessings for longevity. They give health and treat common symptoms. Our evolution as a specie
has been linked to the foods we eat. It’s a relationship that goes back nearly 2.8 million years and it continues today. In science, food-type affects human body in different ways, particularly, health and longevity. It is all about what we eat and why we eat them. We are richly blessed. Natural remedies include getting adequate sleep, eating balanced diet, exercising, finding time for relaxation. They all tell on health and longevity.
Studies showed that organically grown produce contain greater amounts of certain Vitamins, Minerals, higher levels of ANTI-OXIDANTS and other chemicals fundamental to good health and longevity. Inside the body, there are unstable particles called ‘’Free Radicals’’. They have a corrosive effect like a RUST on aging car. As free radical course through the body, they harm healthy cells and promote inflammation. Anti-oxidants act like body guards. They come between the destructive free radical and healthy cells to ensure no damage is done. Anti-oxidants are found in vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs and spices. Studies showed that those who consume more than (one-ounce) servings of nuts per week have 3.9% lower over-all mortality risks and lowest total death risk. People with plant-based diet live 10 years longer than their North American counter-parts. Those strictly on vegetarian diet have a significantly lower over-all mortality. The research also shows that the risk of deaths from any cause drops by 4 to 7% with Mediterranean diet
Greek men have very low rates of coronary heart disease and a longer life expectancy than men from other European countries or North America, because the Greeks followed a classic MEDITERANEAN DIET THAT WAS RICH IN Fat.
A sip of Green Tea has a preventive effect. It lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes and helps longevity. A research in Japan showed that those who drank more green tea (7 or more cups a day) were 76% less likely to die during the 6 years study period. Another study found that among over 40,000 Japanese adults who drank at-least 5 cups of green tea a day had a 23% lower risk of death from any cause. Therefore, focusing on what you eat and drink is very important because this is the key to longevity.

Recently, Resveratrol, a chemical extracted from the fruit-back of Red-wine was reported to enhance longevity.
Some food types for health are
. GARLIC and ONION – These contain natural chemicals that boost immune systems and protect against inflammation. They contain Sulfur compounds; Disease fighting Anti-oxidants. Research confirms that Garlic can fight a wide variety of infectious agents. It can help lower cholesterol, slow the hardening of arteries and slightly lower blood pressure. They reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke that cause many untimely deaths. As early as 1858, a French Microbiologist – Louis Pasteur, demonstrated that garlic juice impedes bacteria. Garlic inhibits many types of Viruses and fungi and kills some parasites that cause death.
HEALTHY FATS – These poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats found in foods such as Walnuts, Salmon, Avocado fight inflammation and lower the risk of heart diseases. Nut fats are loaded with protein, and high fiber. Nuts are excellent fat sources that contain Vitamins and Minerals. They also contain beneficial substances; Anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, cholesterol lowering steroids and an Amino-acid L-arginine which keeps artery walls flexible and less prone to developing blood cloths. Walnuts are excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid, an Omega -3 similar to the fatty acids in virgin Olive oil. A number of SEEDS and nuts give a boost of Se-r-o-tonic – a brain chemical that calms anxiety.
OLIVE OIL and AVOCADO – These contain mono-unsaturated fat in human diet. They are the World’s richest, healthful fats. Olive oil lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol – the type that contributes to cardio-vascular disease and raises HDL “good” cholesterol which helps guard against it. Olive oil is also rich in Anti-oxidant that helps to prevent cell damage
BEANS are high in Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and Fiber. They help to lower cholesterol and fight inflammation that could cause premature death. Beans are nutritional power houses. They are high in Vitamins A, B6, C, Foliate, Copper, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium. The fiber in beans helps to keep weight in check by making you feel full and satisfied. This reduces the risk of obesity.
WHOLE GRAINs are rich in fiber, healthy fats, Vitamins and Minerals. These complex carbohydrates help reduce the rise of cardio-vascular diseases and premature death.
WATER is the liquid of life
. It gives internal control, Emotion – like happiness
. It increases bowel movement to remove toxins from the body.
. Water stimulates the growth of red blood cells
. It releases head-ache, helps immune system, increases energy, and cleanses the skin
. You feel full and don’t eat too much to be obese
. It increases metabolic rate and reduces cramps
As the liquid of life, certainly, no body can live without water.
HAZARDS TO LONGEVITY include the following –
. Wrong diet causes decreased sensory functions – Touch, smell, taste, hearing
. Decreased functions of the Organs – pituitary, pancreas, adrenal, thyroid
. Decreased filtration as it loses its tone
. Problem in swallowing and releasing stool
. Loss of height, and lean body mass
. Hardening of blood vessels and elevation of blood pressure
. Erectile dysfunction in men
. Artery vessels become narrower as cholesterol and calcium build-up to cause high blood pressure
. Lungs – breathing declines
. Memory impairment due to decline in cell activity in the brain
. Body fat reduction causes sagging skin and wrinkles
. Loss of bone-density.
All these symptoms are evidences of longevity
21 And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them.
PSALM 136:25
25 Who gives food to all flesh, for his mercy endures for ever
23 Much food is in the tillage of the poor; but there is that is destroyed for want of judgment
8 Remove far from me vanity and lies; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me

. Friendly blessings – An expert said, ‘’ We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’’. Exercise and healthy diet strengthen immune system. When you boost your immune system, you want get sick, you feel great and you add years to your life. I t was found that social net-work even with your pet is a divine gesture for health and longevity. It has disease fighting capabilities that can add years to your life.
A research studied places where disease rates are very low and longevity extremely high. They found that all of them had strong social ties within their communities and that LONELINESS WEAKENS DEFENSES. The study showed that 26% of the participants scored high because the genes responsible for inflammation were very active, while genes that help defend against viral infections were depressed.
This is the reason why lonely older people are more susceptible to illnesses and have higher mortality rates than less-isolated peers. Therefore, inviting small creatures or pets into your life can improve your health, helps to prevent disease and increases longevity. My experience with Simba, my grand-daughter’s pet confirmed this scenario. When her two playing companions went to college, Abbey was very lonely. She requested her mother to buy her a small pet to play with. Her mum consented and bought a 2 months-old playing dog. Small as the dog is, he has been keeping the whole house warm and lively. The dog kept running up and down, with Abbey chasing him around. We all love Simba. He is an intimate member of the family. Abbey nursed him like a baby, calling him her younger brother. Simba completely removed loneliness from the family. The general health of us all has improved without awareness. The physical benefits are lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The emotional benefits are less loneliness and more opportunities for out-door activities and socializing as mother and daughter walk the dog.
The American Heart Association concurs that pet-ownership especially dog- ownership is associated with greater longevity and reduced heart disease risk factors. Simply going outdoors when you walk your dog lifts mood which also boosts immunity and prolong longevity. Keeping pets and socializing are a Blessing. ‘Good laughs’ also stimulates circulation, enhances oxygen up-take, releases endorphin in the brain to lower stress. Laughter has been linked to increased optimism. In other words, Laughing, socializing and fun give immune protective Blessings.

