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Necessities are the essential things we need to live. Nobody is self- sufficient or supernatural. We all have needs. People have natural strengths that set them apart from a disarming sense of humor to leadership skills, to the ability to put them in someone else’s shoes and feel his or her pain (or joy). As our world speeds up and our every move is greater with wider impact, we need to be ever mindful of how we use the special powers to benefit others. This is cultural progress.

Over the past years or so, stories have put a human touch on science – Save lives and put smiles on faces. This book is a compilation of grandma stories, narrated using their experiences, scientific reports of experts and Biblical testimonies to throw light on some issues in life. God is the Divine Author of the Bible and because He is our Creator, humans should have absolute trust on His Word. Personal stories are one of the many things that put the ‘Good’ in Good House Keeping.

Amazingly, all human necessities were put in place more than 3000 years ago at creation (Genesis 1:11-12). Actually they were created before men (Genesis 1 :26-27). Most of them remained the same as experienced in the stone- age or by the third generation in the twentieth century. Caves or Huts with one door were the habitats of our ancestors. These turned to houses and apartments with civilization. The clothes in ancient days were simple garments made of skins or hand-woven materials. Letters were written on stones or papers. Teachers used black-board and chalk to teach. Plants and animals were given as foods and remedies for sickness. (Genesis 1:29-30, Jeremiah 46:11)

Today industrialization has taken over. What obtained 100 years ago as good – looked to us now as primitive, Machines appeared to have taken over human brains. We use our Lap-Tops to read and write. Robots have been invented to take errands. Cars now drive themselves. Machines are now in-charge. We know however that the humans are given dominion over all other creatures (Genesis1:26). Recently, it was reported that some machines have therapeutic effect. Many break-through were reported as immunotherapy. These creativities are desired and very much welcome for cultural growth because God Himself gave us the knowledge to be creative. But the wisdom must be applied to benefit mankind not to destroy them. The authors encouraged humans not to hide behind computer screens but pledge to make the world a kinder, gentler and safer place. Let’s exercise our empathy muscles and make them our strongest superpower.

Where are we heading? Is our future heading for danger or pleasure? Grandma stories described human – necessities in the 20th century and up – to – date. The authors saw a glimpse of them and backed as cultural progress by scientific reports. The life-style necessities chosen for the stories were from Housing, Furniture, Food, Drinks, Health, Education, Clothing, Ornament, Entertainment and Transportation. The stories were coined with interesting titles;

. Have A Shower

. Take A chair

. Diet A Joke

. Palm – wine Glutton

. Healing Machine

. Black-board and Chalk

. Toy-dress Race

. Royal Robe

. Cinderella’s musical Lure

. Black – car Chase

Each story consists of:

. True story

. Scientific Report

. Bible Passages

. Summary of Bible Testimonies

. Conclusion

The truth is that machines can never take over human intelligence. They were not created for that purpose. The ultimate goal for us and the future generations is happiness which probably encapsulates cultural progress. The Creator is still at work. The authors encourage humans to make the world pleasurable. The bottom line is that glory belongs to God who gave us dominion over all other creatures. So sit back relax and enjoy the stories.









In 1950, I was about ten years old. My mother insisted I should bathe first thing in the morning to look good at school. The wash-room was at the backyard, about half a mile from home. On that memorable day, I carried my bucket of water but I forgot the adjoining small bowl to apply the water. I had to run back home to collect it. This took me up to ten minutes and I got late to school. I was punished for coming late and I missed the first lesion – Mathematics which was my best subject. It was a great delight for me when the old house was demolished and re-built. This took place three years later. A shower bath was inserted. What a big relief; Our life-style improved. No more carrying pots of water around. No need of the supplementary bowl to pour the water. Mother only advised us to shower before going to school.

A shower is an enclosure in which a person stands under a spray of water to wash for cleanliness. The shower bath is the fastest growing section of our baths in today’s fast paced life. Having a shower is increasingly taken over from the more leisurely bathing. At its simplest a shower bath is a straight-sided bath over which you fit a shower. This L- shaped shower bath is ideal for a room of straight lines and squared design, while P- shaped shower baths have rounded shower area and curved shower screen. You can choose between a bath and shower. A shower bath gives you the best of two worlds, with a shower over the bath. A shower is perfect for smaller places and it is a solution for small houses. Modern technology introduces : steam showers, free standing shower baths, L – shaped shower baths, Corner shower baths, and P – shaped shower baths Now you have many designs to choose from.

A shower is a necessity in a modern home, and water is a must – have in any community. You come home to rest and sleep after a day’s hard work. You need water to wash down the sweat to calm the body. Actually you cannot have a sound sleep if your nerves are tense and uneasy. Water removes heat from the body. If you run temperature, your body is asking you a question. With showering the body temperature goes down instantly. Water has a healing effect. It is important both internally and externally. You quench your thirst with water when dehydrated. Some scientists believe you must drink six cups of water daily to maintain good health. Actually your body consists of about 70% water.. 2000 Years ago, ancient people drank water to quench thirst and for cleanliness as seen in Bible Passages. Water poured externally enters the body through the skin pores like remedial ointments to heal ailments. Integrated Bible Passages extrapolated body sweat and body odour to spiritual uncleanliness. They are offensive aroma to God. Healthy living is the bread of life. And the best gift given to men is that of life. So we need to stay healthy.

Modern house designers and the Industrialists taught us that a good house should show its functions. Today designers utilize human factors to make house safe, comfortable and the best they can be for the people who will use them. Green design is kind to the environment. It uses materials that are safe and not biodegradable. It uses minimal energy. A green design can be used by more than one generation. Industrial designers understand – Ergonomics – which is the science of making things workable – glass, cement, planks, ceramics and so on. The word comes from the Greek word – Ergon- which means – To work. Engineers and Architects use ergonomic principles to make houses and the appliances safe, comfortable and easy to use. The principle also determines features like shape, size and the quality. Aesthetics refer to how appealing something looks. Designers choose shapes, colors and texture that makes the new device as attractive as possible. But what makes the device eye-catching can vary depending on time, place, and taste of the people who use it. Tastes change but everybody, no matter the size or cost of his house wants it to look as nice as it can be. Scientists look for ways to improve life-styles. Modern showers first came into use  late in the 18th Century. Technology has progressed so that today we have indoor plumbing with plenty of cold  or hot water

Scientists are still pushing ahead in their creativity. Current scientific researchers designed homes with devices that augment human – intelligence – Homes communicating with you, reminding you of your appointments, and when you need to be home for dinner. Developers of smart homes in Research institutes have reached their peak of development. Intelligent systems are valuable but challenging. We need them to complement our naturally given skills and add to our pleasure, satisfaction and every other things on earth. All efforts should be geared towards these. However our scientists are ever hungry for improved designs. What do we expect in future? Bathing –Tubs made of gold? Shower that controls ‘on and off’ without human control or Shower that dictates terms or attached to beds?

The Bible passages and the testimonies written below indicated how cleanliness and water were regarded in the 2000 BC


Genesis 19:2 (NKJV)

  1. And he said, ‘’Here now,

My lords please turn into

Your servants’ house and

Spend the night, and wash

Your feet, then you may rise

early and go on your way. ‘And

They said, ‘No, but we will

Spend the night in the open


Deuteronomy 23:10-11 (NKJV)

  1. If there is any man among

You who becomes unclean by

Some occurrence in the night,

Then he shall go outside the

Camp, he shall not come inside

The camp

  1. But it shall be, when eve-

Ning comes, that he shall wash

With water, and when the sun

Sets, he may come into the


Leviticus 6:27(NKJV)

  1. Everyone who touches its

Flesh must be holy. And when

The blood is sprinkled on any

Garment, you shall wash that

On which it was sprinkled in a

holy place

Exodus 30:18 (NKJV)

  1. You shall also make a laver

of bronze, with its base also

Of bronze, for washing. You

Shall put it between the tabernacle

of meeting and the altar

Exodus30:19 (NKJV)

19.For Aaron and his sons

Shall wash their hands and

Their feet in water from it.

Numbers 8:7 (NKJV)

7.Thus you shall do to them

To cleanse them. Sprinkle water

of purification on them,

And let them shave all their

Body; and let them wash their

Clothes, and so make them-

Selves clean

Leviticus 14:8 ( NKJV)

8.He who is to be cleansed

Shall wash his clothes, shave

Off all his hair, and wash him-

Self in water, that he may be

Clean. After that he shall come

Into the camp, and shall stay

Outside his tent seven days


9.But on the seventh day he

Shall shave all the hair off his

Head and his beard and his

Eyebrows – all his hair he shall

Shave off. He shall wash his

Clothes and wash his body in

Water, and he shall be clean-

Leviticus 15:27(NKJV)

27.Whoever touches those

Things shall be unclean; he

Shall wash his clothes, and

Bathe in water, and be unclean

Until evening

Exodus 30:20(NKJV)

20.When they go into the tabernacle

of meeting, or when

They come near the altar to

Minister, to burn an offering

Made by fire to the LORD, they

Shall wash with water, lest

They die.

Genesis 18:4(NKJV)

4.Please let a little water be

Brought, and wash your feet,

And rest yourselves under the



1         Chronicles 4:5(NKJV)

5.It was a hand breath

Thick, and its brim was shaped

Like the brim of a cup, like a

Lily blossom. It contained three

Thousand baths

2.Chronicles 4:6 (NKJV)

6.He also made ten lavers

And put five on the right side

And five on the left, to wash in

Them; such things as they

offered for the burnt offering

They would wash in them

————————————————————————————————————————————–2 Chronicles 32:30(NKJV)

30.This same Hezekiah also

Stopped the water outlet of

Upper Gihon, and brought the

Water by tunnel to the West

side of the city of David.

Hezekiah prospered in all his


Job 9;30-31(NKJV)

30.If I wash myself with

Snow water

And cleanse my hands

With soap,

31.Yet You will plunge me

Into the pit,

And my own clothes will

Abhor me

——————————————————————————————————————————1 Samuel 25:41(NKJV)

41.Then she arose, bowed her

Face to the Earth, and said,

Here is your maidservant, a

Servant to wash the feet of the

Servants of my lord

Samuel 12:20(NKJV)

20.So David arose from the

Ground; washed and anointed

Himself, and changed his

Clothes; and he went into the

House of the LORD and

worshipped. Then he went to his

Own house, and when he re

Quested, they set food before

him, and he ate.









LEVITICUS 14:8 —-BODY and clothes cleansed in water




2         CHRONICLES 4 :5 — 3000 BATHS FOR WASHING


2CHRONICLES 32 ; 30 Hezekiah stopped water outlet AND brought it by tunnel to the city of DAVID


SAMUEL 12;20 —David washed and anointed himself before worship


Shower bath gives people the best of both worlds; bath and shower. Shower alone is however a solution for small houses. Today we have many designs to choose from to wash down the sweat of the body after a hard-day’s job. Advantages of having a shower is numerous; water calms the body, eases nerves for sound sleep, removes heat and offensive odour from the body. Integrated Bible passages viewed body odour as spiritual uncleanliness. All these scenarios were experienced by our ancestors in years past as seen in the Bible passages quoted

Today the Industrial designers used their specialized wisdom to make shower baths that are safe, comfortable with appealing looks unlike in the stone ages. Currently, modern showers have indoor plumbing. Tomorrow is another day. Future generations will make the right decisions. Our creator has the final say. He is a faithful Father. Industrial designers are champions in cultural progress. They are push-full always hungry for better creative designs. Their goal is the possible best for humanity. I praise them for their burning desire but I want them to relax, read Isaiah 44:12 and allow God to take the lead.





