Our Birthright is to Grow, Flourish and Shine

OUR BIRTH-RIGHT IS TO GROW, FLOURISH AND SHINE – Stories of All the Living and dead


This book is SPECIAL. It is intended to be a prayer book for all believers of the GOOD NEWS. Humans are intended to grow, flourish and shine on the surface of the Earth. The authors made her case, telling the stories of all living creatures both dead and alive as templates. God made them flourish and shine despite their differences – in age, structure, built, and status. It is the birth-right of all of us to shine. The stories told here are autobiographical writing of all the living that construct a particular kind of historical context. They consist of several varieties – Spiritual, romantic, love tale, heroic achievement, animal and plant record-breaker. History is good for you and it can be fun. The stories offer the opportunity to study animal and plant sciences, the most important and interesting issues in men and women of high calibre. In general stories teach life principles, and Jesus used them all the time to illustrate points. We call them parables. His humor explains the message by showing how they fit into real life. Not only is scientific stories and religious stories compatible, they complement each other and the World needs both. Science teaches us where we come from, how to understand nature and searches for explanation. The Bible gives us the meaning to understand human behavior

The problems of natural kinds in metaphysics is to answer the question whether things in nature exist in kinds or sorted out into kinds – Men, Women, Children, Animals and Plants. The problem is the need to explain how it is possible that things, people and all that exist in the Universe are grouped together to form a kind or the other. God created all the living to grow, multiply to fill the surface of the Earth. Humans have the DNA to grow and flourish. It is possible to live the life we’ve always dreamed of having. Not only is it possible with our DNA it’s inevitable. Growth and Flourishing are not something out there. They are inside jobs. Life possesses what it takes to be great and have those things desired – Heroes, Record-Holders, Rich, Deep-Relationship, Self-Confidence or Deep-Spirituality.

Universal law follows a pattern. Everything that moves or grows has a cycle and trend. It’s nature’s law that every organism grows to maturity, levels off and dies. The characteristics of all the living are – Growth, Movement, Irritability, Feeding, Respiration, Excretion, and Reproduction. When we reproduce, we flourish. We have been programmed for success. You don’t have to tell the heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and feet to work, nor plant-roots, vascular bundles in plant-stem to function

Scientists say that humans get most of their information from their eyes but dogs from their noses. Dogs can smell a thousand times better than humans. Their constant sniffing stirs up hundreds of smells. Forty percent of their brain power is used just for figuring out what they’re smelling. Millions smell receptors or smell cells lie inside their noses. When dogs inhale, the smells go to the receptors which send information to their brain. Most living creatures have many things in common. 2000 years ago, Bible men like; David, Joseph, Solomon, Gideon, Samson, Joshua grew and flourished in their various callings. They used their talents like their eyes to see visions and ears to hear from God.

This book attempted to use biological sciences to explain some life principles. It is hoped that readers will be stimulated to think productively about the issues the stories there-in suggest. Values make people live better and happier. Above all, The God of our fathers – The Almighty and our Redeemer has created us to grow, flourish, and shine. It is our birth – right.




  3. STORIES OF WOMEN (18 – 30)







2000 years ago, men in the Bible grew and flourished and set pace for humanity. Physical growth is a function of time, directly are seemingly divine.

John 1:14 – God sent Jesus to the Earth so we could clearly see what God is like

Revelation 22:4 –  Someday believers in Jesus will see God face to face

The Bible people saw God face to face with their physical eyes because they were in good standing with the Father. Seeing visions and hearing from God was not strange for them. After-all Jesus came to the Earth as human; grew as a baby and flourished because he obeyed his heavenly Father. However, flourishing is like harvesting the seeds planted.

In this chapter, the lives of Joseph, David, Solomon, Gideon, Samson and the others narrated, keep Bible alive in our memories. It is hoped readers will be stimulated to think productively about these chosen people as they grew in age, in faith, and flourished in their various callings.



As a youngster, Joseph was over-confident. His natural self-assurance increased by being Jacob’s favourite son, and by knowing of God’s design on his life. This was unbearable to his ten older brothers, who eventually conspired against him. But his self-assurance, molded by pain and combined with a personal knowledge of God, allowed him to survive and prosper where most would have failed. He added quiet wisdom to his confidence and won the hearts of everyone, Potiphar, the Warden, other prisoners and Pharaoh. Everyone who met Joseph were aware that wherever he went and whatever he did, God was with him. He rose from slavery to ruler of Egypt. He was known for his personal integrity. He was a man of spiritual sensitivity, listened to God and obeyed Him. He prepared a nation to survive a famine and eventually won the hearts of his brothers. Joseph experienced hardship but later – on rose to power. With God’s help, his hardship was used for good, even when others intended it for evil. He grew and flourished in his days because he listened to God and obeyed Him.


While Saul was still on the throne, Samuel anointed David as Israel’s next king. Young David, a shepherd boy bravely conquered Goliath, the Philistine champion, and established a life-long friendship with Jonathan, Saul’s son. When Saul realized that David would become king one day, he grew very jealous and tried to kill David on several occasions. David escaped into Philistine territory until Saul was killed in battle.

David lived with great zest, though he sinned many times, he was quick to confess his sins with humility. His confessions were from his heart and his repentance was genuine. He never took God’s forgiveness lightly or His blessings for granted.  Of his actions, God never held back from David either His forgiveness or the consequences. He learned from his mistakes because he accepted the suffering they brought.

David was the greatest king in Israel, and the ancestor of Jesus. God described David as the man after his own heart. This shepherd boy grew, was anointed king and became a man after God’s own heart. What an achievement;


Daniel’s early life demonstrated that there was more to being young than making mistakes. No characteristics won the hearts of adults, more quickly than wisdom in the words and actions of a young person. Daniel and his friends were taken from their homes in Judah and exiled. Their future was in doubt, but they all had personal traits that qualified them for jobs as servants in the king’s palace. They took advantage of the opportunity without letting the opportunities take advantage of them.

Daniel’s greatness came in his quiet refusal to give up his convictions. He listened to God and obeyed Him. He had applied God’s will to his own life and he resisted changing the good habits he had formed. Both his physical and spiritual diets were an important part of his relationship with God. He ate carefully and lived prayerfully. One of the benefits of being in training for royal service was eating food from the king’s table. Daniel tactfully chose a simpler menu and proved it was a healthier choice. He limited his food intake, indulged in prayer and was able to communicate with God because he made it a habit. He put into practice his convictions, even when that meant being thrown into in-to a den of hungry lions. His life proved that he made the right choice. He was prompted to serve as adviser to two Babylonian kings and two pseudo-Persian kings. Daniel grew as a servant in the palace to earn long-term respect. He held strongly to his faith in God that whatever happens, he will do what God says.



Gideon had a limited vision, but he was committed to it. His challenge was to obtain food for his family even though hostile invaders were making the growing, gathering and preparation of the food almost impossible. Gideon was resourceful. Gideon was working in his threshing floor when God sent him a message with a challenge. Gideon was surprised at what God told him to do. He did not want to jump into a task for which he was ill-prepared. The angel had to overcome three objections before Gideon was convinced. Gideon was in doubts about the call, his family welfare, and his inadequacy for the job. As soon as Gideon was convinced he obeyed with zest, resourcefulness and speed. He flourished to become Israel’s fifth judge because he obeyed God.