Mindfulness is a perfect antidote to stressful life. With gratitude, it has been scientifically proved to be a powerful force for physical health and happiness. Gratitude focuses you on what you have rather than what is lacking. Happiness comes not from getting what you want but from wanting what you have. Longevity and happiness are like sisters. A sad man cannot pray to live long. However, journaling is essentially a form of written mindfulness. Journaling like meditation and mindfulness strengthen the immune system, helps longevity and frees the brain from SHOULDS and other BLOCKS. It helps to order minds to reduce stress which causes untimely deaths
Fasting is associated with some health benefits. It improves blood sugar control, heart health and brain functions. Fasting prevents many diseases, infections and neuro-degeneration diseases. Animal studies showed that long and short-term fasting delayed aging, reduced tumors, and preserved memory for longevity. It was found that rodents fed 60% of the calories they desired, out-lived their healthy, well-fed counter-parts by more than 50% in some cases. Too much glucose in the body is harmful. Inter–mi-tent fasting helps to reverse some longevity risks. It was found that the body exhausts its sugar stores, burn fats hours without food. Thus, inter-mi-tent fasting prolongs healthy life. Though it is un-pleasant for some people, it is a Blessing.
Apart from the physical benefits of Fasting, Spiritual Fasting has tremendous Blessings for longevity.
It gives deeper intimacy with God for answered prayers.
. Without God’s signature, nothing can be successful, though longevity is our Creator’s priority.
. Fasting gives longer life, leaner body, sharper mind and place you in close intimacy with God.
. Thinking and memory studies discovered that Fasting improves overall fitness. People fasting stay younger because they don’t fool around.
. Fasting starves organism to regenerate within – To become more productive.
Thus, not eating too much and spiritual fasting are relevant to longevity on Earth.
Staying in His presence and having Him in your heart always bring you closer to Him. Only God has the absolute control on longevity. He has blessed all His children with happiness, fruitfulness and longevity. Praise His Name.
MARK 9:29
29 And he said unto them – This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting
1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God
11 He that loves pureness of heart, for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend
PSALM 143:5
5 I remember the days of old, I meditate on all thy works, I muse on the work of thy hands
PSALM 77:12
12 I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings
PSALM 119:15
15 I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways

. Aging problems in longevity
In general, people tend to look old as aging un-folds even at a slower rate than normal, when the skin is still full of moisture and very elastic.
. As aging proceeds the ability to hear tends to reduce and you need hear-aid
. You tend to lose senses of smell, taste buds become increasingly dulled.
. Aging skeleton lose their density and become brittle as calcium levels drop. A diet rich in Vitamin D and Calcium will slow this process
. Gray hair occurs as the pigment cells in the hair follicles die off. And when the follicles waste away, the hair falls out. Hormonal differences between men and women result in different patterns of baldness.
. The lenses in the eyes slowly lose their ability to accommodate or focus as the focal length shortens
. The pupils shrink and it becomes difficult to see in lower light
. Nervous system is also affected. Reaction times slow as signals take longer to pass from the nerves to the muscle.
. Brain cells start to die as early as age 20 years. So, by the time you reach senior years, short-term memory emerges.
. You lose around 0.035oz of brain every year. This is the reason why young adults learn faster, grasp faster and easier than the older ones
Neuro-scientists divided the second half of life into 3 stages; The age of transformation from 40s till around 60s, the age of distinction from 60 to 75 years of age, and the age of completion from 75 years and above. This is the period of completion of final life journey. Seeing all these problems, middle age seniors (50-60 years) attempted to transform or make some changes as much as possible. They think they are old and had lived half their age. They became curious of the future. They tried to make sure the next half life is fulfilled, happy and not boresome. They hoped that living smarter will turn the challenge that aging put in-front of them away. They wanted to love aging, not to retire from active service but to stay fit most times. They believed that foods made them what they were. They desired to put car aside at-times, to refresh their mentality and life-style, feed their eyes with beautiful flowers to make them feel younger. They desired to make aging love and beauty of the Universe. Their desires were – To learn and buy something new daily, treat themselves every-day, become more adventurous, more active in current moment, explore new grounds to change the World, stay social to help the community, meet more people, to turn work into play and participate in soul-winning events. In order words they desired to age well and bless the World. In conclusion, their desires were –
. To stay fit all the time
. To love aging without retirement
. To access mobility wisely
. To eat well and make their homes their castle
. Though, they cannot totally eliminate stress due to body oxidation, they could do a lot to control it
. To transfer stress to feeling confident, resilient and in-control
These desires are a Blessing to man-hood, and a Blessing to longevity
75 years old people and above had their own desires. They were always optimistic as their focus was heavenly. They experienced joy, peace and light
. They enjoyed un-limited wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and patience. All these made them feel alive
and young at heart.
. They had less diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or obesity
. They lived longer, healthier, exhibit 16% lower risk of death from first heart-attack and 30% lower risk of death from heart diseases
. 75 years old and above people concurrently said o.k. to everything though they could be better
. They tricked their brain and smiled that life was always good. They lived every-day like their last day
. They stayed in-touch with friends, loved people, appreciated their bodies and practiced compassion, forgiveness for themselves and others.
. They saved money for rainy days
. Their longevity had its advantages in wisdom, tenacity, endurance and experience
This category of people enjoyed longevity Blessing all along.
My grand-mother died at the age of about 100 years. Her life-style showed her age. She was an easy- going woman, fondly called beauty-queen or happiness queen. She led an extremely active life. She was the leader of the market women in her days. She supervised their activities – Always punctual at their meetings, never missed one social gathering. She was loved and respected by every-body. She was a unique woman, a grand-mother in a million, un-paralleled in beauty for her age and a Blessing to everyone she touched.
To merit longevity Blessings, you need –
To work very hard, command people’s respect, promote endurance
. To love God and other creatures, even your pet
. To eat healthy foods
. To do moderate exercise daily
. To have positive attitude
. To manage any disease or disability well
Longevity is sweet and beautiful. Human desires are a Blessing, for longevity is a tree of life
12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.
14 The law of the wise is a fountain of life; to depart from the snares of death
PSALM 10;17
17 LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble; thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear.
19 The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul;
But it is abomination to fools to depart from evil.
22 The desire of a man is his kindness, and a poor man is better than a liar.
In the Holy Bible, God created men and the foods needed to live (GENESIS 6:21). He wanted men to cultivate the World to their advantage. Scientists classified foods into categories; carbohydrate, protein, fats and so on. They also, identified the foods good for longevity like vegetarian foods, keto foods. Recent research showed that resveratrol, a substance from red wine fruit-back stimulates longevity. They did more work on longevity than foods. They discovered that the length of Telomere, a strand attached to human chromosome had something to do with the span of longevity. Their interest was to extend life expectancy from 120 years to 130 years. Longevity had been a HOT cake in the World, hence this study showed longevity blessings.
The immune systems of the body contain invisible bodies that fight diseases and all forms of stress. This promotes – Longevity Blessing. Death is a debt to be paid but it can be delayed. Diseases can be repaired naturally with foods and supplements emotionally and scientifically. The body can be hacked to stimulate inner biology, care auto-immune diseases like heart disease which is an instant killer. Stimulation pushes body and mind to be younger at heart. People living in some areas are blessed to live long and happy. In Okinawa area, a 100 year – old fisher-man woke up in the morning to feed his family.
. A 102- year-old woman held her great, great, great grand-daughter’s hand to school
. They were all contented with their lives. They had higher self-rated health and lower levels of stress.
. Their contentment in life earned them longevity
. They desired to live longer because life was sweet
. Longevity nourished self-compassion, acceptance and tolerance
The brain is a longevity blessing. In longevity, some people tend to drop memories, forget words and lose cognitive activities but the brain allows them to keep and strengthen their wisdom not to diminish mental activities.
Experts out-listed Brain Health functions for longevity
. To play lots of game
. To do what they like to do
. To listen to music (brain game activity)
. To read and write more and more
. To get the right amount of exercise
. To meditate, pray and relax daily
. To spend enough time in nature; sight- seeing, smelling beautiful flowers
. To sleep well especially at night
. To eat the right foods with supplements, when necessary
. To calm the amygdala of the brain which controls mindfulness, facing and accepting emotions, self-compassion and understanding
. To see stresses as challenges
. To overcome negative thinking, create positive mental states that help to move forward
. Humans have amazing capacities to adapt to new situations. Men are blessed with all resources needed to live long. Our brain is the foundation of our developments. Studies showed that it is the single biggest driver of our happiness and longevity. An un-happy man cannot pray to live long. Our work is important because it adds riches and days to our years. The Amygdala structure in the brain scans our worries. It is the problem scanning machine. When it finds a problem, it flushes the body full of Adrenaline and stress hormone to send people into fight-or-flight mode. Stress alone degenerates longevity.
Longevity Blessings are more than living longer years. See the following –
. They have the potential to cleanse the personality from negative attitudes
. To reinforce positive attitudes
. To work from the heart and the mind for healthy positive relationship
. To work for enthusiastic environment for better performance
. Blessings bring multi-million ideas
. They bring visions and dreams
. They bring un-expected blessings
. They bring divine health with longevity
. They bring preservation and fruitfulness
. They bring accelerated growth and development
. They bring a new way of living, thinking, working
As your faith in Blessings increases, your fitness, wellness, wisdom and longevity are guaranteed in Christ. All blessings are your birth-right. God is the Author of them all. PRAISE GOD
2 For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee
PSALM 64:1
1 Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer; preserve my life from fear of the enemy
PSALM 91:16
16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation
PSALM 23:6
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever
PSALM 36:9
9 For with thee is the fountain of life; in my light shall we see light
PSALM 61:6
6 Thou wilt prolong the king’s life; and his years as many generations
PSALM 63:4
4 Thus will I bless thee while I live; I will lift up my hands in thy name

