The Beauty of Creative Brain


. Einstein’s creative brain

. Creative process

. Characteristics of creative brain

. Advantages of Real-World creativity


. Functions of various parts of the brain

. Creativity is a skill

. Remembrance of pictures by children


. The art of memories in the brain

. Training memories enrich lives

. Healthy memories make body and brain Young

. Healthy memories boost learning


. Memory and Intelligence

. Different memories stored

. Memory is a perfective faculty

. Indestructible memory in old age


. Meet creative brain

. Self-motivation

. Make body stay alive


. The creativity and Innovation of cat

. Creativity and beauties are soul-bodies

. God has all the glory



Einstein was the greatest scientist ever known in the World. His knowledge and discoveries set pace in World technologies up to date. His scientific theories (Explanations, Thinking, Thought, Process, Intellection, Mentation, Cognitive process, Mental process, Operation, Psychological features, Abstraction) create standards all over the globe. His theories of special relativity, generalization of special relativity which included Gravity (based on the principle of equivalence) provided the basic and solid foundation in most scientific discoveries up till this day.


Brain is a novelty-seeking machine. It contains mechanisms that promote exploring the environment, learning new information and synthesize new material into original ideas. There is no doubt that the brain is built for creativity. The brain keeps you alive, monitors external World, and internal environment (your body). The brain allows information from distant parts of the brain to come together. It appears to be involved in the ability to take knowledge about one concept and apply it to another. It acts as an internal research and development department that produces both novel and mundane combinations of stored and perceived material.

Einstein’s brain is certainly one of the most creative brain ever to inhabit a human body. Scientists call creative HOT – SPOTS in the brain CENTERS – Executive center, Me center, Judgment center, Reward center and Association center. These hot-spots create thoughts and activities.


Creative brain has the following qualities –

. Remembers numbers, names, dates, and other things to recall

. Performs complex maths in the head with fingers or on the back of a napkin

. Sparks creativity with innovative brain storming methods

. Uses effective systems to capture new ideas before they get away

. Communicates in creative new ways

. Makes better decisions by for-seeing problems and finding surprising solutions

. Improves mental fitness with cool tricks and games.


Ideally, parents are heroes for their children. Young children depend on their parents for physical and psychological care. They view parents as bigger than life – All-loving, more knowledgeable and powerful than other people. This makes them feel safe. It is natural for a child to want to be like and please her parents to make them proud of her. This desire spurs the child’s growth. And the newly developed skill becomes a part of the child’s own feeling of competence. If a child is encouraged by praise of the parents, he becomes motivated for life.

Adults (whether artists, writers or business people) create daily task, immersing themselves in their creative work both for joy, money, or profound challenges. Relationships with others are crucial to creativity. It shines light on the secret World of creativity. This means the innermost experience of the artist as he or she engages with others, the art-work and the audience. Though connection with others can inhibit creative immersion, key relationships are found in mirrors, heroes (parents for children) and twins. Success, Victory, or Happiness lie not in the mere possession of money, or your own brain, but in the joy of relationship and achievement. This is the thrill of creative effort.

Real-World creativity therefore –

. Increases exposure to creative work

. Creates an environment that values and expects creative behavior

. Avoids premature evaluation of ideas

. Provides time and opportunities for solitude

. Spends time in places of natural beauty

. Spends time with creative individual

. Avoid brain-storming possible causes when something goes wrong

. Makes you think about what slows you down

. Pays attention to negative emotions

. Scans environment regularly for things that could be changed and improved

. Creativity becomes a music play-list that inspires you and allows your mind to wander


Some parts of the brain are called HOT SPOTS. These parts are said to specialize in creativity. Scientists told us that both right and left of the brain are necessary for truly creative works. But there is no creativity in the center of the brain because creative cognition is a complex mental phenomenon that involves multiple sequential acts that will utilize wide-spread circuits throughout the brain. In-fact, many complex mental functions do not appear to reside in a specific location but instead are spread among richly connected constellations of neurons located across the brain. However, no area of the brain works alone but is dependent upon other areas with which it is connected.

These HOT SPOTS are called – The Executive center, ME center, Association center, Judgment center, Reward center.

