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Faith as Stabilizers

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Pharmaceutical stabilizers are used in the pharmaceutical Industries to confer stability on some liquid preparations like emulsions and suspensions. An emulsion is a medicinal mixture of insoluble liquids in which one is mutually dispersed in droplets throughout the other phase. A suspension is a mixture containing one or more insoluble medications mutually suspended uniformly in a liquid medium. These medicinal mixtures must be uniformly distributed in their containers to supply uniform dosage forms when needed. Thus, stringent care is taken by manufacturers to use some gelling agents to keep the insoluble medications evenly distributed. To stabilize is to make stable, homogenized evenly and mutually composed. And stabilizers are things or events that make the different components or even men steady and well-composed for successful usage in life. Pharmaceutical stabilizers are thickeners and emulsions or gelling agents that stabilize liquid dosage forms like suspensions and emulsions. The stabilizing mucilage lowers the surface tension of the dispersed phases and brings them to same terms or same equilibrium to be mutually suspended in the other medium. Examples are Methyl – Cellulose mucilage and Gum Acacia mucilage. Microcrystalline cellulose and Carboxymethyl cellulose mucilage are good pharmaceutical stabilizers. Their mucilage forms coatings on the surfaces of the diversified components and put them in agreement to stay closely together amicably to make uniform doses possible when needed.

Life – Stabilizers like pharmaceutical stabilizers are factors that put in place unstable circumstances for men – To make life easy, comfortable and fulfilled without worries, stresses, anxieties, brokenness, fear, unhappiness and other negative occurrences of this World. They compose the life-styles of contentment, beauty, satisfaction and grace by ushering in balanced life, full of purpose and happiness.

ISAIAH 33:6 in the holy Bible says –

Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation.

Life- stabilizers are seen as positive emotions in the Beatitudes rendered by Jesus to his disciples on the mountain in Judea (Matthew 5 :1-10, Luke 6 :20-26). He said mourners shall be comforted. He spoke about Mercy, Comfort, Meekness, Purity, Peace. Believers shall be reciprocated and their reward is eternal life. What else are we waiting for? Believers are richly blessed.

In this study, the authors described in-season stabilizers-factors, starting with quotations in the Holy Bible that – Everything Has Its Time (ECCLESIASTES 3:1-10)

Everything is seasonal even periodic living times – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Humans know this fact and some scientists take it up as an opportunity. Professional cooks collect fresh and cheap produce in seasons and advise people on the best cooking methods of the time – For instance, ingredients ideally suited for Autumn and for cold Winter nights. These scientists understand seasonal factors necessary to keep mankind stable, comfortable and at ease all the year round. They herald the benefits of cooking in season for practical reasons: Food taste, better quality, come cheaper, and better for you when it’s prepared in its peak season. Cooking your way through the year, you enjoy the finest ingredients each season has to offer. This is a comfortable and well-planned stabilizer for men. In addition, professional cooks researched into the most appropriate cooking techniques at various seasons: Boiling, Baking, Frying and so on. All effort was to prescribe the easiest and most comfortable technique in the various seasons. Without doubt, the various techniques and the chefs themselves are stabilizers for mankind. In season adaptations have been with us all along. Despite rough circumstances – Bad weathers, brokenness, hardships of various types, humans always invent their own stabilizers to keep lives going happily – undisturbed.

The Alchemist saw nature as ‘’ a guiding principle whose ways were to be studied, understood and imitated. Their belief was basic all along for centuries. Like a pinch of spice thrown into a dish of food, sometimes the presence of a tiny stabilizer or transformation can make all the difference in a man’s life. Sweet spices generally give characteristic of warmth and satisfaction. They balance savory, bitter and pungent attitudes to form extra-ordinary pleasant character or personality.

Belief system is controlled by the nature of your brain, heart and Immune system. These stabilizers are divine. Both physical and emotional self-healing of wounds originate from God. Psychologists believe that healing depends on self-will, to survive and to recover. Positive social behaviors like laughter and humor are also stabilizers for healthy living. They enhance neurological processes that promote health and reduce negative consequences of stress. These social behaviors like social support, physical exercises, seasonal responsiveness are stabilizers because they help individual recover psychologically. They are life-spices given to men from creation to make life beautiful and blissful. God Himself is love and He is good all the time.



The Holy Bible describes seasonal occurrences in life.

A Time for Everything


1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

2 A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to build up;

4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance;

5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

6 A time to get, and a time to lose;

A time to keep, and a time to cast away;

7 A time to rent, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

8 A time to love, and a time to hate; A time of war, and a time of peace

Scientists, as usual, follow this doctrine in most of their studies. Professional cooks have their own beliefs as follows – They confirm that food tastes better and works better for you when prepared in its peak season, and when you cook your way through the year, you enjoy the finest ingredients each season has to offer, because in-season produce maximizes nutrients and give best quality when fresh. For instance, fresh strawberries provide lots of Vitamin C, excellent source of potassium, B-Vitamin known for its role in reducing the risk of birth defects. It is also a good source of fiber which helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar which is best in season.