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. HUMAN DESIRES BLESSINGS Written by Mercy Omo-tun-de Odusote


. The work of the invisible armies in our immune systems
. Scientific Research for longevity
. Scientific identification of food-types
. Hormones in the Brain protect longevity
. Divine desires of God and creatures even pets
. Meditation, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Prayer and Journaling

. Cleanse personality from negative attitudes
. Reinforce positive attitudes; Heathy positive relationship
. Bring multi-million ideas; visions and dreams
. Bring divine health; Fitness, Wellness and Smartness
. Bring preservation and fruitfulness
. Bring increased wisdom, knowledge and endurance
. Bring new ways of living, thinking and working

. Play lots of game
. Do what you like to do
. Listen to music (brain game activity)
. Read and write more and more
. Get the right amount of Exercise
. Meditate, Pray and Relax daily
. Spend enough time in nature: Sight – Seeing, Smelling beautiful flowers
. Sleep well especially at night
. Eat the right foods with supplements when necessary
. Calm the Amygdala of the brain which coordinates mindfulness, facing and accepting emotions, self-compassion and understanding
. See stressors as challenges
. Overcome negative thinking, create positive mental states that help to move forward.
In conclusion, a man cannot desire longevity if he is un-happy. All children of God merit longevity blessings. Happiness and Longevity are the priorities of God for you. Just desire and pray for the Blessings. And you will have all the miraculous events. PRAISE GOD

Life Trio – Drive, Draw and Do

Historical and current events.
. Science of Operation
. Divine Intervention – Freedom (Testimony)
Spouses, children, families, and others.
. Science of Operation
. Divine Intervention – Unexpected Blessing (Testimony)
Various Callings
. Science of Operation
. Divine Intervention – Happiness (Testimony)
5 Summary
. Testimony
. Inspiration poem.