Moses made an excellent decision when he chose Joshua as his assistant. The choice was later confirmed by God Himself, when he instructed Moses to commission Joshua as his successor (Numbers 29:15-23). Joshua had played a key role in the exodus from Egypt. Introduced as the field general of Israel’s army, he was the only person allowed to accompany Moses pathway up the mountain when Moses received the law. Joshua and Caleb were the only 2 among the 12 scouts to bring back an encouraging report after being sent into the promised land the first time. He has been Moses constant shadow. His basic training was living with Moses, experiencing firsthand what it means to lead God’s people. Joshua was a brilliant strategist. He was faithful to ask God’s direction in the challenges he faced. He grew up as Moses assistant, experienced Egyptian slavery, and he lived to enter the promised land.



Nobody except Jesus himself shaped the history of Christianity like the apostle Paul. Even before he was a believer, his actions were significant. Paul’s personal encounter with Jesus changed his life. He never lost his fierce intensity but from then on it was channeled for the gospel. Paul was very religious. He was a good Pharisee who knew the Bible. Initially he hated the Christians and persecuted them without mercy. On his way to Damascus, God stopped him. Paul personally met Jesus Christ and his life was never the same. Until Paul’s conversion, little had been done about carrying the gospel to non-Jews. Paul worked hard to convince the Jews that Gentiles were acceptable to God but he even spent more time convincing the Gentiles that they were acceptable to God. The lives Paul touched were changed and challenged by meeting Christ through him. Paul preached for Christ and wrote letters to various churches. He was sensitive to God’s leading and despite his strong personality, he always did as God directed



Samson had tremendous potential. Not many started life, with credentials like him. He was born as a result of God’s plan for him in the lives of Manoah and his wife. Samson was to do a great work for God – To take the lead in delivering Israel from the hands of the Philistines. To help him accomplish God’s plan, he was given enormous physical strength. Because he wasted his strength on jokes and gave it up eventually to satisfy the woman he loved, he was seen as a failure. Samson could have strengthened his nation and returned his people to worship God by wiping out the Philistines. Yet he still accomplished the purpose announced by the angel who visited his parents before his birth. He took the lead in rescuing Israel from the Philistines. In the end Samson recognized his dependence on God. He eventually carried away the city’s iron gate (Judges 16:3) and he became the strongest soldier that ever lived. God turned his failures and defeat into victory.




Jacob and Esau were twin-brothers. But Jacob came second. Esau was hairy and loved by his father Isaac. Jacob was smooth and loved by his mother, Rachel. Jacob’s life had four stages, each marked by personal encounter with God. Jacob grabbed the feet of his twin brother, grabbed his birth-right and blessings. Yet God confirmed his blessing. Jacob was deceived by Laban, so he married Lea first and waited 14 years to marry Rachel, the woman he loved. He realized his dependence on God. He wouldn’t let God go unless He blessed him. His relationship to God became essential to him and his name was changed to Israel.

Jacob was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, third in the Abrahamic line of God’s plan. He worked hard and long for what he wanted. Though a good business man he obeyed God, did His will and was blessed. Jacob’s life taught us that all human intentions and actions (good or bad) are woven by God into His ongoing plan




Early in life, Solomon had the sense to recognize his needs for wisdom – Wisdom to govern his subjects. But he had several bad habits – he married Pharaoh’s daughter for political reasons against his parents’ wishes. He excessively taxed and worked his people. Yet visitors from distant lands came to admire the wise king. He was actually the wisest man ever lived. His life story showed that he was the third king f Israel, David’s chosen heir to the throne. He was the author of Ecclesiastes, Song of SONGS Many of the Proverbs and a couple of the psalms. He built God’s temple in Jerusalem. He was a Diplomat, trader, collector and patron of the Arts. In all, Solomon obeyed God and did His will, despite his short comings. He grew up in faith to become the wisest and richest king whoever lived



In summary, the above Bible men took directives from God, reacted promptly to them, grew in faith and flourished to be heroes thereafter

Samson was the strongest soldier because he carried the iron gate of the city (Judges 16:3)

Paul was the most travelled. He went on many long missionary journeys (Acts 13:4, 15:36)

Solomon was the wisest. God made him wiser than anyone (1 Kings 3:12). He was the richest. God blessed him as he asked for wisdom to rule his subjects (1 Kings 10:23)

Jacob was the most love-struck. Jacob worked 14 years to be able to marry Rachel (Genesis 29:18-28)

God created them and designed them for a purpose. Whatever our choice of profession in life – Pastors, Teachers, Doctors, Builders and so on, God is interested in everybody. Eyes and ears are designed for us to see and hear physically. Scientists say – In each second, eyes can create 10 new images and send one billion bits of information in the brain over tens of millions of nerve connections. And that it takes one, in five-millions seconds for the brain to recognize an object. It is also true that the head has two antennae to receive sound signals. Any noise creates sound waves that travel as molecules bump against one another. From my experience, the description explained –  what it looks like to dream and see visions. This scientific description is a picture of what happened spiritually and it enables us to have shallow feelings through our natural eyes and ears. Science and Bible speak the same language. However, visions and hearing directly from God seemingly are special gifts, given only to those who deserve them spiritually. It is assumed that most believers desire to talk with God face to face like the Bible men. At any rate, the gifts come as a result of long suffering or endurance. The answer is to walk obediently with God with all your might. Then you will grow and flourish like them because the LORD Himself loves you.


WOMEN (18 – 30)




The women in the following stories believed in themselves, trusted only God, and struggled to get what they wanted in life. They had the feelings that what others thought about them was none of their business. They grew to maximum capacity, flourished to no small measure and became the pride of their community. Growth and flourishing do not necessarily mean you should wear the helmet of the Heroes or Record – Holders. Happiness and contentment in life are the ultimate desire and goal and this is Christ-like. The stories of Mary, Angela, Philomena, Janet, Lydia, Maureen, Cinderella, Rosaline, and Veronica are good examples. They shared their adventurous lives as they grew from teenage lives to adult-hood. You are what you want to be in life. You only need to position yourself well and be the miracle. Women at prime age are very sensitive, active, emotional but need to watch out for peace to keep their emotions and hearts under control and healthy. Health is wealth.


Mary came from a happy family; father, mother, and three sisters. She enjoyed her freedom and love with everybody at home; the family ate together, attended socials together, and prayed together.  When she was 12, the family were scared to allow her to go to the city for higher education. They chose for her a newly opened high school in their neighbourhood. The new school started in 1955. Mary became their second set in 1956. She was registered into their boarding school, since the school policy was to keep all students in the boarding house for good management and supervision. The students admitted in 1955 being the foundation members were given some authorities to take care of the younger ones in the junior classes. In this new school, Mary learnt all the ‘woes’ of life. She had to mix with all sorts of girls; rich, poor, skinny, miserable ones from horrible back-grounds.

The school permitted visiting hours with parents only once a month – the last Saturday of the month. On the very first visiting day, Mary’s mother brought her some of her usual delicacies; fruits, cookies and beverages just to make her feel at home.  However, the school banned foods in their dormitories. All foods should be kept in the common store. Mary complied with the regulation but to her amazement a few hours after the visiting hours none of her stuff was in the store. Possibly needy students stole them away. Mary was very bitter. The seniors-girls jeered at her for being in possession of many delicacies while some students couldn’t even pay their school fees. To add to her misery, the senior – girls informed them that all juniors should register as their College daughters; To make their beds, wash their dishes, clothes and run errands for them. To Mary the instructions looked like bullying; the seniors wanted to use them as slaves and maids, so she declined. She was the only one in a class of 30 who could oppose the order. Back at home she was not doing those things. As a result, the seniors hated her the more, called her names and told the others not to respect her, even the juniors. Notwithstanding Mary stood tall, like a girl of integrity. She knew she was on the right. She maintained her stand. She cared less what others thought of her. However, she refused to report the incidence to the authorities who could have punished the seniors. The arrogance of the senior – girls could probably increase their hatred for her.