Cooking with in-season fruits and vegetables can also save you money. Out of season produce is costly and generally lacks flavor. It is best to choose fruits and vegetables that are in season. When produce is at its peak, there is abundance of it, and you can find it for a bargain. Cooking through the season makes you enjoy new varieties and flavors of fresh produce all year long. Moreover, doing things meaningful at the appropriate time keeps you active all year round. This idea is a good stabilizer to control stresses. Professional cooks also stabilized cooking methods for different seasons.


Spring’s seasonal ingredients are best suited for boiling and steaming.

. Boiling is a virtually fat-free cooking method that requires just a heavy-bottomed pot or saucepan to distribute the heat. Boiling-method cooks food at a relatively high temperature. 212 degree is the boiling point for water at sea-level. When liquid boils, bubbles break through and pop on the surface while the whole batch of liquid churns vigorously. When ingredients are boiled, they’re done solely in water. The food is usually added to the liquid once it reaches a boil. This intense cooking method is well suited for some grains. Boiling is also useful for reducing sauces.

Steaming is relatively easy and it offers a healthful way to cook, because it achieves excellent results with no added fat and it minimizes nutrient loss during cooking. Once you master the basics of steaming, the possibilities are endless. You’ll love being able to put together an entrée or healthful-side with little effort.


There are plenty of options to give great time for summer fun. There is wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in summer. There is always something for every occasion. The fresh seasonal foods help you make the most sumptuous summer meals. Summer is marked by the arrival of fresh corn, ripened tomatoes, sweet watermelon.

Professional cooks picked Frying and Grilling as best for the season.

Stir – frying is one of the fastest and healthiest cooking methods chosen. It’s easy, even a novice in the kitchen will feel confident using this technique

Grilling is fun, casual and versatile. The cooking technique creates charred edges, robust tastes with minimal effort. The heat of the fire does all the work – No added fat, so it makes it one of the easiest and most healthful cooking methods. Grilling works wonders with all types of meat, poultry, sea-food, vegetables and fruits. It is a good option for busy cooks, very relaxing and it stabilizes your nerves.


COOKING IN AUTUMN – There is no better way to celebrate autumn than by enjoying good food with the ones you love. Autumn’s bumper crop of fruits and vegetables offers a range of intense flavors and substantial textures. Groceries and farmers’ markets are full of apples, pears, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Autumn ingredients are good for Thanks-giving spreads and simple suppers for cold nights. Best ways to cook in autumn are Baking and Roasting. These techniques are perfect when the leaves begin to fall.

Baking is the process of cooking breads, pizza, cakes, pies in the dry heat of an oven. which changes the starch in the food, creating a browned exterior or surface while sealing-in moisture.

Roasting may be one of the easiest cooking techniques because the oven does most of the work. The food cooks in an uncovered heavy pan where dry hot air surrounds it and browns it, intensifying the flavors with a minimal amount of added fat. Foods can be simply prepared and then cook hand-free, making roasting an especially handy technique for busy week-night meals or hectic holidays. Roasting is a dry cooking technique as opposed to wet technique like steaming. Hot air surrounds the food and cooks it evenly on all sides. Depending on the food you are preparing, you can roast at low, moderate or high temperatures.

COOKING FOR WINTER – In Winter, there comes a supply of fresh ingredients that offer you comfort from the cold. Best ways to cook in winter are by Simmering and Braising. They are both slow cooking. These techniques help to make winter a season of pure comfort. Nothing warms you up better or stabilizes you more in the cold months than chicken-vegetable soup, or chili.

SIMMERING – refers to cooking food in liquid or cooking just the liquid itself, at a temperature slightly below the boiling point, around 180 or 190 degrees. It’s gentler but trickier than boiling because it requires careful temperature regulation so that the surface of the liquid simmers with a bubble coming up every few seconds. Simmering method cooks food gently and slowly. It is more versatile than boiling because it lends itself to a variety of foods.

BRAISING – uses low moist heat to transform food into melting tender and flavorful dishes. It’s an ideal technique for cooking cold weather – filling foods. Since much of the cooking time is hands-off as the dish simmers, braising is a stabilizer as well as a boon to busy cooks. The results are always satisfying, partly because the process involves layers of flavors.

In all the cooking techniques stated above, it has been observed that appropriate schedules at the right time or in-season, prevented stress and heart-attach. You are well-planned in advance. You take your time peacefully and you enjoy life at its best – Fresh food, contented life and the like. Therefore, in-season stabilizers are divinely planned for humanity. In this case, professional cooks are the helping scientists.



