. Creativity Celebration Dances

. Pleasure, Happiness, Satisfaction, Friendliness, Success


. Creativity is pleasure driven

. Creativity ignites life and dreams

. Creativity gives unique voice

Creativity unlocks creative mind and potential

. Creativity light the dark in the World


. Creativity and Happiness Qualities

. Creativity achievers are optimistic, successful and Happy

. Creativity is a friend of the mind


. Motivation for creativity


Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. We are all creators as the Image of God. We have been given the privilege to build and design the World to our taste which results in our creativities, just name it – Sky-rocketing buildings, vehicles, decorations, songs, stories, poetries and so on. In other words, we furnish the World with our creativities. Most of the beautiful things around us are the making of men. The Creator gave us our lives, animals, plants and mineral ores to work upon. He gave us trees but not chairs. Creativity benefits are too numerous to count like the stars on the sky and the sand on the sea-shore. The few we referred to in this story are – Pleasure, Happiness, Success, Satisfaction, Friendliness. They are the rewards of Creativity worthy of celebration. However, most of these terms connote same thing because culture and individuals do not share a common set of values that contribute to happiness. As a result, people cultivate different interests in creativity. Some people enjoy activities, choose varieties and novelties to add dance to life. They think of the different things needed in the course of human walk which may be interesting. Thus, creativity begins with seeing the World as a giant play-ground with new challenges to overcome and new advantages to experience

A psalmist told us to count our blessings and name them one by one. Do we ever count happiness as the reward of our creativities? Do we ever celebrate this joy? This story told us that Pleasure, Happiness, Successes are the rewards of creativities worthy of celebration. The Gurus of creativity described Happiness as – A new Approach for Building a Joyful life. Creativity is also a friend of the mind. It is partly inherited from birth. It lights the dark in the World. It makes us shine and have a voice. Creativity adds numerous benefits to life. Because we owe part of our crown to our creativity, it deserves celebration, if only to show appreciation to ourselves and to the Creator for giving us the privilege. Dancing to a musical rhythm is a good way to celebrate successes. You twist your waist and jump up feeling as light as a feather like King David danced in the Holy Bible. To celebrate, you can also host parties with friends. It is more rewarding to invite the homeless to share your joy. There are many ways to celebrate. Our focus here is why the pleasure and the Happiness of creativity should be celebrated. When we share Happiness with Love, compassion, empathy and generosity, the angels in heaven will dance with you, and more celebrations will follow you. So, light your candles now, be more creative and get ready to celebrate more successes.


Your creativity is pleasure driven when you have a place in the group – in your family, community, school and at work. You feel happy putting yourself out there when you share your creations with the World. Creativity has to do with something much greater than just making pretty things. You need to celebrate each step. Treat yourself with respect the same kindness, gentleness and love that you show to someone dear to you. Your creativity must make you happy. Feeling comfortable inside your skin is a life’s work and it has its merits. Allow yourself and others to see the light in your heart. Feel good even about tiny accomplishment and believe in yourself. The more you do this, the better you get. The beauty of what you love and do makes you happy. Happiness like creativity is pleasure driven. At play, children fly and wander passionately from one creative enterprise to the next. They display constant desire, constant movement, constant momentum – Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure the whole way through. Children seek pleasure at every turn. They don’t need reminders about how to play and to have fun. They know what feels good.

Creativity manifests what is on your mind. Sometimes, we aren’t always aware of our own greatness or even what awaits us. Using pleasure and desire as a guide can keep us in our hearts and souls. Living as a creative person calls us to be exactly who we are. No matter what we do in our creative lives we bring all our being into it. Creativity needs a subject and that is you. You bring your senses, awareness, experience and story with you. This is a combination of your style, experience, work and subject matter. People will feel your joy, love and excitement in your creativity.

In the days of my grand-mother, women used milled red stones wetted with water to paint their nails and body to be fully dressed for a wedding. I saw a maiden so decorated because I grew up with my grand-mother. When I became a scientist, I used the same red stones to make nail polish. My method was simple. I milled the red stones all right, but I vigorously mixed the powder in paraffin liquid to add luster and uniformity to the product. The liquid formed was a perfect blend to paint nails. I packed the red paint in presentable bottles to look like cosmetic product. I know this is a crude way to make nail polish. It however removed the stress of their former method. The women in the neighbor-hood accepted it. They were very grateful because it served their purpose. My creativity drew pleasure to me. More importantly my reward was in the women who celebrated me and my creativity.


