. Celebration is a choice

. Mother’s prayer

. The Rules of Life

. The Laws of Life-time Growth


. Feed on spirit/soul level

. Bring Attention to Inner Conversation

. Design true joy of love


. Clarify your purpose

. Life is a Feast and a Banquet

. Design your values

. Find your balance point


. Design good relationships

. Design moments for family blessings

. Design different friends

. Design the maturity in aging


. Go for the Gold and the Green

. Design Creativity for Celebration

. Stay in school

. Let your design greet you by name


. God is the Supreme Designer

. A poem on ‘’ DESIGN YOUR DREAM ‘’.




. Celebration is a personal choice. Design life of celebration sounds like baby-boomers’ bible. The beauty of it, is that it is entirely down to personal choice. We all choose to be on the side of the angels and not the beasts. To be on the side of the angels (if possible) is not compulsory. When most people go to sleep at night, they try to recap their day and feel proud of what they have achieved. Feeling that you’ve made a difference is great for some people. Being good to someone gives one a lot of joy. Getting nearer to 10 than 1 out of 10 for good behavior is excellent. Designing life to celebrate is not about making a lot of money or being incredibly successful, it is simply about how you feel inside, how you influence people around you and what impact you make on the World. Designing life to celebrate explores relationships with the World and nature of reality. In recent years, scientists see the World in a new way – That Atoms are not separate little things but expressions of universal energy. A universe of separate things never really existed. Each of us is part of a greater Unit. At the deepest level, our purpose in life is to be a loving mirror to the World. Our goal in not just to let life love us but also to love life back. Successful life-design affirms that you follow your joy and forgiveness to bless the World. Celebration has three important interpretations – Occasion that engages enjoyable, typically social activities, Occasion for parties, gatherings, festivities, festivals, carnivals, gala, and thirdly, an Occasion for commemoration, observance and performance.


A single mother did her best to educate her three children single-handedly. Unfortunately, the first son was not serious. He disappointed his mother and dropped out of school. In tears and silent cry, she prayed to God for the son to be blessed with a good career in life. ‘’ LORD, let this boy do something big, at-least something to be proud of and celebrate in future.’’ God answered her in ways she could not have imagined. The boy changed his life-style and started to compose Songs. His songs made him an International sensational STAR – The number one down-loaded song in U-TUBE. The story is not just about music, but about how human-spirit works wonders. In this way, the boy designed the life of celebration in a miraculous way. He became a champion of repute in the society. Glory be to God.

Design-principles help you get more out of life, to be a happier, calmer and more fulfilled person – worthy to be celebrated.

RULES OF LIFE as suggested by experts are –

. To know what counts and what doesn’t

. To be flexible in your thinking

. To take an interest in the outside World

. To be on the side of the angels and not the beasts

. To aim to be the very best at everything you do, not the second best

. To be strong, not to be afraid of dreams

. To dress like today is important

. To get used to stepping outside your comfort zone

. To have dignity

. To look after yourself

. To maintain good manners in all things

. To shop for quality not price.

A lot of these rules are about conscious choice, conscious decisions, conscious awareness. You too can be conscious. The challenges are rewarding and they enrich life experiences that deserve celebration. This is a call for you to design each day smartly.

THE LAWS OF LIFE-TIME GROWTH – These admonish us to –

. Always design our future bigger than our past

. Always design our learning greater than our experience

. Always design our contribution bigger than our reward

. Always design our performance greater than our applause

. Always design our gratitude greater than our success

. Always design our enjoyment greater than our effort

. Always design our cooperation greater than our status

. Always design our confidence greater than our comfort.

. Always design our purpose greater than our money

. Always design our questions bigger than our answers

In short, to design life-time growth or purpose is to listen to our heart and gut. Our sense of purpose is more connected to our heart than our head. We should let our feelings guide us to the right objective and then use our head to figure-out how to make it happen. Growth is the fundamental desire of all human beings. It is at the root of everything that gives the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, purpose in life and progress. The desire to grow is nothing less than the love of existence and deep desire to fully explore life. When you begin to align your actions with this principle, you commit to making the most of life. What greater gift could you possibly give to yourself or to the World other than to celebrate it with a dance for a job well-done?


