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Life Trio – Drive, Draw and Do

Historical and current events.
. Science of Operation
. Divine Intervention – Freedom (Testimony)
Spouses, children, families, and others.
. Science of Operation
. Divine Intervention – Unexpected Blessing (Testimony)
Various Callings
. Science of Operation
. Divine Intervention – Happiness (Testimony)
5 Summary
. Testimony
. Inspiration poem.

The god of this World is Devil, otherwise known as Satan. All evil performances are Satan tools – suicide, murder, addiction, madness and so on. Some cultures call them curses. Simple Arithmetic shows that D+D+D = 3D.
The first D is Freedom obtained Driving Satan tools away from your life.
The second D is the Blessing Drawn when you show love in fellowship.
The third is the Happiness, when you Do your divine Calling on earth.
The sum which is 3D is blissful eternal home.
Men’s first sinful activity came because of Luci fer rebellion. This put an end to earth’s first perfect state. This is the overthrow of the World that then was (2 Peter 3:5-7). Earth’s second sinful performance began when men transgressed God’s Word (Genesis 2:17) Lucifer, the Devil, the old serpent beguiled Eve to commit the first sin which caused the down-fall of men till today. We build our strength through prayer to fight the Devil to succeed in life. Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual power, strong courage, strong mind. God who created us in His own Image blessed us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it, have dominion over other things like fish, fowl, beasts and all vegetations. He blesses and fights for His children always but Satan victims are cursed. Satan does not shake hands with anybody.
In this story, the authors considered how to Drive away the Devil, Draw- people in loving fellowship, Do and choose the right purpose in life to merit blissful eternity.
Devil tools are evil, potent, cunning, radical forces like brutality, hatefulness, violence, terrorism. They manifest historically and presently in human hearts. They play a role in shaping human history and misery which leads to death.
. Because it gives them pleasure
. It gives them power
. They don’t know any better
. They are afraid of their victims
. They think the evils are good, righteous or necessary.
. They are indifferent to the sufferings of others
. They are morally stupid
. Higher authority forced them
. It is in their culture and belief
. It may be an accident, or as a revenge, and so on.
Natural evils come as earth-quakes or like the present pandemic C-o-vid 19. But moral evils have human agency which involves human choice.
These devices were in place thousands of years ago, even in the Holy Bible as seen with Joseph’s brethren.
. Hatred and Malice
. Envy and Jealousy
. Plotting to take life
. Mockery and Ridicule
. Stripping Position and Rank
. Casting into waterless pit to suffer unknown agony or death
. Showing no mercy
. Selling into Slavery with unknown torture
. Deceiving and lying to Jacob.
Because Satan is evil, some cultures refer to these devices as Curses.
. Curses inflicted by those offended
. Curses due to Jealousy
. Curses to hinder helpers from showing kindness, compassion, empathy, love and so on.
. Curses causing confusion, fighting, frustrations and so on
. Curses of incurable diseases
. Curses causing failure, poverty, madness, bad dreams and so on.
. In-fact, all other ills in the society are Devil devices.
If you accept Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOR, you become a child of God. His BLOOD on the cross will fight for you.
I AM A LIVING WITNESS to this fact. When I was admitted in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in one teaching hospital in Canada for a lower jaw surgery, I could not speak for days. I was tied to the bed with a television screen right in-front of the bed. To me, everything I saw in the television was like a dream. I saw a group of people narrating all my offences. I could not talk as a person, but I HEARD A voice ANSWERING MY ACCUSERS AS IF He saw my heart. At the end, all my CCUSERS WERE Driven AWAY. A week later, MY SPEECH WAS RESTORED. After another week, I was discharged from the hospital. Your guess is as good as mine; Who defended me? God is everywhere; He fights for His children all the time. The Devil is a liar. The Holy Spirit defended me, drove away my accusers and gave me FREEDOM. This happened ten years ago. I am still alive to pursue my life purpose. Praise the LORD.
If you ask people and most parents what they want more than anything else in life, Happiness is by far the most common answer. When you Draw people; your family- members and others closely to yourself, bless and show them concern, all parties become united in unison and happiness. Others like your next-door neighbours, partners in business even strangers are all your brothers as children of Abraham. The Bible tells us to love our neighbours as ourselves. This golden rule is welcome by everybody all over the WORLD. Drawing people closely in love is the most rewarding attribute in life. In every culture, every belief, loving, blessing one another is like breathing that is hardly noticed but ever present and life-sustaining. It makes day-to-day life sweeter and even glorious. Particularly, your close associates; spouses, children, other family members appreciate your concern for their success in life.