Your teen years may be tumultuous, confusing and even sullen. That doesn’t mean you can’t light the fire in your life. You can forge your own paths and engage your passions to become the person you want to be. Great people ignite creativities within them to accomplish extraordinary things. Creativity presents an opportunity for people from all walks of life to light their fire and dreams as early as possible. All creative people define and cultivate their own uniqueness in the areas of their choice. You can build the best creative life and let it build you. The aim is to be creative in everyday life. All needed is to keep the inspiration alive. Best ideas are often generated when we are free to think, capture old belief, repetition and discover something new. Creativity is a free-will process rooted in the brain. Everyone has free-will to ignite his life and dreams for creativity.

Science taught us that Liquids have properties that make them different from solids and gases. For example, the atoms in a liquid are not as tightly packed as in solids and do not maintain their shape. At school, my science teacher dropped one coloured tablet in half a cup of water. It dissolved immediately to form a coloured solution that looks like orange juice. This experiment ignited my creativity. At home, I put one spoon of granulated sugar in half a cup of water. It dissolved but the solution was tasteless. I kept on adding more sugar until I added too much which did not dissolve. At this point, I heated the container because heat aided solubility. At last all the sugar dissolved to form a viscous liquid called SYRUP, looking like a pancake-smear. My parents were very happy and there-after, my assignment at home was to make sugar-syrup for pancake. This was actually my favourite break-fast. The creativity ignited my mind, gave me a place and voice in the family.


Fear is one of life’s biggest road-block. You keep fear from limiting your potential by tapping into your inner resilience, strength, translating your ideas into real World and liberating innovative ideas to creative actions. Finding your voice is as courageous as learning how to walk and it is an appendage of creativity spirit. It feels like joyfully stepping into the person you were meant to be. This is the boundless joy you get when you sense that life overflows with endless possibilities. You feel aloft, weightless, impossibly free-spirited and brim with hope. This is true no matter what your dream is. It’s a human need to experience and sense accomplishment, creative mind to shine and find unique voice. When you reduce your sense of fear, you instantly become more creative. The more fearless you become, the more you reveal your authentic self and the more you make your voice known and unique. Innovative thinking gives the mind access to new ideas. If your mind travels to un-accustomed place, you can find something wonderful to share with other people with loud voice leading to increased creativity. Vision is very strong but say good things. Because when we say good things, we succeed in our own’s eyes. Vision is a powerful tool to achieve dreams because it helps to discover the best steps to take on the journey toward new possibilities. Raising creative voice loud bring new ideas. The beauty is that once you speak it loud running it becomes self-perpetuating cycle – one that moves on its own energy. The structure you create fuels your immersive motivation and reality. In general, creativity gives you a unique voice in the community, an opportunity for you to celebrate.

In the year 2012, I was inspired to write stories to impact the new generation.The Holy Spirit had a way of telling me what to write. After receiving the Topic, I first of all, did some book-research. Then I composed my story. I never went to the Lab, but as a scientist, I tried to use recorded scientific facts to back-up my experience. I tried as much as possible to make my stories interesting, educative and in alignment with Bible passages. Am I really Creative or Is it just a calling? Whatever the case, I think I am. My style is an amazing way to write Life Stories under the Leadership of the Holy Spirit, because the stories communicate the stuff in my heart. It is just like writing a poem. Poets are creative by nature. Everything you create is your self-portrait. My stories move through me and use me to speak. Being okay with all parts of myself lays the ground-work of my creative practice because it gives me a unique voice. Where words stop, creativity expression is there to communicate the stuff in your heart – words too tender to voice out. In general, your creativity is your portrait and it gives you a unique voice in the society – An opportunity for you to celebrate.


Creativity unlocks creative mind and brings ideas to life. Scientists believe that – Opening mind and uniting left-and right brain thinking, drive you to take creative actions. Simple exercises make you create dreams like composing new songs, new business fearlessly. You communicate more effectively, finish projects that have stayed in pieces phase and make new ideas to shape the World. If becoming a World-class musician is your goal as a kid, start with Violin in your pre-school to make music. Play it at home and in your church. Enroll in music classes. Eventually, you graduate to be an Expert in Entertainment Industry. You can now compete in American Idol or American Got Talent. Thus, you unlock your creative mind and potential to be a World-known musician. Taking small steps at a time gradually brings your dream into focus and victory. The active doing is your reward worthy of celebration

Alice set up a small-scale manufacturing company to make Toys for children. She cut foam-sheets into various geometric shapes. She used foam because it was light and would float on the surface of water. Within 5 years, Alice was known all over her country as a Toy manufacturer. The motivation came from the time she saw a scientific fair project on – Density and Floating. She remembered her studies on the – Properties of Solids and Liquids, and that objects lighter than water float on the surface of water-baths. Most children love to play with water, particularly in their water-baths at home. Thus, the science project at school unlocked her mind and potential to become a giant manufacturer of Toys of her days. Has this creativity not called for celebration?