. Feeding on Spirit/soul level is a journey that brings pleasure. It empowers you to open your heart and mind to the life you’ve always dreamed of. It leads you out of the darkness into the light of a better life – Loving yourself, aging consciously, bringing true prosperity and abundance to the World. It manifests positive relationships with families, friends, workers and enables you to face death in a dignified and peaceful way. Thus, spiritual principles improve the quality of life in miraculous ways. When you practice spiritual principles; You think thoughts that make you feel good, you make choices that make you feel good, you take actions that make you feel good. The major reason is that – How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is how you live your life. Everyday, what we think and say to ourselves on a regular basis deepen and directly influence the quality of our lives. The more we shift our internal monologue to language that serves a better life, the better our lives become. It is this daily ritual that gives us the chance for positive changes. Everything we think to ourselves is an affirmation. Love yourself first because life loves you. Desire it, design it and believe it. This spiritual principle is worthy of celebration at the end of the day. When you feed on spirit/soul level –

. You make your taste eclectic

. You love spiritual and inspirational stories of human-interest

. You read the latest News about health, science and technology.

All these will make you re-inspired, replenished and fed on spirit/soul level. Without doubt, you nourish your body with good foods, and your mind with good, comforting thoughts. All these are worthy of celebration.


The things we say to ourselves everyday, bring us the truth and more power to our soul-body, and it transmits energy out into the World. For example, either by design or inspiration, an expert drew ‘’A guideline for a good sleep’’ thus –

. Go to bed at the same time (a reasonable hour) every night

. Keep TV out of the bed-room

. Make sure the room is dark and a bit cool

. Don’t take any food or caffeine at-least three or four hours before you sleep

. Use soft comfortable sheets

. Recite Bible passages, or read the story you love as you fall asleep.

From experience, these guidelines are true. The composition was probably due to the expert’s spiritual inner conversation of the mind or scientific research. Whatever the case, ‘’Designing good sleep’’ deserves an applause and celebration.


Humans are designed to be happy and there’s no happiness without love. True love is not conditional, but delivers lasting joy without reward or gratitude. One scientist used Algebra Equation to describe happiness and true joy. Algebra in Maths solves Equations in many ways. For example, if –

A = B+C

B = A- C

If you want to solve for A, you look for the values of the other two parameters, that is B and C. And if you want to solve for B, you take different steps.

The parameters chosen to solve the problem changes the approach to the solution. In the same way, it is needless to multiply material wealth, fun and status and assume the product gives happiness or joy. True joy is spiritual and cannot be bought with money, though giving out money generously can make others happy. Inwardly, your soul-body rejoices and celebrates your achievement.


. The more love you give, the more you get back

. True joy is giving because love never goes to waste

. Love yourself, for you cannot love anything if you don’t love yourself

. Be kind, treat everyone like yourself

. If you keep what you need and give the rest away, life will flow

. Giving never takes away from the sack, more comes back

. Money can buy happiness only if you give it away because it makes the giver happy.

All the above soul/spirit principles are good foods for thought and deserve designing in our lives. They nourish our bodies, nurture our minds, comfort our thoughts and guide us towards celebration. Praise the LORD.


. Clarify your purpose

Understanding the life, you love is a good reason for celebration. The knowledge ignites, clarifies your purpose and facilitates reflective process. Metaphorically, each of us is a unique flower here on Earth for a brief speck of time. Our job is to bud and bloom for however long we have and fulfill our individual destiny. To manage this, we need a good foundation so that we can nurture our potential in deep rich soil. To achieve this, we need enough sun, water, air, food, laughter and love to make us grow upright, blossom, vibrant and fully occupy our space. When we have enough sustenance, it’s easy to sway toward the other flowers, bloom around them and merge without losing our essence. Designing life of purpose is a joyous occasion, celebrated strategically which tells you to discover your path, love yourself, others, live healthy, fulfill your purpose, set priorities, summon your creativity, become a child and act in harmony with nature. All these awareness call for celebration.