. Belief as fluid stabilizers

This section joins the dots between the power of beliefs, placebo effect, and scientific evidence and how the mind and body store trauma. Many people have been fascinated by the placebo effect – how people’s health improves through believing they are receiving a drug. Beliefs are fluid like water. They gain momentum and strength like fluid – blood.                                                                                 Yet if we are caught in a torrential rapid of belief without a boat or a paddle, it can be our down-fall. Hence, we need stabilizers to keep us balanced. Stabilizers touch everything in life. They form the centre of how we act and react to situations. Belief – system is controlled by what we learn from early childhood, from parents and cultures. If you transform your belief-system, you can transform your experience of reality.

Scientists on core belief ensure us that – Thought patterns provide fuel for emotions, drive chemical changes in our body and produce reactions and attractions to the external world.

  • That they underpin everything in person’s life, no matter the trauma. Many cases studied, ensure that practitioners focus on core beliefs to achieve true and sustainable change in their lives and their clients’ lives.
  • Belief – systems are full of creative ideas. They boost successes and take us on transformative journey through stress, pain and abuse of the past. They enhance body image, set goals and give a sense of purpose. If your relationship is fallen apart or you are broken one way or the other, your belief – system can work for you. You have emotional freedom or stabilizer to calm your nerves.
  • People learn this powerful technique which integrates psycho-energetic nature of reality with the body, mind and trauma theory. You don’t need a therapeutic background or a degree, only the willingness to be opened to change and new ways of thinking. The power of belief – system is the greatest stabilizer of our time. It is a discovery that human beings can change the outer aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds. Your beliefs are the rivers running through the inner landscape of your mind. They are the source of your stability and they affect all that grow on your fertile soil in life.

. Alchemist Belief as Stabilizer.

These days chemists think of matter in terms of its invariant atomic or molecular constitution – That water is H2O and Salt is sodium Chloride. In contrast, the alchemist of the medieval far east saw nature as ‘’ a guiding principle whose ways were to be studied, understood and imitated. The alchemist didn’t invent nor create. He merely imitated and transformed through his art; that which nature produced. This belief has been with us since creation as seen in the Holy Bible;

MATTHEW 6:25-26

25 ‘’Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?

26 ‘’Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap, nor gather into barn. Yet, your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

The above Bible passage is a very powerful stabilizer for mankind. What other assurance do we need? Nature is the guiding principle and the best stabilizer. Even, professional cooks state that in-season cooking methods are the surest ways for people to develop discernment and creativity in life. They believe that they are valuable stabilizer and reminder of eating experience which unfolds in individual mouth and nose and mind. That is to say that just trusting your emotional senses and experiment draws inspiration, love and happiness. Eating delicious food itself is a life – stabilizer.

In all ramifications, therefore, nature has provided all stabilizers to make life comfortable for mankind. There is no need to worry for anything. God is good all the time. However, Scientists expand existing knowledge for prosperity for instance, the Neuroscientist discovered brain – plasticity, the Engineers discovered seemingly better ways of living, Doctors made modern therapeutic remedies for health. We appreciate the new creativities. They are worthy privileges and stabilizers to be thankful for.



. Faith as a stabilizer.

Self – healing and placebo -effect are belief – systems. They are both faith program, trusting in the divine WORD of God. This is a life – stabilizer. A Scientist discovered that self-healing comprises of physical wound-healing and emotional wound healing. The process of self-repair is seen in the way physical wounds heal. At the moment of injury, blood vessels contract to stanch bleeding. Chemical messengers pour into the tissue, signaling a multitude of specialized cells to begin the inflammation process. White blood cells migrate into the wound within twenty-four hours, killing bacteria and triggering a process of cleansing and tissue repair. A matrix of connective tissue collagen is then laid down, knitting together the ragged edges of the wound in a repair that may not be perfect but highly functional. How well the damage heals depends on whether or not the process has been aided by treatment.

Healing of emotional wounds inflicted on mind and spirit by severe violence is a natural and divine process. Mind and body are powerfully linked from molecular level up to thoughts and social behavior of the person. Mind and body are similarly interrelated in their potential curative influence. After violence occurs, a self-healing process is immediately activated, transforming through physical and mental responses, the damage that has occurred to the psychological and social self. The scientist observed self-healing at the biological or physical level in individuals following all forms of violence. No separate biological response for ordinary persons and the trauma survivors. The human body including the brain is prepared under normal conditions to respond to any threat for survival. Then follows the stress response commonly called – Fight or Flight in which a sudden and immediate release of hormones such as cortisol activates the body. This activity is a divine stabilizer, and the victim is healed spontaneously. The cortisol serves to mobilize the body’s energy to increase arousal, attention, memory and learning naturally. At the core of this psychological dimension, is the WILL to survive and to recover. Like placebo healing, the individual makes a bold decision to do whatever needs to be done – not to CAVE IN to the violent act. The WILL to survive is the strong divine stabilizer that keeps the victim alive.

