Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully or beautifully is a cultivated life-style, through the grace of God. It is not heredictory or in-built in us. it is a desirable principle by most people. If you love real life, the World will laugh with you, but roughness with untreated attitude pays the price. In this story, the opinions of various classes of people are considered. The middle-aged elites who disliked the boredom of the current old people in the society. They researched into the various avenues to curb boredom for the coming generation. Their research concluded Smart-Living.

The older people – 80 and above, belong to the grand-mother class.

Their ambition is mild and simpler but to-word the Eternity. The out-look is optimism. They look at the better side of life. They admonish the next generation to see life as comfortable, pleasant and fulfilling. By so doing, they will age gracefully.

The Scientists, as usual are most interested in the analysis of various parts of aging. Research told them that – UPS and DOWNS in the World contribute to aging problems. This leads to what is known as Stress. Thus STRESS-CONTROL factors are the predominant conditions to consider in Aging and Longevity phenomena.

The ideas of these three categories of people are listed below and they all remind us of the periods we studied in the University. Thus, the authors termed it all as the GREAT UNIVERSITY OF LIFE

Life is a school and a journey. Our passage through it reminds us of our early days in the university – Various experts teach us various subjects or courses successfully. Participants eventually earn their certificates of excellence. Aging gracefully or beautifully is a life phenomenon, just like learning different subjects. The specialists in this course are – The elites who currently do not like the status or the conditions of the present – day aged – people and researched the statoscope before they get to the ages. These elites conducted various researches using students of various ages to arrive on the modalities worth handing down to the next generation.

The current aged-people (75 and above) looked more or less toward Heaven. They are softer in their own ideas. They considered the optimistic art of life, as their main focus is the presence of the Divine. However, the two categories are experts in their reasonings toward aging gracefully. Let us now remind ourselves about the University of life procedure


The great university of life provides an infinite array of perfect educational experiences. It shows most especially life expectations from birth until the last day on earth. Each individual soul exposes the curriculum, classes and courses. The educational level of the student body in the University varied. Some souls are pre-schoolers, while others are in the graduate school, about to be gifted teachers. The class-rooms are everywhere. They occupy the entire planet Teachers and students are everywhere. Everybody spends some time in both roles.

Scientific studies also give us some understanding on aging gracefully. This is Stress Control. This is also one of the major causes of aging. In this story, the authors made an effort to describe these three categories of knowledge – advice from the youth, the old and science. The goal of all contributors is looking forward to graceful aging.


Some people about the middle age of 50 years, realized they had lived half their age and became curious of the future. They started researching aging. They didn’t like to experience the feelings of the current old people. They preferred to make it more graceful for themselves in future. They wanted to learn what society had to offer to make sure, the next half life is fulfilled, happy and not boresome. They researched with students and colleagues. The results were interesting, for elites can back on to prevent the horrors in aging. Those moving towards the very old dilemma can perform better and break aging down towards simple, multiple principles and actions, that all of us can take today and everywhere. Living smarter is an eye-opening guide to turn the challenges that aging puts in-front of us.


. interested people must love aging

. They must never retire from active service

. They must stay fit most times.

They must know that what they are is what they eat

. They must access mobility – putting cars aside sometimes, to refresh your mentality and life. Taking side-walks on the road, you feed your eyes by looking at the beautiful flowers. Thi can make you feel younger and more graceful. We can implement these life lessons at once or step by step. The small playful changes have positive effect on long term living. We not just remove the hurdles for ourselves but for the families, friends and neighbours. And we can live the life we want to live all along

. We need to make our homes our castles, to pass on to the next generation

. There is the need to develop new attitudes, especially to friends

. There is the need to be more sociable, and to stay relevant to the World

. Having a positive opinion is the beauty of the Divine. This allows to love anything on the journey in life. It transforms the fear of aging to the love and beauty of the universe. Graceful aging is a gift and an opportunity in life. We should all cherish it and pass the modality to the next generation., the need for the coming old people to have the gist of the current moment, and start each day with at-least one special experience – Eat something specially delicious everyday, see loved ones daily, learn something new or buy yourself a real treat everyday. Your life will be beautiful and graceful.

