Life Privileges

These include – Empathy, Happiness and Motivation, Experience, Talent, Flow and Calling, Mentoring and Intelligence, Practice, Encouragement, Determination, Practice, Curiousity, Talent, Vision.etc.




Empathy = Compassion (for self) + Presence (for others)

This equation gives a mantra to help tap into predisposition to care for others without the need to control, judge or fix anything. That opened up an entirely new way to approach all of the relationships and relief the responsibility to take on all the world’s problems, keeping the core part of who you are   intact – the most lovable part.

Research in biology found that compassion recognizes other peoples’s pain, makes commitment to help, and not only improves others’ lives but transforms your own life. Compassionate achievers reveal the profound benefits of practising compassion and achieve success, excellence and create more productive working places, healthier and less violent communities. Compassionate achievers succeed most of the time.

Empathy asseses what others need, feels her friend’s compassion and at the same time develops compassion for herself. An empathetic person allows herself

to be attuned to her own feelings and those of others without being judgmental. Putting herself into others’ shoes

which is the common definition of empathy allowes her to just listen and be present to the feelings of others and those that come up inside her. She waits to see if a compassionate act is required or merely an empathetic posture. The natural ability to empathize is fine-tuned to overcome open confrontation.

Empathy is a worthy privilege everyday, everywhere.



HAPPINESS and MOTIVATION as privileges.



You have satisfaction when you brighten someone’s day and it also boosts self-satisfaction.


Scientists mathematically described

HAPPINESS = Wanting what you have/Having what you want.

In any division equation, the way to increase happiness is to grow what’s in the numerator and shrink what’s in the denominator. S uccess and happiness is taken for twins, but success is more of a maximization or while happiness is an optimization strategy.


This is a beneficial life-tip. Motivation is the fuel that keeps your effort accelerator going and the juice that helps keep your goal laser trained on the things that are important. Motivation gets its owner going and keep him or her moving along to achieve his or her goal. Staying consistently motivated keeps you on a steady path toward success. Maintaining motivation to plow through even the smallest or most mundane tasks is often just as important as being motivated by your overall goals. And luck is usually spun from the characteristics of motivation and the mindset of being goal-oriented. In essence, everybody has the ability to make his or her own good fortune because motivation has a lot to do with removing barriers. Motivation keeps you going towards success and happiness



EXPERIENCES as privileges

Experience has a very vital role in everyday occurrences in our world today. Even employers need experiences to hire workers because they facilitate flow in a company.

A Scientist says – Proactive bain is there to directly influence the present moment and the way you perceive and inter-act with your environment. The brain relies on memory to imagine, simulate and predict possible future events. Some brains are more proactive than others. One of the best ways to take your use of memory to a higher level is by exposing it to as many new experiences as possible.

It is absolutely useful for success in business or even successful relationships. Even some employers count on experiences to hire somebody. Experience carries a high- grade reward in most life endevous. Every year, wisdom teaches that you should choose a subject to learn, become expert in it that you can teach it to others. It broadens the experience of your taste buds. Shifting your senses is another way of opening up the emotion of greatness and awareness. Curious people are happier, more sociable and more successful in their work and in the world at large. The deadline is that you need to have relevant experiences in whatever you want to do, to succees in life.



FLOW and CALLING as life-privileges


Finding flow at work means that you harness your emotions in a single-minded immersion of activity that takes you to a peak performance e.g. chairman of a company.

Experts declared three conditions necessary to achieve the flow state;

. Being involved in an activity that has a clear goal

. Having a good balance of the perceived challenge and capable of the skills

. Being able to receive immediate feed-back about how you are doing, to adjust performance.

The reality is that anyone who is tapping into a flow state is naturally pushing the boundary between anxiety and excitement rather than control and relaxation. The process of becoming a flow-driven worker requires you to live in a certain amount of terror and self-consciousness as you pushed your limits. But at some point, your excitement started to lessen and you felt a level of comfort that allowed you to stop being so hard on yourself. This brings you to the flow-state.

With calling, there is a profound sense that you have found your unique purpose and the reason you are on this planet, but with flow, you tap into unexplainable forces – An angel or an energy that helps you straddle your skill/challenge tight rope with the expertise. Finding flow can happen at anytime in your life, despite ugly background, and success is the final reward.

Mathematically – Flow = Skill/Challenge, and Calling = Pleasure/Pain

In division process, when the denominator decreases the Flow-state increases, and the Calling impetus increases.

Flow and Calling are forces in life, and they both have beneficial effects.



DETERMINATION as a life-privilege

The ability to change circumstances is a defined feature of the brain. The brain is always changing. One can take advantage of this fact, fine-tune the brain for continued success. You can boost your brain power, transform and improve circumstances due to the process of neuro-plasticity. In the end, you accept the life force and do what it tells you no matter how scary it feels. This is an inborn force for everybody.

Science shows us that – Rewarding chemicals- Dopamine and its cousins give the chemical signals in the brain. They are neurotransmitters. They convey brai n signals across the synapses. They generally serve multifunctions, including activities completely unrelated to learning and memory. Learning and memory in turn, involve a bewildering number of neurotransmitters in addition to dopamine. These are serotonin, endorphins, glutamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine and the peptides of various sorts.

Determination engages these reward chemicals and it is a huge beneficial life tip. Ignore thinking that you are bad at something, nothing is possible and you cannot learn anything in the area where you want to excel, your determination only means you have the ability to recognize what needs practice, success is the reward.




PRACTICE as a life-privilege


Mastery is not reserved for the super-talented or those who have the right genes. If you stick with a skill, you start to see some improvement over the time until you hit the dreaded plateau when your skill level just seems to coast for a while, even though you’re pouring energy into improving. Then, all of a sudden, you find that your skill ratches up to the next level. That is how mastery works. It’s not one smooth, up-ward facing line of improvement. It happens in fits and starts. No doubt some skills are more suited for you than others. Knowing your strength helps you find the flow zone much more easily. Talent isn’t nearly as important as practice if you want to see your skills grow overtime.

A study in the Academy of Music studied the Stars’ practices –

. Those who practiced around, ten thousand hours over the course of their life time

. Those who were good practiced about 20 percent less.

. Those who were average practiced less than half the time the Stars did

Mastery is equal to – Ten thousand hours of practices, meaning that mastery is built over many years of practices. In order to become world class, to embrace bigger challenges, you need to be less focused on the outcome or results and more focused on the practice itself. Success is the reward of constant practices – a BENEFICIAL LIFE TIP.




At almost 50 years of age Disney began sketching his vision for Disneyland. Following his calling and working around the clock, he spent 5 years creating and developing the world’s most iconic amusement park. When Disneyland first opened, observers marveled that the wisdom and the urban planning-skill had created the ‘’happiest place on earth’’. This means that there is no height that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. These special secrets are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage and Constancy.

Curiosity is an activity without a predetermined purpose. It is the fertilizer of the mind. It is like blood in our veins, an essential life-affirming emotion that keeps us forever young. Being curious is being open to learning, to love, to life. A psychologist calls curiosity – The engine of growth. Curiosity allows you to explore with the open mind of a child, without preconception. This keeps us from growing old too fast.