You have real life, when you draw other people with loving fellowship. Start loving yourself first, then your children, spouses, family-members, and neighbours. Fill them with hope, joy, personal strength and peace of mind. This will maintain your life balance and give you authentic Happiness and success. It is possible to be successful at work and have a great home life. What really matters in life is to create a dynamic balance of fellowship with every body; friends, neighbours and strangers. Balance is beautiful. Most importantly, first focus on yourself, your nucleus-family, distant families, and then others.
Husband and wife are to live together with happiness, hilarity and share adventures with their grand children. Before women were compelled to work because of economic pressure, though they know that men should be responsible absolutely for them historically. As children of GOD, wives should respect their husbands, but their humility should be appreciated with love. Women have unique talents and abilities that enable them to excel both in the home and in the work-place. This uniqueness gives them the ability to nurture life, provides intensified challenges when it comes to creating work-family balance to sustain successful life and reap huge success. It is apparent that work, family, money and time make incremental improvements to reap huge success. Both husbands and wives, working together are essential elements. Success at-large begins from home. Family matters are the fundamental principle of happiness, success and of regenerating, renewing society. The most important SUCCESS is success at home. It makes each generation better. This is the best way to contribute to the society as a whole. The reward is unexpected blessings.
Your children are your BLOOD your substitute, your left-over and they renew the society after you.
Certainly, you want the best for them. You pray for their success, greatness and peace in their lives. You bless them with long life. You pray for them to care for you as you care for your parents. You help your children to build winning character through relationship. You raise healthy and responsible children who contribute positively to their World. You teach them perseverance, responsibility, optimism, motivation, integrity and to engage in service and play. All these principles help children to thrive positively in life. Let your children be proud of you, as you wish to be proud of them. Do not nurse any noticeable grudge in their presence, because children copy what they see. Good balance is beautiful.
Loving to be a MAGNET in your vicinity is great. In Science – A MAGNET BAR collects all the iron-fillings in its neighbourhood. My politeness to a stranger won me his heart. I didn’t SHUN him away in a rude way. It is honourable to draw people to yourself from far and near. The story I am about to tell is awkward but true. A few years ago, I sat down comfortably in a public Mall. I was alone, just for site-seeing and recreation. A strange white man about 7 feet-tal0l, dressed in white sheet, khaki trouser and brown sandals joined me soon after. He greeted me and I responded with politeness. Not long after, he opened a discussion. He told me that he came as an evangelist from Africa. He had been to offices, market places, and hospitals to pray for them all by himself. I responded politely. I remained seated attentively. I like to draw people to myself, even strangers. He sat for about 30 minutes and left. He returned in just about 2 minutes to give me money – $20.00. This is an un-expected blessing. The money was insignificant, but it could be half of all he had on him. Of-course I refused it, but he insisted. He felt in-deb-ted to me, at-least for me to keep a token from him. After much persuasion, I reluctantly got the money. I had enough money on me. The money-gift was insignificant but the spirit behind it was cherished. I looked upon it as an unexpected blessing. Not quite 2 minutes, my children joined me and I told them the story. We looked around various stores in the shopping center to say HELLO to the man for the un-expected blessing and visitation. He was no where to be found. I later felt that the stranger could be a spirit. This is a lesson that one should be nice to all strangers. They are your neighbours and brothers on earth. We are all children of Abraham. You don’t even know who they are; They may be angels? Treat them politely. They may give you un-expected blessings. This story reminds me of the angelic visitation in the Bible (Genesis 18:1). In conclusion, be a MAGNET IN YOUR VICINITY, far and near. Good balance at home, in your neighbour-hood and even strangers is beautiful, and may give you un-expected blessings
There are various callings in life. Some people are called as Pastors. These people are the anointed ones. Some are Mentors, Evo-ca-t-e-u-r-s, Helping Scientists, Social Workers, Volunteers, business men and women. Biologists believe that, when a seed is planted in a right soil with suitable nutrients, the seed breaks from its pod, send down the roots into the soil and push up shoots towards the sky. Seed-growth looks like magic or a miracle. The seed lets-go the safety of its shell and venture out unto the unknown in-order to fulfil it’s destiny. The seed growing is your in-built potential to pursue your calling which emerges as a miracle. Everyone has a calling. Callings provide Riches, Happiness, Peace of mind. Biologically, urges or inner-voices are set up by neurons in the brain. They stretch themselves out by new stimulation coming from new challenges. Mother Teresa, a nun was a teacher. She changed to be a nurse when she saw the need. Frontal lobes in the brain are responsible for callings and urges. It is the area where we envision a better World: Happiness, Fulfillment, Peace of mind. We all have unique callings, potentials and talents. The way you work out yours to benefit mankind is your choice.