About a century ago, in one of the developing countries of Africa, only the royal highness was in the position to sit on a particular designer chair. The built was unique the contour looked like a lion on the outside. The royal highness appeared to ride on it when seated on the chair which was decorated with multi-coloured stones – Purple, red, blue, white. The inside was lined with wine velvet material. The value of the chair bought a comfortable car. Only the affluent, very rich people could desire it. This royal chair was the seat of authority. The royal highness on it roared like a lion as the chair looked. He spoke with power to give orders. In all public meetings his wives dressed in their official regalia, sat on the floor near him to face his subjects. The honor given to the chair was the same given to the crown and the staff of office. All these three were passed down from one generation to the next. This outstanding chair was made by hand from a particular – type of strong-pest resistant wood.

The guests knew their rightful places. They sat on mats laid in-front, while his highness chair was raised on a platform on the opposite side. Mats are creative sheets designed by talented craft-men and women. Mats are woven from raffia – prepared from palm fibres. Palm trees abound in tropical countries and are common near the sea-side. Mats are the cheapest form of conveniences for people to sit on comfortably. In the olden days, every home possessed one mat or more. Invariably most people sat on mats and offered their guests same. Some mats were decorated with a variety of colors; purple, green, blue, or red to add to the designer’s taste. The more the decorations, the more expensive and more attractive they become. In those days, only influential people like the heads of the families could afford or permitted to sit on higher levels; raised woods, planks or tins.

Towards the end of that century, Johnson came back home from England as a trained technologist in design. He became pompous and arrogant. He told his visitors to ‘ TAKE – A – CHAIR’ Initially the idea was strange but after sometime, other villagers followed suit.

Visitors preferred to sit on chairs than mats.

Industrialization set in, in the 21st century, and wood work celebrated the joys of creating furniture. Artisans and crafts-people showed their creativity in wood-working skills. Both hand-power and machines brought new inventions. The wood working artisans followed special techniques – careful measurements, well-placed cutting-lines, crisp cuts with saw, assembled joints and created smooth finish. Wood works include chairs, tables, chests, and so on.

Industrial designers are problem solvers and dreamers.

Industrial revolution introduced factories that had machines for faster and cheaper items. The designers add a factor to a product and combine the right choice of materials, colors, details, and proportions that make you want to buy and use the product. Industrial designers make products safe, comfortable, and easy to use. They determine the shape of a chair and the seats location. Good designs look great. They refer to how appealing something looks. They choose shapes, colors and textures that make a product as attractive as possible. But what makes a product eye-catching can vary, depending on the time, place, and tastes of the people.

Currently, most of our furniture came from factories and industrial designers

. But Johnson told us that chairs are easy to make manually, because they are a necessity in our daily lives – We sit on them to eat, read, rest, relax and work. They take the weight off our legs and support our backs and bums. The first thing a chair designer must consider is how someone will use it. Its purpose determines how it will be made. At an old age, Johnson still advised people to build their own chairs for quick and easy availability, though chair-making is demystified, they are easy to build using free wood-working plans. A chair may require arms, arm slats, back slats, and cushion for the seats. Chairs with arms and backs are regarded as prestigious ones, suitable for lords, the clergy, and learned men. Some have seats of solid panels with woven rush or leather like the royal highness chair of the 20th century. Chairs have to be very strong and comfortable to sit in, not- withstanding the design.

Neuroscience taught us that the left brain is really realistic, analytical, practical, organized and logical. And that the right brain is so dam creative, passionate, and sensual. Most people are born creative. As children, we revel in imaginary play; ask outlandish questions, draw blobs and call them dinosaurs. Psychology says that even those of us not in explicitly creative fields must come up with new ideas and insights in order to move ahead.

Johnson did a lot for his generation. He encouraged all and sundry to be self-sufficient and he made concerted effort to create new designs towards cultural progress. Johnson died in 19 98 and was fondly remembered for his ideology of – ‘ TAKE – A – CHAIR ‘


The following Bible passages gave some indication of wood- working technology by 2000 BC


13.The crafts man stretches

Out his rule,

He marks one out with


He fashions it with a


He marks it out with the


And makes it like the

Figure of a man,

According to the beauty of

a man, that it may

remain in the house

1 KINGS 10:!2 (KJNV)

12 An the king made steps of

The Al-mug wood for the house

Of the LORD and for the kings

House, also harps and stringed

instruments for the singers. There

Never again came such Al-mug

Wood, nor has the like been

Seen to this day


2KINGS 12:11-12  (KJNV)

11 Then they gave the money,

which had been apportioned,

Into the hands of those who did

the work, who had the over-

Sight of the house of the LORD,

And they paid it out to the

Carpenters and builders who

Worked on the house of the


12 and to masons and

Stone cutters and for buying

Timber and hewn stone, to re-

Pair the damage of the house

Of the LORD, and for all that

Was paid out to repair the temple


2       Now for the house of my

2 Now for the house of my

God I have prepared with all

My might; gold for things to be

Made of gold, silver for things

Of silver, bronze for things of

Bronze, iron for things of iron,

Wood for things of wood, onyx

Stones, stones to be set,

Glisten-ng stones of various colors

All kinds of precious stones

And marble slabs in abundance



11 For only OG king of Ba-

Shan remained of the remnant

of the giants. ‘Indeed his bed-

Stead was an iron bed ( Is

It not in Ra-b-bah of the people

of Ammon?). Nine cubits is its

Length and four cubits its

Width, according to the

standard cubit

1KINGS 7:48 (KJNV)

48 Thus Solomon had all the

Furnishings made for the

House of the LORD, the altar of

Gold, and the table of gold on

which was the showbread,


7 And he made ten lamp-

Stands of gold according to

Their design, and set them in

The temple, five on the right

side and five on the left.

8 He also made ten tables,

And placed them in the temple,

Five on the right side and five

on the left. And he made one

Hundred bowls of gold

1       CHRONICLES 22:3 (KJNV)

And David prepared iron in

Abundance for the nails of the

Doors of the gates and for the

Joints, and bronze in abundance

beyond measure


15 Moreover there are work-

Men with you in abundance;

Woodmen and stone cutters,

And all types of skillful men for

every kind of work.



As when a man goes to the

Woods with his neighbor to cut

Timber, and his hand swings a

Stroke with the ax to cut down

The tree, and the hand slips

From the handle and strikes

His neighbor so that he

Dies he shall flee to one of

These cities and live

2       KINGS 12:10 (KJNV)

2       KINGS 12:10 (KJNV)

10 So it was, whenever they

Saw that there was much

Money in the chest, that the

kings’ scribe and the high

Priest came up and put it in

Bags, and counted the money

That was found in the house of

the LORD.


ISAIAH 44:13 —- Craft-man’s expertise described

1 KINGS 10:12 —- Unique A-l-mug wood used to build the temple, harps and instrument for singers

3       KINGS 12:11 —- Carpenters and builders were paid

4       2 KINGS12:12 —- Timber bought to repair damages

5       1 CHRONICLES 29:2—- Wood for things of wood

6       DEUTERONOMY 3:11 —- Measurement of giant bed

7       1 KING 7:48 — Table made with gold

8       2 CHRONICLES 4:7-8 —- Lamp-stands and table made

9       1 CHRONICLES 22:3 —- Plenty of iron nails made

10 1 CHRONICLES 22:15 —- Many woods-man and stone cutters

11 DEUTERONOMY 19:5 —- Trees cut for timbers with Ax

12  2KINGS 12:10 —- Money kept in the chest


Decent and affordable housing has a demonstrable impact on family stability and the life outcomes of children. Decent houses with decent amenities are indispensable and they encourage healthy neighborhood and shape the quality of community life. Better housing can lead to better outcomes for individuals, communities and society as a whole. Johnson in the true story realized this principle. He brought back home technology most needed for progress in his generation. He knew that things changed and that life moved on. He regarded town as an area of breath taking beauty, a kaleidoscope of colour, light and mood. Johnson brought new life into the community as he introduced ‘ TAKE – A – CHAIR ‘ phenomenon, by which his community members fondly remembered him till today. His creativity brought fame and comfort to all and sundry in his neighborhood. Jonson seemed to abide by this Bible Passage – ISAIAH 55:2 which says –

2  why do you spend money for

What is not bread; And your wages for

What does not satisfy? Listen carefully

To Me, and eat what is good. And let

Your soul delight itself in abundance.



In 1947, there lived a boy called Roland in one of the developing towns in Africa. Roland lost his mother at birth. His father, a bus-conductor, did not care much for him. Actually he didn’t have enough money to support him. Most times Jerome left him with neighbors for weeks at the mercy of the good-Samaritans in the village. Roland’s tummy and head were abnormally big, while his feet and hands were very tiny for his age. Everything about his figure was out of proportion. Neighbors knew he was suffering from mal-nutrition – a disease called K-w-a-s-ho-k-o.

A distant cousin of his late mother took Roland to another family member – Phillips. This man was his late mother’s junior brother who was in England when his mother died.

Uncle Phillips accepted Roland with all his heart. He gave him all the love he had for his late sister. Roland was eight when he moved to Phillips’ house. His family welcomed him and treated him well. He shared good foods with them at table. They believed in balanced diet; Beans, Meat, Vegetables, Fish, Chicken – all in the right proportion. Within two years, Roland statue became normal. He was slim-fit. His head, tummy, hands and feet grew proportionately. He looked strong, healthy and handsome. Roland became aware of his folly, calling ‘ DIET – A – JOKE ‘.

History told us that at creation, and before industrialization, people thrived on lean meats, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits and non-starchy vegetables. People were lean, strong and free from heart diseases and the ailments that plagued people today. Medical evidence showed that their body fat, aerobic fitness, blood cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin metabolism were superior to today’s average modern man. DNA evidence showed that genetically, humans have hardly changed in 40,000 years. Many of our health problems today are the direct result of what we do – and do not eat.

Over the last fifteen years, scientists and physicians worldwide agreed on the fundamental principle of optimal nutrition. Many modern foods are at odds with our genetic make-up which is basically the same as that of our ancestors. Civilization has made us stray from our original diet, bringing us ill-health and obesity. We eat too much, we eat the wrong foods, and we’re fat. The staples of today’s diet – Cereals, diary-products, refined sugars, fatty meats, and salted processed foods – make us fat, caused our diseases and ill-health. In order to ensure the proper function of our body’s optimal health, good nutrition is essential

–         Not only supplying sufficient amount of food but also eating the right kind of food in proper proportion. In general, the foods we eat contain 50 different nutrients – Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins and water. The first three provide energy used to perform all the functions of daily living. Most common and serious diseases are caused by wrong habits of eating and drinking – The use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Experts said many diseases are nature’s effort to free our system of poisons due to wrong habits of eating and drinking.

–         Roland ate right when living with the Phillips, and he regained his strength, youth-look, health and beauty. Our health problems today are the result of what we do and do not. Before industrialization people were strong and healthy. Civilization made us stray away from our original diet, and this leads to many diseases. Currently, many experts and nutritionists advised the masses on balanced diet and the right foods to remain healthy. The wise will take to the advice because Diet is not a Joke? Definitely, it is not fun to laugh at. It is something to take seriously.

–         Bible Passages gave green light to how our fore-fathers diet by 2000 BC as seen below –


3       So He humbled you, al-

Lowed you to hunger, and fed

You with manna which you did

Not know nor did your fathers

Know, that He might make you

Know that man should not live

By bread alone, but man lives

By every word that proceeds

From the mouth of the LORD.



15 However you may slaughter

and eat meat within all

Your gates, whatever your

Heart desires, according to the

Blessing of the LORD your God

Which He has given you; the

Unclean and the clean may eat

Of it, of the gazelle and the

Deer alike.

6 Only you shall not eat the

Blood; you shall pour it on the

Earth like water



23 Only be sure that you do

Not eat the blood, for the blood

Is the life; you may not eat the

Life with the meat.