A social psychologist reserched into how your mind-set determines whether you will be successful. At one end of the spectrum are – those who believe that their success is based upon their innate ability, at the other, are those who believe that curiosity to learn defines their success. The former set has ‘’fixed’’ mind-set while the latter has a ‘’growth’’ mind-set. Those with a growth mind-set see failure as a constructive path toward improvement.

Curiosity is just a sense of wonder and awe. It is rewarding to make curiosity a wonderful habit. Awe comes in big packages – An encounter with a higher power but modern dictionary defines it to mean ‘’profound reverence in the presence of the supreme authority. Whatever the interpretation curiosity is a life affirming emotion. Curious people are happier, more sociable and more successful in their work. They live longer, too. This emotion moves us forward. It is the fuel of our creativity, innovation and essense of how our thinking evolves over time. It is awesome as a beneficial life tip.



VISION as a life-privilege

An expert described the steps involved in growing visions – Develop confidence and new ideas, keep your eyes on the prize, surround yourself with information data – role models and their images. As you are exposed to new ideas and new skills, your visions might change. Maintain enough flexibility, follow your heart and stick with your vision. Apply elbow grease daily. This is the best way to get something done. Work on the vision constantly and make it a reality. Empower your talent, replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations, keep saying – I am fit, focused and powerful. Keep believing it and working it and it will become true. Knowledge is described as organized life and people should go the X-TRA MILE everyday. An optimist says that – No matter how bad things get, something amazingly good is right over the next mountain. We all have our visions and talents – The question is which talents we choose to utilize. Successful people go the EXTRA MILE, put in their best with their vision to achieve their goal

Some people thought Michael Jordan was born with some God-given talent to become a superstar, not knowing that he was not considered good enough in his high school. He raised his own standards, worked hard to become a superstar.




ENCOURAGEMENT as a life-privilege

Encouragement was monitored in men using CBT therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that your thoughts and beliefs affect your feelings and subsequent behavior. What you believe about yourself, others, and the world around you can directly affect what emotions you feel and how you act. The benefit of this is that – You can change the way you think to feel better, and believe differently. This is where encouragement comes in. You can become more successful in many domains even if the life circumstances, you are trying to overcome remains relatively the same. A man can make an international, conscious decision to improve his life by relentlessly committing to making changes in thinking and behaviors so that he ameliorate limitations and play up his strengths. That is CBT offers a variety of valuable tools for bringing about positive brain changes.

An expert listed beneficial tips of encouragement from his personal experience, thus –

. You can train your taste buds if you hate spicy foods.

. Your daughter who hates waste, finishes the old left-overs because the rest of the family knows she will.

. A wife telling her husband – ‘’You’re not sure you can handle this job’’ – immediately creates a reward for doing it.

. Companies meet challenges for accomplishment, work harder to make their products and services reinforcing enough to show they are valuable and healthy. They also advertise them to make them look better than their competitors. When all fail, they may resort to provide free samples. They are all encouragement to create healthy rewards.

In a scientific study, more than 100 first- and second – graders played a game that required the children to drop marbles into holes.

The children who came first dropping their marbles received the mighty reward of praise – ‘’GOOD’’ and it was significantly effective. They were ready to perform more social interaction.

Encouragement comes in various shapes. All attempts are towards progress and something to look forward to. A woman encouraged her newly -wedded son thus –

‘’Jonathan, don’t waste time and energy comparing yourself to others. Recognize your strengths, forgiving your limitations and readily extend the same courtesy to all those you encounter. Learn the secret of true love and be there for the one you love. Recognize the presence of others. This is the greatest gift you can give to each other’’.


INTELLIGENCE and MENTORING as life-privileges

Many people die with their intelligence still in them. We each possess gifts and natural talents. The power behind our purpose in life is knowing and using our most-enjoyed gifts or talents. We all have natural abilities and inclinations and find that certain things come easily to us. We may perform a talent so effortlessly that we forget we have it. This is a gift, we might have been born with? We underestimate its worth. Actually, our enjoyed gifts are our most powerful talents frequently called – Calling. We must unlock and express them gainfully to others, to be fulfilled in life.

Some researchers say – We have numerous talents and ways of experiencing our innate intelligence. One study concluded that people have at-least seven possible intelligences. They recently added an eight one. The categories are summarized below –

. Verbal-linguistic – To think in words; to use language to express and understand complex meanings

. Logical – mathematical – To connect cause and effect; to understand relationships among actions, objects or ideas.

. Visual – spatial – To think in pictures, to perceive the visual world accurately

. Musical – To think in sounds, rhythms, melodies and rhymes

. Kinesthetic – To use the body in skilled and complicated ways for expressive activities

. Interpersonal – To think about and understand another person.

. Intrapersonal – To think about and understand one-self.

. Naturalistic – To understand the natural world, including plants, animals, and scientific studies.



Mentoring is another unique privilege gained from people who love to share their un-common or exquisite experiences with others. It is a force in life from God. Albert Einstein was a brilliant physicist. He integrated his sense of meaning and purpose with the Universe. His documented answer to a little girl’s question confirmed his pinnacle of wisdom and his willingness to share his talents with others. The answer to the question – ‘’Do scientists pray?’’ stands like this –

‘’Scientists believe that every occurrence, including the affairs of human beings, is due to the laws of nature. Therefore, a scientist cannot be inclined to believe that the course of events can be influenced by prayer, that is, by a supernaturally manifested wish. However, we must concede that our actual knowledge of these forces is imperfect, so that in the end the belief in the existence of a final, ultimate spirit rests on a kind of faith. Such belief remains widespread even with the current achievement in science. But also, everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man.  In this way, the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is surely quite different from the religiousity of someone more naïve.’’

This noble answer was probably sent by God. It appeased the eagerness and anxiety of the little girl. The answer was not only for the girl but for everybody and all nations. It pays to be intelligent and it is extremely praise-worthy to share experiences and knowledge with others. Mentoring is exclusively pleasant, especially when the knowledge is of great benefit to the whole world.




Blessings are positive thoughts. They are a biological mandate for a happy, healthy life. It is a privilege for both children and parents. Parents are the best custodians for their children’s future, for what they believe in their hearts is expected to come to pass in the child’s life. An expert said –

‘’ Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny’’.

A law of physics says that water cannot rise above its source. Meaning that – If a parent pictures that his or her child’s value in life is low, that child will find it difficult to rise above these words. Those who truly desire to give their children the blessing, will provide room for them to grow by encouraging their potential and by picturing a special future for them. Words that picture a special future for a child, like positive hormones attach themselves to a cell. They stimulate all kinds of positive feelings and decisions within a child that can help him or her grow and develop. Commitment for prayer fulfillment helps a child to grow to work on a particular talent with confidence

You honor the person you pray for. Honoring a child carries the idea of adding weight or value to him or her. The greater the weight, the higher the value. When you pray for someone, you are basically saying, ‘’You are of such great value to me, I choose to add to your life’’. This is a tremendious privilege for anybody. Children who grow up without parental blessing are susceptible to being drawn in by false or fake promise. Certainly, all children should appreciate that parental blessing is a special privilege.



