The WORD – Real Life, Actualization and Eternity Home


. The WORD

. Mother Teresa as a role model

. Her Biography


. Unleash soul’s potential

. Balance Earthly life

. Beautiful fragrances

. Swarm species

. Truth and Reality


. Key to success

. Successful journey home


. Truth, Peace, Love, Joy, Sacrifice, Power and Gratitude


. The WORD of God

. Prayer for Real Life



The WORD is the foundation Father of Real life, the actualization, and our eternity home. Without it, life could be just subjective morality – that means – Living carefree to please nature whether it caused chaos or confusion. Let Vegas stay in Vegas. With the WORD of God, life processes come under control, because flesh is crucified. The WORD disciplines the flesh to set it in positive motion. The Golden Rule says – You do unto others as you like people to do to you. And this has become a civic rule.

The WORD of God is described in the Holy Bible as;

. Divine Law – Psalm 119:9

. Food for the soul – De 8:3

. Inspired Word – Rev 1:1

. Word in the Heart De 11:18

. God’s Light to brighten darkness – PS 119:105

. It gives life – Ps 119:50

. Loved by saints – Ps 119;97, Ps 1:2

. Mighty in its influence – Je 23:29, Ro 1;16

. Blessings for purity – Ps 119;9, Jos 1 ;8

. Written with a purpose – 1 Co 10;11, Jn 20;30

. God’s seed – Ps 126:6

. Absolutely Trust-worthy – Ps 68;11

. The message to be delivered – Ps 40 :10

. A perfect law – Ps 19:7

. Law impartial – Ex 12;49

. A command – Ex 15:26


Real life is objective morality. The practitioner does things according to the WORD of God. Self-discipline is the key. Self-ego or personal freedom satisfies only sinful nature, but objective morality creates peace and well-being for all men. Subjective morality leads to chaos, confusion and unhappiness. The WORD of God is a command for all believers as seen in Ex. 15;26. Because of His love, Jesus not only redeemed us from our sins, He left us inspiring WORD of the Truth to guide us. When you accept Jesus, you become a real man, you receive light, you shine in life.

A man with real life possesses a larger self. He gets joy, not by coming forward before others but by bringing others to the fore, by self-giving, not by possessing or by showing own supremacy. When he allows others to get joy first, his joy is more complete. It involves no hardship but a better life – True pleasure, eating and playing in a way that yields health and sensory satisfaction, having relationships that bring joy, trust, loyalty, satisfaction, love, power, grateful heart, and selling all to the world. Self-denial is the focal point. Also, how we want to live and leave behind. Real life is a calmer way of life, centered on our communities, families, friends and where happiness will no longer need to be pursued but around like the air, we breathe in – the two basic sources are the world and the people around us.

However, since – The Seventies or Eighties, things pretended to be real life are no longer the things we can touch or feel. Thank God, a person like Mother Teresa rose up as a solution to many of these problems. She became a sister, friend and comforter to many isolated or rejected people in the society.

Her BIOGRAPHY is as follows –

Mother Teresa (1910 – 1997), was a Roman catholic nun who devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute

. By the age of 12, she had a call to serve the poor

. She founded the Missionaries of Charity

. She taught at Saint Mary’s High School

. She had rock-like faith

. She was the messenger of God’s love

. She was 20th century Humanitarian

. She served people selflessly

. She was always willing to give. She actually, formed a ‘’Learning-To-Give organization

. She helped millions of people around the world – Africa, Canada, India and so on

. She was awarded Nobel prizes for peace, charity, selflessness

. She had a heart-attack and died in 1997

. She was canonized as a saint on the 4th of September 2016

Mother Teresa was the role model in this story. All her activities aligned with inspirational WORD of God – PEACE, JOY, LOVE, TRUTH, GRATEFULNESS and so on. She showed that believing and obeying the WORD create well-being on Earth and everlasting joy in Heaven. The prime purpose on earth is to help others. No wonder she was canonized as a saint. Her Eternity Home is guaranteed in the Holy of Holiest place at the Golden Shore right beside the Creator Himself.