Mary bore the agony silently for five years and by and by, she survived the horrible feelings. At last when she graduated, the authorities came out boldly to speak for her.  The school gave her two awards;

. The best –  behaved girl in the school

. The best academic student in her class

The awards came to her as a surprise. Other students were taken aback. They all knew Mary was an innocent girl, that the senior girls’ hatred was due to jealousy and the junior girls had joined hands with them to please them. Thus, Mary was applauded warmly by all the audience in the assembly, and her parents were very proud of her. In the long run Mary, at the age of 25, broke the school record as the first academic professor from the whole community



Early in life Angela gave up on herself. She quite school just before she was 16. She felt like a really stupid person, a loser. She had gotten low marks and disappointed her parents. She was bored. Then she went to work in a factory where she fortunately met her lover. She got married at 18. In her late twenties, something began to happen. People around her didn’t understand the change, she hardly understood it herself. Suddenly she had the courage to express herself and not to rock her boat and offend anyone. Finally, by the time she was25, she realized how bored she was and went back to get her high school diploma. Then she took emergency medical technician and paramedical courses. She found that what she was missing was the simple joy of learning;

Angela later did emergency work for the Red Cross, and when her children became older, she found a permanent job. Looking back, she was delighted with her choice of husband. Though the man had no education, she could talk to him about anything. The husband was loving, caring, peaceful, understanding being a good Christian. With him around she had everything. She grew up to have a friend, a lover and a comforter as a life partner.

She became the happiest house-wife that ever lived.





Janet was born in South Africa. She lived on a farm until she was six and later moved to the city at 12. In 1945, she left home to attend College in the city which she imagined as the land of movie stars, far removed from the hardships of her early depression. As a young woman who was sure where she wanted to go but didn’t know if she could find the money to get there, she juggled studies with the many chores that came with life in a student cooperative house, and ate any available junk-foods.

After College she became the student librarian in the city. In 1960, she got married and became the parent of two beautiful girls. Work as children librarian brought her in contact with many ambitious students, who desired to know everything; from the children of the rich to the children of the un-employed. Some wanted to have the Best Book that fitted the less-privileged children.  She offered books like – JESUS IS MY FATHER, LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE. The children were so impressed with her choice, that some of them who came from a broken – home started to cry. CRY of joy because they believed that Jesus was their father. What a better choice; They went home to rejoice with their mothers. Thus, Janet had many converts to Christianity. Janet won the hearts of many children and their parents she eventually won the award as the best children Librarian of the Century.



Lydia was born in London by Nigerian parents but lived with her two senior sisters; Rachel and Rebecca.

Lydia was deaf and dumb at birth. She attended Audiology clinic for some time when she was living with her parents. She went to her sisters at 10 to help to pick things from the shelves. Rebecca and Rachel were fashion designers and they needed volunteers to help in their shops. Lydia could not talk audibly but could read intentions. She was good at making things with her hands. Home – trained, she designed exclusive styles for her toys. When she left her sisters’ services as a volunteer at the age of 20, the two of them looked down on her as just a liability. Her input was not appreciated. They could not believe she could achieve anything in life. When Lydia left them, an idea came to her to set up her own Institute. She joined hands with one of her tutors in the handicap school. Fortunately, the man became her husband later.

Through divine intervention, Lydia’s design Institute grew stronger and stronger every year. Her business name was about style not fashion. She named her company after the Queen mother – Victorian style. It was just about Elegance and All to match package. Her models were the queen of England and the royal family, for she had been watching them in the television. When Lydia was 25, she became a rich and successful business woman, she got officially married to her business partner – her former tutor in the Audiology school. Her husband loved her dearly. The two of them were blessed with three beautiful daughters.

Later on, Lydia improved her education, soon became a part time tutor in the disabled school. Most people believed that Lydia had God’s anointing to be a success in life. Lydia looked at her limitation as groundless excuse. She had it in mind that she was born to be great. She grew and flourished despite all odds




Maureen loved to play with clay as a child. She molded them to create fanciful furniture pieces; toys, earthen wares like bowls, plates, wall decorations, wall and floor tiles to build houses.  She also made sculptors to look like angels, big personalities and animals. Most of her Art work were displayed in houses, shops, museum, and churches. Her sculptor of an elephant was erected in-front of the city hall. As a result, Maureen became famous and was known by big people in the city. Most of her Art works carried her name hidden somewhere on them, maybe as trade -marks or to advertise herself.

She got the desire to be an artist from her mother who often took her to the clay studio for recreation after school hours. From there she developed an interest in art. When she graduated from high school, she decided to be a clay creator. You’d never guessed that several years ago Maureen thought she didn’t have any artistic ability. She never thought she could be an artist because she could not paint or draw anything. She discovered her purpose at 13, probably because of the regular visits to the clay studio. Maureen saw happiness on the faces of the people working there. They joked and laughed, she discovered that laughter is the best medicine in the World.  None of them seemed to have any problems at home. They looked comfortable and satisfied with life. Maureen also found a lot of fun in their creations. She made up her mind that clay studio was the ideal place for her. Actually, she saw the beauty in creativity, and she longed to join the happy lot. She discovered her purpose in life. Finding something that will make you happy all the time is most desirable and it is probably your purpose in life. She had the assurance that creativity was her calling, as it would make her happy all the time.

Truly if you find your purpose in life and follow it up, you are bound to succeed and flourish in it within a short time. Maureen started her own clay studio at 18, and before she knocked 20 she became very popular and won the distinguished title of (Born Artist). It is rewarding to find out your destiny instead of beating about the bush for uncertainties. Pursue it with prayer and you will flourish without limit. Maureen was a born-artist.



Cinderella born in Nigeria was a brilliant scholar. She got a first – class degree in pharmacy at the age of 25. She decided not to work for any company but to start her own business as an entrepreneur.    She was encouraged by the foreign pharmaceutical Industrialists in the country.  The bank gave her a loan to be a wholesaler and retailers for most of the companies. By the time she was 5years in the whole sale and retail business, she opened branches in about 10 different locations in the country. She became rich, popular and respected by all her customers and neighbors alike. Cinderella was not just good in academics, she was also good in human relationship. She was sociable and interested in her job. Her approach to customers and her clients was unique. Her customers always came first. Her style was extraordinary. She introduced new incentives to the customers; presenting their children with toys, candies, other goodies to impress and entertain them. Consequently, her shops were the first choice and the place to go for most people. They stood out from the format of the old generations. Cinderella became successful and respected for the uncommon styles and brain. She grew and flourished within a short time of practice that she became a model for new graduates. Many of them now decided to set up their own business instead of the usual 30-day paid jobs. Her practice eradicated the problem of ‘job scarcity’ n the country. Thus, Cinderella set a good example for new entrepreneurs by setting up her job and employing other people



Though Rosaline was a single mom, she felt the urge to have fast feeding program to help the children of the less-privileged people in her community. She sought advice from a chef who over-saw a soup kitchen for many years. The chef taught her how to organize it and promised to help. With the support of a few friends, Rosaline planted the ideas about how to put her visions to reality.  They opened the kitchen and for two successful years, the team served 600 lunches at very low and take away prices to help the needy people in the neighborhood. Rosaline and her friends could take home the left-overs for their children at home. In less than 5 years Rosaline’s initiative was appreciated by all in the community.