Good life is an uncertainty, seemingly possibility. It is a potential not understood. Researchers found that good life is too hard to find, validate, too complicated and too theoretical for human brains. Vital body is the vessel for good life because it carries that bundle of consciousness called ‘brain’ – The thing that processes whether you’re living or not, the thing that feels and chooses and controls your organs, system and movement. People are built for motion.

Sciences told us that – Movements and natural activities like good sleep keep people alive. If you don’t sleep enough, you get fatter. Sleep disruption drops metabolism, ramps up food cravings. Ghrelin and Leptin hormones which control ‘’Eat and Stop’’ habits become interrogated when sleep is deprived and causes dysregulation of fat cells and insulin. You end up OBESE, and inactive. Life becomes disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied with declining health. Without good health, there is no good life.

Benedicta, my friend, lived a seemingly good life and was envied by her contemporaries. We all praised her and thought she had a good life, for she succeeded in all her endeavous. She was a genious, her vitality was extraordinary. She was very active. She had good friends, fame, peace of mind and many reasons to be grateful. A confident woman in her middle years, she built a carrier. She knew she was blessed but that did little to quell the undercurrent of her yearnings and her growing sense of stifled potential. Benedicta’s deeper reality told her that she had always had better strength, wisdom, understanding and security. At times, she was everything to everyone. At the center of her younger life, those deep interests and passions were delicious topics, joyful activities and moments of awe. But later, she felt relegated to the land of lost socks. Her lit up self ceded as she grew up. She became increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin. Her health and vitality turned upside down. Her friends numerous as they were before, drifted some where – out there, though never truly alone she was often lonely.

She met each day overwhelmed with a sense of pervasive business, and fractured attention. Her most upsetting mood was that persuasive sense of untapped potential, as if the ‘real’ her was screaming to get out, to reclaim that lit-up self, she used to be or silently yearned to become. She would give anything to close the gap between the life she knew, capable of living and the one that met her every morning. Her new life was a slow descent that knew neither victory nor defeat.

Benedicta’s new life warned friends that – It’s not the acquisition of possessions that makes Good Life but the possibility. You may end up not living in the Arena but in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. Good life is an uncertainty; not a thing to feel or possess. It is a Privilege, sacredly given by the Supreme Being. There is no perfect moment and no man can pursue a Good Life by himself.












This book is on Gratitude. God gave us many privileges to cherish, to be grateful for, and to add to our gratitude journal. Gratitude is central to prosperity, not simply a pleasant feeling of being thankful for good things but also creates a desire to reward the people who help us to feel grateful. Some experts define gratitude as a sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation. Gratitude’s primary value is placed in maximizing good feelings for the grateful individual. Counting one’s blessings reliably increases positive mood because it helps us extract enjoyment from any situation. Practising gratitude makes life’s inevitable disappointments easier to bear by helping us search for the upsides of things. Scientists discovered favourable rewards from ugly situations like – Irritation, Disgust, Shame, Anger, Rage and many other human emotions.

Rsearchers described ‘’ Brain Science ‘’ to show the miraculous work of nature. The wonder box termed human Head, contains the brain. Every section of it works independently and miraculously. All the components work in unison, coordinated by the nerves. One scientist applauded the activity of one portion of the brain. He wrote a letter of ‘’Thanks to Amygdala’’ for saving men from unnecessary impulses, for it is men’s huge worry machine, highly functioning control board which receives and controls information in the brain. That is – It is the Control or Delete machine.

Body expression appears to be controlled physically by nature, while industrialization adds luxury technically to our world – Things like Running water, Electricity, Computer just to mention a few. All these are products of industrialization.

Human Emotions are given to men by nature and they contribute in no small measure to men’s civilization. Things like Diagnostic procedures in Medicine, Healing Technology, Pleasure Technology in the Disney World are good examples. All in all, it is hoped that our gratitude journal could be extended to include most of the above privileges. Perusing with interest will convince you. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.


. Technology as life privilege

. Brain Science as life privilege

. ‘’ Thanks to Amygdala ‘’ as life privilege

. Non-verbal Expression as life privilege


Science is not just an academic exercise but a way to create new weapons and new avenues of wealth. Science and technology are the engines of prosperity. Physicists viewed four fundamental forces that rule the Universe – The first force is Gravity which holds us anchored to the ground, prevents the sun from exploding and holds the Solar system together. The second is the Electro-magnetic force which lights up our cities, energizes our engines and power our Computers. The third accurately predicts the behavior of machines; Steam engines and locomotives. Electro-magnetism opens the gate-way to the electrification of the entire planet – Computers, lights, Elevators, TV, Radio, The Internet, Motors and so on. The fourth and the last is the Nuclear forces which change everything around us. This knowledge is used in Medicine through MRI, Scans, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine. However, technology is dynamic. It changes all the time. It is born, evolves, rise and fall

WATER is one of the essentials in life. It is extremely precious. A single well was shared by an entire village, years back. This has been remedied by cicilization. Today, running water becomes cheap and available to most people. Running water is now a fashion. It appears in numerous shapes, sizes and applications. Some hotels are decorated with water in the form of fountains and displays. Water is not just to drink to quench thirst or to wash and cleanse off dirt. It serves all purposes – Pleasurable for men. Without water plants and animal cannot live. Even humans decorate the World with water in the form of fountains.

ELECTRICITY – Years back, factories shared electricity to manufacture our needs, even single light bulbs were shared by motors. Later in life, personal light bulbs became available to light homes and factories. Electricity is now everywhere – Aeroplanes and cottage rooms. At Christmas, we use hundreds of blinking lights for decoration and light deplays. Electricity is now a fashion statement; lightening up broad-ways for delight. Electricity and running water have become utilities. They are so cheap and we consume so much of them that we meter the amount of electricity and water that runs into our homes.

COMPUTERS – Very soon, men shall decorate the World with computers. How awesome is our God? W e have been privileged to have all the essentials for happy – living? However, computers just give the illusion that they possess intelligence. In reality, they can only add millions of times faster than humans. They are just sophisticated adding machines. Repetitive work is what they do best. Blue-collar work will survive the computers revolution. Humans will forever flourish. Men will survive and provide the one commodity that robots cannot deliver. This is COMMON SENSE. This is the privilege humans have over machines. This dominion and creativity are what makes us men. Machines however aid to make things easier, under our supervision for men are always in control. We are fortunate because we use machines for dirty jobs

Nuclear forces change everything. It gives us the knowledge of Medicine through MRI, Scans, Radiation Therapy and nuclear medicine. Men are blessed in every aspect of life? We say ‘’ Thank You ‘’ to the Creator.


Brain Science exposes the miraculous work of nature. The wonder box called human head contains the brain. Every section of it works independently and miraculously. All the components work in unison, coordinated by the nerves.

HIATUS is the deep fissure that begins at the roots of the eyes and runs posteriorly above the temples as far as the roots of the brain stem. It divides the cerebrum into an upper, larger part and a lower, smaller part.

The cerebrum or cerebral cortext contains most of the neuron cell bodies that process most information. It is gray in color, hence the name ‘’gray matter’’. It is wrinkled like the shell of a walnut.