24 You shall not eat it; you

Shall pour it on the Earth like


25 You shall not eat it, that it

May go well with you and your

Children after you, when you

Do what is right in the sight of




15 But J-e-s-h-u-run grew fat

And kicked,

You grew fat, you grew


You are obese;

Then he forsook God who

Made him,

And scornfully esteemed

The Rock of his




11 But its swamps and

Marshes will not be healed,

They will be given over to salt.





4       Then he distributed to

everyone of Israel, both man and

Woman, to everyone a loaf of

Bread, a piece of meat and a

Cake of raisins


JOB 6;6-7 (KJNV)

6       Can flavorless food be

Eaten without salt

Or is there any taste in

The white of an egg

7       My soul refuses to touch


They are as loathsome

Food to me




17 This shall be a perpetual

Statute throughout your generations

in all your dwellings

You shall eat neither fat nor





5       We remember the fish

which we ate freely in Egypt,

the cucumber, the melons,

the leeks, the onions, and the




JUDGES 19:5-6

6       Then it came to pass on the

Forth day that they arose

Early in the morning, and he

Stood to depart; but the young

Woman’s father said to his son-in-law,

Refresh your heart

With a morsel of bread, and after

Ward go your way.




6       So they sat down, and the

Two of them ate and drank together

Then the young

Woman s father said to the

Man, Please be content to

Stay all night, and let your

heart be merry.



2 SAMUEL 17;28-29 (KJNV)

28 brought beds and basins

Earthen vessels and wheat,

Barley and flour, parched grain

And beans, lentils and

Parched seeds.

29 honey and curds, sheep

And cheese of the herd, for David

And the people who were

With him to eat. For they said,

The people are hungry and

Weary and thirsty in the




1 SAMUEL 28:22 (KJNV)

22 N ow therefore, please,

Heed also the voice of your

Maidservant, and let me set a

Piece of bread before you; and

Eat, that you may have

Strength when you go on your




DEUTERONOMY 12:15 —- Eat meat within your heart s desire

DEUTERONOMY 12:15-16 —- But not to eat blood

NEHEMIAH 9!% —-   for hunger and water for thirst

DEUTERONOMY 32:13-14 —-Can take honey, oil, curds , wine-the blood of grapes

DEUTERONOMY 12:23-25 —-Blood is life don’t take it, that it may be well with you

.DEUTERONOMY 14:21 — Do not eat anything dead

JOB 6:6-7 —- Food is flavorless without salt

LEVITICUS 3:17 —- Fat and blood completely forbidden

DEUTERONOMY 32:15 — You grow fat and obese

JUDGES 19:5 — Ate and drank to refresh heart

1 SAMUEL 28:22 —- You eat to have strength

DEUTERONOMY 8:3—- Man lives by the WORD of God.




The Bible passage testimonies made it known to us that foods gave strength, joy, and well-being. And because it has been scientifically proven that our genes remained the same through all ages, these blessings remained with us. Even the Bible affirmed that some foods were forbidden; fat, blood and too much salt (DEUTERONOMY 12:23-25, DEUTERONOMY 32:15, EZEKIEL 47:11)

Well. All these have been scientifically proven and validated – Fat is storage for poisons, blood contains poisonous chemicals and too much salt leads to hypertension. That is both the Bible and science expect humans to obey the rules of Right foods to live well. This has answered the question that DIET IS NOT A JOKE. Definitely it is not a joke. We should take it seriously. It is not funny. It is nothing to laugh about.

Today our diet has progressed culturally from un-regulated diet through civilization to regulated forms. Roland in the 20th century did not follow regulated diet before he joined the Phillips family. The key notes in this story are seen in DEUTERONOMY 8:3,:15 DEUTERONOMY 12:25, AND DEUTERRONOMY 32




Daniel was a cocoa farmer in A-j-a-o-k-u-ta early in the 20th century. His main food was pounded yam or foo-foo (cassava). After each meal he would drink 4cups of palm-wine to have his fill. He got used to this habit. After the death of his wife in 1954, he doubled the palm-wine to nearly a full keg of 5 litres after a meal.

Though he was able to make some money from his produce in the farm, he remained poor and he looked wretched. Nobody respected him in the whole village. On the 31st of December 1955, he joined a group of notorious people in the bar near the community centre. People called them hooligans. He drank throughout the night. After mid-night, the beginning of the New -year, the team members left the bar leaving Daniel by himself – Heavily drunk with palm-wine. A few hours later, he made an effort to go to his house. Lo and behold, about half a mile from home he fell into the ditch and died. Nobody looked for him or pitied him. He had been a drunkard ever since his wife passed away. There was nobody to bury him, so he became a government property. His corpse was carried away by government officials and possibly treated as cabbage. What a terrible end for a drunkard.

Experts described alcohol – And its enormous potential for abuse. No alcoholic beverage was lined to people in 2000 B.C. although it would have been possible to make alcoholic drinks from gathered honey by natural fermentation. After Agricultural revolution, the first beers were brewed on a regular basis, later came wine made from fermented grapes in the West. Palm-wine was made by tapping palm-trees and left to ferment for more than a week to become alcoholic wine. In the olden days, it was rare for people to get drunk. They used palm-wine for ceremonies in a moderate way. Normally, moderate consumption of palm-wine was not considered detrimental to health. In fact, it was associated with reduced risk of dying from some causes of death. However, this does not mean you should take up drinking to improve your health. You do not need alcohol to be healthy.

Scientists told us that water is the most abundant of the essential nutrients in our body, the total amount being about 45 quarts. Between 50 and 75 percent of our total body weight is water. Water is present in all the tissues of the body as well as in every cell. Our brain cells contain 71 percent water. It is possible to live for several weeks without food but we can survive for only a few days without water. Next to oxygen, water is the most essential substance for the preservation of life. None of the nutrients we eat would be of any value without the presence of water. Thirst occurs when we lose only about one percent of our total water; if we lose as much as 20 percent death results.

Using rats in brain imaging and behavioral studies, researchers compared genetic component of alcohol with pure water to understand human reward circuits. They proved that certain brain receptors played a role in excessive drinking. Alcohol like other addictive drugs increases the brain s production of the neuro-transmitter dopamine which sends a message of pleasure and reward. Over time, the brain responds to the stimulation of alcohol by decreasing certain dopamine receptors. These receptors – Known as D2 receptors are nerve cell proteins to which the dopamine must bind to send the pleasure signal. An alcoholic will experience a reward deficiency, and compensate by drinking more to try to recapture the pleasure. Alcoholics will continue to drink to avoid the crash that comes with the low. Alcoholics have lower D2 levels in their brains. If you have a lower D2 level, you are more vulnerable to the rewards of alcohol. And if you are genetically more vulnerable to the rewarding elements of alcohol, you are also more vulnerable to the atrophy of the brain from alcohol use. This is just the early stages of understanding the puzzle of alcoholism.

It is sure that future generations would learn more. Our scientists are up to the task. Researchers did not rest on their oars. Cultural progress is their goal. Moreover Bible Passages reinforced the necessities of water and not wine as seen in the following passages –


28 You shall sell me food for

Money, that I may eat, and

Give me water for money, that

I may drink; only let me pass

through on foot.



9They moved from Marah

and came to E-lim. At E-li-m

Were twelve springs of water

and seventy palm trees; so

They camped there



21 Then he drank of the wine

And was drunk, and became

Uncovered in his tent




9Do not drink wine or

Intoxicating drink, you, nor your

Sons with you, when you go

Into the tabernacle of meeting,

lest you die. It shall be a statute

For ever throughout your




26 And you shall spend that

Money for whatever your

Heart desires; for oxen or

Sheep, for wine or similar

Drink, for whatever your heart

Desires, you shall eat there

Before the LORD your God, and

You shall rejoice, you and your




1 KINGS 18:5

3       And Ahab had said to Obadiah,

Go into the land to all

The springs of water and to all

The brooks, perhaps we may

Find grass to keep the horses

And mules alive, so that we

Will not have to kill any livestock




3       he shall separate himself

from wine, and similar drink,

he shall drink neither vinegar

made from wine nor vinegar

made from similar drink; neither

shall he drink any grape

juice; nor eat fresh grapes or





19 Then he said to her

Please give me a little water

to drink, for I am thirsty. So

She opened a jug of milk, gave

Him to drink, and covered him.


25 He asked for water, she

Gave milk;

She brought out cream in

A lordly bowl.


JUDGES 15:18-19 (KJNV)

18 Then he became very

Thirsty, so he cried out to the

LORD and said – You have

Given this great deliverance by

The hand of your servant; and

Now shall I die of thirst and

Fall into the hand of the





19 So God split the hollow

Place that is in Lehi, and

Water came out, and he drank,

And his spirit returned, and he

Revived. Therefore he called its

name E-n Ha k-kore, which is

In Lehi to this day.



ACTS 14:17 (KJNV)

17 Nevertheless He did not

Leave Himself without witness,

In that He did good, gave

Us rain from heaven and fruitful

Seasons, filling our hearts

With food and gladness.




17 And David said with longing,

Oh, that someone would

Give me a drink of water from

The well of Bethlehem, which

Is by the gate;



13 But the vine said to them,

Should I cease my new


which cheers both God

And men,

And go to sway over


1 KINGS 18:41 (KJNV)

41 Then Elijah said to Ahab,

Go up, eat and drink, for there

Is the sound of abundance of rain



1 KINGS 18:45 (KJNV)

45 Now it happened in the

Meantime that sky became

Black with clouds and wind,

And there was a heavy rain. So

Ahab rode away and went to

J e-z-e-el.




7And they served drinks in

golden vessels, each vessel

being different from the others,

with royal wine in abundance

according to the generosity of

the king.




7       In accordance with the law

The drinking was not compulsory;

For so the king had ordered

All the officers of his

Household, that they should do

According to each man s pleasure



. DEUTERONOMY 2:28 —- Water to drink for money

. NUMBERS 33:9 —- Spring of water and palm-trees

GENESIS 9:20-21 —- Noah drunk with wine

LEVITICUS 10:9 —- intoxicating drinks kill

. DEUTERONOMY 14:26 —- Heart desires wine

1KINGS 18:5 —- Water needed for grass to keep horses alive

.1 KINGS 18;41 —- Abundance of rain

1 KINGS 18;45 —- Clouds black for heavy rain

1 KINGS 19;6 —- A jar of water to drink

. 1 KINGS 19;8 —- Water for strength

1 KINGS 17; 6 —- He drank from the brook

. N umbers 6;3 —- Do not drink vinegar or wine

. LEVITICUS 26;4 —- Give rain in due season

. JUDGES 4;19 —- Milk in place of water to quench thirst

. JUDGES 5 :25 —- Asked for water

. JUDGES15;18 —- Very thirsty, he can die of thirst

. JUDGES15;19 —- Water came and spirit returned

.1 CHRONICLE 11;17 —- Longing for water

ACTS 14;17 —- God did good, He gave us rain

. JUDGES 9;13 —- Vine wine cheers God and men

. ESTHER1;7 —- Royal wine served in golden vessels

. ESTHER 1;8 —- Drinking is not compulsory



Today, Nutrition therapists took pains to advise people around the World about the risk and abuse in excessive drinking of alcohol. Therefore there is hope to live long with fewer sickness like the ancient people. Daniel was not advised in his life-time, so he died and was buried like a hen. There is no substitute for pure water. Even rain water which is the purest form of natural water, contains small amount of dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Due to industrial pollution, it may also contain dissolved oxides of sulphur and nitrogen. Water from reservoirs has to be treated in a number of ways before reaching the consumer. Hard water does not lather up easily, but it is best for drinking as it contains beneficial amounts of calcium and magnesium. Soft water contains low levels of calcium carbonate and it is more acidic and capable of corroding metal pipes and cooking utensils. Pa Daniel – The palm-wine glutton could have benefitted more by drinking the hard water in the running brook near the village. He would not have ended his life drinking palm – wine like water.