The government gave her awards which came to her as a surprise. People called the place – God’s kitchen and Rosaline was named – Born Hero for the non-profit organization that served the needs of the low- income people. By 2010, Rosaline’s non-profit organization flourished and became a house-hold establishment in town. Rosaline groomed her 12- year-old son, Jonathan to take over from her because she desired the continuity even after her death. And she said if you have a dream, just pursue it and make it best by helping someone else.



Sometime in the 18 century a baby girl named Veronica was born in one primitive area in the North of Nigeria to a hunter father. At 12, she got married, raised a family and moved to their own farmland. Little did they know how brave and resourceful Veronica would turn to be. By the time she was 14, their farmland doubled in size and included 11 habitant families, 50 hectares of land under cultivation with 13 heads of cattle. Veronica and her husband became popular and important because they were the first settlers.

     One day, Veronica’s husband went away hunting. By 4 A.M. in the morning, she heard the firing of robbers, probably enemies far away came to attack them. Veronica got up, sped towards the fort probably near the neighboring hut. She shouted – Robber; Robber? She urged the inhabitants of the neighboring huts to come to the fort defence. She shooed in two women who carried babies. She knew she should act quickly to protect those inside; an old man of 80, the women and the children. Veronica took off her head-tie and wore her husband’s war- helmet to avoid giving the impression that they were helpless. Veronica silenced the women who were wailing those caught. She brought them to safety. Every minute Veronica called out into the darkness – All is well – hoping to convince the neighbors. At 21, because of her courageous leadership, the inhabitants of the new settlement conferred on her LEADERSHIP title – a title never held by a woman in those days. She died there at an old age, survived by three sons; one of who was ear-marked to be the new king.


Experts postulated that from the early adult transition (ages 18-30) to the mid-life and beyond is closely identified with typical danger and stress points, ambitions, dreams, successes and failures. Whatever the extra-ordinary experiences, humans must pass through the whole sequence of developmental stages and deal with the tasks appropriately. This is self- realization and connecting with the source of being; By so doing, nothing will go wrong. At this age you exhibit the qualities of creative leaders, physical skills, heightened perception, sensitivity, humor and the ability to put complex ideas together. You react to friends, families, jobs, and life challenges in matured way because you have put aside childhood behaviours (1 Corinthians 13:11)

However, experts say – Your heart is the operative organ in your body and it controls all physical responses like compassion, love, empathy, fear, hopelessness and ambition of all types.  Watch out to control it, keep it effective and well. Women respond more sharply on emotion than men. Be an investor to your body. Improve your health in every area. God cares for our basic needs next to our desire to see the kingdom of Heaven. Know your body and be an expert in your various skills in life. Health is wealth. For your circulative system consist of the blood vessels – capillaries, veins, arteries, and the heart. The network tunnel weaves its way through the body. It carries food, and air to 60 trillion energy factories (cells). The blood stream tunnels contain 18 billion red blood cells. Arteries, the largest blood tubes are an inch near the heart. They carry oxygen-filled-blood cells to the body. When you inhale, each red blood cell picks up one molecule of oxygen from the lungs. Capillaries, tubes smaller than a strand of hair, force blood cells to squeeze through them in single file. After they deliver oxygen to the body in exchange for carbon-dioxide, the blood cells are shuttled back to the lungs. Every four months red blood cells make 250,000 round trips through the body. Two million new ones are manufactured every second inside the arm and leg.  The heart is body’s strongest muscle, and it is fist size. As it pushes blood through the body, it gets stronger. The heart gets its strength between beats. Babies and most pets have a higher pulse rate than men. (1 Peter 1: 18 – 21). Knowledge is the best wealth. Once the heart packs up, there ends your struggle for survival and life. All becomes vanity. The above women need to keep their hearts well and functional, avoid certain foods, stresses, emotions and position themselves well under any circumstances in life. Most of them are achievers already: Mary the best student in her school, Janet award winning author, Lydia a renowned stylist, Angela happy house wife, Philomena business tycoon, Maureen a born artist, Cinderella successful entrepreneur, Rosaline a born hero and Veronica a brave defender. Mothers are the first role models of their children their health is so very much important. When there is life, there is hope. They influence eternity by building a spiritual legacy in the lives of children through; Teaching, influences and morality. Their ultimate desire is to live peacefully with God and men and leave good legacy for the next generation. You can embark on this Christ – like way of living but keep strong, with God all things are possible. God who begins the good thing in you will finish and perfect it. He will provide you with every blessing in abundance. You will grow, flourish and shine beyond any doubt, they have been programmed for you, just count your blessings and this will help you fill your emotional tank.








In nature, a rainbow is made beautiful by all of its colours. People is unique due to the concept of diversity, teaching children how to respect and celebrate peoples’ differences. Like rainbow, the World is made beautiful because it’s filled with many different kinds of people who are different or unique in many ways. Some of these differences are things we can see and some are not seen. However, children’s greatest gift is the gift of imagination. Everything that exists was once imagined. Also, everything that will ever exist must first be imagined. Some children taped into this amazing power to shine and flourish. They desired to be heroes, believing that all things are possible.

In-fact, anything conceived in the mind can come to pass. You can’t discover the power of awakening if you are contemplating things that are still asleep. The secret to manifesting anything that you desire is the willingness and the ability to realign yourself so that your inner World is in harmony with the power of intention. Every modern thing or advance was created by someone contemplating what they intended to manifest. To access the power of this creating principle is to continually be surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce. This power is the creative power of the Universe. It’s responsible for everything that is coming into focus.

The children described below, voluntarily and involuntarily grew, flourished, attracted abundance and became distinguished early in life. The energy that created the World and the Universe was within them. The energy vibrated and its frequency is like what the apostle Paul said – God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance. In this chapter, these children; Brenda, Dorcas, Albert, Joan, Henry, Florence, Bank, Harry, Williams, Lilian, Peter and Jordan, all within the age range of 5 -13 grew up and flourished in various capacities. Their stories mixed fun with science, nature and the hottest technology filled with fascinating facts and eye-opening discoveries to foster curiosity and challenge people to think critically about how the World works. The stories are cool resources to enjoy and learn from. They educate, inspire, and help to develop values; science, fun and more.




Brenda grew up well and she flourished. She hailed in Ibadan, Western part of Nigeria. She started school at 4, Her parents decided to send her to a Christian school probably because they liked the atmosphere being pastors themselves. Brenda (7) was in grade 4 when the teacher taught the class a Christian song titled – Amazing Grace. She knew the song so well that she could recite it word for word. Her parents listened to her singing it in the wash-room. She sang it as she bathed. The sweet lyrics was excellently and eloquently rendered. The parents were highly impressed and extremely happy. The following Sunday, Brenda was invited to the stage to sing same song Solo to all the congregation in the Church. She proudly made her way forward like a princess and majestically sang boldly with-out missing a word. The people in the Church were highly impressed that a girl of 7 could face a large audience of about 1000 with such elegance. The parents were warmly congratulated, and her school was highly commended for a job well-done

Brenda was then registered into the Church as a member of the Choir, and the Church council recommended her to be A STAR Singer in the cultural Show taking place in South Africa to represent their Children School. Morning shows the day. Brenda started well, she could be a World Champion, if she decided to take to music in future. She had been a pride to her parents, she grew well and flourished in her little capacity.