This cortex is divided into four lobes (each lobe is duplicated on both sides – left and right). Thus, there are a total of eight lobes – four matched pairs but each lobe does many distinct things. The specialized functions are not usually distributed across the entire lobe.

The occipital lobe – is located at the back of the head, and it is the smallest of the four. The lobe is devoted entirely to VISION. Separate areas within this lobe work together to organize the varied properties of viewed objects – Demarcating edges of shapes and specifying colors.

The Temporal Lobe – is located under the temples infront of the ears. This lobe is separated from the frontal and parietal lobes by the Sylvian fissure. The Temporal lobe is vital to the processing of sound and comprehension of languages. This is bonus for literary students. It also plays a major role in entering new information into memory like some aspects of emotion, storing visual memories, defining the colors of objects and classifying perceived objects. These two lobes (occipital and temporary lobes make up most of the bottom brain). They register sensory input, organizes it, uses it to identify objects or scenes and apply the information learnt.

The frontal lobe – is located at the front of the brain, immediately behind the forehead. This is the largest lobe in the human brain. It is usally divided into two parts – One part resides in the top brain, the other at the bottom brain. Large bundles of nerve fibers connect the temporal lobe to the bottom part of the frontal lobe. Thus, it functions as part of the bottom brain. This part of the frontal lobe is particularly involved in Emotion and reward. The frontal lobe is also critically invoved in controlling movements, producing speech and specific memories. In some aspects, it directs reasoning, decision making, short-term memory and executive function

Broca’s area – is involved in speech production. The pattern of connectivity suggests that it functions as if it controls the mouth, tongue, lips and vocal cords. It also plays an important role in language comprehension, and activated when one tries to interpret other people’s actions – like their non- verbal gestures.

The parietal lobe – is located at the top rear of the brain – Above and infront of the occipital lobe. The parietal lobe is crucial for a variety of functions including registering spatial information. These functions range from specifying orientation in space to the ability to perform arithmetic – A privilege for the lovers of MATHS, to know the functional area of the brain. This lobe also plays a crucial role in attention, and consciousness along with other lobes.

Brain Science tells you what brain says about you –  a huge privilege. The theory is built on conclusions arising from decades of research by the experts and have probably hither-to remained inside the scientific circles. God has the glory. What an enormous weight in men’s gratitude journal?


This is a letter written by a scientist to a section of the brain called Amygdala.

Thank you, Amygdala for playing such a crucial role in making me a huge worry-making machine. I really appreciate you. The mind has a brilliant capacity to respond to threat instantly and subconsciously. If you think of your brain as a high-functioning control board, receiving and distributing information at an almost inconceivable rate of speed, then the amygdala is the ESC Key. Escape. Control-Alt-Delete.

The amygdala is that bright red panic botton at the far corner of the will, the control panel, shielded by a clear plastic casing. In reality, these two almond-shaped emergency responders, each of them about an each long, have no plastic casing, no protective cover, no barrier whatsoever. The pair of them just hang out in the mid-brain, exposed in the temporal lobe with all of the other controls of the limbic system –  The hippocampus button, which forms long term memories, the cingulate gyrus switch which regulates aggressive behavior, the dentate gyrus knob which regulates happiness, and the easy botton which provides stress relief in the form of a catch phrase. The amygdala is working in the background constantly monitoring for answers to – ‘’Am I save?’’

As you go about your daily life, you constantly receive data from the outside world through all the senses – Vision, Hearing, Smell, Touch, and Taste. These data enter the brain via the thalamus – A structure sitting on top of the brain stem that both processes and transmits sensory input. If the data received is potentially threatening, the thalamus tosses it over to the amygdala. The amygdala analyses the perceived threat deciding just how threatening it might be and how much Epinephrine is needed to deal with it. The amygdala pages the hippothalamus which texts the adrenal gland. The adrenaline gland sends an e-mail confirmation and after that series of split-second exchanges, Epinephrine is tweeted (actually, it is secreted). Now you are protected.

The amygdala commandeers the entire brain and every major system of the body to respond to the threat – Adrenaline courses through your body; heart pumps blood pressure rises and you might even be able to lift a compact vehicle. If you suddenly become light-headed, you will be controlled by this magnificient and spontaneous first responder. Thanks to the amygdala. You can now manage this potentially threatening situation. The amygdala simultaneously comforts and aggravates, but like all components of our minds and bodies that play some part in our anxiety, the amygdala is doing precisely what it’s supposed to do, and for that alone we should be thankful.


If an expert could be so appreciative of merely a brain-part for it’s marvelous function, is it not mandatory for us to say – ‘’Thank you’’ – Not just to the brain but our Creator who made us and made all possible.



Character is a matter of who you choose to be, not the way you happen to be born. People judge your character by the way you act and especially by the way you interact with them – Mostly by non-verbal physical expression. These expressions are presumablely chemically controlled by the brain. The signals you send with your gender, ethnicity, looks and age are more or less fixed – Short of surgery that you cannot do much about. They are not all consciously expressed. If you are lost in thought for instance, you may walk around with a puzzled look on your face without realizing it. We even sometimes say things that we do not mean to say aloud. This may get us into trouble but that is just how our brains work. All of us often speak without paying close attention to every word but attimes you make conscious choices unconsciously. You can choose how to behave and learn differently. You can take steps that change the way you react unconsciously in the future. Some of these changes require a lot of practice but others take just a little imagination. You can explore different ways to project more strength and more warmth to balance out the signals you send just by showing up – Posture, gesture, face. The body does not lie.

Researchers recognized the connection between social power and demeanour. Emotional communication postulated that – There are several factors we use to interpret the feelings of someone speaking to us – Their tone of voice, visual cues, facial expression, posture, gestures and the actual words they use. The words and tone of voice convey one thing like – I am very glad to meet you. The visual cues of flexed neck muscles and a lowed brow say – Something very different. People believe that these non- verbal cues are much more useful than words. An expert formulated that

55 percent of the cues we use to interpret how a speaker is feeling are VISUAL.

38 percent come from speakers’ tone of voice

Mere 7 percent are derived from the words themselves.

Concludingly, non-verbal cues are hidden qualities that can make people influential. It is a compelling strategy, a unique natural plan for men and it is a privilege. It contributes conspicuously to human behavior. Men are thankful for the natural instinct and the knowledge.



Human emotions are worthy candidates for men’s gratitude journal. They are our natural defenses. Scientists have worked on them to cater for human needs and welfare. Even ugly human emotions like – Irritation, Anger, Greed, Failure, etc that do not look favourable have their own benefits. Scientists have converted them to – GOLD, to serve humanity in various ways – Diagnostic materials, Pleasure materials Economic materials etc.



Disgust is a prime candidate as a universal emotion. Everyone seems to make noises, stick out his tongue and wrinkles his nose when he is disgusted. Disgust is number one on the list of basic emotions which force poisons out of our bodies and prevent them from infecting us.

Scientists spotted three types of Disgust Emotions.

. Core Disgust – is the repulsion felt when something poisonous – Usually rotten flesh or feces come near the mouth. It makes us recoil from the object, feel nauseous and make emetic sounds like – Blegh, Yuck, Ugh.