The Executive center functions are –

Planning, reasoning, decision making, visualizing future. This executive center is important for virtually all aspects of creativity. It is crucial to PROBLEM- FINDING which determines new areas of venture that are ripe for change. It is necessary for THINKING THROUGH problems to come up with appropriate solutions. It is also crucial for being able to break away from one way of looking at a problem in order to see it from a different perspective. The ability to take different perspective is one of the most important skills for creative thinking. This area is also for creative growth. The Executive center decides when to step out of the way and let lower order areas of the brain have center-stage to present ideas. Effective executive is open to ideas from lower-level management. Like-wise, effective executive center can confidently delegate responsibility to other parts of the brain.

The ME center resides primarily in the pre-frontal cortex. It deals with self-awareness, emotions and awareness of what others are feeling. It takes the perspective of others and imagine how they may be seeing You. The ME center tends to be active when not involved in deliberate thoughts, that is when your mind is at rest. It sends information about SELF and social environment to the executive center to use in decision making.

Functions of the ME center are –

Self awareness, social understanding, social comparison to determine how events affect you personally with auto-biographical memory. The center is important for creativity because –

. It mediates self-expression

. It allows another person’s perspective like Writing, arts, business creativity.

. Self-awareness can interfere with other aspects of creativity.


This center is for middle management. It sends filtered information about appropriateness to the executive center to evaluate creativity, and determines whether an event or situation will have a positive or negative impact for you.

THE REWARD CENTER – This area is called ventral striation. It is a neutral projection to sub-cortical neurons. When this center is on, self-confidence soars. You feel euphoric. This center connects to ME center and other emotional centers.

Functions of the Reward center are-

. Internal rewards that make you feel self-confident and good about yourself

. It is a creative motivation. Activation of this center allows more ideas and information to feed forward from the association centers in the rear of the brain.


This center is in the rear of the brain (temporal, parietal and occipital lobes). The lobes pull together information. They integrate sight, sound, smell and touch to form meaningful experience. The center has direct connection to the Executive center that support creativity.


Too many people believe that creativity is a talent with which some people are born and the rest only envy. This is a negative attitude that is completely mistaken. Creativity is a Skill that can be learned, developed and applied. Experts in the latest research suggest that creative mental functions involve a set of specific brain activation patterns that can be amplified through conscious effort and a little practice. These are skills anyone can master by learning how and when to turn the volume up and down in certain parts of the brain. That is, you can develop your creative potential to achieve greater success and life fulfillment.


Scientists say that – Memory is when you recall something perfectly after only a brief glance. We marvel at such a feat in adults, but many children display this ability naturally. A research found that children aged between 10 and 13 could answer detailed questions about pictures they looked at for only 35 seconds including the number of stripes even in a picture of a zebra.

There have been surprisingly few studies of memory since that time but it is suggested that between 8 and 50 percent of children under the age of 11, possess the ability. The loss in adolescence may be due to the emphasis adults place on verbal skills during education.


. The Art of Memory in the Brain

Memory writes her light-beam character and makes them legible. Memory is the art of storing, retaining and recalling. Memory requires logical organization. It is in large measure a left- brain activity. In this respect, memory is an applied science but it is also an art because the information received through our senses can be made measurable through creative use of our imagination. This combination of logical and creative thought links the net-works of the entire brain together like bridges over a river. It makes our minds more efficient at creating, storing and retrieving every kind of memory.


Creative brain responds to basic memory-training, and it makes memory bigger, better and sharper week by week. Improving memories enrich our lives in countless little ways, from ensuring that we remember birthdays, anniversaries and appointments, to having impressive facts and figures at our finger-tips and from recalling names and faces to being able to speak in public without notes.

Experts said that – Mental exercise is imperative if you wish to achieve improvements in memory power but the other part of you should not be ignored.

In other words, by exercising your body, you also maximize the effects of the training. Our brains thrive on Oxygen and the most productive way to help transport oxygen to the brain cells is through regular physical exercise – meaning any form of exercise that can gently raise your heart-rate and leave you feeling slightly out of breath. This is better than nothing. The aim is to perform some form of physical exercise for about 20 minutes a day.