Creativity lights the dark for Artists to see the beauties in the World – How to think, find inspiration and get things done appropriately. This allows the mind and self to blend freely with the World outside. Artists need to stumble on the right words and things at the right time. The moment of realization is the instant the complex problem becomes clear. They chart the unpredictable path-ideas from genesis to maturity, map the ways the beautiful things come into being and take enduring shape. This is when ideas point the way forward and the Artist finds the incentive for his creative process. He overcomes challenges, finds in-sight into master-crafts and finds inspiration in everything he sees. The light within can change an individual’s whole life. Exposures like -Book-reading- can make you inhabit another Universe entirely. If you spend a week in New-York city, you see magnificent sky-scrapper buildings, spot-cars, spectacular decorations, ornaments, unique house utilities, Garments of various styles to mention a few. Creativities open human eyes to the beauties in this World.

A creative mind loves good things and wishes to add to the list. He looks ahead to see what is needed and how to make it. What many of us consider impossible become possible. Why don’t we approve creativity celebration? The extra-ordinary reward of Happiness giving freely to us through our creativities deserves celebration to show our gratitude to our Maker for the privilege and to ourselves for the benefits. An example is – The Feather Game created by Big brother. It was a small project but it gave him a big name in the family. Though he died many years ago, many people still call the activity by his name. He created – Feather Game -for children to play which was just putting a beautiful brightly coloured feather from Ostrich Bird’s tail on top of a water-bath. A balloon could be a good substitute. Because feather is light, it floated on the surface of the water-bath. Dolly, the baby of the family, just 2 years old, loved to have fun with the feather. She waded inside the bath aiming to pick the feather. This activity caught her attention. We all enjoyed our peace at home any time she was in the bath. Big brother’s creativity is scientific-based because objects lighter than water float on its surface. The project was absolutely big brother’s creation. He did not copy, imitate or repeat any one, even though something like balloon could have done the same thing. No creativity is too small. Believe it or not, Dolly is now a grown-up woman with three children. Often, she told her children that the creativity was originated by her big brother. Thus, big brother’s creativity spoke for him and gave him a name. What a celebration of dancing for Dolly as she remembered her late brother’s creativity.


. Happiness and Creativity Qualities

Part of our happiness is determined by our genes. We are brought up with inherent level of happiness, (about 50%). Creativities generate immense happiness and both have important qualities like Love, Optimism, Courage, Freedom, Pro-activity, Security, Health, Spirituality, Perspective, Humor and Purpose. These are the qualities men achieve in creativity.

Though retired from active service, I was not tired. At 72, I enrolled as a student in one popular clay-Industry. There I made earthenware products and designed them to my taste. These products, I displayed proudly as my creativity. I made porcelain trays, plates, and cups and decorated them to my taste. I drew flowers on the trays, I wrote my grand-children’s names on the cups. I gave all out as souvenir. My happiness knew no bounds as I saw happiness on the faces of all recipients. My children put theirs on the walls, some on the central table for decoration. Two of my grand-children used theirs to take cocoa drink before going to bed at night, and the others put theirs on the bedside table. A gift from grand-ma was like Gold to them. They were very proud of me. Money does not buy happiness. Actually, the creativity was more than one million U.S dollar payment for me. Why, then should I not celebrate my creativity?

. Creativity is a friend of the mind

This is seen in how leaders apply it for success in all walks of life. What’s common to all leaders is how much fun they seem to be having at work. First, they choose the approach which is usually playful, positive, unbeatable, constructive, and this is seen by people around them. The atmosphere begins to change – enjoyable and playful, small mistakes forgotten. This makes it easy for people to concentrate on creativity. The people supervised, get better at what they do. It is the embrace of the creativity traits in the leaders that makes them so successful and creativity-friendly.


Putting all together, creativity benefits give creative energy, and un-locks creative mind. Fear of disappointment may not make your desire manifest, but boldness has the genius, power and magic in it. Most importantly have absolute faith in your Creator.


. Embrace your uniqueness. Your difference makes you special, one of the kind-person

. Base your confidence on your inner beauty

. Be authentic with your work. Be your real you

. School projects could be helpful. They are assets to research

. Open yourself up for new activities and opportunities to celebrate

. Develop new skills and don’t quit when things get tough

. Set yourself up for a purpose and success

. Have fun; This is your life

. Thank God for the privilege

. Celebrate yourself, your creativity, and dance with other people.


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