. Contamination Disgust – is felt near people or places that threaten infection. It’s there when your skin crawls on entering a home that has not been washed or cleaned in years (Don’t touch anything, Mummy warns). It makes us shudder or feel reluctant even to sit down, in case we are infected. You feel disgusted at the sight of someone’s mouth gaping to reveal stringy saliva and gooey remnant of food.

. Another type of repulsion that psychologists term ‘’Body Envelop Violation’’ is felt when the threat of contamination combines with an almost existential horror of the open body.

The three types of disgust have different cues and responses because they develop along separate evolutionary paths. Modern day surgeons talk of ‘’laudable pus’’ which erupts from a lanced boil. It has foul smell and texture but it’s a welcome sight in surgery because of the relief it brings to patients. Dirt is described as a matter out of place. What we find filthy and contaminating and disgusting is primarily a matter not – In place. The sense that something is – Out of place, may provoke the feeling of disgust than the dangerous object. Finding something disgusting is connected to the accidentally wrongly placed matter. You smell sour milk and your nose wrinkles. You accidentally touch dog poo and your gorge rises with disgust and you rush to the nearest tap to scrub your hand.

Disgust is a hyper-efficient and practical emotion. It is simple like – 2+2=4. And it is life saving. Phychologists describe disgust as universal basic emotion because – Bodies survive universal predicament and run away from predators like Fear, Anger or other rivals. Disgust is the most important gift for mighty soldiers. Men are endowed with the natural privilege in the face of threatened predators.



Irritation is a state of friction, feeling like being rubbed the wrong way. It is an emotion and the feeling is usually cutaneous. The rash that chafes against a shirt collar creates a feeling of agitation. The irritation starts with frustrated, blpcked desires, leaving one uncomfortable in the body and the skin. You feel unable to bear the touch of anything. For with the irritation, contact or intimacy seems too much and the body hair bristle. Irritation is a vexed feeling usually brought on contemptuously. Easily irritated people are those most susceptible to the fantasies of fearful mind, particularly those who have lost control. Today, the link between irritation and irrationality is alive for some well-being are quickly aroused to annoyance. More examples are anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression.

Scientists attribute irritation to those congenitally over sensitive cases like – Alcoholics, Insane, Artists. That is, those with excessive tendencies and distortions. Irritable Heart – symptoms include palpitation, Chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath. These may be similar to heart diseases but they are without physiological causes. The irritable heart suffered by soldiers is described as a psychosomatic illness called neurasthenia. This is roughly equivalent to modern-day stress.

In conclusion, Irritation is desired and used extensively for diagnosis and treatment in present-day medicine. It is an indispensable symptom for some diseases, a silent privilege and immensely beneficial for men.



In Latin Comfortare is to strengthen. Seeking comfort is no weakness but bravery or fortitude. It acknowledges that something is missing and that we must retreat or pull back in order to go forward. In this sense, seeking comfort is a vulnerable act and very brave indeed. Babies bond to seek comfort with whoever feed them like their mothers. This theory is called – Cupboard Love. Mothers give their babies comfortable, soft places to cuddle and help them sleep alone. They often give them toys to play with because children are deeply connected to their toys. These objects give children comfort, reliable presence or substitutes for the parent. They provide warmth, texture and movement. The comfortable objects imbue them with lives of their own. The children use the transitional objects to act out their own desires and fears just like – Bridges or Third world substances between the babies’ minds and the real world. Once the baby learns to understand and tolerate the distinction between himself and other people, the object’s usefulness fades. In some places, ambulances and police cars are equipped with soft toys so that victims of car-crash can cuddle them for reassurance and comfort at such moments

Scientific researchers showed that when infant rhesus monkeys were separated from their mothers at birth, they became unresponsive and despondent and lost weight even though they were being fed by some people. They missed what is known as – Contact Comfort.

Contact comfort is necessary for survival.  Kangaroo Care is skin to skin contact between newborns and their parents. This has proven, not only necessary to soothe and calm infants but to strengthen their immune systems. The researchers made two wire structures called – Mothers. They placed the baby monkeys in the cage. One of the cages was left with the wire frame exposed but with a bottle attached to it for feeding. The other was covered in a soft terry cloth but no bottle All the infant monkeys went to the wire mother for feeding. When frightened by a moving toy, they unleashed into the cage, scrambled up the cloth-mother for comfort and stayed there. The experiment showed that – the bond between parents and children is more to have strength of hope and comfort.

A virtuous man stands up for his belief, easily consoled when comforted. Comfort is a big human emotion and a big privilege in the life of a man and it pays the price for unnecessary oppression.



Human perfections lie not in their gene-enhancement but in the enhancement of their characters where emotions stand out prominent. Pride is a feeling of fullness that surges up when we overcome an obstacle or master something difficult. Pride can fill us up so much that we burst. Tears can flow like when you are recognized with an award or see your children flourish. Unlike shame you would like to be seen. Pride is not just a deadly sin to be avoided but a vitalizing virtue to be nurtured. However, pride can inspire feats of genius and can also compel acts of apparent insanity and spectacular self-destructiveness. Avoiding the bad kind of pride while nurturing the good kind may just be the secret to success because it drives one to success and achievement. Arrogance and pride have both good qualities and pitfalls. Thus, pride is a double two-edged emotion. It serves us rather than the other way- round.

God gave us the privileges to choose from. An expert describes – False and True prides. True pride is considered a sin because it blinds us to limitations and makes us over-reach. False pride is there when we think we’re backing ourselves, defensive and brittle. This pride makes us refuse help or resist the urge to apologize. This pride can’t admit lack or loss and therefore makes it very hard to acknowledge one’s true self. This self is partial, dissatisfied, needy and tense. This is the most common pride and least trusted

Scientists showed how pride shapes our minds and our cultures, and how we can harness its power. Pride helps us become our best and brightest selves by making us care about how others see us and how we see ourselves. Pride makes us strive for excellence. It has been proven to boost creativity in men, activate altruism and confer power and prestige on those who display it. It is an honour and a privilege to be proud as a philanthropist.



An expert once said – The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. He added that – our problem is never Fear itself but the way we relate to it. Fear can be a very good thing. It helps us survive, gives meaning to our achievements, facilitates our performances and makes us feel alive. Fear can be uncomfortable and bewildering. It can even thwart our most dearly held goals, but it does’t have to be so. Fear is not an enemy. We don’t need to get rid of fear or push it away. We need to learn about bravery and how to be afraid. A looming presentation at work can rob us of sleep for days. Fear paralyzes seasoned concert musicians. Soldiers keep their heads in combat. Firemen rush into burning buildings.

Scientists call fear – Fight or flight Response. All animals – from brainy humans down to tiny field mice – meet a sudden threat with the same basic biological reaction. This is a state of impulse nervous excitement that prepares them, either to scamper away at warp speed or to battle tooth and claw.