Diet also plays a part in helping to keep our memories in full-working order. Foods that are rich in the Anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C and E have been shown to aid memory. These vitamins are found in richly coloured fruits and vegetables such as bananas, red peppers, spinach and oranges. They help to mop up chemicals known as free radicals which can cause cell damage in the brain. Oily fish such as Salmon, contains Folic Acid and several essential fatty acids, in particular Omega-3 oils. All of which are vital for maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. Some nutritional supplements help transport oxygen to brain cells. However, Stress causes a decline in memory. In stressful situations, the body produces large amount of Adrenaline. Excessive or prolonged stress is highly damaging to memory. Not only does the brain stop producing new neurons as the result of stress, but the corresponding lack of mental stimulation can cause the existing neurons to die.


Experts’ prescription for memory says – You can keep body and brain Young by changing your diet, life-style and by incorporating physical and mental exercise. You are only as young as you feel. You can feel stronger if you wish by eating for longevity, focus on stress reduction, physical fitness, drugs and supplements for intelligence. Memory is like a muscle. You either use it or lose it. Memory plays a crucial role in our lives because it is closely linked to intelligence. Unless your memory is well-stocked with information, what have you got to draw upon when you need to solve problems, make decisions or think creatively.


There is no learning without memory. Research has shown that for both animals and humans, memory forms a crucial part of the learning process. Even the acquisition of apparently basic skills, such as when a baby learns to crawl, is impossible without the existence of procedural memory. An expert said that the amount of information we retain depends upon the amount of time we spend learning. He also realized that it is more effective to break up the total learning time into short periods separated by 5 or 10 -Minutes Breaks. This is what the scientist called – DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE EFFECT. This works partly because of the phenomenon called REMINISCENCE. This is the way in which our memory of something improves steadily over a period of several minutes after we have stopped learning it. Reminiscence is probably a result of the memory traces gradually strengthening. The time scale for reminiscence varies with the type of learning. Distributed learning increases our number of reminiscence periods. And when we learn blocks of information, the memories that we create interfere with each other. Regular intervals of rest lessen this effect. The brain seems to do this automatically.



Memory is not stored in one specific location in the brain, except Joy. All others are connected by a net-work of neurons. The brain is divided into two halves – The right and left hemispheres connected by a large tract of neurons called Corpus Callosum. This allows communications between the two halves. Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. But recently, scientists discovered that the hemispheres are actually two complete brains – each with its own personality.

THE LEFT HEMISPHERE – controls letters, words, languages, verbal memory, speech, reading, writing, arithmetic, objective processing, systematic problem solving, abstract-thinking, sequential processing, analysis, logical problem solving, approach emotions.

THE RIGHT HEMISHERE – controls Geometric patterns, face recognition, environmental sounds, melodies, musical chords, non-verbal memories, sense of direction, mental rotation of shapes, avoidance emotions, concrete thinking and parallel processing.


As you begin to use simple memory techniques, you find that your ability to recall facts, events, places and people gradually sharpens. Memory depends on three basic processes – Making something memorable, storing that item in mind and Recalling it accurately at some future time. Thus, it applies the basic operation of imagination, association, location, concentration and observation, and discover that physical health enhances memory and that senses hold information. Sensory faculty has two major departments of various durations – Short-term and long-term memories. The one with short memory stores raw information gathered by the senses of Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They flow into the sensory store and distributed into different regions of the brain. Each sense has its own associated region, responsible for processing the input. SHORT-TERM MEMORY is an active working memory. It depends on the electro-chemical activity of excited neurons because it is often used to achieve specific tasks. Short-term memory holds information generally for only 10 to 20 seconds, but it is vital to any activity that requires conscious thought, even a simple activity like understanding a sentence. LONG-TERM MEMORY includes Declaration, Episodic, Factual memories. They remember facts and information accumulated over the course of life. They allow us to name things as does a perfectible faculty.


As we age, the speed at which the brain processes and stores memories change. The reason for the slow down as we age begins with the slowing down of our circulation. At old age, humans begin the life-time of wear and tear of the heart and arteries. It takes longer for oxygenated blood to reach the brain in the quantities needed for peak performance. The neurons are highly sensitive to reduction in oxygen supply which cause them to have less energy under normal healthy circumstances. The ability to recall long-term memories, however, does not change. This is because the levels of RNA increase as we age. (RNA controls the manufacture of the protein in brain-cells which make larger synapses and better consolidation). Anxiety also impairs the power of memory. As we become worried about aging and loss of memory, we become the – Forgetful grand-parents in a self- fulfilling prophecy. But confidence in indestructability of memory is half the battle won for a permanent brilliant ability to remember. This is true, whether you are 10 or 110 years old; Your brain is more likely to remain alert throughout your life if you keep it healthy.