The god of this World is Devil, otherwise known as Satan. All evil performances are Satan tools – suicide, murder, addiction, madness and so on. Some cultures call them curses. Simple Arithmetic shows that D+D+D = 3D.
The first D is Freedom obtained Driving Satan tools away from your life.
The second D is the Blessing Drawn when you show love in fellowship.
The third is the Happiness, when you Do your divine Calling on earth.
The sum which is 3D is blissful eternal home.
Men’s first sinful activity came because of Luci fer rebellion. This put an end to earth’s first perfect state. This is the overthrow of the World that then was (2 Peter 3:5-7). Earth’s second sinful performance began when men transgressed God’s Word (Genesis 2:17) Lucifer, the Devil, the old serpent beguiled Eve to commit the first sin which caused the down-fall of men till today. We build our strength through prayer to fight the Devil to succeed in life. Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual power, strong courage, strong mind. God who created us in His own Image blessed us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it, have dominion over other things like fish, fowl, beasts and all vegetations. He blesses and fights for His children always but Satan victims are cursed. Satan does not shake hands with anybody.
In this story, the authors considered how to Drive away the Devil, Draw- people in loving fellowship, Do and choose the right purpose in life to merit blissful eternity.
Devil tools are evil, potent, cunning, radical forces like brutality, hatefulness, violence, terrorism. They manifest historically and presently in human hearts. They play a role in shaping human history and misery which leads to death.
. Because it gives them pleasure
. It gives them power
. They don’t know any better
. They are afraid of their victims
. They think the evils are good, righteous or necessary.
. They are indifferent to the sufferings of others
. They are morally stupid
. Higher authority forced them
. It is in their culture and belief
. It may be an accident, or as a revenge, and so on.
Natural evils come as earth-quakes or like the present pandemic C-o-vid 19. But moral evils have human agency which involves human choice.
These devices were in place thousands of years ago, even in the Holy Bible as seen with Joseph’s brethren.
. Hatred and Malice
. Envy and Jealousy
. Plotting to take life
. Mockery and Ridicule
. Stripping Position and Rank
. Casting into waterless pit to suffer unknown agony or death
. Showing no mercy
. Selling into Slavery with unknown torture
. Deceiving and lying to Jacob.
Because Satan is evil, some cultures refer to these devices as Curses.
. Curses inflicted by those offended
. Curses due to Jealousy
. Curses to hinder helpers from showing kindness, compassion, empathy, love and so on.
. Curses causing confusion, fighting, frustrations and so on
. Curses of incurable diseases
. Curses causing failure, poverty, madness, bad dreams and so on.
. In-fact, all other ills in the society are Devil devices.
If you accept Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOR, you become a child of God. His BLOOD on the cross will fight for you.
I AM A LIVING WITNESS to this fact. When I was admitted in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in one teaching hospital in Canada for a lower jaw surgery, I could not speak for days. I was tied to the bed with a television screen right in-front of the bed. To me, everything I saw in the television was like a dream. I saw a group of people narrating all my offences. I could not talk as a person, but I HEARD A voice ANSWERING MY ACCUSERS AS IF He saw my heart. At the end, all my CCUSERS WERE Driven AWAY. A week later, MY SPEECH WAS RESTORED. After another week, I was discharged from the hospital. Your guess is as good as mine; Who defended me? God is everywhere; He fights for His children all the time. The Devil is a liar. The Holy Spirit defended me, drove away my accusers and gave me FREEDOM. This happened ten years ago. I am still alive to pursue my life purpose. Praise the LORD.
If you ask people and most parents what they want more than anything else in life, Happiness is by far the most common answer. When you Draw people; your family- members and others closely to yourself, bless and show them concern, all parties become united in unison and happiness. Others like your next-door neighbours, partners in business even strangers are all your brothers as children of Abraham. The Bible tells us to love our neighbours as ourselves. This golden rule is welcome by everybody all over the WORLD. Drawing people closely in love is the most rewarding attribute in life. In every culture, every belief, loving, blessing one another is like breathing that is hardly noticed but ever present and life-sustaining. It makes day-to-day life sweeter and even glorious. Particularly, your close associates; spouses, children, other family members appreciate your concern for their success in life.
You have real life, when you draw other people with loving fellowship. Start loving yourself first, then your children, spouses, family-members, and neighbours. Fill them with hope, joy, personal strength and peace of mind. This will maintain your life balance and give you authentic Happiness and success. It is possible to be successful at work and have a great home life. What really matters in life is to create a dynamic balance of fellowship with every body; friends, neighbours and strangers. Balance is beautiful. Most importantly, first focus on yourself, your nucleus-family, distant families, and then others.
Husband and wife are to live together with happiness, hilarity and share adventures with their grand children. Before women were compelled to work because of economic pressure, though they know that men should be responsible absolutely for them historically. As children of GOD, wives should respect their husbands, but their humility should be appreciated with love. Women have unique talents and abilities that enable them to excel both in the home and in the work-place. This uniqueness gives them the ability to nurture life, provides intensified challenges when it comes to creating work-family balance to sustain successful life and reap huge success. It is apparent that work, family, money and time make incremental improvements to reap huge success. Both husbands and wives, working together are essential elements. Success at-large begins from home. Family matters are the fundamental principle of happiness, success and of regenerating, renewing society. The most important SUCCESS is success at home. It makes each generation better. This is the best way to contribute to the society as a whole. The reward is unexpected blessings.
Your children are your BLOOD your substitute, your left-over and they renew the society after you.
Certainly, you want the best for them. You pray for their success, greatness and peace in their lives. You bless them with long life. You pray for them to care for you as you care for your parents. You help your children to build winning character through relationship. You raise healthy and responsible children who contribute positively to their World. You teach them perseverance, responsibility, optimism, motivation, integrity and to engage in service and play. All these principles help children to thrive positively in life. Let your children be proud of you, as you wish to be proud of them. Do not nurse any noticeable grudge in their presence, because children copy what they see. Good balance is beautiful.
Loving to be a MAGNET in your vicinity is great. In Science – A MAGNET BAR collects all the iron-fillings in its neighbourhood. My politeness to a stranger won me his heart. I didn’t SHUN him away in a rude way. It is honourable to draw people to yourself from far and near. The story I am about to tell is awkward but true. A few years ago, I sat down comfortably in a public Mall. I was alone, just for site-seeing and recreation. A strange white man about 7 feet-tal0l, dressed in white sheet, khaki trouser and brown sandals joined me soon after. He greeted me and I responded with politeness. Not long after, he opened a discussion. He told me that he came as an evangelist from Africa. He had been to offices, market places, and hospitals to pray for them all by himself. I responded politely. I remained seated attentively. I like to draw people to myself, even strangers. He sat for about 30 minutes and left. He returned in just about 2 minutes to give me money – $20.00. This is an un-expected blessing. The money was insignificant, but it could be half of all he had on him. Of-course I refused it, but he insisted. He felt in-deb-ted to me, at-least for me to keep a token from him. After much persuasion, I reluctantly got the money. I had enough money on me. The money-gift was insignificant but the spirit behind it was cherished. I looked upon it as an unexpected blessing. Not quite 2 minutes, my children joined me and I told them the story. We looked around various stores in the shopping center to say HELLO to the man for the un-expected blessing and visitation. He was no where to be found. I later felt that the stranger could be a spirit. This is a lesson that one should be nice to all strangers. They are your neighbours and brothers on earth. We are all children of Abraham. You don’t even know who they are; They may be angels? Treat them politely. They may give you un-expected blessings. This story reminds me of the angelic visitation in the Bible (Genesis 18:1). In conclusion, be a MAGNET IN YOUR VICINITY, far and near. Good balance at home, in your neighbour-hood and even strangers is beautiful, and may give you un-expected blessings
There are various callings in life. Some people are called as Pastors. These people are the anointed ones. Some are Mentors, Evo-ca-t-e-u-r-s, Helping Scientists, Social Workers, Volunteers, business men and women. Biologists believe that, when a seed is planted in a right soil with suitable nutrients, the seed breaks from its pod, send down the roots into the soil and push up shoots towards the sky. Seed-growth looks like magic or a miracle. The seed lets-go the safety of its shell and venture out unto the unknown in-order to fulfil it’s destiny. The seed growing is your in-built potential to pursue your calling which emerges as a miracle. Everyone has a calling. Callings provide Riches, Happiness, Peace of mind. Biologically, urges or inner-voices are set up by neurons in the brain. They stretch themselves out by new stimulation coming from new challenges. Mother Teresa, a nun was a teacher. She changed to be a nurse when she saw the need. Frontal lobes in the brain are responsible for callings and urges. It is the area where we envision a better World: Happiness, Fulfillment, Peace of mind. We all have unique callings, potentials and talents. The way you work out yours to benefit mankind is your choice.
Humans are not forces to reckon with, until they discover or creatively deploy their unique gifts or address humanity’s needs. When they DO this, they are answering a call to DO something that really matters. They have purpose and are out there to make a difference. They choose significance over success. Answering a call affects individual states of well-being and has a lot to do with the state of the World.
MENTORS are providers of wise counsel. Their mentoring provides guidance, foster support and encouragement for vulnerable young people. Mentoring touches life to make a difference. It takes fears out of a kid’s life, and gives Motivation, Inspiration, Empathy, Commitment and Flexibility.
EVO-CA-TE-U-R-S are people who evoke out; Skills, Gifts, and Potentials, which people did not know they have. For example – Nelson Mandela who endures life wounds and turns it into a passionate moral cause, rather than healing the wound privately. He transformed the inner-pain and anger into an outer cause to benefit others. The people called like this feel content with small things – Elegance and not Luxury, Refinement not Fashion, Worthy not Wealth. They study hard, think quietly, Talk gently and act frankly. Eva-cu-a-t-e-u-r-s love other people and use their skills to bring out the good in others. They shape their potentials and destinies.
HELPING SCIENTISTS use their skills and knowledge
. to ease labor with new machines
. to alleviate sufferings or pain
. to aid health with medications and treatment
. to improve food supply
. to find new sources of energy and raw materials
. to solve environmental problems
. to contribute to how to act in groups
. how to lead and govern with fairness and compassion
Scientists are creative, precise, intelligent, honest, enthusiastic. They communicate their knowledge to everybody – big, small, rich or poor.
VOLUNTEERS are great people. They work devotedly to help others with little or nothing to take away. Their objective or dream is to contribute positively to the World
All divine callings look for happiness and to merit blissful eternity. There cannot be happiness without action. Even, business people who are divinely called, operate their businesses with love and compassion for the less-privileged. They lower profit margins to encourage customers and make life easier for them.
All my life, I was a scientist. I practiced science in the hospitals for years and I ended teaching science in the University. The year I retired from active service my inner-spirit told me to start to write stories – To impact the coming generations. The urge sounds funny and awkward. What story could a scientist write? Not withstanding, I obeyed. Within six months, I was able to write a book titled GRANMA BIBLE STORIES. The book was unique because I incorporated funny science questions to attract children. My colleagues encouraged me to continue. They all believed it was a calling. Believe it or not, GRANMA BIBLE STORIES – book means more to me than the book on my research projects. Merely seeing it on my book-shelf makes me happy. Ever since, I feel delighted to write life-stories in the Internet without financial benefit. Obeying the whisper of God gives me a lot of joy. And this I will continue to do until the final call for eternity.
Joan spent 30 years to become a dentist but ended her successful career as a nursing-aid in a community Nursing Home. She found that her calling was to help children because she felt happier and more at home, playing with children – Changing their nappies. She would not be true to herself, if she had stayed with dentistry. That is, whatever your calling is, you still undergo the 3 life-trios of – DRIVE, DRAW, and DO. Joan’s arrogant flesh wanted her to do dentistry. The arrogance was the satanic tool, the spirit in her Drove away the arrogance. Her love for children Drew her to be a babby-sitter. Her purpose in life was for her to care for children. This she finally did to achieve authentic Happiness. Divine life-time desires are life missions for significance towards richer, satisfying life. It needs cultivating connections to another, identifying and working towards the purpose – creativity, happiness, integrity, leadership, success and fulfillment. They are influenced by relationship, positive thoughts and risk-taking. The choice is instinctive, inspiring, insightful and persuasive. You ceate a World of meaning for your enjoyment and future generations.
Happiness desire is emotional – Commitment and fulfillment. We can increase happiness quotients, live happy and fulfilled life to create well-being. What makes people authentically happy are not riches, beauty or environment. Joyful people are thriving people. Their happiness takes root by making right choices. They find contentment and learn how to happily thrive. Happiness is vital, positive and it lends great strength to our lives. Happiness is cultivated by using the traits already possessed – Kindness, Originality, Optimism, Humor, Generosity. They not only develop natural buffers against misfortune or negativity, they also make us angels in other people’s life. Divine inspiration and divine intervention often travel hand-in-hand. We are all angels or spirits, although we walk on earth. The God in us inspires us to DO good all the time. Life trios are the rhythms of life. Do not fall short in any of the TRIOS. Best of luck.
Where there is hatred, sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy
In giving, you receive
In pardoning, you are pardoned
In dying to self
You are born to eternal life.