Every person with a drinking problem learns the hard way. Consumption of palm-wine will go down in the rural areas if the governments can register and ban the tapping of palm trees without licence. Then the spirit life of palm-wine gluttons like Daniel will improve. Free drinkers will have a new freedom, new happiness and will know peace. In the above Bible passes, it was observed that palm trees and grasses abound near springs and brooks of water.  God gave us rain from heaven to fill our hearts with gladness. The ancient people rejoiced when they drank wine. They spent money for whatever their hearts desired – Water or wine. They drank water to quench thirst. They knew that severe thirst could kill. After drinking wine, they cheered up and their spirits returned. However they were warned not to drink excessive wine, vinegar or intoxicating drinks lest they died. This means that both the Bible Passages and scientific reports gave sufficient warnings on the adverse effects of excessive drinking of alcohol. The Bible verses, I chose for people like Daniel are – LEVITICUS 10;9, and NUMBERS 6:3







15th January 1948, Rebecca started preparatory school in O-g-e-re town, a few miles from the city. Because she was the smallest in her group, she was told to sit in-front of the class next to the teacher and the black-board. The teacher used white chalk to teach the Alphabets. This was the only means available to the class of 24. Chalk dust painted the teacher s table and the rostrum at the end of the day. Teacher s fingers and khaki suit became invariably white. This was the pattern in all the ten classes in the school. Black-Board and

Chalk kept teachers and learners on the same page. Chalk is a soft, white, porous, sedimentary carbonate rock, a form  lime-stone composed of the mineral calcite-calcium carbonate. The chalk used for writing or drawing on the black-board is made up of sticks, approximately 35 of an inch (nine millimeters) in diameter and 3.15 inches (80 millimeters) long. Chalk is used every-day in school. The black-board is a piece of plank-wood 6 by 6 feet, painted black with green leaves ground with charcoal. Usually it was mounted on a stand about the teacher s height

In 1948, there was nothing like computer in the town. Rebecca saw something completely different when she went to London, England in 1990. In less than 45 years of her age, she saw her grandson learning Maths and English tutoring on the Lap-Top.  What a remarkable development; The world had taken another shape – From so simple a beginning, most beautiful incidences occurred. David her ground-son used the Lap-Top computer as a calculator. He did not  bother to learn the Times-Table at the back of the note book as she was trained when she was at school. Everything looked weird and wonderful. A further confounding story was that the computer solved all problems in education. She wondered whether there was any more need to attend school. Lap-Top completely replaced our ancient black-board and chalk. Today, Lap-Top is the answer – Not only is the idea forgotten, current school children never saw it, or the black SLATE used by learners as their own writing tool. Slates were either concrete or plank sheets about one square foot in size, painted black like the teacher s black-board. Slates were portable and convenient to write on by children.

Today, teachers and learners cannot soil their hands with chalk dust, or any form of paint. Computer devices are the order of the day. Not only do these devices take over the writing medium, they appear to take the place of teachers. They teach you whatever you need to know, just learn how to operate it.  Most seniors today could not do this. Believe it or not, my grand-son put me through the basics, just to have some fun. The complicated technical-know how appeared to be too advanced for my aging intellect. If you asked any question on Goggle screen, the answer came up immediately. It is like magic.

Experts would have you believe that robots are already here, capable of a  wide variety of activities, and could be classified as intelligent devices controlled by humans. Education is a powerful tool. Experts say some robots aid learning. It is possible that Lap-Top is a form of robot. Today, robots can read aloud in engaging voice. A robot can interact with a child and offer educational benefits. But like black-board, robots cannot help the child learn the alphabets or teach reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, basic arithmetic, and basic reasoning. At any rate, both children and adult do benefit from robot-assisted learning. But robots cannot replace school or human contact and interaction, but to supplement them. Robots are arriving, they are starting out as toys. Special-purpose robots will increase in numbers, in power and in the range of tasks they are able to perform.. Researchers believed that general purpose robots will arrive last of all – Decades from now.

Scientists are still striving to create the grand dream of intelligent machines and other devices to improve life-styles. It is in the nature of research scientists to be optimistic, to believe that they are doing the  most important activity in the world and, moreover, that they are close to significant breakthroughs. Intelligence research is increasingly affecting our every-day lives. Computers are already embedded in numerous every-day objects like TV sets, Lap-Tops and every-day things. A technologist believes in making lives richer and more rewarding through the use of science and technology. Intelligence machines can make our lives more effective, more fun and safer. Good as they are, there are set backs that future generations need to consider

. Some of them seem to take over from secretaries

. Some lazy students find it difficult to use their talents – The wisdom given by God. They depend solely on computers to solve problems, instead of pushing ahead for progress. Men are created to be creative and should continue with their creativity. God gave us the wisdom, forward ever, backward never. The Bible Passages below gave us a lot of useful indications on teachings, knowledge and wisdom. Please peruse them –




JOB 34:2-4 (KJNV)

2 Hear my words, you wise


Give ear to me, you who

Have knowledge

3 For the ear tests words

As the palate tastes food

4         Let us choose justice for


Let us know among

Ourselves what is good


JOB 35:11(KJNV)

11 Who teaches us more than

The beasts of the earth,

And makes us wiser than

The birds of heaven


JOB 38:36 (KJNV)

36 Who has put wisdom in

The minds

Or who has given

Understanding to the



Exodus 18:20 (KJNV)

20 And you shall teach them

The statues and the laws, and

Show them the way in which

They must walk and the work

They must do;


Exodus 31:18(KJNV)

18 And when He had made an

End of speaking with him on

Mount Sinai, He gave Moses

Two tablets of the testimony,

Tablets of stone, written with

the finger of God.



12 Gather the people together,

Men and women, and

Little ones, and the stranger

Who is within your gates, that

They may hear and that they

May learn to fear the LORD

Your God and carefully observe

All the words of his law,

and that their children,

who have not known it, may

hear and learn to fear the

LORD your God as long as you

Live in the land which you

Cross the Jordan to possess.



19 Now therefore, write

Down this song for yourselves,

And teach it to the children of

Israel; put it in their mouths,

That the song may be a witness

For Me against the children

Of Israel.



22 Therefore Moses wrote this

Song the same day, and taught

It to the children of Israel



24 So it was, when Moses had

Completed writing the words of

This law in a book, when they

Were  finished.



35 There was not a word of all

That Moses had commanded

Which Joshua did not read

Before all the assembly of Israel

With the women, the little

Ones, and the strangers who

Were living among them



So the men went, passed

Through the land, and wrote

The survey in a book in seven

Parts by cities; and they came

To Joshua at the camp in Shiloh



6Therefore be very courageous,

To keep and to do all that

Is written in the Book of the

Law of Moses, lest you turn

Aside from it to the right hand

Or to the left



8This book of the Law shall

Not depart from your mouth,

But you shall meditate in it

Day and night, that you may

Observe to do according to all

That is written in it. For then

You will make your way prosperous,

And then you will have

Good success



13So He declared to you His

Covenant which He commanded

You to perform, the

Ten commandments, and He

Wrote them on two tablets of


14     And the LORD commanded

Me at that time to teach you

Statues and judgments, that

You might observe them in the

Land which you cross over to




8         So the men went, passed

Through the land, and wrote

The survey in a book in seven

Parts by cities; and they came

To Joshua at the camp in Shiloh


2         SAMUEL 11:14 (KJNV)


14In the morning it happened

That David wrote a letter to

Joab and sent it by the hand of



1 KING 3:28 (KJNV)

28 And all Israel heard of the

Judgment which the king had

Rendered  and they feared the

King, for they saw that the wisdom

Of God was in him to

Administer justice


1 KINGS 4:29 (KJNV)

29 And God gave Solomon

Wisdom and exceedingly great

Understanding, and largeness

Of heart like the sand on the



1 KINGS 4:32 (KJNV)

32 He spoke three thousand

Proverbs, and his songs were

One thousand and five


JOB 4:21 (KJNV)

21 Does not their own

Excellence go away –

They die, even without



JOB 12:3 (KJNV)

3         But I have understanding

As well as you;

I am not inferior to you.

Indeed, who does not

Know such things as

These –


JOB 12:12 -13 (KJNV)

12 Wisdom is with aged men,

And with length of days,


13 with Him are wisdom and


He has counsel and



JOB 13:1-2 (KJNV)

1 Behold my eye has seen

All this,

My ear has heard and

Understood it

2 What you know, I also


I am not inferior to you



22 Then he sent letters  to all

The kings s provinces, to each

Province in its own script, and

To every people in their own

Language, that each man

Should be master in his own

House, and speak in the language

Of his own people



13 A copy of the document was

To be issued as a decree in

Every provinces and published

For all people, so that the Jews

Would be ready on that day to

Avenge themselves on their




3Then he read from it in the

Open square that was in-front

Of the Water Gate from morning

Until mid-day, before the

Men and women and those

Who could understand, and the

Ears of all the people were

Attentive to the Book of the Law



12 And all the people went

Their way to eat and drink, to

Send portions and rejoice

Greatly, because they understood the words


JOB 32 :8-9 (KJNV)

8         But there is a spirit in


And the breath of the

Almighty gives him


9         Great men are not

Always wise

Nor do the aged always

Understand justice



JOB 35:11 — Teaching makes us wise

JOB 38:36 — God put wisdom and understanding in our hearts

EXODUS 18:20 — It teaches how to walk and work

EXODUS 31:18 — Testimony written on stone

DEUTERONOMY 31;12-13 — People hear and learn

DEUTERONOMY 31:19 — Write song to be a testimony

DEUTERONOMY 31:22 — Moses wrote and taught the same day

DEUTERONOMY 31:24  — Law  written in a Book

JOSHUA 8;35  — Joshua read word to all

JOSHUA 1 :8 — Meditate on the Book of Law

DEUTERONOMY 4:13-14 — Wrote and taught the 10 commandments

JOSHUA 18:9 — Wrote survey in a book

2 SAMUEL 11;14 — David wrote a letter

1 kings 4 :29 — God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding

1 kings 4 ;32 — Solomon spoke 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs

1 KINGS 10;24 — God put wisdom in his heart

JOB 4 ; 21 — Excellence must not go away and die

JOB 12;3Those with understanding are not inferior

JOB 12;12-13 Wisdom and understanding with aged men and women

JOB 13;1-2 — See, hear and understand not to be inferior

ESTHER 1; 22 — Letters written in different languages

ESTHER 8 ; 13 — Copy of document published

NEHEMIAH 8;3 — Read in the open square

NEHEMIAH 8;12 — All rejoiced because they understood

JOB 32;8-9 — Breath of the Almighty gives men wisdom



Lap-Top is an excellent tool for learning, much more useful than the old-school Black-board and chalk. However, many of us benefitted from the dead-wood tool. Lap-Top helps in writing, teaching, entertaining, communications and so on. .Present generation cannot appreciate it enough.

Bible passages showed that King Solomon spoke 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs. What-else can we say; There were geniuses in the past. As it was then, so shall it be and forever. Recall William Shakespeare – What can be said about the inventors  of Lap-Top, and the writers of today  – Teaching and creativity begin with the tools to impart knowledge; Black-board and Lap-Top – God put all the wisdom in human hearts – 1 KINGS 10;24, 1 KINGS 4 ;29, 1 KINGS 3 ;28 and so on. Men were born creative and as long as they live creativity will continue. Excellence must not rut away and experts must not die with their brains – JOB 4 ;21. There is a spirit in man, Almighty gives him understanding – JOB 32;8. Our ultimate goal is sound – standards and improved tools of education. This is cultural progress. 2000 years  ago, humans without understanding were termed inferior – JOB 12;3. Today, nobody is inferior .  But the desire is to join hands together to make progress.