. Life is a Feast and a Banquet

As long as you live, keep designing how to live well. Your life can be a grand celebration, if you choose to make it so. Life is a feast, and a banquet, resplendent with every imaginable colour, taste, scent and opportunity. Life is what we make it. Which means we are the artists of our destiny and we create the life we live – Joyous creations, life rich in imagination, full of beauty, living in abundance and experiencing vibrant health. Our concern is to design motivated life and live fully today. We feel good when we give our love to others. The truth is that we create our destiny. At any moment we can choose to live in heaven, if we design motivated life worth celebrating today. Like planning a celebration party, to fully participate in the adventure of living the life we love, we need to design what is working in our lives and release what is not – meaning that we can travel on the journey of celebration with determination.

. Design Your Values

Successful, happy people know what their values are – what they stand for, and they refuse to compromise them. Most of the great men and women of history, have been admired because of their character; adherence to a set of values. this enabled them to overcome incredible adversity and go on to accomplish extraordinary things. Everything happens for a reason. Success and happiness are not accidents. You can design the kind of life you want and create the kind of future possible for celebration.

. Find Your Balance Point

In-balance in life results not so much from doing too much but from doing too much of the wrong things. Designing your life for celebration is to sort out what is most important to you from among the many activities you could focus on. When you efficiently identify and accomplish what really matters to you, you’ve found your balance point. Not only will you feel less stressed (which is good for your health) but you’ll accomplish more, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. Thus, you feel like your life is in perfect harmony with nature. This confidence is in alignment with who you are – a child of the Most- High God, and it should be designed in your life plan. your heart rejoices. Now you can celebrate, set your priorities, manage your time that energizes you and simplifies every aspect of your life. The result is an active approach to integrating life balance; work achievement and time management. These make you a champion and grand reason for celebration.


. Design Good Relationship

It is socially important for humans to design and celebrate relationships in their lives. Some Scientists illustrated how men existed and developed in the wombs; How children’ brains gradually became mature like the adults’ brains., and How environment, hereditary potential positively and negatively affected children. Biologically and socially humans are connected even before birth. This is a good reason to design and celebrate what nature itself already put in place for mankind.


. Blessings are good wishes for positive out-come; the luxury of little things – daily meals and true friends

. Blessings for our home in general

. Blessings for friends and neighbors wherever they are

. Blessings for the work we do

. Blessings for babies and children

. Blessings for partnership

A gospel song taught us to count our blessings everyday and name them one by one. Blessing is the most important human effort to pin down fluttery moments and make day-to-day life sweeter and glorious. Designing blessings in our lives is both necessary and worthy of celebration, because they open our eyes to see beauties un-noticed before. For all gracious moments, people should sing, dance and jubilate. In short, blessings deserve to be designed in our lives with the whole heart.


Friends come in different forms, and naturally, humans want to be close to one another. When separated, they suffer psychologically, spiritually and physically. However, it is desirable and wise to design the type of friends you want.

One scientist used ‘’The Boundary Effect’’ of Gelatin paste and semi-permeable membrane to describe different friends. Two solutes held together in gelatin-paste has no boundary, whereas a semi-permeable membrane only allows two solutes to touch and salute. Semi-permeable membrane is the excellent, healthy boundary covering each cell of the body for protection. The membrane protects each cell from outside toxin but allows nutrients and light to flow inside the cells. Therefore, you can design the sort of friend you want lest you lose your own unique personality in the service of relationship


Growth begins from the self-centered pre-schoolers to the flowering wisdom and compassion of old-age. True maturity flowers in joy and celebration. Mature relationship and true laws of aging see joy and celebration in; Loving and Having, love and marriage, parent and child, Interdependence, Needing and Giving.

Aging is nothing that you do but something that happens physically. Maturity is something that you bring to life. It comes out of awareness. When a person ages with full awareness, he becomes mature. Maturity is aging with awareness and experience. A mature person is more like a child; simple, innocent but knowledgeable. He is capable of being still and silent. He accepts pain, frustration and transforms the very misery into treasure; Pain gives sharpness, darkness has its beauty, depth and infinity. By designing the maturity in aging, you have come home and grown up. You have touched the height of your potential. You are blessed. What is next for you is to celebrate your newly-found growth.