Like Mother Teresa, all of us want to see our Redeemer, face to face one day. Our prayer to God is the wisdom to focus on Him, discipline our flesh and obey His WORD. This is the key to make Heaven.

Below are written the actualization of real life, and some inspirational messages in sweet poems, followed by the summary




By unleashing potential, you build vitality, embrace extra-ordinary life. Real life is not how you are made but the things that happen to you. A thing you cultivate yourself. To become the best version of yourself, you create the life you were born to live; spread joy, love, selflessness, power, child-like adventures, and heart-felt gratitude to the whole world. Being around the people inspires you to live bigger, longer to achieve your dreams. You create meaningful impact along the heroic journey. You step into full potential, and divine appointment that reminds you of the Truth – The WORD of God, and of how you really are. Jewels of happiness become your rewards and guide your life journey (GALATIANS 51:19-23)

To become the best version of yourself is good but may not always be right. It may lead to the death of your soul, but real life becomes rewarding if other people benefit through you. Think of Mother Teresa- A trained teacher who later became a Nurse. Her life ambition showed her the road map to enlightenment, how to deepen emotional spiritual experiences and potentials. Self-actualization is do-able. It is a dynamic action that changes challenges into opportunities. Mother Teresa tapped into the life-force that resided within her. She found her calling – a well-spring positive energy that was the source of her creativity, renewal, confidence and engagement. In the end, her life purpose took her to the most desired Golden Shore of Heaven. Jesus came to the world to redeem us from our sins. Mother Teresa came to the world to help the poor and the destitute. To become a real man, you need to find your purpose on Earth and unleash the potential to benefit the world. A real man has the sense of divine purpose, value, significance, meaning and fulfillment. Self-activation is a divine calling to land you on the Golden Shore of Heaven. You are not here by mistake. You are a seed planted to become a tree, which later produces fruits. The souls, you save and help are your fruits. A man of integrity doesn’t bury his talents in the grave. The choice is yours now. Sit up.


Many people awake these days. More and more people realize that it is by the power of spiritual inspiration and pure creative intention that new healing methods come into being. Anyone with a degree of energetic openness and clarity can channel a new way of working with spiritual energy and call it a new modality of real life. This is balanced Earthly life.

Light workers achieve balance integration on the path of ascension. You make the most important decision of your life by opening your spiritual path and praying for spiritual light on all areas of your life. Then you feel healthier, more balanced, share long-term relationships with soul-mates and friends, attract stable wealth through soul-filled work to make heaven on earth come through your life. Thus, you express divinity with humanity – life that is holistic, integrated and balanced from glory to greater glory. This vibrant life-style challenges you to re-evaluate the meaning of true success and reality.

Statistics showed that simple daily life – Joy of togetherness, neighborliness revitalize closeness to nature, replace values of life-long friendship and the endearing love of face-to-face conversation. This is balancing earthly life. As diverse as people appear to be, all human genes and brains are nearly identical. Researchers in genetics, neuro-science and psychology explored and confirmed these mysteries of human identity and behavior.

Concurrently, a sixty- year-old man explored what being sixty meant physically, psychologically and intellectually. He wanted to know – What pleasures disappeared forever, which ones were left and how much lived in the fourth – quarter? Sixty is the age when the body begins to dominate the mind or vice-versa, when time begins to disappear and loom. Despite these aging and elderliness memories, both young and old have equal opportunities in eternity. Actually, in most cases the aged are the first to benefit, due to the endowed life-span. However, we are all one before God, and statistically we are identical. Only let your spiritual energy balance with your Earthly life, before the final call.


Science tells us that – A mind once-stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension. A research scientist examined how brain cells receive information. The result showed that genes and DNA do not control human biology. Instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. This means that bodies, their beautiful fragrances and experiences change as you retrain your thinking. The mind changes constantly, every-time you have a new thought – A new neuro-pathway is formed in the brain.

To live a real inspired life and for your beautiful fragrance to benefit mankind, your mind must cultivate empowering thoughts through your beliefs, assumption, agreements, words, feelings, choices, and action. This is how it works – The brain is made up of cells called neurons. These cells have nerve endings called synapses and dendrites. Nerve endings release chemical and electrical stimuli to communicate with each other. This communication forms neutral path-ways in the brain. This is the basis for how the brain works. For every thought you have, there is corresponding communication between the neurons in your brain. They generate your feelings, and your beautiful fragrances which you can pass into the collective gardens for others to benefit. A seed generates its kind.