Research carried out in Japan showed that – A group of people aged over 80 had greater mental agility and memory power than contemporaries who were in their sixties. The difference was that the octogenarians continued working and believed in indestructible memories. You don’t have to stay in employments, but finding mental stimulation daily helps to keep memory in good condition at whatever age. Our brains are more likely to remain alert throughout, if we keep them healthy. Just as we take exercise to keep our bodies physically fit, watch diet to avoid illness, so do we need to take care of our brain.



. Creative brain makes you celebrate excellence.

. It makes you develop brilliant memory

. It gives marvelous reasons to stay alive

. It keeps brain and body young

. It helps you to remember and improve your memory

. It helps you to live from within your soul to become – Who you were born to be.

. You pursue elegance and make a difference by being yourself.

SELF-MOTIVATION – This is the ability –

. To be your creative self

. To feel your feelings

. To get clarity

. To start creating

. To quiet your mind and be receptive

. To listen to Divine inspiration

. To make time for creativity

. To stay focused

. To visualize success

. To put yourself out there

. To turn dreams into reality

. To market your creativity

. To be your own authority figure

. To do whatever it takes

. To move past fear, blocks and pitfalls

. To discover the power of creative immersion


When you are kept alive, you know what it is to live a full creative life all the way to the end. Getting older is much more a blessing than a curse; We age best when we embrace our age, live agelessly and find the endless joy nestled inside our soul.


. You enjoy the many paths of spiritual growth

. You learn things that open later in life

. You enjoy elders’ vital role in the lives of younger people

. You build new communities and leave a legacy

. You embrace the richness of experience – How to take life on, accept invitations to new vitality and feel fulfilled.

. Some elders experience un-expected revival of Youth. With youthful spirit, the body also looks Younger.

I met a woman in her eighties who confirmed this story to be true. After her husband died, she felt her life was gradually declining towards the end. Instead, her dreams started to portray her early life as a college teacher. She got new project ideas and her spirit came back to that early time in her life. She had the same spirit of adventure and she experimented her new identity. This was apparently a return of her youth and body. Her creative brain re-invented the spirit of youth. Youthful spirit in creative brain enables you to have fresh ideas and connect you more directly to the World. Youth and old-age sometimes work together to make a complete life. There is no difference between young or old, being alive or dead. One becomes the other in a surprising sudden shift. The older you get, the less you become pre-occupied with the things of the World. But when you stay alive and active, you become reflective and closer to wonder. You’re not focused as much on making a self – creating a career or becoming somebody. You are naturally open to a spiritual life. Your focus is to question the meaning and purpose of your life. The oldest clichés remain the truest. Time heals. The bottom of the valley never provides the clearest view. The tunnel does have light at the end of it, even if we haven’t been able to see it. Make your body stay alive to merit the golden gate in heaven.



The creativity and innovation of cat make the fur fly; Cats’ brains are blessed with Focus, Preparedness, Perspective and intellectual provocation.

. Their Focus tunes out distracting NOISES in everyday life

. PREPAREDNESS makes them ready to spring when least expected

. Perspective breaks them from the tired old way of looking at things

. Intellectual provocation shows everything is fascinating, and the brilliant memories tell them where to look

Curiosity might have killed proverbial cat, but without it, very real achievements would never occur. Curiosity is one of the beauties of creative brain. If you spark your innate curiosity, pounce on problems in ways never imagined, you will enjoy greater success and satisfaction at work and in your personal life. Like cats, your creative brain provides what you need for power of innovation.


. Cats create innovation friendly environment

. Cats are always prepared for innovation

. Cats know that innovation is not normal

. Cats welcome physical creativity

. Cats enjoy social provocation

. Cats promote intellectual provocation

. Cats know – How fascinating creativity is.


In conclusion, creative brain is a soul-body given to us by the Almighty to be creative like Him. We owe all the beauties to Him. Human brain is an associative mechanism that constantly builds associative net-works. Innovation and creativity bring vitality, meaning and novelty into our lives. Creative brain and all the beauties are human soul-bodies. They are blessings of the Holy Spirit within us. We live by His Grace. All Glory belongs to Him. Our prayer is to merit the golden gate of Heaven


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