Jobs and Aging Well

Table of Contents
. Job opportunities
. Aging well opportunities
. Example
. Description
. Appraisal of choice jobs
Law, Police, Politic
. Bible Reference
. Description
Appraisal of choice jobs
Music Dancing, Writing
. Bible Reference
. Description
. Biochemistry of pleasure
. Bible Reference
Pleasure-opportunity-triggers in jobs and aging-well
. Bible Reference

Jobs and long age are triggers for life opportunities, especially when you find a perfect job that you love and live agelessly. When there is life, there is hope, and when you have long peaceful life, you have ample opportunity to do what you want. There are various job opportunities in the World but ageless-living is not very common but exist for privileged people. These chosen few perform life purposes till near death. Job opportunities in the World include the following –
. Health and Medicine
. Sports and Tourism
. Arts, Crafts and Design
. Performing Arts, Media and journalism
. Sales, Marketing and Advertising
. Social service and Teaching
. Security and Emergency services
. Transportation, Construction and Engineering
. Manufacturing, Farming and scientific Research
. Information Technology and Computing
. Finance, Law, Police and Politic
. Administration and business Management

The people blessed with agelessness indulge themselves in pleasurable things – No stress or any pessimistic behaviours. Their everyday life is heavenly. They are happy and pleased with all circumstances – No sickness, wrinkles, any sign of boredom or dis-satisfaction. They experience prolonged life-activities. They are strong enough to climb the highest mountain on earth, being hail and hearty. Their principles for ageless-living are rejecting processed foods, releasing stuck emotions and connecting deeply with the Divine Source. Agelessness is all about vitality – The ability to do anything that opportunities bring along. Agelessness creates a healthful, soulful, joyful new way of living. It is an addition to graceful aging just like having a special honorary degree added to your name in the University.
For example, Kamara Harris is elected Vice President of the United State of America. She is a dedicated lawyer, judge, Attorney, Professor and a Politian. She showed that this World is full of opportunities. She loves her job and she now climbed the steps to a higher hierarchy in life. Her mother paved the way for women equality, justice and purpose. She fought for Civil Right in 1960. Kamara witnessed women’s courage, resilience and liberation along with her mom. She protected the integrity of womanhood. In the year 2020, new generation of women fought to be seen and heard. Kamara, once a Senator is now the next Vice-President of U.S. Her next promotion could be President of a nation. She will not be the last for the door is opened for female children yet un-born. Kamara enjoys graceful aging. She loves her job, and she inspires everybody that this World is full of opportunities
This story considered loving jobs and living well to merit long peaceful life as trigger – opportunities for the new generation. If you age well and love your job, you will experience countless life opportunities.