I visited many doctors for one ailment or the other in the 20th century. In my village doctors attended to all patients irrespective of the disease. There was nothing like specialization. Their tools were thermometers to take temperature and stethoscope for heart beat. The commonest prescription was to treat malaria fever – Diagnosed or not.

The story is different today. The introduction of the healing machines aided prompt diagnosis and accurate treatment. Previously some machines only diagnosed possible diseases and took picture of babies in the womb. Early this year similar machine added another dimension. It was able to diagnose and treat swollen knees in one hour. Human necessities had actually led to cultural progress in this World.


TRUE STORY – I suffered ligament and tendon damage a few months ago. I was in pain. My knee swell-up to over 18 inches. It went almost down to 16 inches within 90 minutes, when the machine was applied. I felt at ease and was very pleased with the machine. You could apply it yourself to save hours in professional s office. The machines are useful in many clinical events; Diagnostic and treatment. The healing machine works like magic. Paper is the likely soft-ware material inside it. It is probably the best way to capture and collect its notes, photos and sketches.

Scientists researched into human- machine communication. They found that machine had been given the intelligence to predict dangerous illnesses. The only disadvantage is the in-ability to express the emotions vocally. Some machines cannot only diagnose diseases but can also treat patients. Our experts had gone a long way to humanize machine. The World now imposes demands upon all creatures to be creative; Animals, humans, and artificial materials. For years, researchers have shown that a three level description of the brain is useful for many purposes: The brain stem, the cortex and frontal-lobe.

Machine hard-ware is very different from that of animals.  Machines are mostly made of parts with lots of straight lines, right angles and arcs.  Machine brains or more accurately, machine information processing operates much more quickly than biological neurons but also much less parallel in operation.  Machine technology had evolved over centuries. The evolution is entirely up to the designer who analyses existing systems and makes modifications. There is however one interesting parallel between the evolution of humans and that of intelligent autonomous machines. Both must function effectively, reliably, and safely in the real World.

Researchers found specific auto antibodies in patients with auto-immune myositis – Muscle inflammation and symptoms in the joints. This means that – Body has been called upon to help itself. It is apt to believe that when the healing machine is applied on the injured parts of the body, antibodies in the area start to fight the antigens released to cause the pain and the swelling. It thereby causes the relief – Swelling disappears, redness goes, and pain reduced.  The machine itself is not made of living cells. It does not have anti-bodies. It is the injured person that produces the fighting anti-bodies. This is immuno-therapy. This is exactly like the familiar placebo treatment.  The principle of immuno-therapy has been practised by many people around the world for decades. I also guess that the belief of Divine Healing by Christians comes under the same umbrella, for it is God that created immune system in men.

Even some animals have human-healing potentials. Scientists backed the belief that human wounds heal fast when licked by dogs, horses help people deal with physical, emotional and social behaviors .The venom in some snakes has been found to have some healing effects in men. In future –

. Shall we trust God absolutely as the Healer –

. Shall we rely on Placebo pills –

. Shall we trust machine Intelligence completely –

. Or do we still need medicines –

Future scientists will tackle these questions. The future looks promising. Actually Healing Machines work like Placebo pills which have been used to treat  patients mostly in Mental Homes for years. The treatments have been effective and hopefully they will continue to be.


The following BIBLE PASSAGES, confirmed these propositions as seen below –


JOB 2;7 (KJNV)

7 So Satan went out from the

Presence of the LORD, and

Struck Job with painful boils

From the sole of his foot to the

Crown of his head


JOB 5;18 (KJNV)


18 For He bruises, but He

Binds up;

He wounds, but His hands

Make whole


JOB 7;5 (KJNV)

5         My flesh is caked with

Worms and dust

My skin is cracked and

breaks out afresh



12 And in the thirty-ninth

Year of his reign, Aa became

Diseased in his feet, and his

Malady was severe; yet in his

Disease he did not seek the

LORD, but the physician

13 So Asa rested with his father,

He died in the forty-first

Year of his reign



15     and you will become very

sick with a disease of your

intestines, until your intestines

come out by reason of the

sickness, day by day


2 KINGS 5:27 (KJNV)

27 Therefore the leprosy of

Na-a-man shall cling to you and

Your descendants forever;

And he went out from his presence

Leprous, as white as snow


2 kings 8 :29 (KJNV)

29 Then king Jo-ram went

Back to J-e-z-reel to recover from

The wounds which the Syrians

Had inflicted on him at

Ramah, when he fought

Against Ha-z-a-el king of Syria.

And A-ha-z-i-a-h the son of  J-e

Ho-ram, King of Judah, went

Down to see Jo-ram the son of

Ahab in J-e-z-r-eel, because he

Was sick


2 KINGS 13:14 (KJNV)

14 Elisha had become sick

With the illness of which he

Would die. Then Jo-ash the

King of Israel came down to

Him, and wept over his face,

And said ——



30 Whatever sickness we might have,

Because we have sinned against You

Then hear from heaven

Your dwelling place, and forgive

And give to every-one according

To all his ways, whose

Heart You know (for You alone

Know the hearts of the sons of men )


2 KINGS 20:6 (KJNV)

6         And I will add to your days

Fifteen years, I will deliver you

And this city from the hand of

The king of Assyria and I will

Defend this city for My own

Sake, and for the sake of My

Servant David


2 KINGS 20:7(KJNV)

Then Isaiah said, Take a

Lump of fig. So they took and

Laid it on the boil, and he



EXODUS 30:23-25 (KJNV)

23 Also take for yourself

Quality spices – five hundred

Shekels of liquid myrrh, half as

Much sweet-smelling cinnamon

(two hundred and fifty shekels),

Two hundred and fifty

Shekels of sweet-smelling cane,

24 And you shall make from

These a holy anointing oil, an

Ointment compounded according

To the art of the perfumer.

It shall be a holy anointing oil


2 KINGS 4:39-41 (KJNV)

39 So one went out into the

Field to gather the herbs, and

Found a wild vine, and gathered

Fron it a lapful of wild

Goards, and came and sliced

Them into the pot of stew,

Though they did not know

What they were

40 Then they served it to the

Men to eat; Now it happened,

As they were eating the stew,

That they cried out and said –

Man of God, there is death in

The pot; And  they could not

Eat it.

41 So he said – Then bring

Some flour – . And he put it into

The pot, and said – Serve it to

The people, that they may eat –

And there was nothing harmful

In the pot.


1 KINGS 17:17(KJNV)

16     Now it happened after

These things that the son of the

Woman who owned the house

Became sick. And his sickness

Was so serious that there was

No breath left in him



10     As yet I am as strong this

Day as on the day that Moses

Sent me, just as my strength

Was then, so now is my

Strength for war, both for

Going out and for coming in



JOB2;7 — Satan struck Job with boils

JOB 5;18 — Bruises and wounds made whole

JOB 7;5 — Flesh with worms, skin cracked

2 CHRONICLES16;12-13 — Asa diseased, sought physicians but died

2 CHRONICLES 21;15 — Disease of intestine until intestine comes out

2 KINGS 5;27 — Cursed with leprosy – white as snow- on descendants

2 KINGS 8;29 — Jo-ram was sick with wounds

2 KINGS 13;14 — Elisha had illness of which he would die

2 CHRONICLES 6;30 — Sickness because of sin


2 kings 20;7 — Lump of figs laid on boil and he recovered.

EXODUS 30;23-25 — Holy anointing oil prescribed as Healing ointment

2 KINGS 4;39-41 — Flour neutralized harmful death

1 KINGS 17;17 — Son of woman became sick

JOSHUA 14;11 — Strength still remains, for going out and coming in



Human necessities automatically progressed culturally over time. Our understanding and ability to invent and develop technology continually improved – in part because the sciences of artificial needs have developed and in part because human needs have changed. The world imposes demands of creativity upon all creatures; animals, humans, and artificial materials.

Experts knew that fundamental lack of knowledge about auto-immune diseases greatly hindered the ability to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in the past. And that the time is ripe to tackle this most challenging problems .Hopefully future scientific investigations should declare with clarity that – Body should heal itself. The world is heading towards the right direction; Placebo treatment, Healing Machines and Divine Healing. God gave us anti-bodies in our systems to fight diseases. Bible passages testified to His supremacy ; JAMES 5;14-15, MARK 9;23, ISAIAH 53;5

The Bible passages quoted in this story illustrated;

. That Satan strikes men with diseases

. That physicians care but cannot prevent death

. That God allowed sickness because of sin

. That He can heal and add more years to our age

. Our strength will remain fresh both for going out and coming in.

Even flour neutralized harmful death in foods – 2 KINGS;39-41.

Is there any wonder that exposure of bodies to designated machine for healing can divinely heal diseases –  Thus like Placebo pills, auto immune-therapy, Healing Machine works like magic.





TRUE STORY – In the middle of the 20th century, precisely 1954, Sophie s mother, Emily received the honor as the best designer in town. She had the absolute right to design the crowns, shoes and staff of office for the king. This was a big post. Beads design was her speciality. Nobody-else in the neighborhood had the expertise. I  watched her closely at work. People could have called me her apprentice but I was not particularly interested in art.

At work she used canvas material as foundation-base. With needle and fanciful threads, she sewed in the beads with gold, silver and other precious stones. Diamond stones were used to write the name and status of the king. Other stones of diverse colours designed fierce animals on the remaining parts. The three items – Crown, shoes and staff of office looked very rich in the colour combinations and quality, but were frightening because of the wild animals drawn on them. Of course his royal highness was very proud of them because they depicted his rank in society. This creativity made name for mama Emily. The business remained in her line-age for years, and passed to the other generation until industrialization took over. By this time, beaded shoes, staff of office and the crowns were no longer made by hand. The wheel of civilization turned  most things in the 21st century.

Shoes were made out of treated skins called – leather, crowns bought ready made by machines. Gold rings were used as staff of office by most kings.


What will the future look like –

Will local kings still desire hand-made beaded crowns and other accessories –

Will they be satisfied with machine-made decorations

Will they be modest with simple things, and donate  wealth to charity –

Will the manufacturers make more sophisticated regalia for royalty and use alloys in- place of the expensive materials

Precious stones contribute a lot to wealth and cultural progress, not just as jewelry  but they add beauty and lustre to every-thing. Precious stones are like light that cannot be hidden under  a cover because they shine. They provide beauty, wealth, recognition and happiness to the admirers.

2000 B.C., precious stones were used extensively to decorate the temple built for God by king Solomon. Then gold was cheap and found everywhere. But now precious stones are hard to come by and are too expensive to use. Today designers appreciated the values and used them sparingly whenever needed; tiny stones for wedding rings and other decorations. Extravagancy does not favour cultural growth. However creativity is a virtue and it promotes cultural progress. An expert listed the attributes of creativity as follows –

. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong

. Take creativity as fun

. Have wild mind and disciplined eyes

. Break out of established patterns

. Creativity is inventive, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes

. Creativity breaks all barriers

. It is not afraid to fall

. Creativity is thinking what no one else has thought

. Creativity sees things for what they can be

. Creativity requires the courage

. It is a yearning of the human soul, and it is flexible, persistent and independent.

I feel bold to say that mama Emily had all the above attributes. And they earned her a big title in the community and she left the admirable legacy for her line-age and future generations. Though dead her heritage are still recognized as her descendants.