. This means, you can turn life into the life you want. To accomplish great things, you must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. And then celebrate. Dreams worth celebrating are –

. Going for the Gold and the Green

. Staying in school

. Designing creativity worth celebrating

. Letting your dreams greet you by name

Going for the gold and the green is the very best possible way in all walks of life. It is necessary for everyone who is striving for excellence and greater meaning in their lives, to eventually celebrate. Possible break-down for gold and green are –

. Simply to capture joys, relax mind and body

. Connect with others

. Find power in the positive

. Transform great images to reality

. Plan for excellence through the power of passion and planning

. Get focused and stay focused

. Commit to improve everyday

. Set priorities for goals that will achieve your dreams

. Maximize efforts through team-work

. create a winning mindset to build amazing success for celebration


This is to unleash the forces within. Nowadays, the ability to respond creatively to new challenges is demanded of everybody. Making the switch from imitative and rule-bound behavior to creative innovation and flexibility requires a profound change in our attitudes about ourselves and our own capabilities. It is a blessing worth celebrating if you bring more creativity, playfulness and flexibility to lives. Your creativity allows something to happen through you. As a vehicle, beautiful songs can start to come through you. Of course, you are not the original Creator of them. They came from beyond. The energy is good. It is a delight for the whole World to celebrate it with you, because once released, you become a creator that brings intelligence, sensitivity and all that is beautiful. Climbing to the highest peak of a mountain is arduous. When you reached the peak, the joy that fills the heart is enormous. This is true in creativity. Your joy will know no bound but it deserves celebration, because you have made it.


This is not about becoming a professional student. Rather, it’s about expanding your knowledge both horizontally and vertically. You may finish a course or complete a degree, but you’re never finished with learning. You’re never going to know everything. So, be opened to broadening you base. This is especially true in the business World where new technologies effect changes in every sector. Staying in school, is accepting the notion that each day you soak up new experiences that can enhance your journey and update your thinking toward beautiful celebration. To achieve this, you can sign for on-line courses, sign up for classes or workshops in your local library or your personal library. You can also purchase books that will give you ready access in the areas of interest closest to your dreams. Joy itself is not success, nor financial security, fame or respect. They can make life easier but they are not things that truly make us happy enough to celebrate. If you want to create and design the life of celebration, you must replenish the part of your spirit that absolutely, positively lifts you high above the stress and struggle that is part of your day. You can go down to the memory lane of your childhood that brought you pure, un-encumbered joy. Think about how you can bring that old fun back to life. The mere thought and fun of these historical events can bring you great pleasure worthy to design and celebrate.


When you design boldly, you cultivate qualities that can change life for celebration everyday. You steer your life in the direction of your dreams. High powered endowments like gratitude, endurance, generosity, compassion, honesty well-administered faithfully deserve celebration and can greet you by name. Even, angels will gather at your shoulders and stand with you as you rest. All these are rooted in contentment and peace that call for celebration. The more you praise God the more celebrations will come your way. Celebrations wear a lot of out-fit, but always the same old beautiful dancing shoes. When you design processes that change life, people will hail you and call you the Queen of Celebration.


The aim of this story is to design celebrated life that you love to live: Pleasure, fulfillment and joy. It is the road map to living well. Celebrated life is a wonderfully unique blend of personal adventures and life’s challenges. Its authenticity and wisdom guide people to a richer, more fulfilling life. The story tells us how to live healthy, love ourselves, love others, fulfill purpose in life, finish un-finished business in this World toward celebrating success and victories. You need to decide whether you want to act or react, deal with your own cards or play with a stacked deck. If you don’t decide which way to play with life, it will always play with you. This story is a guidance for you to know the truth, perfect contentment to finally celebrate. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop, you will celebrate victory. It’s important to hear your music and play it right-away. Trust your inner voice, genuinely respond to other people with kindness, empathy, and make it a celebration-day for yourself.

. God is the Supreme Designer. He gave us delightful life: Pleasure like beautiful sun-light, the roaring seas, singing birds in the air, water-falls from the mountains, decorative flowers and a host of others. Their amazing music feel our hearts. And because God made us in his own Image, He allows our vision to work its magic upon us. Without any delay, God wants us to design our dreams and celebrate the victories with feast and banquet. Celebrations wear a lot of out-fit but always the same old beautiful dancing shoes. To round-up the story, the authors presented a poem –


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life becomes broken – feather

That cannot fly


Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams drop

Life becomes barren soil

Frozen with snow


Design what you love

For it is life

Yesterday is a dream

Tomorrow must not be dark


Today, well-designed

Makes yesterday a desire

And tomorrow a vision

Celebrated with passion.



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