Dorcas never really liked to be an actress. Her parents sent her to a summer camp when she was (8). She took a writing course there and wrote a monologue that she performed for her parents. No one knew that agents go to such places to look for children who could act. She was very surprised when an agent called her. She was cast in her first play that same year. Since then Dorcas had performed in many plays: acting the part of a deaf or blind child. She always played the parts a little edgy, or difficult to imagine. Sometime she worked with the tutor on the movie set but definitely she wanted to go to college

Her advice to children who want to act is – Follow your heart and do what you want to do, but never put all your eggs in a basket. It’s a difficult business: One minute you are popular and successful, and the next minute you are not. Get a good education so you can have other options. At that moment Dorcas was very popular and successful in her early life as an actress. If she invested her gold-mine well like some popular sports’ men, Dorcas would continue to shine. At-least she grew and flourished as an actress.

– B————————————————————————————————————————————-



Albert was born by poor parents who could not afford a single good meal a day, neither could they send him to school. His father hired him out to an old farmer – friend to help him. He was paid a peanut salary to assist the parents. One day a missionary learned this horrible situation that looked more or less like a slave trade, he decided to help Albert. He visited the old farmer, preached to him like pastors did. He volunteered to assist both the farmer and Albert. He gave the old man a Bible, and some money. He promised to visit him from time to time. He requested to take Albert away and be responsible for him. Albert’s’ parents were equally compensated.

Albert was taken to the Mission school. He learnt Greek and Latin. Within 5 years he started to write books as an author. He was ordained as a pastor/ evangelist. Because of his age he was only allowed to assist an elderly pastor to manage a church. Later-on young Albert launched his own church and managed more than 1000 congregation. Most Sundays, at each Altar calling, Albert won many souls for Jesus. Many people believed that he had a divine calling to be an Evangelist.




Joan returned to school after her tonsils were removed. But she was sad because there weren’t many toys in the hospital for her and the other children to play with. She was sad because having more toys to play would have helped not to miss home and family much as she did. So, Joan joined hands with her senior sister to collect reasonable quantity of toys in the neighborhood and with her mom’s permission donated them to a near-by hospital. Joan believed that one should make a difference: Standing for an adult in the bus and washing dishes at home voluntarily to respect the elders. You can change things; big or small. Joan at 5 made a difference donating toys to sick children in the hospital. In her compassionate heart, she grew and flourished in generosity and her love for other people.




An African boy named Henry (7) wrote a book titled – I love Jesus, in his Junior primary school. The proprietor of the school published the book and it was widely accepted. More than 30 million copies were sold, making it one of the best seller children book in the country. This was an invent in itself, and the title was on the front page of most News- papers in the Country, particularly Christian journals. It showed how many people craved the inspiration of the Good News. The title won the children’s hearts. Many of them told their parents –I love Jesus, and I would like to be like Him. Henry glowed spiritually and physically as he won many hearts for Jesus and humanity.




Emilia’s niece, Florence, was an apprentice in her sewing Institute. Florence was faithful and hard-working. Emilia took special interest in her. At 10, she was put in-charge of the Institute consisting of about 25 workers. The older ones disliked the idea. Florence learnt the skill at a younger age, home trained. Suddenly the first day of June, three months after the promotion Florence broke down with Stroke attack. She was paralysed on the right side of the body. Her auntie was devastated. What a bitter blow for Florence? She had been looking forward to celebrate her birth-day on the Eve of Christmas, and now she needed a wheel-chair to walk around.

Emilia sent letters out to Churches and other humanitarian organizations, soliciting for their help. Probably because the case came to them towards Christmas, positive responses came from most of them. Two of them promised to buy wheel chair for Florence and some of them accepted responsibility for all the Hospital bills. What a huge gift for Christmas and birth-day for Florence?  She got her discharge from the hospital before the festive period. She recuperated quickly, went back to work as the general overseer of the Institute. She managed that place for more than 5 years. When she was 18, she stepped forward to launch her own Sewing Institute and became the youngest Sewing Expert in the neighborhood.





Harry was home-schooled. He grew, flourished and made name for himself. Harry was just an average student for he hated Mathematics but liked English and other literary subjects. He was the favorite of his grand-mother, sitting by her side most times to write letters for her. His parents felt he would be a good professional secretary. Unfortunately, Harry took ill, he became paralysed. He needed help to walk around but by 8, Harry decided to succeed in life. He started writing poems and short stories. By 12, he had published many books. Harry conveyed the message that there is always a reason for happiness, no matter the circumstances. To live life fully, we must celebrate life everyday in some way. He did not allow his sudden breakdown to limit his purpose in life. He believed he was destined to succeed. Within a short time, he was known as a poet and as the best seller author.



Bank (8) was born by a Nigerian parent. By (3) he was sent to the baby’s school. The parents knew he was handicapped somehow because he was not as active as his senior sister. He was sent to a specialist school for training to improve his sluggishness. The school accepted him and confirmed that he had a decease called-Autism.

Bank struggled with life though his peers jeered at him and would not play with him. He could not cope with his school work but he was good at physical exercises, sports especially basketball. He took part forcefully on the field, determined to succeed. At 10, he competed with the High School team and excelled. At 12, he had a strong determination to triumph against the challenges of Autism and against his opponents on the basket court. He took part courageously in all competitions both in and outside his country. He excelled and won many medals. He eventually became a World known star in basket ball. Very soon, it is hoped Bank will join the Olympic Heroes.

Bank’s life journey taught you to do what you can, if you want to catch a dream because if you don’t dream it, you can’t become it. Never give up on your dream. Bank was a warrior in nature. His undeniable courage and benevolent human spirit became his empowering source of hope. His determination made him triumph against the challenges of Autism.



Williams was born lame. His two feet were thin, not strong enough to make him walk, though the other parts of his body were normal. In-fact he looked handsome on the face, well-groomed for he was born into a wealthy family. A nurse was employed specially to take care of him on full time. Williams attended physiotherapy clinic regularly. By three, he was given a metallic walker with four legs and was able to walk around pushing the machine but did not feel comfortable with the walking device. Initially he asked for a device with a built-in engine but as he grew older to know a bit of technology, he sensed that an attached lever and pedal could be used to rest the leg in a forward position or support the shin in a bent leg position. He suggested the device to some engineer because it would enable him to rest the dysfunctional leg directly, thereby avoiding strain or muscle cramp. The idea was considered and approved. The director of the physiotherapy school agreed that a new wheel chair with the additional – lever should be designed. It was tested and found to be an excellent modification to the existing device. Williams was given an award for the new discovery. Williams grew up, became a designer engineer in a popular disabled manufacturing unit in the country. His special design was named after him – Williams’ technique




Lilian was unable to speak-out though she was a victim of unspeakable violence. She became an inspiration to the World. Her common language was – Let us not pray to be sheltered from danger but to be fearless when facing them. Lilian was a house-maid to one popular merchant woman in Ada, a town in Nigeria. Her wages went to her parents every other month to feed them, for both of them were poor and too old to fend for themselves. When the two parents died in December 1945 Lilian gained her freedom and became liberated and free from where she was serving. A missionary school enrolled her into their school and home. She assisted them at home but attended school during office hours.  Because she was smart naturally, she was rapidly promoted into higher classes until she graduated from the High School.