At any rate, there is future for beads design in other areas; like the decorations on wedding dresses, ceremonial robes for sophisticated ladies and so on. The descendants of mama Emily would feel like coming back home. It is gratifying to note that present-day designers use synthetic materials instead of the very expensive precious stones ; alloys of gold and silver, poly-ethylene stuff, and other cheaper stuff. Future scientists are up to the task.  Their goal is to design the best and most fashionable products for those who want them and for cultural progress.



25 All the women who were

Gifted artisans spun yarn with

Their hands, and brought what

They had spun, of blue, purple,

And scarlet, and fine linen


EXODUS 35;31-32(KJNV)

31and He has filled him with

The spirit of God, in wisdom

And understanding, in knowledge

And all manner of work-man ship.

32 to design artistic works, to

Work in gold and silver and bronze



3And they beat the gold into

Thin sheets and cut it into

Threads, to work it in with the

Blue, purple, and scarlet

Thread, and the fine linen, into

Artistic designs



22 Only the gold, the silver,

The bronze, the iron, the tin,

And the lead,

23 everything that can

endure  fire, you shall put

through the fire, and it shall

be clean; and it shall be purified

with the water of purification

But all that cannot

Endure fire you shall put

Through water



14 He gave gold by weight for

Things of gold, for all articles

Used in every kind of service;

Also silver for all articles of silver

By weight, for all articles

Used in any kind of service


1 kings 6;21-22 (KJNV)

21 So Solomon overlaid the inside

Of the temple with pure

Gold. He stretched gold chains

Across the front of the inner

Sanctuary, and overlaid it with


22 The whole temple hr over-laid

With gold, until he had finished

All the temple; also he

Over-laid with gold the entire

Altar that was by the inner



2         SAMUEL 1;10 (KJNV)

10So I stood over him and

Killed him, because I was sure

That he could not live after he

Had fallen. And I took the

Crown that was on his head

And the bracelet that was on

His arm, and have brought

Them here to my lord.


2 SAMUEL 12;30(KJNV)

30 Then he took their king s

Crown from his head. Its

Weight was a talent of gold,

With precious stones. And it

Was set on David s head. Also

He brought out the spoil of the

City in great abundance


2 KINGS 16;8(KJNV)

7         And Ahaz took the silver

And gold that was found in the

House of the LORD, and in the

Treasuries of the king s house,

And sent it as a present  to the

King of Assyria



22 So it was, when the camels

Had finished drinking, that the

Man took a golden nose ring

Weighing half a shekel, and

Two bracelets for her wrists

Weighing ten shekels of gold.



3         And this is the offering

Which you shall take from

Them; gold, silver, and bronze;

4         blue, purple, and scarlet

thread, fine linen, and goat s hair



26 Now the weight of the gold

Ear-rings that he requested

Was one thousand seven hundred

Shekels of gold, besides

The crescent ornaments, pendants,

And purple robes which

Were on the kings of Median,

And besides the chains, that

Were around their camels –




53 Then the servant brought

Out jewelry of silver, jewelry of

Gold, and clothing, and gave

Them to Rebekah. He also gave

Precious things to her brother

And to her mother.


20 All king Solomon s drinking

Vessels were gold, and all

The vessels of the House of the

Forest of Lebanon were pure

Gold. Not one was silver, for

This was accounted as nothing

In the days of Solomon



19 But all the silver and gold,

And vessels of bronze and iron,

Are consecrated to the LORD;

They shall come into the

Treasury of the LORD


1 KINGS 7;49 (KJNV)

The lampstands of pure

Gold, five on the right side and

Five on the left in-front of the

Inner sanctuary, with the

Flowers and the lamps and the

Wick-trimmers of gold

1 KINGS 10;14(KJNV)

14 The weight of gold that

Came to Solomon early was

Six hundred and sixty-six talents

Of gold



5         He had a bronze helmet on

his head, and he was armed

with a cot of mail, and the

weight of the coat was five

thousand shekels of bronze



11     to bring Queen Vashti

before the king, wearing her

royal crown,  in order to show

her beauty to the people and

the officials, for she was beautiful

to behold.



EXODUS 35;25 — All artisans invited

EXODUS 35;30 — God filled them with wisdom

2 CHRONICLES 2;13-14 — Skillful men to work in gold

NUMBERS 31;22-23 — All can endure fire

1 CHRONICLE 28;14 — Pay gold for things of gold

1 KINGS 6;21 — Temple lined with pure gold

2 SAMUEL 1;10 — Crown and bracelets for the king

2 Samuel 12;30 — Talent of gold on David s head

2 KINGS 16;8 — Silver and gold as a present

GENESIS 24;22 — Golden nose ring and bracelets

EXODUS 25;3 — Offerings of gold, silver, and bronze

JUDGES 8;24-27 — Ear-rings and chains made into ephod

JOSHUA 6;19 — Silver, gold, and bronze for the LORD S treasury

GENESIS 24;53 — Jewelry of gold to Rebekah

2 CHRONICLES 9;20 — Silver counted as nothing

1 KINGS 10;14 — Talents of gold for king Solomon

1 SAMUEL 17;5 — Bronze helmet for goliath

ESTHER 1 ;11 — Royal crown for beauty



As at 2000 B.C., precious stones were used to decorate holy places. Then they were cheap and easy to come by. They were given to kings as presents. Kings wore golden regalia like crowns, rings, chains. Jewelry  like nose rings, bracelets and chains were given out conveniently. Without doubt, precious stone brightness cannot be hidden because they shine.

Today, economic recession made it necessary for designers to read the carats in gold and use all precious stones with wisdom. Our economists appreciated the scarcity of most items, and to push our economy forward  one has to be careful – cultural progress too demanded moderation in every-thing. The designers are mindful of this fact. They used tiny stones for wedding rings and for other ceremonies.  God Himself does not like extravagancy. Moderation is the watch word in all things.

Will the future generations device special alloy for same purposes

Will the affluence people in the society rather donate to charity

Bible passages gave us some advice –

PROVERB 22;9  says

9         He who has a generous

eye will be blessed,

for he gives of his bread

to the poor


1 CORINTHIANS 7;29-31 says –

29 But this I say, brethren,

The time is short, so that from

Now on even those who have

Wives should be as though

They had none,

30 those who weep, as though

They did not weep, those who

Rejoice as though they did not

Rejoice, those who buy as

Though they did not possess

31 and those who use this

World as not misusing it. For

The form of this world is

Passing away.






20TH century ago, in one of the developing  countries, children toys were the long bones from the legs and hands of dead animals. They were cleaned and possibly polished. Some smart people bought carved wooden toys painted with some colours to show mouth and eyes. Toy dresses were the pieces left-overs collected from tailors, garbage or cans. Sophie, my younger sister loved toys and was good in sewing pieces together. She loved to join scraps of clothes to dress her toys. At times she sewed straight loose garments. Mother-hood began as she tied the toy on her back with her scarf.

When I became a grand-mother, my goal was focused on toy dresses. I was most interested on women dresses because the female child loved toys more than the boys. I soon learnt that dresses showed history and stories of many people in those days. Clothing revealed a lot about a person, every-thing from a person s physical size to her social status. It came to mind that toy dresses could be just the replica of adult dresses. Research on basic information, such as age, marital status, and number of children the person had, can often add context to  the clothing and help explain choices to make. Toy-dress design s show case both the high-end designer pieces and the everyday department store and home-made dresses. Children are not particularly interested in colours, though adults wore more black dresses presently. They would rather go for bright colours.

As I looked through my grand-daughters’ toy racks and drawers of toy-dresses, it quickly became apparent that floor-length evening dresses worn in the  20th century were in abundance. Mothers and daughters purchased these. I tried to explore the complexities and appropriateness over time. There appeared to be an evolution of toy dresses – Sophie’s straight loose garments to floor-length evening wears. However long dresses had been used by women in the Western world throughout history. For example early in the 19th century long dresses became fashionable. Towards the end of the century women began to choose luxurious silk and velvets for evening wear. By mid-1920’s long dresses were considered modern and the uniform of modern women. They quickly gained social acceptance for mature women in every-day dress throughout the 20th century. The youths took over by 1960

Today, most children consider long dresses appropriate for their toys, and any colour even black. To them toys are not toys but living adults – The only difference is the in-ability to talk with them. For decades floor-length evening dresses have become an essential item in almost every woman’s wardrobe and has proven to be the perfect go-to out-fit. Many people from fashion designers to house wives and children, used their talents and personal aesthetic to credit their own version of the perfect floor-length dresses. This special pattern speak to women and children of all ages, races, and back-grounds. The dresses tell the stories of the designers,- How fashionable, sophisticated, or modest they might be.

Apparel refers to clothing in general. Designers used all sorts of materials like wool ,silk, cotton, velvet,  and so on. The acceptance of the design depends on the uniqueness of the style, and the popularity given to it. Advertisement and show-casing the product play a major role in this area. About two-thirds of wool manufactured in the20th century was used to make garments, sweaters, dresses, coats, suits and active sports-wear. Blended with other natural and synthetic fibres, wool adds drape and crease resistance. Wool is soft, durable, and safe. Wool can stand a lot of wear and tear. It can uphold its new appearance longer than others. Silk fabric is soft and smooth. It can also be crisp and textured silk is a beautiful, luxurious and comfortable fabric. Silk fabric is  the strongest fabric in the world. Silk is often used for clothing such as shirts, ties, blouses, formal dresses, high fashion clothes, dress suits .Silk attractive lustre and drape make it suitable for many styles. Cotton is the most popular fabric in the world. Like rayon, cotton is made of cellulose. Cellulose is a macromolecule made up of an-hydro-glucose unit connected by 1,4 oxygen bridges with the polymer. Approximately 7.6 million bales of cotton a year and about 57 percent of it was converted into apparel. Can one guess how much of these would go in for toy dresses? All the materials described are suitable for toy dresses – so long as they are suitable for the adults. You only need to make them to sizes. No wonder toy-dress race gained ground in the  world market. Many designers floated companies to sew, promote and market toy-dresses. However they all have their choice names to distinguish themselves and to attract their customers; Presses dress, fashion angels fairy-tale dresses, Cinderella dresses, secret angels designs. They are made in assorted colours, sizes and shapes but mostly floor-length evening dresses because this is the taste of their girl-customers. Most companies are tagged – costume for kids. They make a race to out-shine the other, though they all have their specialities. Some manufacturers included hoodies, shirts, sport-wear for boy –toys. Some girl-children might like to have the boy-toys, though they are not common. Boys preferred to play sport games and could use boy-toys in some cases to represent the attacker.  The colours vary – Blue, pink, red, black, white, purple, gray, green, yellow, brown, orange.

My grand-daughter’s choice is pink or red, but essentially foot-length evening dresses. Abby, my grand-daughter had about four-ty toys, and she could different one from the other. They came in different sizes colours, hair-styles and so on. At times she pretended as if they were having beauty-contest. Grand-ma was always ready to be the judge and choose the best dressed and the most beautiful. The toy room had all the necessary facilities ; the wash-room, dinning-table bed-room, dressing room and other funny places.  This exercise is very engaging. Actually I personally think she requires a paid nanny to attend fully to the toys, though it appeared to be fun and relaxing at times for grand-ma. Abby spent her happiest moments with the toys. Toys are indispensable for children especially female children. They learn the art of mother-hood at an early age. Funny enough, the only gift Abby ever desired  is a toy. It is a worthy business for entrepreneurs. Toy-dress race appears to be a new development culturally.  The questions for the new generations are –

. Will toys be humanized in future?

. Will toys behave like robots?

. Will toys have different colours and dresses to represent various cultures in the world?

The list of future desires is in-exhaustible. The coming generations have a lot to choose from. This world is beautiful. Bible passages told us more about apparels and fashion 2000 years ago.





