The ugly display in the internet gives pornography undue popularity by people mostly teenagers and men. It rouses their sexual sentiment  and it portrays women’s immorality. Most of those people interested are unmarried and have not enjoyed the intimacy in marriage which was designed by the Almighty God to keep family together. Their minds have been polluted and the images of decent marriages distorted. Young men refused to get married because pornography gave them satisfaction, and the already married men had dead drive to mate with their wives. Teenagers use the medium to learn the technique indecently and before maturity. I heard of a thirteen year old girl who drew various pornography styles on a note-pad kept under her Bible, pretending to be praying. She deceived her parents and her teachers. She lost concentration in her academics as well. Her bad school-report was the evidence.

Pornography has done a lot of havoc to humanity even though some people accepted it as fun. It is a repulsive life circumstance that should be discouraged. It is deplorable and responsible wives would not allow their husbands to see the dignity of women so abused. Matrimony is a sacred union organized by God and human bodies are said to be – The Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Pornography, simply defined, constitutes images in the form of films, videos, photographs, literature, and other materials that enhance sexual arousal. What is pornography to one man is laughter to another. Naturally sex is largely governed by seasonal periods of receptivity, primarily when the female is ” I n heat ” Humans evolved with the desire to engage in sexual behavior at any time of the year. Plenty of people object to such supplemental activities and have succeeded by terming the smutty activity – Carnal Pleasure – conducted by scandal-wearing and Godless people. Pornography is immoral. It is a sin of the mind, slightly less  than adultery, and premarital sex.  Research showed that pornography causes penile erection, vaginal v-a-so-congestion, blood pressure and genital temperature increase in response to exposure to positive pornographic materials. Experts describe three types;

. Mental pornography, Positive pornography and Negative pornography.

. Mental and Positive pornography may not be immoral to some specialists, because in most circumstances, people are not harmed  by them and in-fact may find much pleasure. Negative pornography is certainly harmful to all category of people. It is immoral, and  causes violence against women as seen in rape.

LYING like pornography is a repulsive life circumstance. Truth-telling is vital for trust in human relationships. In binary system of morality, truth telling is right and lying is wrong. Consciously or unconsciously, all of us lie every-day, but most of the lies are the so-called ‘ little white lies ‘, where we might exaggerate our accomplishments. These common place lies include ‘ Lies of commission which intentionally provide false information. Big lies however, are more serious and can be more immoral than little white lies. When telling a lie, most of us do so to increase our own happiness or liberty culturally and spiritually according to the law of Moses. In the Holy Bible, the moral thing is never to tell a lie – Big or white lies. Some experts say – In cases where truth could cause death or unhappiness, well-meaning people look for minute loop-holes to save the situations. Emotions are human if we learn to respect and work with them. Human tension often settles in shoulders; Neck tightening and bunching up the muscles there. But when the body feels light all over and is able to glide freely and easily through space, one is filled with joy. Same for pornography lovers. White lies and pornography may appear useful for some people like most ethical issues, but  crimes will certainly decrease if humans accept them as sins.

Paul in the Holy Bible said – For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the spirit, the things of the spirit (Romans 8:5). Way – forward for future generation is to be Christ-like. We have been born again spiritually. Jesus, Our Redeemer, Himself condemned all sins in the flesh. Righteousness is fulfilled in those who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. Thank God  for His grace of righteousness.


What is doubt? Doubt can be defined as the absence of both agreement and disagreement to a certain proposition. It is the lack of commitment to believe or not to believe. Doubters wanted physical evidence. Doubt is when the evidence of pro and con is evenly balanced. Such doubt is a prelude to believe or a precursor to unbelief. The journey of faith begins with doubt. It simply means that one is unconvinced. It is transitory – A non-permanent state of mind. Doubt leads to inaction but belief moves to action. Many of us who doubt, struggle with decision making, but those of us who have great faith are decisive and take action. Persistent doubting can affect mental health, keep you from living a productive life. Doubt is a spiritual battle waged in the mind.

Common sense is a miraculous piece of human intelligence that enables doubters to solve problems and it is different from the human knowledge of science or mathematics. In contrast to theoretical knowledge, common sense does not reflect on the world but simply deals with it on its own terms or merits. Our lives are composed of millions of choices, ranging from trivial to life-changing. An expert says – Despite the power of decision making in recent years, sometimes it’s bitter to stop and say, ” On second thought —–”. The trick lies in knowing when to trust that instant response and when to question it . A scientist provides the first guide to achieving that balance. He exposed the hidden dangers lurking in familiarity and consistency, the obstacles that keep us from accurately evaluating risk and value, the delusions that make it hard for us to accurately predict the future, the perils of the human yearning for order and simplicity, the ways our fears can color our very perception and much more.

Confidence appears to be the opposite of Shyness  and doubt. A confident man is never shy to speak out his mind. He is self-controlled, confident in himself, maintains quality, high standards. He does things correctly, well-organized and orderly. He is very bold, he makes wise decisions. He has responsible behavior. He is attracted to success and positions of prestige. A psychologist sees broad prescriptive benefits in understanding biology – The environment, parents, friends, teachers. He says that oxytocin gene predicts shyness in someone – Example, A child may not be seen as shy if he is supported and encouraged in right environment, because all of us can rewire our brains, even adults. Developing new mental habits create physical changes in the body. Plasticity is the corner-stone of confidence. This phenomenon develops the brain into permanent, solid form with the right training. This is the power  and science of positive thinking. Neuro-scientific research showed that while we get confidence  frame – work at birth, we can alter it significantly with training. We have a choice in the matter. Confidence is the key factor for success. As you grow, you can improve your confidence, do away with doubt and shyness.

Neuro-transmitter – Serotonin creates that sense of well- being, working as positive messenger in our brain. Healthy levels of serotonin in the prefrontal cortex enables us to make more rational decisions because Serotonin helps us remain calm. The prefrontal cortex is the command center of our brain. It is the home of executive function, rational thought, and decision making. When that part of our brain is awash in serotonin, it encourages confidence in our decision making because we feel much less stress. Serotonin helps to quiet our amygdala, the primitive part of the brain. Some scientists suggested a correlation between genes and confidence  – Confidence may be as high as 50 percent. And hundreds of scientific studies make a strong case that personalities like shyness and doubt are formed at conception.

Authors attempted to write a poem on – DOUBT and SHYNESS –

If you are shy and doubtful – You are beaten

If you feel shy to dare it – You have lost

If you want to win but doubt – You can’t

If you are shy to try – You’ve lost

For out of the world, we find

That success begins with one’s will,

Belief and strength in yourself

All in the state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go,

The stronger or bolder a man

The easier he wins the race.


In conclusion, the suggested way-forward for shy people and doubters are for them to be optimistic, bold, future-oriented and adventurous. They should desire their freedom, explore rich experiences that life offers and should find life exhilarating. There is nothing to fear or doubt on earth. You have everything you want- ”I shall not want” is the statement in the Holy Bible(Psalm 23:1). Doubters and shy people should relax, and dance for the day of celebration is near.