Lilian’s natural instinct was to speak-out for children like her – The threats from oppression like her own parents. She went around to spread the message of house-maid/ house-mistress relationship. She preached that the idea was just bullying innocent children for peanut wages. She spread the message to over 3000 bonded children. She tried to free the children –  so bonded in the neighboring towns and villages.  Lilian was commended for her bravery. Threats to terminate her did not scare her. Unfortunately, Lilian died young but she lived free, and at her funeral, more than 1000 mourners wept for this brave girl. Her ideology was to abolish slave trade completely.




On October 13, 1935, a baby called Peter was born to a Nigerian- parents, as the first- born son and the parents looked on him as the pivot rock of the family. When Peter was 3, he was registered in the Kindergarten school barely 300 kilometers from home. And whenever home he spent hours wandering the Countryside. Taught by his parents he became skillful in many things – Art and Literary work. Peter was so knowledgeable that he out-shined many of his peers in his school. He was intelligent, fearful, out-spoken and forceful. All the same he was friendly and respective.

Because of his rich personality, everybody in the school seemed to like him and get associated with him. Debating competition at school brought to focus his sound ability to make speeches publicly because he always carried the crowd with him, even at 10. It was no surprise when his school voted him in as the president. His speech was always interesting and he always made sure other people don’t feel bad. Peter represented his school in the State competition and he won a medal.

Values are the things considered as important: Teach us how we should respect each other and ourselves.  Sharing values with others helps us work and live together in a community. The position of president is honourable and the title owner deserved the honor.




Jordan was a curious and independent child, born as pastors’ son he behaved like a matured pastor – Like father like son. His father sometimes worried about the risk Jordan took at-times but his mother Shelly once said, – He must learn to take chances, do what he wants because children learn that way.  In the school, Jordan was referred to as a – good Samaritan child because he shared his snack with friends during lunch-break. His peers learnt the spirit of absolute selflessness from him.

Jordan was found to be the selfless Healer in his class because he distributed goodies to the less privileged particularly when they are sick. He nursed them, offered them his sweaters as needed, did tepid- sponging to some as he saw his mother and nurses did, on those with high temperature. Teachers always wondered where he learnt all the techniques but they appreciated his in-put. At the end of the session, he was given an award as – The selfless Healer in the school.

Morning shows the day, if Jordan at 7, could receive the award as a selfless healer at this tender age, the sky is the limit. Pass it on.




A champion is a winner: Someone who never gives up, even when the going gets rough. A champion is a member of the winning team – someone who overcomes challenges even when it requires creative solutions. A champion is an optimist – a hopeful spirit – someone who plays the game even when the game is called life. There can be a champion in each of us, if we do not limit our own abilities with fears of inadequacy and groundless excuses; Don’t think your dreams will never come true; Have an attitude adjustment; Be a master of possibilities, no matter how impossible they may seem. These are the seeds for success.

The brain does what you want it to do – attitude, perception, in all personal choices. You can keep your brain sharp and enjoy life at each segment. The brain likes new things. Brain cells are said to release positive electro-magnetic energy with good mind-set, the opposite features with bad mind-set. Scientists say – Both hormones occupy the central lobes of the brain. That is your brain controls your out-look in life. Children experiment adventurous exploits because their brains are stimulated by new things.

The children described above are all achievers: School president, Selfless Healer, Author, Poet, youngest sewing expert, strong determination, fearless warrior, youngest evangelist, remarkable giver, great actress. Their life journeys are worthy of emulation. They grew, flourished and shine. You can be anything you want to be in life by His grace.






About 108 Animals are known in the world. Amongst them are Elephants, Dogs, Cats, Chicken, Goats, Pigs, Fishes. These animals have brains in various degrees. Scientists say – Earth-worms, Ants, and Bees have neurons in small numbers to suit their growth, and other characteristics. The brain is the control center that constantly receives and sends messages to other segments of the body. The neurons in the brain contain about 10 billion nerve cells in men. Each neuron can store about 10,000 bits of information. The three-pound brain can store 100,000,000,000, 000 (one hundred trillion) bits of information in a life-time. The brain is like a three-story house: the upper story called the cerebrum thinks, learns, solve problems and remembers. The middle story is the cerebellum. This makes the muscle work together: Walk, talk, and draw. Earth-worm has about 20 neurons, an ant 250, a bee over 900 neurons.

Some animals have been found to be more intelligent, faster than they look. Some actually out-shine the others in their domain. Animals make various sounds to communicate their feelings to others. They are all sensitive or irritable to their surroundings. They exhibit the characteristics of -All the living in various degrees. Elephants are the largest terrestrial mammal on Earth. They have been observed to be extremely intelligent and to have memories that span many years. Recent scientific discovering showed that Elephants can communicate over long distances by producing a sub-sonic rumble that can travel over the ground faster than sound through air. They can also receive messages through the sensitive skin on their feet and trunk. History showed that Elephants and humans have much in common and can adapt themselves to life around them. Both humans and Elephants develop in-tri-cate -systems of communications in their various domains. That is to say that – All animals have the common characteristics of the Living – Growth, Feeding, Irritability, Respiration, Movement, Excretion and Reproduction. They all occur naturally but not perceived equally.

Jerome voluntarily brought his dog named Jack to entertain the Clients of the Old-peoples’ home in Waterloo sometime in June 2015. He had tamed and trained the dog to be friendly. Most of the Clients caressed, kissed, patted and rubbed hands on the body. Jerome said – Jack had been invited to visit the sick people in mental homes. Jack became popular, loved by many people. He even brought healing to the sick. Jerome said – Some dogs are trained to contest in races like men, and some are used by police to identify criminals. Jack grew, flourished and shine as an animal.

The following passages assumed that animals told their own stories. The descriptions and life-cycles are true and precise. Sit tight, have fun as you enter the amazing Animal World.


ELEPHANT – the biggest animal in the World


  1. We, African Elephants are the largest terrestrial mammal on Earth,

Family Elephantidae, the order Proboscidea

We are slightly larger than our Asian cousins

We can be identified by our large ears.

Our adult trunk is about 7 feet (2m) long.

  1. Three species are recognized: The African bush Elephant (Loxodonta)

Asian Elephant – Elephantidae, and African forest Elephant

The mass of Asian Elephant is 5, 400 kg, African bush 6000 kg.

The height of Asian Elephant 2.7m, Length 5.5-6m

While the African bush family is 3.3m

  1. We live on almost any habitat that provides plentiful food and water.

Our populations are scattered throughout

Sub-Saharan African and the rain-forest

We are defenders of wild-life,

Our habitat loss is the key

And significant threat that face us.

  1. We are the most intelligent, social, empathic animal around

We have emotions and smarter than most animals

Unlike people, we rely far more on our exquisite sense of smell

And touch than on our relatively poor vision

Especially when it comes to food.

  1. Elephants remember the locations of water holes

Hundreds of kilometers apart and return there year after year.

We fashion twigs into switches to shoo flies

And plug drinking holes with chewed up balls of bark.

We clearly form social bonds

And even mourn our dead

  1. We identify one another primarily by touch, scent and sound, not by sight

The caged Elephants have higher rate of infertility

And die younger on average than the un-caged ones

At the turn of the 20th Century, our population

Were a few million African Elephants, about 100,000 Asian Elephants

Today, 450,000 – 700,000 African Elephants

And between 35, 000 – 40, 000 wild Asian Elephants

  1. History showed that we and humans have much in common

We both adapt ourselves to life around the same time

Both develop intricate systems of communications

Both experience dramatic increase in brain size over the years.

Numerous observations suggested that the big-brained

Beasts are the most intelligent animals on the planet.