31 You shall the robe of

The ephod all of blue



32 There shall be an opening

For his head in the middle of it,

It shall have a woven binding

All around its opening, like the

Opening in a coat of mail, so

That it does not tear



33 And upon its hem you

Shall make pomegranates of

Blue, purple, and scarlet, all

Around its hem, and bells of

Gold between them all around



39 You shall skillfully weave

The tunic of fine linen thread

You shall make the turban of

Fine linen, and you shall make

The sash of woven work



40 For Aaron’s sons you shall

Make sashes for them. And

You shall make the hats for them

For glory and beauty



42 And you shall make for

Them linen trousers to cover

Their nakedness, they shall

Reach from waist to the



2         SAMUEL 13;18 (KJNV)

17     Now she had on a robe of

Many colors, for the king’s virgin

Daughters wore such apparel.

And his servant put her

Out and bolted the door behind




10     to bring Queen Vashti

before the king, wearing her

royal crown, in order to show

her beauty to the people and

the officials, for she was

beautiful to behold



1 Now it happened on the

Third day that Esther put on

Her royal robes and stood in

The inner court of the

King’s palace ———–



15 So Mordecai went out from

The presence of the king in

Royal apparel of blue and

White, with a great crown of

Gold and a garment of fine

Linen and purple, and the city

Of Shushan rejoiced and was





6         A woman shall not wear

Anything that pertains to a

Man, nor shall a man put on a

Woman’s garment, for all who

Do so are an abomination to

The LORD your God



15 Then Rebekah took the

Choice clothes of her elder son

Esau, which were with her in

The house, and put them on Jacob

Her younger son




42 Then Pharaoh took his signet

Ring off his hand and put it

On Joseph’s hand; and he

Clothed him in garments of

Fine linen, and put a gold chain

Around his neck



11You shall not wear a garment

Of different sorts, such as

Wool and linen mixed together




27 David was clothed with a

Robe of fine linen, as were all

The Levites who bore the ark,

The singers and C-he-n-n-a-i-h

The music master with the

Singers. David also wore a

Linen ephod




31 You shall make a veil

Woven of blue, purple, and

Scarlet thread, and fine woven

Linen. It shall be woven with

An artistic design of Cherubim



3         So you shall speak to all

Who are gifted artisans, whom

I have filled with the spirit of

Wisdom, that they may make

Aaron’s garments, to consecrate

Him, that he may minister

To Me as priest



EXODUS 28:31 — Make robe all blue

EXODUS 28;32 — Make opening for his head in the middle of it and woven binding all around like opening in a coat so that it shall not tear

EXODUS 28;33 — Make pomegranates of blue, purple, and scarlet around its hem

EXODUS 28;39 — Skillfully weave the tunic of fine linen thread. Make turban of fine linen, make the sash of woven work

EXODUS 28;40 — Make hats for Aaron’s sons for beauty

EXODUS 28;42 — Make them linen trousers to cover their nakedness, these shall reach from the waist to the thighs

2 SAMUEL 13;18 — King’s virgin daughters wore apparel of many colors

ESTHER 1;11 — Queen Vashti wore royal crown to show her beauty

, of gold and a garment of fine linen and purple

DEUTERONOMY 22;5 — A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor  shall a man put on a woman’s garment

GENESIS27;15 — Rebekah took choice clothes

GENESIS 41;42 — Pharaoh clothed Joseph with garments of fine linen and wore ring and chain on him

DEUTERONOMY22;11 — Do not wear garments of different sorts; wool and linen mixed together

1 CHRONICLE 15;27 — David, the singers wore robes of fine linen

EXODUS 26;31 — Make a veil woven of blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine woven linen with artistic design

EXODUS 28;3 — Garment to be made by gifted artisans filled with the spirit of wisdom



Many of the people in toy-race business are gifted designers. They have been filled with the spirit of wisdom (EXODUS 28;3).They are naturally creative. They make exclusive styles that many people would like and buy. Toy dresses are eye-catching for children and mothers. Many designers are now business-minded. They make toy-dresses  that make toys look alive and beautiful.

Robes of many colors were made for Joseph to distinguish him as the favorite of his father, Jacob. The king’s virgin daughters were clothed in robes of many colors (2 SAMUEL 13;18). Parents adore their children and they want the best for them. Most children are happiest when playing with their toys. To them the toys are the greatest; It was so 2000 years ago, in the 20th century, Today and years to come. Our culture is really progressing. This is a bonus for future entrepreneurs .For further progress, it is hoped that toy-dresses will be made to feature more races; Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa, Indians, Pakistan and so on. This will enable keen competition among many races. This is the wish of my grand-daughter, Abby.






A century ago, Cinderella’s grand-mother mama Dorcas made use of talking drums and rattles to worship her god or gods. Mama Dorcas died in the year 1947 when Cinderella was only 5 years old. Mama Dorcas was the chief idol worshipper and her husband Solomon was her drummer. It was a good combination; for Solomon beat his drum to welcome the spirit they both believed in. To them, the idol answered by fire. The present generations would call them pagans. But how can demons drive away demons? This was the question most people asked; All told, their god interceded for them to cure the ailments of their patients. Mama Dorcas had a shed at the back of their house which she called – Sick bay, where she housed mental cases. Two boys blew the horns of animals and Solomon beat the drums. At the peak of the activity, the group looked like a real orchestra.

Mama Dorcas did not use medication for her patients. As the idol chief she dressed in multi-colored apparel. At the peak of their worship, under vigorous drumming, her countenance usually changed, possibly to welcome the arrival of the spirit. At this stage she pronounced some magical words  and conjured healing utterances on, the patients. She could tell one patient to wash in a flowing stream, and one to sacrifice a goat to appease the gods. Most ancient people believed this  mode of treatment.

No wonder Cinderella became a musician when she grew up. At 18,she was popular with her guitar. She was not seen to worship any idol, but she believed very much in the therapeutic efficacy of music. Her approach was very different from her parents. With guitar in her hand, she went to the hospitals especially children ’s wards. Not that she used medication but the melody of her songs and guitar rhythm calmed the nerves of the little children. They temporarily forgot their pains. Some fell asleep with the melody. Reliable evidences reported the therapeutic efficacy of Cinderella’s simple guitar. Her commitment and love of tradition have been constantly reaffirmed by her continuing involvement in hospital visitation voluntarily. She used her musical lure to treat sick people.  Her musical dynasty dated back to early 1960s. Cinderella continued her own glittering solo career. She recorded music in Radio and Television. Her progressive 2004 album – Secret Angels – was widely lauded. Cinderella reverted to song writing and the brilliance of the first album was revealed with a stunning applause, Her sudden death in 1998 cruelly cut short the career of a unique singer, guitarist and writer.

The earliest forms of music were probably drum-based. The evolution of instruments brought about the invention of musicology. In Paleolithic era, a musician improved and reworked standard notations to be more user-friendly by adding time signatures. He invented Solfege – the vocal notes scale ; do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. Music is an art form whose cultural activity medium is sound and silence. Music is found in every known culture past and present, varying widely between times and places. The first music may have been invented in Africa and then evolved to other countries. The ancient ones were between 500 – 1760 A.D., the common practice between 1600 – 1900 AD, and the modern contemporary ones were from 1900AD.

The origins of music traced back through early civilization. Western music was invented in the middle of 20th century. Some say – It was invented as a sexual lure, but a new study bolsters  a different theory. Cinderella’s musical lure was more for healing. We all know Pythagoras did quite a lot for high school mathematics. The theorems is also the basis of today’s science and probably the invention of music theory. Music is a composition of three important elements which are rhythm, melody, and harmony. The roots of Western music are strongly influenced by classical music. Music history is inherently a very social experience, so it comes as no surprise that music and social media technologies have been very inter-wined.

Today, and since 1994, the world music scene has grown dramatically. Vast numbers  of CDs are released each month, artists from across the world perform regularly in major concerts halls in the West, while festivals of local music have

Sprung up across the globe. .Today world music enthusiasts can easily find albums on line.  Music of every style; popular, classical, religious and secular, new and traditional have been in circulation.

A recording is only a copy of the original performance. Without great recordings we are lost. It is most probable that Cinderella’s- Secret Angels – album is still available in some old music stores. Culture creates and re-creates itself. It would take a heart of stone and ears of cloth to completely  forget Cinderella’s musical lure


The following Bible Passages showed  how music was appreciated 2000 years ago. The wisdom in the verses would probably ignite the hearts of future generations. Shakespeare says – If music is the food of love, play on –



24 Speak to the children of

Israel, saying; In the seventh

Month, on the first day of the

Month, you shall have a Sabbath-

Rest, a memorial of blowing

Of trumpets, a holy convocation.


NUMBERS 10 ; 2-3(KJNV)

2 Make two silver trumpets

For yourself, you shall make

Them of hammed work; you

Shall use them for calling the

Congregation and for directing

The movement, of the camps,



Then Israel sang the songs

‘’Spring up, O well’’

All of you sing to it –


JOSHUA 6 ; 20 (KJNV)

20 So the people shouted

When the priests blew the

Trumpets. And it happened

When the people heard the

Sound of the trumpet, and the

People shouted with a great

Shout, that the wall fell down

Flat; Then the people went up

Into the

Straight before him, and they

Took the city


GENESIS 31 ; 27 ,(KJNV)

27 Why did you flee  secretly

And steal away from

Me, and not tell me; for I might

Have sent you away with joy

And songs, with t-i-m- b-r-el and  harp?



20 Then Mi—r-i-an the prophetess,

The sister of Aaron, took

The t-i-m-r-el in her hand, and

All the women went out after

Her with t-i-m-b-r-e-l and with dances



18     Now therefore, write

Down this song for yourselves

And teach it to the children of

Israel; put it in their mouths,

That this song may be a witness

For Me against the children

Of Israel



7         Now it had happened as

They were coming home, when

David was returning from the

Slaughter of the Philistines,

That the women had come out

Of all the cities of Israel, singing

And dancing, to meet the king

Saul, with tambourines, with

Joy, and with musical instruments


2 SAMUEL 6;14 (KJNV)

14 Then David danced before

The LORD  with all his might;

And David was wearing a linen



2 SAMUEL 22;1 (KJNV)

1 Then David spoke to the

LORD the words of this song, on

The day when the LORD had delivered

Him from the hand of

All his enemies, and from the

Hand of Saul



8         Sing to Him, sing psalms

to Him

Talk of all His wondrous



2         CHRONICLES 5;13 (KJNV)

13indeed it came to pass,

When the trumpeters and

Singers were as one, to make

One sound to be heard in praising

And thanksgiving the LORD,

And when they lifted up their

Voice with the trumpets and

Cymbals and instruments of

Music, and praised the LORD,





28 So all the assembly worshipped,

The singers sang, and

The trumpeters sounded; all

This continued until the burnt

Offering was finished


EZRA 3;11 (KJNV)

11And they sang responsively,

Praising and giving

Thanks to the LORD,

‘ For His mercy endures

Forever towards Israel,

Then all the people shouted

With a great shout, when they

Praised the LORD, because the

Foundation of the house of the

LORD was laid


JOB 21;11-12 (KJNV)

11They send forth their

Little ones like a flock,

And their children dance


JOB 21;12 (KJNV)

11     They sing to the

Tambourine and harp

And rejoice to the sound

Of the flute




LEVITICUS 23;24 — Announcement of convocation

NUMBERS 10;2 — Hammered sliver trumpets called congregation.