. Personal fragrances may not yet exist

. When you put yours in collective garden, you fulfill your divine purpose on Earth

. Un-leash your mind’s capacity for joy

. Become present and attuned to your life

. Visualize positive outcomes

. Get directions from your Maker

. Turn off auto-pilot thinking

. Reframe thoughts that sabotage life

. Remain connected to infinite source of loving energy

. Surrender your life to be used in the service of others

. Join full co-creative partnership with the energies of life-force itself.

In conclusion, beautiful fragrance is in-born inspirational gift for humanity. If yours doesn’t get into the collective garden, you become a loser because positive response pilots you to your dream land.


Understanding flocks, schools, and colonies makes us better because it improves our communicating, decision-making and getting things done. Most people can’t fathom that ants, bees and other social insects find solutions to some of modern society’s vexing problems

Scientific researchers showed what these creatures do, how they do them and the lessons for the humans. Their speed and flexibility are valued for real life success. The basic principles teach; Self-organization, diversity of knowledge, indirect collaboration and adaptive mimicking. Thus, even the swarm species – Ants, bees and fish tackle some most complex riddles and technologies. This is their own way of actualizing real life.


People look at things differently. Scientific discoveries are facts validated in the lab. They are approved and accepted as the truth. But no one scientific report tells the whole truth in all its glory. Truth explores how communicators spin reality. In real life, there is more than one truth about most things. For instance, eating meat is nutritious but it is also damaging to the environment. When we communicate, we naturally select the truths that are most helpful to our agenda. We can select truths constructively to drive progressive change. Truths are neutral but highly versatile tools. They can cause good or evil. Clearer understanding of truth’s many faces renders us better able to navigate our world and be more influential within it

But the Holy Bible is a unique book – All the WORDS there-in are inspirationally discerned by God. We have been admonished to study the WORD as a miner digs for gold because most great truths do not lie on the surface. They must be brought to light for us to understand well. The WORD of God teach us direct us, inspire us and command us. As believers, we actualize real life by knowing the TRUTH of the WORD, for they are absolutely trust-worthy (Ps 89:34)



The truths of the WORD direct successful journey to eternity home. Some of them are Peace, Love, Joy, Power, Self- transcendence and Gratitude. They are divine phenomenon for the Heart spiritually. They are genuine promoters for the Golden Shore of Heaven. Real life is a life-long journey, and carries the best things for success. This process builds good habits and maintains them. There is no one inspiring story on accumulation of wealth but on life-sacrifice which makes it valuable. Donors are good. They feel good because they walk with God. Life of sacrifice is more attractive and rewarding than life of self-fulfillment

A story was told of a spirit girl who toured Heaven. She was shown the entire map of Heaven- The main gate, the beautiful grassy field, the Purgatory, the main city like the down-town and a lone building far away from the main city. This unique building was built partly in the sea and on the main land. That area, she called Golden Shore. Inside the unique building she saw Jesus with His crown on the head and some saints standing by. The Purgatory is a church place where souls of the dead undergo punishment for their sins before being admitted inside the main city of Heaven.

The spirit-girl’s heart told her that Mother Teresa could never wait in Purgatory. Her rightful place was right inside the place where Jesus Himself lives – the Holy of Holiest



. She had the passion on her side

. She was industrious

. She developed expertise

. She remained persistent

. She was inquisitive

. She served others selflessly

. She offered many people happiness, pleasure, friendship, love, accomplishment, knowledge and virtue

No wonder Mother Teresa was canonized as a saint. Her best desire in life was a blissful eternity home to see Jesus, face to face. Candidly, the spirit-girl’s vision could be a divine revelation. Glory be to God.





TRUTH   —-   A moment’s Truth

Can make the world beautiful

A moment’s peace

Can save the world

A moment’s love

Can make the world perfect

A moment’s sacrifice

Can earn you Golden Shore

If you learn to obey

The Holy WORD



PEACE ——–   Through inner peace

We have outer freedom

True peace is unaffected

By the roaring of the world


Inner peace encompasses

Man’s soulful smile

Perfect expression of love

Peace and Joy


Humanity needs peace

But where is peace?