  1. We are extremely intelligent, and have memories that span many years

Recent scientific discovery showed that Elephants

Can communicate over long distances by producing a sub-sonic rumble

That can travel over the ground faster than sound through air

And receive messages through the sensitive skin on their feet and trunks

  1. We, Elephants form deep family bonds

Live in tight matriarchal family groups

of related females called a herd.

The herd is led by the oldest, and often largest female in the herd.

Herds consist of 8 -100 individuals depending on family size.

  1. We deliberate among ourselves, make decisions, applaud our achievements

We look to one another to do a group charge

And celebrate our successes

We often refuse to leave our sick and injured behind

Even if the ailing animal is not a direct relation.

  1. We, Elephants eat huge amounts of tough, fibrous grasses,

Shrubs that are difficult to digest

Leaves, bamboos, bark, roots

Crops like banana, sugar-cane – Grown by farmers

Adult Elephant eat 300 – 400 IBS of food per day

  1. We reproduce like other animals

Our mating season is mostly during the rainy season

Our gestation period is 18-22 months in Asian Elephant

And 22 months in African bush Elephant

Average calf weighs between 200-250 IBS at birth

And at birth calf’s trunk has no muscle tones-

will suckle through the mouth

It takes several months for a calf to gain full control of its trunk

  1. When a calf is born

It is raised and protected by the whole herd.

The male leaves the family unit

And may lead solitary life

Or live temporarily with other males



Elephants live ceremoniously in their kingdom. They take care of their sick even if the ailing animal is not a direct relation. They grow, flourish and shine as the largest and most intelligent terrestrial animal in the World.


DOG – the fastest pet in the World


  1. We, domestic dogs are members of genus Canis (Canines)

We are probably the first tamed animals

We are from the Wolf family

We form part of the Wolf-like Canids

The most widely abundant carnivore

  1. We have accompanied humans for some 10,000 years

We are the first animals to be tamed as pets

Today, we are reputed human best friends

We are friendly, smart and loyal

We get jealous if we see humans play affection

For we can smell 1 million times stronger than men.

  1. We serve humans in various ways

Our breeds are more than 150, divided into 8 classes

Sporting, working, healing, guiding.

We have been trained as tracking, sniffer

Rescue, Guide, Services, and Therapists

We are specialists in various fields

  1. As German Shepherd, we are rescue dogs

Struggle up and down in massive ruins

We are strong, tireless, but get information from

Our sense of smell

We help the police find suspects; we dig, crawl on our bellies into holes.

We can smell a thousand times better than men

40% of our brain power is used for figuring out

  1. As service dogs, we guide people who cannot see, hear or walk well

We help the dis-abled people to keep them alive

We are trained to obey commands: Forward, right, left

We are social animals, for we like to be around other dogs.

  1. As therapists, we are trained to work in hospitals,

Nursing Homes, and Prisons to comfort people

All kids love us and we love them, they hug us and

Get our big sloppy kisses in return

We always cheer the kids up and make them laugh

Even if they pull our tails

We don’t mind, we just wag them harder

As therapists, we make many people smile

Which they haven’t done in a ling time

  1. As Guide dogs, we can read body languages

If our owners point to a car or food bowl

We know what it means

We always want to please the humans we live with

This is why the bond between us is so strong

  1. We keep communities clean

By eating left-overs and rotten meat

We sleep with our owners to keep them nice and warm

Scientists say –

All dogs sense danger faster than men

  1. As R. E. A. D. dogs, we are trained to sit with children as they read

Some of us turn pages, as children relax,

They don’t feel shy or scared

A lot of students noticed their reading grades have gone up

Maybe we just help the kids to love books.


  1. In conclusion, dogs are specialists and record-breakers in their domain.

The gray hound dogs are the fastest animals in the Universe.

Dogs have deep feelings for the human families. Some of them don’t eat when their owners are away. Some mourn for months when owners die. Scientists say – They behave this way only because of instinct. However, instinct alone doesn’t explain everything. Dogs are thinking animals with true emotions. They feel love, know right from wrong and do some human things.

They possess unique skills which enable them to cope with various specialization





CAT – most popular pet in the World


We, cats are domesticated pets – (African wild cat, Leopard cats), Felis catus, Family – Felidae

Our life span is 4 – 5 years in the wild, Length – 4.6 cm without tail

Our nose pad is ridged with a unique pattern

We are typically fury carnivorous mammals

We are the funniest and most hilarious pets

We are the king of comedy for we make people laugh all the time.

  1. In ancient Egypt, we are worshipped as a feline goddess

Goddess of love, sex, and attractions, riding on chariots

Our senses are superior amongst animals – Exceptional sight, smell, and taste

We sneak up and down to catch rats which men hate

Reason why we are loved by humans

3.We have young bones and teeth adapted for hunting small animals – mice, rats

A group of cats is called Clowder, a male – Tom, a female Queen, young cats – Kittens, their group – Kindle

Each cat has 5 toes on each front paw, only 4 toes on each back paw

Cats are cute, soft and loved

But we prefer food at room temperature, not cold or hot

4.Cats are born in the barn with cows and hens,

under blankets or mitten boxes

We sneak indoors because we love warmth

When our boss is in the bath,

we sit on the edge to sip the warm soupy water.

5.Cats like three things in life: Food, window-sill, and people

We fall over friends to pet

But at-times they put us in the pantry and close the door

Because we dig dirt from potted plants to eat the violet blooms

6.Black cats aren’t an omen of ill-fortune

In U.K. and Australia, spotting them are good luck

Our teeth are sharper as kittens,

but lose the needle- sharp milk teeth after 6 months

Cats show affections by rubbing on people

For glands of our faces, tails and paws release scent to make their mark

7.Our hearts beat almost double the humans’ – from 110 to 140 beats per minute

Our kittens yawn about 200 – million times per hour

A cat can jump 5 times its own height

And some blue-eyed have a tendency to be blind

8.Cats communicate with other cats with hiss, purr and spit but echo meow to men

Cats can pick up men’s tone of voice

So sweet talking by owners have favourable impact

Around the World cats take a break to nap

A cat-nap is 425 million times a day.

9.Cats sleep 16 hours in a day

Genetically, our brains are similar to that of humans’

We have dreams and start at 3 weeks old

Our back paws aren’t as sharp as the claws on the front paws

And our webbed feet make it easy for us to get a good grip on things with skill.

10.Cats are the mammals with large eyes

We detect sweetness in anything we taste

We don’t have eye-lashes

Eyes closed does not mean, we are tired, but happy and pleased

We sense human feelings and mood

11.We can be lefties and enable us righties or ambidextrous like men

Our rough tongues enable us to clean ourselves efficiently

Lick or clean animal bones

1/3 of our time is spent cleaning ourselves

Our nose is to us, as finger-print is to man

12.Our pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks

We have 24 more bones than humans

We rather starve than eat unpalatable foods

The World’s most fertile cat give birth to 420 kittens in her life-time

Cats land on their fours

13.We have special balance organs in our inner ear

We can straighten in the air, and land upright on ground

We have over 100 sounds in our vocal repertoire

Our field of vision does not cover the area right under our nose

And we use our whiskers to measure openings, general navigation and moods

14.Cats are cute, soft, the most loved pets in the World. We are the kings and queens of comedy of all pets in the Universe, for we make people laugh all the time. Years back, we were the goddess of love, sex, and attraction. We are strongly loved by the humans because we kill their enemies – Rats. In a nutshell we grow, flourish and shine everywhere.


