At a time when the world is witnessing confusion, a message of love from the angels is a testimony to the divine love of God, even if we don’t always see or feel it. This is the belief of most people, particularly, the religious groups. Alice sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people, and she speaks to them everyday. She believes that no matter how alone we might feel, we always have a guardian angel by our side to support us. And that we can call on the help of our angels to carry us through the challenges that we all inevitably face, including loneliness, depression, stress, the death of a loved one or feeling inadequate as a person. No matter what obstacles we face, we can call on this support to make our lives happier and more fulfilling

However, as a small girl in Junior High School, spirit – friends frightened Alice. Some children do sleep-walking, and play with foreign beings at night and grow up to be heroes in special fields in the world. Have they been aided by angels or spirit-friends? Alice was the only daughter of a peasant farmer living near the church cathedral. Her family had a friendly dog as their pet. The German-Shepherd dog, fondly called Molly, had unwavering devotion for her owners and her behavior showed a reflection of God’s essence for pets. The dog stayed with Alice all day and danced at her return with a glee, wagging her tail to entertain her, no matter what; Lovers of dogs look up and see God in them demonstrating His usual love to mankind. Molly barked and chased away strangers especially men that approached Alice anytime of the day. She was a very protective dog.

Alice was expected to fetch drinking water for the family. The major source of drinkable water was the running river, two miles away from where they lived. There was no well in the neighborhood. She had to travel two miles to get to the brook. On many occasions, she went back with broken pot in the presence of the other people in her company, even the dog. Amazingly, her complaint was always fear. Fear of her spirit-friends whom she alone saw standing in the bush near the road leading to the river. She claimed to see them with her two eyes, laughing at her as they leaned on the nearby trees. Were the spirits angels? Had they come to play with her? Had they good messages from God? Believe it or not, anytime her mom followed her to the brook, Alice always brought water home. Then neither her nor mother would see the spirit – friends. Some people called her a living spirit or a liar. How could she alone see and speak with spirits all the time?

However, her behavior in their church told her accusers another story about her. Their family were good church goers. They never missed Sunday services and festive occasions like Christmas day in their church. Alice sometimes embarrassed her parents by falling down flat on the floor during worship hours – Singing, dancing and praising God period. She danced so vigorously that she was not aware of the consequences. Her friends geared at her, saying her spirit – friends pushed her down. Actually, some spiritualists living in her village believed that the dance was to welcome and celebrate the angels who came down from heaven to distribute blessings to believers. It was only after this statement that people started to believe her story of spirit – friends and angels from God. Angels are spirits because most people cannot see them with naked eyes. Spirit – friends are possibly angels

Seven years later, Alice became a full-grown teenager. She went to the brook for water without seeing spirit-friends. But something more awesome happened to her. She claimed to do spirit journey to heaven in her sleep. She was hail and hearty. She wasn’t sick nor admitted into any hospital for any reason. Some religious people confessed that cases had been reported that some people went to heaven when in COMA after serious diseases or operation. So, her case was nothing new, because many people had testified to this. But in this case Alice slept right on her bed perfectly well. She was neither sick nor in coma.

In her journey, she reached a beautiful city with a strong gate. The gate opened for her and she walked in to see a vast space of green grass in the front and beautiful sky-scraper houses behind. She saw various religious organizations on the right side of the field. Members of each organization stayed together, praying in their own style with their heads touching the ground. Alice didn’t join any group. She was offered a white horse as if touring the city was her assignment for the journey. She mounted the back of the horse which immediately flew into the sky. So, she toured the whole city on the horse’s back. At the extreme end of the city, far away from the other buildings, there was a lone and unique house. Unique because its back was inside the sea but the front was on land. A sea seemed to be on one side of the city. On entering the house, the flooring was perfect – concrete. The architecture was unique and spectacular.

Right in the middle of the back side of the house, Alice saw a mighty white beard of a faceless man. On the right side was a teenager – boy wearing hallowed crown (that is normally seen on Jesus’ head in pictures). He looked like about thirteen years old boy. With him were some men dressed in white uniform like military boys – brigade. On the left of the white beard stature, she saw her deceased principal in the High School, her beloved friend and teacher – Mother Christotome. Alice attended a catholic school though she was not a catholic. Mother tried to convert her all along but failed. Her parents didn’t permit her. Not withstanding, mother treated her like a pet in the school. Her early death was very painful. Mother dressed in her usual garment – white long dress, with black cross on her neck. She carried her beaded Rosario on one hand. Mother was very delighted to see her. As she held out her hand to shake and hug her, she heard a voice telling her to stop and go back home because she was not qualified to be there. Alice was sad and disappointed. Reluctantly she traced her way back home and found herself in bed with her mom praying by the bedside. She woke up from her sound sleep to tell the story of what happened.

Her story was unbelievable. Only her church pastor believed that she actually went to heaven. The description of Jesus and mother Christotome convinced the pastor. But, is it true that she travelled to heaven where Jesus lives? Is heaven a big city like New York? Do horses ride in the air? Many people believe that Junior High School spirit – friends could just be fairies that frighten children. If they are truly angels from God, they will not cause any fear. Angels are friends and servants from God. God is our daddy and our best friend. Instead of preventing Alice from fetching drinking water for her family, the angels from God will send help to assist her. Angels are created to help the needy. One would also like to know whether there is no car in heaven to tour places like in the urban cities? All these are the puzzles and the amazing questions to tackle.

In summary, journey to heaven is probably a dream time affair. Spiritualists, however, ascertain that heaven is above the sky and that God and the angels live there. Many people like to know whether flying horses are the only means of heavenly transportation since there was no evidence of motor cars anywhere on the streets? Horses seemed to be the Aeroplanes in heaven. Many people have dreamt of going to heaven. They saw their late loved ones like parents and friends but none had reported flying in the air on horses’ back. People on earth would rather ride their horses on solid grassy or concrete ground than in the air; On the other hand, horses for transportation is certainly cheaper to maintain than gasoline vehicles. You do not need any engineer to service them but they have to eat. Thank God for the luxurious grasses on the fields. Even horses have enough food to live on. Heaven is a good place to live for everybody. We can compare it to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived before their fall. Through His grace, humans will go back there conveniently. Jesus himself has gone to heaven to prepare the place for us. It is good that Alice, the spirit girl went ahead to see the promised luxurious home for us all. What next do we desire? His grace is more than sufficient for us.


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