Humans are not forces to reckon with, until they discover or creatively deploy their unique gifts or address humanity’s needs. When they DO this, they are answering a call to DO something that really matters. They have purpose and are out there to make a difference. They choose significance over success. Answering a call affects individual states of well-being and has a lot to do with the state of the World.
MENTORS are providers of wise counsel. Their mentoring provides guidance, foster support and encouragement for vulnerable young people. Mentoring touches life to make a difference. It takes fears out of a kid’s life, and gives Motivation, Inspiration, Empathy, Commitment and Flexibility.
EVO-CA-TE-U-R-S are people who evoke out; Skills, Gifts, and Potentials, which people did not know they have. For example – Nelson Mandela who endures life wounds and turns it into a passionate moral cause, rather than healing the wound privately. He transformed the inner-pain and anger into an outer cause to benefit others. The people called like this feel content with small things – Elegance and not Luxury, Refinement not Fashion, Worthy not Wealth. They study hard, think quietly, Talk gently and act frankly. Eva-cu-a-t-e-u-r-s love other people and use their skills to bring out the good in others. They shape their potentials and destinies.
HELPING SCIENTISTS use their skills and knowledge
. to ease labor with new machines
. to alleviate sufferings or pain
. to aid health with medications and treatment
. to improve food supply
. to find new sources of energy and raw materials
. to solve environmental problems
. to contribute to how to act in groups
. how to lead and govern with fairness and compassion
Scientists are creative, precise, intelligent, honest, enthusiastic. They communicate their knowledge to everybody – big, small, rich or poor.
VOLUNTEERS are great people. They work devotedly to help others with little or nothing to take away. Their objective or dream is to contribute positively to the World
All divine callings look for happiness and to merit blissful eternity. There cannot be happiness without action. Even, business people who are divinely called, operate their businesses with love and compassion for the less-privileged. They lower profit margins to encourage customers and make life easier for them.
All my life, I was a scientist. I practiced science in the hospitals for years and I ended teaching science in the University. The year I retired from active service my inner-spirit told me to start to write stories – To impact the coming generations. The urge sounds funny and awkward. What story could a scientist write? Not withstanding, I obeyed. Within six months, I was able to write a book titled GRANMA BIBLE STORIES. The book was unique because I incorporated funny science questions to attract children. My colleagues encouraged me to continue. They all believed it was a calling. Believe it or not, GRANMA BIBLE STORIES – book means more to me than the book on my research projects. Merely seeing it on my book-shelf makes me happy. Ever since, I feel delighted to write life-stories in the Internet without financial benefit. Obeying the whisper of God gives me a lot of joy. And this I will continue to do until the final call for eternity.
Joan spent 30 years to become a dentist but ended her successful career as a nursing-aid in a community Nursing Home. She found that her calling was to help children because she felt happier and more at home, playing with children – Changing their nappies. She would not be true to herself, if she had stayed with dentistry. That is, whatever your calling is, you still undergo the 3 life-trios of – DRIVE, DRAW, and DO. Joan’s arrogant flesh wanted her to do dentistry. The arrogance was the satanic tool, the spirit in her Drove away the arrogance. Her love for children Drew her to be a babby-sitter. Her purpose in life was for her to care for children. This she finally did to achieve authentic Happiness. Divine life-time desires are life missions for significance towards richer, satisfying life. It needs cultivating connections to another, identifying and working towards the purpose – creativity, happiness, integrity, leadership, success and fulfillment. They are influenced by relationship, positive thoughts and risk-taking. The choice is instinctive, inspiring, insightful and persuasive. You ceate a World of meaning for your enjoyment and future generations.
Happiness desire is emotional – Commitment and fulfillment. We can increase happiness quotients, live happy and fulfilled life to create well-being. What makes people authentically happy are not riches, beauty or environment. Joyful people are thriving people. Their happiness takes root by making right choices. They find contentment and learn how to happily thrive. Happiness is vital, positive and it lends great strength to our lives. Happiness is cultivated by using the traits already possessed – Kindness, Originality, Optimism, Humor, Generosity. They not only develop natural buffers against misfortune or negativity, they also make us angels in other people’s life. Divine inspiration and divine intervention often travel hand-in-hand. We are all angels or spirits, although we walk on earth. The God in us inspires us to DO good all the time. Life trios are the rhythms of life. Do not fall short in any of the TRIOS. Best of luck.
Where there is hatred, sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy
In giving, you receive
In pardoning, you are pardoned
In dying to self
You are born to eternal life.