Thinking about future jobs or careers is exciting. You need to pick which subjects to focus on in high School, make choices about college, think about your interest, talents and what you like to pursue. You think of it as a journey during which you will be exposed to various interesting factors. You challenge yourself till you find the job that you love and right for you. You consider what motivates you and what you think most important in your life. Do you want the job for fame, status, high earnings or just challenge for stability, freedom or comfort?
Law, Police and Politic are government services. Most frequently, they deal more on Human Right and social services.
LAW – Kamara Harris is a remarkable lawyer. She rose up in rank to be a judge, professor, Attorney, Senator before she was elected as Vice-President. Undoubtedly, jobs are opportunity-triggers.
The job – descriptions of lawyers are thus –
. They provide advice and numerous legal services to their clients from drawing up contracts and wills to representing their clients in court.
. Lawyers are hired by individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations and government agencies from prosecutors, defense attorneys to environmental lawyers, family lawyers, tax attorneys. In fact, lawyers have a vast range of specializations from which they can choose from. agencies – from prosecution, defence.
. Once qualified, lawyers begin practicing as associate to work under the supervision of a senior partner at a law firm. With experience and ability, they can rise to become a partner in the firm.
. Lawyers can choose from a vast range of specialties. After completing an undergraduate program, they go to accredited law school which lasts three years. At completion, they need to pass Bar exam to qualify for licence to practice the law-career.
. Their skills include –
. Excellent verbal and written ability to understand complete legal language
. Strong problem-solving skills for identifying the best course of action for clients
. The ability to follow detailed legal procedures correctly – in-order to maintain professional integrity
. Sensitivity for detailing with a range of clients and the ability to explain legal matters to non-experts
. Dedication and perseverance to press clients interests from start to finish of a legal case
POLICE – Philomena is a retired police officer. My appraisal of police, more or less describes her at work.
She served the public with honesty, integrity and diligence. She deterred criminal activity, solved crimes and helped to improve society at-large in the neighbour-hood. She specialized in investigating matters of social security and intelligence. She used a variety of means to protect the citizens. In general, police officers maintain law and order on a local and national levels. In this role, they conduct patrols to re-assure the public and deter criminal activity, work in community groups to promote lawful behaviour. They respond to calls from the public for assistance, catch and testify against offenders and investigate crimes by gathering evidence and questioning suspects and witnesses.
The competition for entry-level for police is high. But after successful completing the initial training period, officers can specialize in a range of different roles. Promotion is based on performance. Officers are encouraged to take ongoing training through-out their career. Philomena entered police force with a master’s degree in policing. Soon after, she and a colleague had equal scores at a promotion interview. The male colleague was chosen to serve as her boss – General Superintendent of police and to be in-charge of the national force. Philomena was made to step down for him – not because he was better but because he was a man. This was more than 10 years ago. At any rate, though Philomena lost their opportunity, she was well compensated financially. She was given all the benefits she deserved. It is heart-warming today that new generations are human right-activists. They are the chosen ones. Having fought for sex-equality, I trust they will no longer step down easily. There is nothing bad in a woman being the overall boss of any institution. What a man can do, women can also do, even better in some cases
Philomena had good team-working skills for collaborating on cases with colleagues. She behaved with tact, diplomacy and respect when dealing with the public. She had solid problem-solving skills to respond quickly, effectively and appropriately to crisis situations
POLITIC – Some lawyers and high-rank police officers aspire higher hierarchy in politics, like Kamara Harris. She was a lawyer, Senator and now an elected Vice-President of a nation. Politicians are public servants elected by voters to make decisions that shape society and affect the communities on all levels; Local, state and national. They aim to improve citizen’s lives by pressing for changes in society and the laws that govern it. In this role, they hold face – to -face sessions in community debates and vote on issues. They campaign for themselves and the political parties.
Entry into this career is largely down to self-motivation. It is certainly an opportunity-trigger. Some politicians work in local government, while others represent their voters at the state or national levels. Political careers vary. It depends on your choice.
Educationally, some politicians earn degree in political science or public administration. The experience of working for political campaign is helpful. It is not a requirement that lawyers, police officers or political scientists must be only politicians. Politicians move from town council members up to the Presidency. Once elected, you can focus on a specific area. There are a vast amount f career options and specialization to choose from. These are tremendous opportunity-triggers for you?
A senator represents his or her state in the senate. This job is part of the legislative branch of government and it includes writing and voting on bills
The President leads the government and serves as Commander – in-chief of the Federal Armed forces. He travels extensively to represent the government around the World and he has the power to sign a bill into law
The skills of politicians include the following –
. Excellent public speaking skills for presenting political arguments and winning support for policies
. The ability to work as part of a team in order to reach a consensus on legislations and policies
. Interpersonal skills for relating to members of the public and understanding their concerns
. Good problem-solving skills for devising political solutions to economic and social problems
. Perseverance and integrity to press for political change and inspire others to adopt the party’s cause
PSALM 90:17
17 And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us
And establish thou the work of our hands upon us
Yea, the work of our hands Establish thou it
PSALM 104:23
23 Man goes forth unto his work
And to his labour until the evening
PSALM 111:3
3 His work is honourable and glorious
And his righteousness endures forever
PSALM 62:12
12 Also unto thee, O Lord, belongs mercy
For thou render to every man according to his work
11 A just weight and balance are the LORD’S
All the weights of the bag are his work.