NUMBERS 21;17; Israelites sang a song

JOSHUA 6;20 — Priests blew trumpets, people shouted, wall of J-e-r-i-co fell

GENESIS 31;27 — Sent away with joy, songs with Tim-b-r-el and harp

EXODUS 15;20 — Women danced with Tim-b-r-el in their hands

DEUTERONOMY 31;19 — Songs written as witness

2 SAMUEL 6;14 — David danced with all his might

1 CHRONICLE 16;9 — Sing psalms

2 CHRONICLE 5;13 —  Singers and instruments together like an orchestra

2 CHRONICLES 29;28 — All worshipped with musical instruments and songs

EZRA 3;11 — They sang responsively, giving thanks

JOB 21;11 — Children danced

JOB 21;12 — All sang and rejoiced to the sound of flute



Cinderella – the Guitarist, Singer, and Writer didn’t use any medication for her patients. Her therapeutic magic was the result of her songs of praise for the beauty of His Holiness. She believed that her God was the Healer and that His mercy endured forever. Her faith in the Almighty God did the miracle in her patients. Her belief was contrary to Mama Dorcas’ belief. Before the missionaries introduced Christian faith early in the 20th century, the ancient people trusted their idols. Could it be the music melody that brought the healing to their patients? Nobody could guess;

Whether true or false, most people believe that musical sounds send away evil spirits from depressed patients. Even in the Holy Bible, David played his flute for king Solomon to drive away his evil spirits. At the sound of music, people rejoice, clap hands and dance. Cinderella used this lure to heal her patients, especially children,( 2 KINGS 11;14, 2 KINGS 9;13, 2 KINGS 11;12 1 KINGS 10;12, 2 KINGS 3;15 and so on)

Trumpets are used all over the world. SHAFFA is used in Israel to call worshippers to pray. Drumming adds splendour to ceremonies like wedding. Nigerians use UPE for public announcements in villages, even up till this day. However, civilization has now introduced better means of communication – News-papers ,Television, Twitter, Radio and a host of others.

The future of melody is great; Music can never die even with the coming generations. The recordings and albums of the past kept past melodies alive, and the memories of the artists. I feel bold to say that Cinderella’s musical lure is alive forever




People developed distinctive characteristics as a result of their unique capabilities. Over millennia, different men of affluence liked oddly shaped and bizarrely colored means of livelihood. A man called Ron was an example. The cars that appealed to his yearning was out-of-the-ordinary type, in the age of globalization when life was beginning to look and feel fearful because of economic consideration. Ron was greedy  ostentatious and proud.

Early in the 20th century, our grand-fathers travelled on foot from villages to villages. They rested under tree-shades when tired. Legends are full of fabulous stories – Some of them real, some of them not. Very rich men rode on horses. Ron’s grand-father was the royal highness of the village, he rode on jet back horses and his own father used motor-cycle. Merchants transported their  cocoa-produce from the seashore through the sea to England.

At the beginning of civilization, transportation evolved in time and in space. Ron was a rich man’s son, and the first engineer in the village. He came back home as a qualified automobile engineer. Lucky for him, industrialization started to improve .By 1950 stronger shuttles came into being and in 1960 Ron’ father bought his first motor car which had only two doors – One for the driver, the second for the passenger. The car could carry only four passengers; one in-front with the driver, and the other three at the back. Transportation system continued to improve steadily,. Car dealers had their boost. By 1960,cars of different models, colors and shapes started to flow into the country in hundreds. One manufacturer attempted to set up the industry. He was widely patronized and Ron was employed as an automobile engineer. Ron was highly paid and he became very pompous and arrogant. He displayed his wealth and affluence and many of his peers envied him. Probably to show his status, he created special love for BLACK cars. According to him, because his grand-father was known with black horses, his line-age must be noted for something unique like jet-black automobiles. He changed his car every year – Jumping from one model to the other, but his choice was always black and the best available to suit his status. Ron used more than twenty cars within 30 years of his active service. He compared his father’s car with his own, and saw profound differences in the 1960 versions.  The current ones were smarter, smaller, stronger, more manageable. They had anti-skid devices to make them more stable on the road. On top of all, most cars used automatic devices to navigate your way to final destinations.

The latest car he used in 1980 had an air-conditioner, a radio and a television to entertain the children sitting on the back seat. By the year2010, his new car had GPS plus the other facilities in the best car of the day. The  GPS works like magic. GPS is the only solution if you want to go places, without getting lost in an unfamiliar area.  Men should want to buy and use products well-designed, easy to operate .GPS is a computer piece, a machine that commands people around. They are more precise than your brain. These days, computers have taken over human intelligence. Everything on Earth has been computerized.

Put computer aside, Ron’s car chase included the shape, texture and particularly the color. He didn’t actually border about the efficiency and the cost. After-all, he could afford to change cars at will. Ron was not sensible because reasonable men should want to buy and use products well-designed, easy to operate and do what they are meant to do. They should think of the right choice of materials, colors, shapes and other details. Today, designers used human factors and aesthetic knowledge to develop standards. Amazingly some scientists attempted to find out the origin of colors in animals. Obviously  car-colors are obtained by painting cars with the required paint. But to prove a point, researchers continued their research. They studied the colors in horses, tried various genetic factors, and concluded that color is acquired only by magic in horses because they could not see the evidence of heredity. Genetics is the study of genes, genetic variations and heredity in living organisms. It is generally considered a field of biology, but it intersects frequently with many of the life sciences and is strongly linked with the study of information systems. Heredity is a biological process where a parent passes certain genes onto their Children or offspring. Every child inherits parents’ colors for the off-springs. One would expect the off-springs of horses to inherit the parents colors.  Labs tested blood for various genotypes, to prove whether a horse will produce or not produce colors for the off-spring. Their result suggested that white horses carried white suppression gene which has no obvious body-white as it should. They agreed that there is more to color than meets the eye. Color is a convoluted, controversial, and changeable design.

Ron however had a choice. He knew that colors in cars are applied only locally with hands or by spraying the paints. Cars are made with non-living materials and has nothing to do with heredity. The availability of black paints cannot be doubted. After-all he had the money to pay for jet-black paint at any prize.

The question is – What will the future look like?

Will genetics change the face of nature?

Will future generations be more economically minded, unlike Ron?

Will they share their wealth with the less privileged in the society?

2000 years ago, ancient people used horses, chariots, Carts, and ships as automobiles in the war-front, for business and some for pleasure as seen in the Holy Bible Passages below. Useful ideas could be found in them. See below –


1 kings 7;27 (KJNV)

27 He also made ten carts of

Bronze, four cubits was the

Length of each cart, four cubits

Its width, and three cubits its



1 KINGS 7 ; 28 (KJNV)

28 And this was the design of

The carts. They had panels,

And the panels were between



1 SAMUEL 8;12 (KJNV)

12     He will appoint captains over his thousands and

Captains over his fifties, will set

Some to plow the ground and

Reap his harvest, and some to

Make his weapons of war and

Equipment for his chariots



24 But ships shall come from

The coasts of Cyprus

And they shall afflict

As-s-h-u-r and afflict Eber,

And so shall Amalek

Until he perished.



8         So they hired for themselves

Thirty-two thousand

Chariots, with the king of Ma-a-ca-h

And his people, who came

And encamped before Me-de-b-a

Also the people of Ammon

Gathered together from their

Cities, and came to battle



19     Then the Syrians fled,

Before Israel; and David killed

Seven thousand charioteers

And forty thousand foot soldiers

Of the Syrians, and

Killed Shop-hack the commander

Of the army




13     And Solomon gathered

Chariots and horsemen, he had

One thousand four hundred

Chariots and twelve thousand

Horsemen, whom he stationed

In the chariot cities and with

The king in Jerusalem



18 And Hi-ran sent him ships

By the hand of his servants

And servants who knew the

Sea. They went with the servants

Of Solomon to Ophir, and

Acquired four hundred and

Fifty talents of gold from there

And brought it to king Solomon



20     For the king’s ships went to

Tarshish with the servants of

Hiram once every three

Years, the merchant ships

Came, bringing gold, silver,

Ivory, apes, and monkeys



3         With twelve hundred chariots,

Sixty thousand horsemen,

And people without number

Who came with him out of

Egypt – the Lu-brim and the

Suk-k-ii-m and the Ethiopians



14The couriers who rode on

Royal horses went out, hastened

And pressed on by the

King’s command. And the decree

Was issued in S-h-us-ha-n

The Citadel



24 His servants therefore took

Him out of that chariot and put

Him in the second chariot that

He had, and they brought him

To Jerusalem. So he died, and

Was buried in one of the tombs

Of his fathers. And all Judah

And Jerusalem mourned for Josiah


2 KINGS 9;28 (KJNV)

28 And his servants carried

Him in the chariot to Jerusalem,

And buried him in his

Tomb with his fathers in the

City of David


2 KINGS 10;2 (KJNV)

2 Now as soon as this letter

Comes to you, since your master’s

Sons are with you, and

You have chariots and horses,

A fortified city also, and weapons



2 KINGS 10;3(KJNV)

3Choose the best qualified of

Your master’s son; set him on

His father’s throne, and fight

For your master’s house


2 KINGS 19;23 (KJNV)

23 By your messengers you

Have reproached the lord,

And said; – By the

Multitude of my chariots

I have come up to the

Height of the mountains,

To the limits of Lebanon





9         Then Z-e-rah the Ethiopian

Came out against them with an

Army of a million men and

Three hundred chariots, and

He came to Ma-re-shah



37 But Eliezer the son of

Do-da-v-a-h of Ma-re-shah prophesied

Against Jehoshaphat, saying, ‘’ Because you have allied

Yourself with A-ha-z-i-a-h, the

LORD has destroyed your

Works. Then the ships were

Wrecked, so that they were not

Able to go to Tar-shish



1 KINGS 7;27 — Carts made of bronze

1 KINGS 7; — Carts designed

1 SAMUEL 8;12 — Equipment for chariot

NUMBERS 24;24 — Ships from the coast

1 CHRONICLE 19;7 — Hired 32,000 chariots

1 CHRONICLE 19;18 — David killed 7,000 charioteers, and 40, 000 foot-soldiers


2 CHRONICLES 8;18 — Hi-ran sent ships

2 CHRONICLES 9;21 — Merchant ships brought gold

2 CHRONICLES 12;3  — 1200 chariots, 60, 000 horsemen and people without number

ESTHER 8;14 — Couriers on royal horses

2 CHRONICLES 35; 24 — From one chariot into the other and he died

2 KINGS 9;28 — Carried in the chariot and buried in the city of David

2 KINGS 10;2 — Have chariots and horses



God gave Ron wealth, but he was the RICH FOOL. He lived without eternity in mind, and did not include God in his plan. You don’t inherit everlasting wealth. Tomorrow, Air-plane may be the choice automobile for the rich, but people like Ron should be told that permanent wealth is not hereditary. But if you love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself, you inherit everlasting joy in Heaven. His black car chase made him an ally with the

devil (2 CHRONICLES 20;37)

1 TIMOTHY 6;17 says –

17 Command those who are

Rich in this present age not to

Be haughty, nor to trust in

Uncertain riches but in the

Living God, who gives us riches all

Things to enjoy.


LUKE 12;15 says –

14     And he said  unto them, Take

Heed, and beware of covetousness;

For a man’s life consists not in

The abundance of the things which

He possesses


PSALMS 53;7 says –

7 Lo, this is the man that made

Not God his strength; but trusted

In the abundance of his riches, and

Strengthened himself in his wickedness


COLOSSIANS 3;14 – says –  which is the bond of




This is the end of Human Necessities, Cultural progress and Bible Passages. We hope you enjoyed the stories . God created us and made us creative like Him. He gave us dominion over other creatures, even the anti-bodies in our systems fight diseases for us. The future; whether today or tomorrow is in His abled hands  The bottom line is that humans need to join hands together to usher in our birth-right – Which is cultural progress. The stories above traced events from 2000BC through the 20th century up to date. The amazing developments indicated  cultural progress in all aspects of life for the humans. Forward ever, backward never. God has the  GLORY

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