Adrenaline surges through the body, charging the muscles with energy for emergency action. Surface level blood vessels constrict and leave the skin pale and slightly numb – providing a temporary layer of armor that is less likely to bleed. (This is why gun shot victims often don’t even notice their injury at first. It is only when their blood vessels open again after the intial shock passes that the bleeding begins). T he pupils dilate for heightened vision. Non-essential processes like digestion cease. Even the body sometimes decide to jettison all extra weight which accounts for the unfortunate sudden loss of bowel and bladder control that can strike when we are frightened. Breathing and heart rate speed up, funneling more oxygen into the muscles. In short, you’re ready to rock and or roll. The brain decides whether to fight or flee subconsciously and instantaneously. Theatened animals often swing back and forth between the two.

Scientists described three fear responses – Fight, Flight or Freeze

. The freezing response, probably seems somewhat wrong headed – A state of defensive preparation. The body gets the same jolt of Adrenaline that readies it for fighting or fleeing. The brain calculates that, atleast for the moment, the best odds of survival come with no action atall. Freezing can only happen when the brain gets overloaded by an un-forseen emergency situation and does’t know what to do, think to survive, when life is on the line.

In conclusion, Fear is not an enemy. It is an easy and painless process. It is a privilege we don’t need to get rid of or push away. We only need to learn how to deal with it and how to be afraid. Fear helps us survive, gives meaning to our achievements, facilitates our performances and mak us feel alive. We owe all these to nature. We need to be grateful to our Maker


The knowledge of good and evil is nothing-else but the emotion of pleasure. What we desire and what please us are important sources of information and they motivate us for a good reason. They make us much more rational and effective people. Pleasure emotion fuels our interest in things, allows us to pay attention and learn. Pleasure is the transition of a man from a less to a greater perfection where perfection is the extent to which that man has realized his desire. Experience shows that men will always try to obtain pleasure and avoid pain. But pleasure evaporates when we direct our attention to it, and the more we focus on it the more it slips away.

Scientists studied the reward systems of the brain about pleasure and desire. They accepted that pleasure and desire have complex interaction between brain activity and experience. Researchers showed that pleasure helps men enjoy life and make better decisions for happiness. Pleasure is central to how our brains are guided and sculpted through learning. The self is created in the brain – struggle between genetics and flexible learning. Human brains are not blank slates on which anything can be written, rather the fundamental structure was determined and assembled during evolutionary history.

The anatomy of the brain shows that desire is situated at the interface between motivation, pleasure and reward linking intrinsic desire directly with the reward system of the brain. Pleasure has atleast two sub-components – Liking and Wanting. These use separate pathways – meaning that pleasure is produced by the activity and interaction of many different brain regions. Pleasure involves atleast four distinct stages; Engagement, Acceptance, Continuation and subsequent Return.

In short, pleasure motivates, makes us more effective and transforms us from less to greater perfection. We take better decisions which leads men to greater happiness and possibly longevity. Men are privileged to be endowed with the potential



The dictionary defines will-power as the ability to control oneself and actions, Self-control as having control on one’s emotion. The two are synonyms, and one can be used for the other. Self-control muscle is just like the muscles in the body. When it doesn’t get much exercise, it becomes weaker over the time, but when you give it regular work-out – by putting it to good use, it gets stronger and stronger and better able to help you successfully react to your goals. To build will-power, take on a challenge that requires you to do something you’d honestly rather not do. And try to learn a new skill starting with just one activity and make a plan on how you will deal with the troubles when they occur. It may be hard in the beginning but it will get easier with time. As your strength grows, you can take on more challenges and step up your self-control workout.

Capacity for self-control is like the muscles – Biceps or Triceps in the arm. The will-power can vary in its strength, not only from person to person but from moment to moment. Just as well-developed biceps sometimes get tired and jelly-like after a strenuous workout, so does your will-power muscle. Everyday, actions can sap this valuable resource when you tax it too much at once or for too long meaning that the well of self-control can run dry. However, will-power depletion is only temporary. If you give your muscle time to bounce back, you’ll be back in fighting form and ready to say – No, to any rubbish that comes your way.

Research shows that when rest is not an option, you can speed up your self-control recovery or give it a boost when reserves are low, simply by thinking about the people you know who have a lot of self-control. Anything that lifts your spirits like listening to a favourite song, watching a funny video or reflecting on a past success can help restore your self-control strength.

Scientists also show that daily activities such as exercising can strengthen your self-control. People who stick to daily exercise program’ not only get physically healthier but also give up most bad habits. They are better able to control their activities, less likely to spend money impulsively and they miss fewer opportunities. The aspect of their lives that requires the use of will-power improves dramatically.

In conclusion, self-control gives a boost to will-power when the reserve is low. Will-power enables men get physically healthier, give up bad habits and are better able to control their temper or miss important opportunities. But it is a choice. Men are privileged and the wise grap the opportunity. It is a worthy privilege



When we speak of Relief, we describe one of two different experiences; Bodily relief, Near Miss relief.

. Bodily relief is the relief of a pure bodily sensation, discharging a tension that has uncomfortably been built up like Sneezing, belching, defecation and orgasm

. Near Miss relief is the narrow escape that comes with another sort of discharge like – Finding your miss-placed keys after thinking you’ve locked yourself out. Psychologists call this – Prospect-based emotion. It depends on the ability to imaginatively launch self forward and backward through time to compare alternative realities.

Scientists on relief, argued that the two forms share the same basic structure. A pleasure is felt when an actual or anticipated pain subsides. Weeping plays its role in both. Many of us will cry on receiving good news after a long and anxious wait. This makes tears part of the Near-Miss relief. And if crying, leaves you not only sore eyed, but quieter inside and oddly lighter, the weeping itself has refreshed you. Like a belch or orgasm, tears are a sort of physical discharge of tension in their own right.

That tears bring relief is an old idea. What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul. When liquid flows from our tear ducts, it flushes hormones or toxins away, leaving us feeling relaxed or released. In fact, relief rarely comes as a pure feeling of relaxation or reassurance. The feeling of unburdening yourself carries with it a heart-thumping Adrenaline rush. It lessens the weight of worry, makes you feel lighter. You have simply vented or expressed out anxieties (Better out than in).

In conclusion, relief is a feeling of unburdening self. It lessens the weight of worry and makes you feel lighter. It is better to kill the giant-poison in your heart than keep it. Worries and anxieties are simply vented out or flushed away for convenience. It is a privilege for men to discharge poisonous tensions. Nature is wonderful. Men are blessed and beautifully privileged.


Happiness is something one should orchestrate for oneself and pursued consciously. Happiness is a cheerful disposition. It makes you live longer. People who enjoy life are more successful at work. Happiness most often describes the feeling that God’s grace shines upon you. It describes a state of pleasure and contentment, connected more with good fortune than engeering. Happiness is there when things go your way – happy fit, and happy coincidencies

Happiness means buoyant mood, merriment, good cheer and smilling. Often, we choose what makes us feel good not necessarily happy. Authentic happiness is analyzed into three different elements – Positive emotions, Engagement and Meaning. Each of these elements is better defined and more measurable than solid happiness.

. Positive emotions – We feel pleasure, rapture, ecstasy, warmth, comfort and the like. The entire life successful all around. This is Pleasure life.

. The second element is engaged life. This uses up all the cognitive emotional resources that make up your thoughts and feelings

. The third element of happiness means human being wants purpose in life.