Age is just a number. Agelessness doesn’t buy the idea that a number determines your state of health or attractiveness. You can be younger at 60 than you were at 30 because you’ve changed your attitude and your life-style. Agelessness only describes what it means – To never feel or look old, as if the best days are behind you. Aging happens when you don’t get up off your chair, move around, live an active life and experience Earth’s gravitational pull. Getting older is not an inevitable decline in physical health or a slide into cultural irrelevance. Growing older is an opportunity trigger, more so when you are ageless. You increase your value and competence. The neural connections in the hippo-campus of the brain increase and weave in the wisdom of a life well-lived, which allows you to leave out the fear of disappointing others and imperfection. Ageless living is courageous. It means undistracted by petty dramas of life. You have enough experience to know what’s not worth worrying about and what aught to be your priorities. People over 100, very often, claim to be blessed and happy. They have unique opportunity to live long, even ageless. This is a gift from the Divine. The truth is that our bodies are not separate from our thoughts or emotions. The number one thing, you can do for your health is to live joyously, indulge in sustainable pleasure, see yourself beautiful enhancing and adoring that beauty with confidence. When you find yourself in joy, ageless longevity usually follows. The success of life is not the length but its joy. Although most people don’t realize it, the body is constantly in a state of re-invention. Cells replenish themselves regularly. Old cells die and new ones are born. You do not have the same physical body you had a few years ago. Every cell has been replaced. Structures on the tips of your chromosomes called telomeres grow shorter when cells divide. When they get too small, cells no longer receive the instruction to replicate and death follows. Research shows that an enzyme called telomerase repairs and extend them slightly. This offers promise that we have the power to reverse aging. It has also been proved that mindfulness rewires the brain, resulting in greater immunity and improved ability to manage stress and emotions. Moderate Exercises like dancing, walking can cut down chronic diseases sevenfold. Good nourishment produces vibrant new cells to give positive life style, well-being and value. Agelessness is an opportunity-trigger, made possible when you avoid cellular breakdown that produces aging problems like Wrinkles, minor aches and diseases. Physical deterioration occurs in large part because of the accumulation of toxins formed as a result of damaged tissues and organs. Oxidative stress is another process that wreaks havoc on our bodies over time. Free radicals, the by-products of metabolism within the cells, find cells to scavenge electrons and damage. Anti-oxidants in the body regularly counteract free radical damage to eventually repair itself.
Aging gracefully is the prayer of many people. That is – To age smart with dignity, optimism and adorned with God’s un-merited favour. You earn graceful aging with pleasurable attitudes in submission to your Creator. Agelessness adds glory to graceful aging. It is like having HONORARY DEGREE added to you in the University. Aging gracefully and ageless-living are both opportunity-triggers. They modify life expectancy and give you hope for better tomorrow.
I know a woman called Doris who looked ageless. She was about 5 feet tall. At 60, she looked like a school girl. One could mistake her for her grand-daughter. She was never-stressed – an easy- going woman. She was satisfied with everything in life. Doris was smart. I saw her teaching her two grand-daughter Mathematics at 80. She never used any chemical on her body. She used only Vaseline to adorn her skin. She ate fresh foods – veggies and chicken obtained from her back-yard. Her daily chores at home and in her office were done un-ceasing without complaining. She was very agile. She could climb the highest mountain at 80. She took pleasure in everything she did. She loved Music, Dancing and writing. She created so much fun and enjoyment in them. People called her a Poet. She composed poems and songs and rehearsed them with the grand-children even in the kitchen. Pleasure and happiness were her utmost desires in life. Nature also blessed her with beauty – The whole body; face, neck, hands, thighs and legs were smooth, firm, vibrant, lively and charming. At 80, when people asked her how she maintained her elegance, she answered positively that she was blessed by God. Truly, it was God’s favour, privilege and opportunity for Doris to have ageless features – built and behavior. Doris died with her baby-face at 100. Her agelessness enabled her to be active throughout her life-time. A woman that could climb Mount Everest at 80. For her and most old people, agelessness is a golden opportunity trigger. The secret is their desire for pleasurable things to make them happy all their lives.