GOAT – most known meat in the World


1.We, goats are members of the Bovidae family, closely related to the sheep family

Both in the antelope sub-family – Caprinae

Our scientific name is Capra-aegagrus hircus

Our breeds are – Boer goat, Anglo-Nu goat

Saanen goat, Pygmu goat and Nigerian Dwarf goat

2.Our life-span is 15-18 years, Mass 20 – 140 kg (adult)

Tropic level, we are herbivorous

We have four stomachs: rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasums.

Our gestation period is 150 days

We are small animals.

3.Goats are among the earliest domesticated animals

Mountain goats live in steep rocky areas

And sheep prefer to walk uphill, rather than down-hill

Goats are amazing social animals

But sheep are not flock-oriented

4.If you know how to raise goats and sheep

They can make a great addition to home stead

Goat meat is the most consumed meat

Sheep is noted for its thick coat of wool

Sheared off and made into yarn.

5.Goat meat is known Worldwide

The popular – SUYA – meat is coined-goat meat

It is a form of Steak – meat, served in Restaurants

It is taken as a delicacy to entertain guests

As snacks especially during festivals

6.Goat was domesticated in more than 10,000 countries

There are over 450 million goats in the World

It was the first animal to be used for its milk

Male goats have beard and backward curving horns

7.In conclusion, goats are Record-Breakers as the first animals to be used for their milk. Goat meat holds the great title – SUYA –in the African communities. Sheep also produces milk, meat but its luxurious wool is more recognized. Both animals are great and outstanding in their kingdom


PIG – most sleepy-head and smart animal


1.Pigs are animals, Genus Sus, Family Suidae

We are about 2 billion in the World

Gloucester – old – spot pigs live in England

And love to eat apples and acorn

Alsace pigs are from France,

They weigh more than a Refrigerator

China has more pigs than anywhere else

2.Like humans, pigs are omnivorous

They eat animals, plants and vitamins

A pig’s snout is an important tool

For finding food in the ground

And sensing the World around

For pigs have excellent sense of smell.

3.Pigs have poor eye-sight

Their nostrils are on the leathery snout

Very sensitive to touches

Pigs also lie to snuggle close to one another

And prefer to sleep nose to nose.

4.Pigs are among the smartest domesticated animals

Even smarter than dogs

They dream much like humans

They are very clean animals

And they serve human lives.

5.Scientists think pigs are pretty brainy

They are known for their intelligence

They learn jobs and tricks faster than dogs

Some can play computer games

They are as smart as Chimpanzees

6.Pigs are truffle hunters

Truffles are fungi that grow under the ground

They taste good and difficult to find

They cost hundreds of dollars per pound

Pigs love to hunt them for food

7.Pigs perform games for people

They jump and play if trained

But need attention, not to get bored

And tear the house

For they learn very fast

8.In conclusion, though we, pigs are sleepy-heads, we are intelligent like Chimpanzee. We are even smarter than dogs and perform for people if trained. We grow, flourish and shine in our kingdom.


OSTRICH – Largest flightless bird


1.Chicken and Ostrich are garden birds

We are domesticated and flight-less

But Ostrich is the largest

We grow and change in stages

Our life cycle are eggs, chick and adult

2.Mother sits on eggs to keep us warm

Soon pecks our way out of the shells

We walk and run in few hours

live in about 95 degrees Fahrenheit

Our down-feathers dry, grow longer to keep us warm

3.We take water, grains, seeds plants

Insects, meat and vitamins with our beaks

We grow up to become adults,

Have wings to fly short distances

We have skinny legs and feet with claws

Our adult feathers are strong and water-proof

4 The male grow- and become tall,

struts around to show off their feathers and mate with female

The adult female look – around to make the right bedding for baby-egg

then lay eggs in the prepared nests and sit in them

The egg is the start of a new life-cycle.

5.In conclusion Ostriches are the largest flight-less bird in the World.

W e often show off our wealth of feathers with pride. We grow, flourish and shine in our domain and the whole World


DOLPHIN FISH – most intelligent fish in the World


1.Fish is an aquatic craniate animal

They have gills which they use to extract Oxygen

from the water around them

They lack limbs and digits

Their life span is 3 – 5 years; Phylum Chordate

Length 7 cm; Mass 2 – 14 kg

2.Fish are cold – blooded animals like reptiles and amphibians

They can’t control their body temperature

Some live inside salt water e.g. halibut

Salmon migrate every year to breed and lay eggs

Fish have a good sense of taste, sight and touch

3.Fish are the Vertebrates that live in water

Dolphin fish is the most intelligent fish in the World

The largest is the great Whale Shark

Fish has always been an integral part of human life

Fish in the pond are pets for children.

4.There are 30,000 known species

They are divided into three main groups;

The jawless, the cartilaginous and the bony fish

Fish is the first – choice meat of most people

Not just because of the food value

But because the flesh is easier to chew,

especially the elderly without strong teeth



Animals are not created to have the type of brains that humans have, so their involvement in life policy is limited. Yet they grow, flourish and shine in their own capacities. Some of them are Record – Holders

In their kingdom because they have been programmed for that purpose.

DOGS are the FASTEST animal in the World

CHICKEN and FISH are the only animals eaten before they are born and after they die

GOATS are the first pets to be tamed, domesticated and their meat is the most known in the World

PIGS and CATS are among the sleepy heads

DOLPHIN FISH is the most intelligent fish in the World

CATS and DOGS are the favourite pets for most families

ELEPHANTS are the biggest land animals. African elephant is the heaviest terrestrial mammal topping the scale at 7 tons (14,432 pounds)

African elephant also holds the longest gestation record; 660 days to produce a baby

OSTRICH is the largest flight-less bird, growing to 108 inches tall

In conclusion, animals grow, flourish and shine in their kingdom to benefit mankind because we have dominion over them all. Each animal exhibited what the Creator made it to be naturally, so barring evil penetrators or intruders on Earth we shall all be what we are meant to be. The key is to hold the ANCHOR tightly for support. Who is the ANCHOR -our Lord Jesus Christ.





There are over 250,000 different kinds of plants in the World. God made them all, and they grow, flourish and shine in their own kingdom. The Bible mentioned 80 kinds, the ones described in this book are: Cassava, Rice, Apple, Avogadro, Yam/Potato, Bamboo, Maize, Palm, Onion and Tomatoes.  Land plants, include vascular and fossil plants. Some are perennials (live many years) and some annuals. Plants grow from seeds or cuttings. Seeds want to germinate until their needs are met; water, warmth, and good location. During its early stages of growth, the seedlings rely upon the food supplies stored with it in the seed, until it is large enough for its own leaves to begin making food through photosynthesis. This is the process when leaf-cells containing chlorophyll are able to make its own food using Carbon-dioxide in the air, water, sunlight. The study of plants is known as Botany which is a branch of Biology. Green plants have cell walls containing cellulose. Plants obtain most of their energy from sunlight via photosynthesis in their chloroplasts which contain chlorophyll. Plants are characterized by sexual and asexual reproduction to produce future generation. One of the materials plants produce as they make their food is oxygen gas which is essential for all other living organisms to live. That is all the living grow and flourish together for mutual benefits.

In the plant kingdom, plants also tell the stories of how they have been made great, grow, flourish and shine. This means that all the living had the same potentials of – Growth, Irritability, Movement, Reproduction, Excretion, Feeding, Respiration. These are the basic requirements we all need. It is our BIRTH-RIGHT to grow, flourish, and shine. HALLELUYA.



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