An eye – witness saw a boy with large bandage covering his damaged eye in the paediatric ward of a specialist hospital. The boy ran forward to a doctor and whispered, ‘’ Don’t worry doctor, I’m going to be all right’’. He focused on education which began in the clinic. He had the hope of living a productive life even if blind. His motivation for learning came as his Stabilizer and drive for self-healing. This young man saw a future that could not even be imagined by others until he verbalized it. His optimism drew the entire staff into assisting him with his educational goals.

A young man suffering from depression was said to be in- need of psychological care. He survived through his own agency by prayer. In this form of self-healing, he actively and aggressively kept himself alive by shifting his identity from – Spoiled human being to someone worthy of existence in the eyes of God. God is love, and His goodness all the time as undoubtable Stabilizer is always reliable.

Self – healing also involves social dimension as well as a psychological dimension. Human beings choose to do all sorts of social activities in order to repair their damaged life after violence has occurred. Positive social behaviors are Stabilizers. Spirituality enhances neurobiological processes that promote health and reduce negative consequences of stress. These behaviors and others, such as the use of Humor, Social support and physical exercise are stabilizers that help the individual recover psychologically.



In the Beatitudes rendered by JESUS to his disciples on the mountain in Judea, we saw some life-spices. MATTHEW 5 :1-10

The virtues stated are – Mercy, Comfort, Meekness, Purity, Peace. All these are Stabilizers for life growth and the eternity if observed to the letter.

. Those who mourn shall be comforted

. The meek shall inherit the earth

. The merciful shall obtain mercy

. Those who are pure in heart shall see God

. The peace makers shall be called the sons of God

The above, point to us the ultimate desire of a believer. What else do we want in life?

Like Salt and Sweet seasonings in our food, the blessings in the Beatitude have satisfactorily stabilized all worries and brokenness in this World, if accepted gracefully.

MATTEW 5 :44-45 —– says we should LOVE our neighbors as ourselves to be sons of your Father in heaven. This is the most important stabilizer to merit the kingdom of heaven. To show the dominant role played by LOVE, a scientist developed a perfume WHEEL that grouped aromatics into families that shared similar characteristics like Beauty, Inspiration, Love, Creativity and so on. The aim was to develop people attune-me-n-t and sensual intelligence and imagination. Love came out BEST – the richest and most intense character. Other characters narrowly followed its resemblance. This distinct nature of love conducted experimentally confirmed that it is the greatest spice for stability on earth. It stabilizes men’s woes, crooked ways and brokenness. Love is the achiever of all good things. If you love yourself, you only need to believe in healing yourself. You attract positive things like happiness, long life, prosperity and life-fulfillment. You become WHOLE, no deficiencies.

In the medieval World, cooking, perfumery and medicine were entwined. Little distinction was made between the end uses of cosmetics and drugs. Spices and perfumes had their parts to play in religion as well as in medicine and in daily life. They evoke LOVE in an indifferent beloved, to improve one’s social status and in many other ways like seeking pleasure and other big pursuits. Love spices human life in many ways.

Studies on Salt and Sweet rules showed that

. Salt pulls up sour and pushes down bitter

. Sweet pushes down salt, sour and bitter

In like manner, life-spices can push down all negative feelings and restore or pull up pleasantries. That means they can heal brokenness, causes happiness, long life and prosperity. To conclude, men are privileged because Our God is good all the time. He is the only Healer and the Best Stabilizer, or the healing power of nature.


In the days before modern medicine, self-healing was the major therapeutic force in the care of sick human beings. Ancient physicians were well aware of nature’s healing power which they described in the Latin saying – Medicatrix- Naturae or the healing power of nature. They developed ways to support and strengthen these forces in order to cure physical and emotional stress or at least to lessen their disabling effects and delay death. Because ancient doctors understood how illnesses would unfold, they could recommend medications, diet and changes in life-style that they knew were most likely to bring about a cure or the relief of suffering. Such recommendations are referred to as life-stabilizers in this story. Doctors try to remain close to the patient to produce a good result and maintain a good reputation.

To conclude this story, we have been able to show some factors as Life – Stabilizers in various seasons, Belief- systems and Self-healing. It was also shown that life spices added biological, psychological, social benefits, stability and vitality to our lives. They are all mediators of recovery and these processes need to be supported by all who hungry for well-being, creativity, fulfillment and purpose in life. In short, all the afore-mentioned stabilizers originate from our Creator. God is good all the time.


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