It is love

It is life-acceptance



LOVE —–       Truth is in all

But love is all

Love is never tired

Love expands

Love magnifies

Love beautifies

Love unifies

In seeker’s heart


Love is universal

In this universe

The picture of your being

Shows full kindness

If you give that person power

You give him love

And call yourself blessed

From the forest of your heart


Also love yourself

And be the quest

Of your wealth

The journey of light supreme

Commences in the heart of freedom

God the Father

Has a very special love

For the awakening child

Right inside of you



JOY     —–               You cannot bind inner joy

The very nature

Is expansion

Expansion, expansion


Be like a child

Act like a child

Go from one flower to another

In your heart garden

True inner joy is self-created

It doesn’t depend on outer circumstances

Until you find complete joy

You shuttle for perfection


Joy is in vision-light

Sunlight that lightens creativity

When you have inner joy

You enjoy abundance of spontaneity



SACRIFICE     —-           In the human world

Man gets joy, real joy

Abiding joy in serving

And in self-giving


Pleasure is a brief word

Joy is a shining and glowing word

Love is a transforming word

And self-denial, fulfilling word.


Cultivate happiness in the WORD

They give strength to lions

Power to Elephants

And carry you to the Golden Shore

Nothing can stand against self-denial

They live within every-one

They live in the smiles

Of the sweetness-heart



POWER     —–                 Surrender to sacrifice, because it’s power

Surrender to love, because love is power

Surrender to oneness, because it’s measureless power

Surrender to God because God is power-supreme


Prayer-power is incalculable

Prayer-glory is ineffable

It moves mountains easily

It works miracles regularly


Your belief is your power

To achieve your goal

Because constant surrender

Warms the Supreme – Heart



GRATITUDE    —-          Man’s gratitude – heart

Is bigger than the greatest

True gratitude can only come

From hearts flowing with love


Until everything you have

Becomes sea of gratitude

Because gratitude – heart catches

God’s sweetness – smiles


Plant a gratitude seed

It will grow into fruits

Inside your heart-garden

They become glowing deeds


Gratitude as inner flower

Blossoms inside heart – garden

And glows in your heart

Until you get to the Golden Shore


A gratitude – heart discovers

Heavenly-delivered Rose

With colourful petals

To please lover’s soul


The Rose is not self-created

It all begins like a seed

Which absorbs water and food

From the air and multi-purpose ground



It grows to be a giant with leaves

And buds of different sizes

Which later open to live

Great lives of their own


Heart’s gratitude

Is life’s plenitude

Gratitude is pure happiness

For perfection and fulfillment


Let your heart-flute

Play the melody

For your gratitude-heart

Is sweeter than the sweetest


Thank the Holy One

For giving you hope

Joyful life and beautiful World

For the Golden Shore ahead





The WORD of God are Divine, Food, Endure, Inspire the Heart, Light, Love, Power, Blessing, Purify, Purposeful, Sacred, Standard, Great, Seed, Sure, Pure, Perfect, Law and Commandment for all believers.

The WORD of God referred to in this story are Truth, Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control and so on. These are also given to men as the fruits of the spirit (GAL 5: 9) It is of utmost importance that believers should approach the Bible in a reverent attitude of mind, regarding it as the inspired WORD of God. As Paul said – But the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned (1 Co 2:14). But seek to understand the deep things of God. Study the WORD as a miner digs for gold. Most great Truths do not lie on the surface. They must be brought up with the light of God.

The authors played on the WORD in poems, like children play with their toys, to make them sink into the Heart, and fully appreciated. With prayer, all things are possible.



The WORD of God blesses us

The light of God surrounds us

The love of God enfolds us

The power of God protects us

The presence of God watches over us

The mind of God guides us

The life of God flows through us

The law of God directs us

The spirit of God abides within us

The joy of God uplifts us

The strength of God renews us

The beauty of God inspires us

To make our lives real

Ready to see Jesus, face to face

In our Eternity Home

In Jesus name




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