Scientists prefer to use the term – Flourishing rather than happiness because it is more meaningful and full of privileges. Happiness is associated with a generalized positive feeling with courage and compassion. Flourishing is a satisfying way to live; fleeting as surprise and full of fluttering excitement.

The science of happiness is simply the goal to maximize happiness – Good food, exercise, light min, allowing yourself to luxuriate and relax in scented water. When you exercise, you sweat to release toxins from the body. You produce endorphins and get a physical and mental workout. The buzz from the increased physical fitness gives the brain a boost. Exercise gets the blood pumping the body toning and the mind gets on a high and relaxed. You can relax in the sunshine to get Vitamine D for your health. The exposure can work magic for you, improves your well-being and make others smile. Laughter is medicine on its own. Money does not make us happy. Love yourself, climb every mountain to feel empowered

Happiness is – Life-candy for men. Suck it and enjoy it. God’s grace for men to shine on earth is a big privilege. Work hard and claim it.



When you feel joyful, your breathing becomes shallow as if the lungs are being squeezed. Your eyes gleam. The cheek muscles stretch the face into the hugest of smiles. There is the urge to fling open the arms to clap them together and to sweep up the nearest person to dance. The knees may buckle, there may be tears too. Either way, joy can be a kind of violence and always a surprise. An old French word – JOIE – means a jewel. This is an emotion that dazzles us into a submission, believing life is fundamentally beyond control and accidental. It surges up when something is better than we can possibly have imagined.

Secret joy is the most pleasant sentiment of all. In the 20th Century, the aristocrats celebrated new advances in dentistry, displayed their white porcelain teeth in smiles, and walked down the streets with joy. Cheek muscles stretch the faces of advertisers, beaming with joy and smiles to sell their products. Joyful housewives’ laughter and smiles promised a vision of satisfied life.

Scientists researched inside and outside lab, night clubs, bedrooms and kitchens to bring to life the place where joy and satisfaction started and stopped in the brain. Human motivation is the root, and it maximizes joy and satisfaction no matter how difficult or elusive it proves.

In conclusion, Joy and Satisfaction appear similar. Both are beneficial to men. Some of us assume that we live by the – Pleasure principle – but our brains actually crave more for satisfaction. Both are the emotions for achievement and they are the integral parts of human lives, for without them, men are dead woods. Joy is a divine privilege and only the children of God have the everlasting blessing.



Excitement is the pleasure of – High Spirit – Laughing, Talking, Kissing. They all register in bright eyes, rapid circulation and whirlwind ideas. It is an emotion of action. Adrenaline – A hormone secreted at an emergency from the adrenal glands by the kidneys is the kick-starter. It prepared us for fight or flight. Without it, there is no fight atall. It sends messages to the brain and moves the limbs. Men get excited.

One scientist performed experiments on his family. In one, his youngest son, he injected purified extract of sheep and calf adrenal glands. He was surprised to notice that the boy’s radial artery suddenly contracted. Subsequently, experiments confirmed the extract was so potent that it could send blood pressure rocketing. The active substance was adrenaline hormone. Later, it became a medical sensation used for controlling hemorrhages in surgeries, – to suppress allergies, resuscitate stroke victims and treat the split lips of patients. In adrenaline, scientists found the secret of excitement and the Theory. Now medical sciences speak of epinephrine rather than adrenaline, and a neuro-transmitter called nor-adrenaline in the brain. However, adrenaline remains a popular emotional language – a burst of energy or buzzing nerves, seen in excitement and it becomes the language of drugs spoken of as – Adrenaline Shots and adrenaline rushes. In the early 1930s, a monthly injection of an adrenaline like substance was all that was needed to maintain optimum health. Men and women had adrenals stimulated from time to time. It’s the complete physiological equivalent for fear and rage

In conclusion, excitement is an action emotion – the pleasure of high spirits, laughing, kissing and joyful. You are happy, and you make the people around you happy. Laughter is contagious and it is the best medicine ever known. Excitement is a good and worthy privilege


Cheerfulness is a work place requirement. It is an appropriate response to contour your face into a grin to influence the emotion you feel. It embraces an unbeat-able can-do attitude.

Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. To work there, you must study at the Disney University where experts in the science of guestology know just how to maintain beaming smiles and infectious enthusiasm when surrounded by over-excited children and their demanding parents. The experts teach how to transform inner monologue or feelings of frustration and resentment into enthusiasm and delight. They call the experience – a game. Their lesson is to know how to convert facial expressions and their gestures. Cheerfulness contours your face into a grin to display the emotion you feel.

A scientist conducted an experiment to hold a pencil-lengthwise between the teeth to see if the contour improves the mood. About the same time but separately, a philosopher confirmed that facial expression of smilling and frowning change how we feel and this is called – Facial feedback hypothesis

Another research group compared the emotional responses of women having Botox injection before and after treatment. Before the injection, the women were told to imitate a photograph of an angry face under brain scanner. The scan showed significant activities in the amygdala. This is the region of the brain associated with emotional arousal. The experiment also shows that the way men’s faces move change the way they feel.

To contour your face into a grin, shows that you have a light heart and mood. This is an unbeat-able and can-do attitude. You look like what you are. This is a likeable characteristic and it is a privilege to be so trusted with responsible manners.



To create is to bring into being and to be creative is to be imaginative or inventive. Creativity is a natural endownment expressed physically, mostly by hands – sculptors, builders, Architects and the like. They use their brains to design, express, construct and make things into existence Creativity is what makes men alive. Without it, men will be jut robots.


Some young adults are already heroes at childhood ages. They are teachers, artists, authors, Inventors. Some are even now sky-rocketting in the community. Adolescence probably lasts between ten to twenty-five years of age. This is the age of opportunity. Adolescence is a confusing time. It is the period of time during which people are no longer children but not quite fully independent adults. This is the time to rethink how parents raise young people. Presently, adolescence itself has changed more than double in length over the last century. This is the opportunity for young adults to build on their foundation to intiate their success and well-being in life. Their motivation are basically their determination and strong self-control. Today, sizeable number of young adults are in the creative class.

They are programmers, Designers, Informative workers and the like. Creativity is truly a limitless resource. It is something we can all share, economic necessity and a levelier. We require diversity to prosper. Fortunately, the adolescence of today is up to the task, less mouth-tight than most of the ancestors. Open-mindedness gains the deepest economic advantages. Young adults are ambitious, pushful and brilliant. The future is bright for us all.

Scientists found that the adolescent brain is surprisingly malleable. This crucial time determines future success and happiness for them. This period gives teenage brains, the potential for change, beneficial traits like resilience and self-control. Over the past two decades, there has been tremendous growth in the scientific study of adolescence and the study shows that it is possible to influence young people’s lives for the better. Genetics teach us how important the environment is.  Before, adolescent immaturity was said to be due to ranging hormones, but today, it is said to be due to their immature cerebral cortex. It is now well-established that there are substantial and systematic changes in the brain anatomy and functioning between the ages of puberty and the early twenties. This means that adolescent brains are still developing. It should be noted, however, that adolescence is not a deficiency, disease or disability. It is just a stage of life when people are less mature than they will be when they are adult. There is an evidence that the brain does not completely mature until sometime during the early twenties. Thus, the science of adolescence brain helps parents do a better job as educators to promote adolescent well-being and thus place them on pathways for success in future.