Old people like Doris like pleasurable jobs that make them laugh most times. Because of this fact, the authors considered jobs like – Music, Dancing and Writing.
Si-n-a-c-h is a gospel musician. She graduated in English. Her discipline as a musician has taken her to various fields in music Industry. She is now a promising Star in music. For most musicians, music is not so much a career as a life-long passion. To succeed, you need natural ability, dedication and a lot of practice. Musicians may need formal training especially in classical music or composition but many are self-trained. Their earnings come from performing, recording or writing music – either alone or as a part of a team. Doris in this story loved. She actually wrote some poems and songs. S-i-n-a-c-h like Doris didn’t study music in the University. Yet they understood the theory, history and technique. Unlike Doris, S-i-n-a-c-h worked in various roles as a performer on stage and in the the-a-ter. Also, many trained musicians are music teachers and may work with record companies. Music skills include –
. High level of musical ability and the confidence to perform before an audience.
. Dedication and motivation to practice and re-hearse for several hours everyday
. The ability to work closely with orders – musicians in Orchestras and sound recordists in studios.
. Excellent social skills and the ability to self-promote in order to find paid work.
. Attention to detail and perfect timing especially when performing with other musicians
Doris was not a musician but she loved hearing beautiful songs and performances in the the-at-e-r-s. Why? They made her happy and laughed with joy. Music is an opportunity trigger for Doris, as it made the euphorbia hormone in her brain released at that moment.
Dancers use their bodies to perform routines to music, tell stories and express ideas for the entertainment of audiences. Doris was not a dancer, but dancing entertained her tremendously. Most times, she danced on her chair watching the people dancing. It erased any form of boredom or stress on her. No wonder, she was ageless.
Trained dancers work on stage or t-h-e-a-t-e-r, they perform in films, TV shows and music videos. Dancers spend years training to hone their skills and build up their fitness and flexibility. They usually specialize in one gen-re, such as ballet, jazz or disco. Dancing on its own is an opportunity trigger.
Most dancers begin training in child-hood, attend classes or dance school. They train at vocational dance College that offer undergraduate and graduate programs. The demands are mainly in dance-teaching or therapy. Professional dancers have the following skills –
. Excellent interpersonal ability to communicate with others
. The ability to work in a team
. The ability to master new types of dance and meet the demands of on-going performance
. A high level of physical fitness and stamina to brave the rigorous circles of training and performance
Creativity to add individuality to choreography, and innate sense of rhythm, timing and musicality
. Motivation and the self-discipline to train and re-hearse regularly and maintain high level of fitness.
In-fact, all the people I know that look ageless are lovers of various categories of entertainment – Singing, Dancing, Performing. The music Industry is great. Each day looks like a day in heaven – No stress, no worries. No wonder, having some hours with nature and fun everyday is prescribed as the key to keep you young. It also encourages gracious-living and agelessness. Ageless-living is a life opportunity endowed to everyone by divine Order. The vibrance needed can be handled scientifically and successfully. Plastic Surgeons and some beauticians specialize in repairing wounded bodies artificially. However, natural graceful aging and ageless appearance are built naturally by the Divine on joyous life-styles. They are life-opportunity triggers. They cannot be bought with money.
Writers work to inform, educate or entertain their readers. Most ageless people take delight in entertainment. They are skilled at using written words to convey meaning or to tell stories and work in a huge range of Industries in diverse roles. Some writers achieve fame by writing novels or working as journalists or screen-writers but many more make their living by writing press releases, articles for magazines and websites or copies for advertisement. A poet expresses an emotion or tells a story through verse. Doris, our ageless model, was a poet. Most of her poems were for entertainment or story-telling in verses. Like me, she wrote on a freelance basis. Like other creative jobs, there is no formal career structure in WRITING. Some people become writers without under-going any training. Reputation, talent and experience count far more than any qualification.
A degree in English or creative Writing is useful but not required. You may be better off, earning a degree in another area that enables you to become a writer on a specialized subject. All the skills you need are –
. Excellence Writing and Communication – Skills for creating lively and readable text
. A high degree of creativity in inventing stories, characters, themes and dialogues
. Perseverance in the face of criticism from clients or the rejection of works from publishers
. Story organizational skills to manage a schedule when working on your own
. An eye for details to ensure that text is accurate and free from grammatical and spelling errors
. Lastly, good knowledge of computer and social media to network with potential clients and self-promotion.
At any rate, the last skill guide is optional. Doris, our ageless model, was computer- illiterate. Computer services were not available at her time, yet she was known to be an out-standing poet in her days. Writing is an ideal job for interested elders. Those who aged gracefully, even without looking ageless got their delight in wanting to convey their wisdom to the younger generation. Doris died with her baby-face at 100, leaving a legacy of beautiful poems and stories. Her life-opportunity-triggers, though without financial gain, came to her as the pleasures she found in everything, resulting in her ageless-living and blissful eternal home.
Dancing like other entertaining jobs, gives a man or woman the opportunity to receive exquisite pleasure. The brain and body produce chemicals that create a feeling of Euphoria. Dance makes you feel light, radiant – no weight gain, high blood pressure, boredom or guilt. All active participants share the same feelings as they
dance on their chairs watching an interesting show. Entertainments have many health benefits – Moving the bodies in Exercise. They are sensual in nature, as the bodies dance with the creative energy of the Universe. The physical beings feel immersed in a state of vitality and miracle which rejuvenate your cells and spirits, and establish happiness and joy on the body. Sustainable pleasure is the ultimate prescription for good health. It gives joys of self-replenishment, joyous, sensual, earthly nature. Pleasurable activities can save life by not giving away all your energy to other things or people because our bodes are wired to repair and renew themselves optimally when we are happy.
Ageless – living is benefitted from the power of pleasure to better their lives and the lives of people around them
The cells of the brain, blood, blood-vessels and lungs produce Nitric acid triggered by the experiences of pleasure, eating fruits, vegetables high in anti-oxidants, meditations and Exercises. The Nitric oxide relaxes the cell-walls which widen to encourage more blood to flow through. This sets off a chain reaction of other feel-good chemicals in the body. You feel a shift in energy and sense of relaxation. Nitric oxide works with anti-coagulants to prevent strokes. It signals white blood cells to fight infections and destroy tumors. It balances the levels of neuro-transmitters and reduces cellular inflammation. The more the body creates and releases Nitric oxide, the softer, more flexible and wider the blood vessels become because they have been trained to relax. Circulation improves, helps the body to function better, avoid serious illness and diseases. Nitric acid is the physical vital life-force that animates our bodies. Nitric acid is like the very breath of life. Anger, fear and grief deplete Nitric oxide because if the endothelial lining of the blood vessels is damaged by free radical molecules created by stress and physical toxins, the body won’t release enough Nitric oxide to reduce free radical activity and tissue damage. The Nitric oxide mechanism is a positive feed back loop to make it easier to create more.
Pleasure leads to more pleasure. Life renews itself but anger, fear and grief suck life out of you. To be ageless or to have graceful aging, you must learn to cultivate the ability to experience joy, compassion, release grief, resentment, feel righteous anger when appropriate. The worst thing you can do for yourself is hold to destructive emotions. Nitric oxide is the neuro-transmitter that increases and balances all other hormones – Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin (which releases enjoyment).
When neuro-transmitters that affect mood are released as a result of positive experience, and thoughts, you get warm, happy, light-hearted. All these support well-being, health and graceful aging
PSALM 35:27
27 Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteousness cause;
Yea, let them say continually, let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant
13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Our perfect jobs and desires in this life have been chosen for us at creation. Every morning we need to ask the Holy Spirit to show us a sign for the next best use of our gifts and talents. Before you know it, a new idea will come to your heart. This is by Divine Order. As a living example, most times, I feel at a loss what to write as a story-writer. After praying, ideas wonderfully flow into my heart. Instantly, I seize the inspiration to fill pages. Such divine inspiration works for small and big things. The more you align with it, the more it points in the direction of what is needed. The key is to loosen the grip and take the opportunity. This is life-trigger for you. You have been fired to start the business. Sometimes, the sign could be a dream or a song lyric. Just be flexible.
Scientific research showed that – Time in nature lowers cortisol levels and boost immunity. Staying outdoors in sunshine increases Vitamin D levels, reduce the risk od depression, cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses. Natural Sunlight is needed for good health and balanced mood, just like waiting on God’s time is not a waste. The perfect job is on the corridor waiting for you. In science, staying indoors most of the time is associated with near-sightedness, while staying outdoors may prevent or halt its progression. Spending some time outdoors without sunglasses, helps the Retina of the eye to get natural light to produce Serotonin – Feel good neurotransmitter that boosts mood and prevents depression. All this has been planned naturally. That is, God’s timing for everything in your life is the best Timing – Perfect jobs and aging beautifully. In many ways, nature improves your health. When you walk barefooted on the ground you re-connect yourself with electromagnetic field for stability. As you connect yourself with the Divine, the perfect job foy you is equally fixed for stability. Studies have documented that standing on the ground, decreases jet-lag and cellular inflammation. When you feel good in your body, your heart over-flows with joy and abundance that spills out onto other people. Your cup run-ne-t-h over and keeps getting refilled with pleasure. You enjoy optimism and sense of connection with the Divine. You age gracefully, know what to enjoy, want and deserve.
Simple pleasures reduce stress and inflammation. Most people that age well, have delightful tastes, smells, sights, sounds, feel the light touch of soft fabrics or feather against the body, for when you feel good inside your clothes, it shows in your attitude and mood.
Doris, our model for ageless-living found pleasures all the time – Nice scent, music, good entertainers, all rituals of pleasure. Surprisingly, she is more interested in her pleasure than money. She preaches that liquid cash buys pleasure, and that the habits of gratitude, optimism healthy foods, exercise, humor, simple awareness and expression enhance and regenerate your wellness. Jobs and aging-well are life-opportunity-triggers
27 Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field, and afterwards build thine house
RUTH 4 :15
15 And he shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life, and a nourisher of thine old age:
2 The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein
11 Wherefore also we pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power.