Today, young adults are in the creative class. They are highly privileged. In time of high unemployment, when traditional skills have been out-stretched or automated creative skills will remain highly sought after – the age of Technology. The young adults will take their crowns as future leaders for the drive towards creativity has intensified across the globe. Adolescence is the current – Ignite group. They now have many things to their advantage. This is their period of opportunity. God Himself intiated creativity (Colossians 1:16). Nothing was made before Him and in Him all things consist (Colossians 1:17).



Today, jet planes soar in the clouds, rockets explore the moon and planets. MRI Scanners peer inside the living body. Cell phones put us in touch with anyone on the planet. Laptop computers send moving images and messages instantly across the continents. This is just the beginning. Computers silently read our thoughts, carry out our wishes. Every year, computer Industries revolutionize – Each one being animated, moves and connects to the Internet. The destiny of computers is like the other mass technology – Electricity, paper and running water. In future, every room will be made intelligent with computers. Presently, there are driverless cars using GPS to locate their position within a few feet drive over hundreds of miles. Very soon, computers will takeover the cars. Internet contact lenses will recognize people’s faces, display their biographies and translate their words as subtitles. Artists and Archtects will use them to manipulate and reshape their virtual creations and Tourists will use them to resurrect ancient monuments. The possibilities are endless.

It is often said that – empire of the future is the empire of the mind. Scientists believe that – A mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension. The Biology of Belief, describes a new work on the field of New Biology. It provides powerful scientific information about how the brain works based on cell biology. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell including energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. And that our bodies and experiences change as we retrain our thinking. The mind is constantly changing. Every time you have a new thought, a new neuro-pathway is formed in the brain, that is a new train of thought. Reason why men are always hungry for new things. Science is not static. It explodes exponentially all around us. Innovations and discoverings change entire economic, political and social landscape. Currently adults now realize their truest selves through manual activities, believing that our economy depends on it. It is now glaring that it can only be fully realized when each and everyone recognizes and empowers our Creativity. Then can our talents become nurtured, passions harnessed and appropriately rewarded for their contribution. Creativity is our birth-right and it is a privilege to be so endowed. Now realizing our truest selves is a good move towards economic, political and social well-being.




Dictionary defines privilege as an advantage or favour that only some people (Homo-sapiens) have. This could be – The Brains, Senses, Bodies and their Souls. This particular episode considered only the first three components – Brains, Senses, and Bodies, because the soul is divinely controlled. Brain science describes the wonderful box – Human head to contain various brain-compartments which work in unison, all coordinated by the nerves. Two lobes (Occipital and Temporary), at the back near the neck and the ears, register sensory input, organizes it and use the input to identify objects or scenes and then apply the information learnt. The frontal lobe is involved in emotion and reward. Top portion of the frontal lobe controls movement and creativity. If you are very good in Arithmetic, or Maths, you are privileged to know the functional area of the brain responsible. This lobe also plays a crucial role in attention, external affairs and internal states. The orbito frontal cortex at the bottom brain plays a role in memories of emotional events. Brain science, in general, tells you what your brain says about you. What a remarkable privilege?

When you are hungry for knowledge, you become powerful and get better everyday. Your future will be greater than your past, for what you wish is what you become. If you don’t improve your life, you are like a dead tree. Be grateful for what you have. Knowledge changes your chemistry but it is a choice. Everything becomes a miracle when it is beyond human comprehension, even shaking hands with an enemy. Privileges are inexhaustible and they are benefits of utmost values. Focus on things you are grateful for and that make you succeed in life.

Human emotions are natural defenses. Scientists have worked on them to cater for human needs and welfare, even ugly ones like – Anger, Irritation, Worry, etc – That do not look favourable have their own benefits. Scientists have converted them to GOLD – to serve humanity in various ways, Diagnostic materials, Pleasure materials, Healing materials etc (Proverb 20: 15 – There is gold and a multitude of rubies, But the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.)

Creativity is our birth-right to make wealth, and feel comfortable on Earth. In creativity, we imagine and make things. God gave us the wisdom to be Heroes in all areas of life – Doctors, Engineers, Builders, Teachers, Artists, Programmers, Designers to mention a few. Creativity is limitless resources. Creativity is economic necessity ————————————————————————————————————–

Exodus 36:1

  1. And Bezalel and Aholiab

And every gifted artisan in

Whom the LORD has put wisdom

And understanding, to

Know how to do all manner of

Work for the service of the

Sanctuary, shall do according

To all that the LORD has commanded.


Men now realize truest selves through manual activities. This is creativity. Our economic future depends on it. Through creativity, our talents are nurtured, passions harnessed and appropriately rewarded. God is the Originator, super Teacher, Architect, Designer etc. It is a privilege to be made like Him

Colossians 1:16

16 For by Him all things were

Created that are in heaven and

That are on earth, visible and

Invisible, whether thrones or

Dominions or principalities or

Powers. All things were created

Through Him and for Him.


These numerous privileges are worthy of our genuine appreciation. They excite us, give us contentment, happiness which invariably leads to longetivity. Are they presently in men’s gratitude journal? Even that God gave us his only son as sacrificial lamb to redeem us is the mightiest privilege men can dream of, and aught to top the list. Everyday, we enjoy the benefits and privileges of sunlight, good health, good harvest, exclusive things for luxury. USA and Canada separate one day in a year to thank God for abundance of wisdom, knowledge, wealth etc. Reason why they are prosperous. In many happiness studies, gratitude is the key factor to be a regular habit. Gratitude is not simply a pleasant feeling of being thankful for good things done to us, it creates a desire to reward the people who help us and to return good for the good received and to repay kindness. Doing good to your neighbour is like paying God for his blessings on you. God said – For as much as you do good to your neighbour you do it for Me.

You are what you wear. There is room for beauty. If you can’t find it, you can always create it. God will use that in your hand to bless you. See Moses – EXODUS 14;21

  1. Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea into dry land, and the waters were divided.

Some cultures celebrate gratitude with body-expressions – Singing, Dancing and Praising God. Not everything is liquid cash. Money alone cannot make you happy. Body expressions open the door of your heart and keep your mind stimulated to a new skill. No one is too old to learn new tricks. Your destiny is in your own hands. You cannot overcome what you have not confronted. The brain is a remarkable organ that’s incredibly flexible and dynamic. Lack of learning stunts growth and creates boredom but mental exercise helps ward off cognitive decline in later years. Body expression makes you stumble upon new interests and develop new skills, innate talents. Wise men recognize the richness and privileges in emotional gratitude and light-heartedness. Heroism does not destroy humanity. If you  don’t appreciate what God has given you, He will give it to somebody else.

To conclude, see this Bible passage – Revelation 4:11

  1. You are worthy, O LORD,

To receive glory and

Honor and power

For You created all things

And by Your Will they,

Exist and were created



Thank you, God, for all our privileges, for without You, men are nothing. (1 Corinthians 1: 27-28)

—————————————————————————————————————————————— END

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