. Be adventurous. Aging must be met with a sense of adventure. Approaching life wonders makes life excited about the future. When young, we tap into qualities like optimism, curiosity, openness. There is no reason, we can’t carry it through every stage of our life. This gives better life-span to participate in history being made. It is a privilege to take part in progress in Arts, Science, and Socials. We can also take part in the story. All these will make us active in the current moment. We can even be Pioneers. The older we are the more we approach unknown territories, and explore the World without limit or limitation, and do the things we never dreamt of. A pioneer explores new grounds and try to change the World around.   I know some University teachers who were promoted or elevated to the status of professor at 70. This made their lives more beautiful and graceful

Healthy friendships are important both physiologically and psychologically for the overall well-being of men. As we age, social workers become more important. Staying social helps us to live in the community and stay current and meet more people. Good friends make great neighbours. Making your hobbies your work, giving generously, being students forever. You see and you are seen. You preserve your heritage, stay fit all the time, exercise with meaning. Go to Gym,, turn your work into play time, and participate in soul winning events.

. You can find a new opportunity, make room for visitors, live in comfort, volunteer on demand, watch TV for fun, shop from home sometimes. In a word, you age like starting a company. Designing your life this way will change the way you formerly think of aging. The totality is sure to give a beautiful and graceful aging.


They believe that the out-look in life, describes the unique patterns of thinking, feeling and interacting with one-another and it fundamentally impacts our health and aging. Out-look encompasses our personality, character-traits, general disposition and attitudes. Research shows that the influence of optimism on how we recover from illness. Middle-aged and older female optimists have less diabetes, high blood-pressures and symptoms of depression and obesity. They were more physically active than the pessimists. The optimists lived longer, healthiest, exhibiting 16 percent lower risks of first heart-attack and 30 percent lower risk of death from heart diseases. Thus, unhealthy out-look makes people older faster and a healthy out-look keeps us physiologically younger gracefully. Generally speaking, the main focus of the aged 75 and above is Heavenly. As children of God we experience peace, joy and light. We enjoy unlimited wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and patience. Believing all these make us feel alive. You don’t work on yourself. Live the life you want to live. Free yourself from old perception. Open your mind to the World of possibilities of new discoveries. Sow down and feel self-sufficient at all times. You enjoy the peace within and feel young at heart.

. Suffering and mistakes are part of the World because they include our growth. When we feel physical or emotional pain, the best response is to look for the lesson to be learnt and give thanks for the opportunity.


. Say O.K, to everything though they could be better. Only you can change yourself. What matters is your heart. The harder road is the one that makes you – YOU. You can make right choices and right mistakes. Keep moving, keep playing, keep dreaming. Your head has reasons, your head does not know

. Do not be afraid, love is abundant, perfection is over-rated. Trick your brain and smile Life is good. Enjoy every-bit of it. You can never catch up on having FUN.

Get out and do things. Be adventurous. Be yourself and do your home work. Look towards others to help and for help. Live everyday as your last day. Stay in-touch with friends. Be nicer to yourself and do not worry about what people say of you. This is your life. Love it and listen to your mind. Be friendly to people and make the World a better place.

. Telling lies is never good. Let your feelings be known to others. Attend school first and party on the week-end

. Appreciate your body. Practice compassion, forgive yourself, save money for the rainy day. Study more, Be more creative and curious. The passing generation say – This is the fountain of youth to age gracefully. Soak, in it, seat back and enjoy the ride. Love is everywhere. Look for it.


Scientists worked on how to protect grand-mother’s brain. It was discovered that when we enter the age of transformation, our brains start removing what may be for survival. Naturally, the brains drop more memories, forget more words, forget travels and lose other cognitive activities. But, the brain allows us to keep and strengthen our wisdom but diminishes our mental activities, regarding details of our lives that seem essential to us in the past. This is the journey of the holistic care of the brain, especially as we turn our attention to the sacred act of parenting.

Scientific researches showed cognitive brain health in middle age and beyond. They looked at bio-chemical and brain-scan reviews. These showed positive results in brain-health. Brain-health maintenance requires the following-

. Play lots of games

, Do what you like to do. Listen to music. Music is a brain game activity.

. Read and write more and more.

. Get the right amount of exercise

. Meditate, pray and relax daily

. Spend enough time in nature. You enjoy nature when you go out on sight-seeing, smelling beautiful flowers

. Sleep well, especially at night

. Eat the right foods and take supplement and vitamins when necessary, and have enough fin with your partner.

Scientists claim that different stressors call for different strategies. Calming the amygdala of your brain is likely to be the most useful – Mindfulness, facing and accepting your emotions, self compassion and understanding. What aspects of the situation you can control can help you deal with the emotional after-effects that lead to stressful situation for early aging. If you are dealing with a chronically or a build-up daily hazards, moving on with pre-frontal cortex are likely to be helpful to you. In addition to understanding and calming down your emotions, you will need to re-build. Seeing your stressors as a challenge, overcoming negative thinking, creating positive mental states will help you move forward. Thus, you avoid stress. You free yourself from tension and look younger gracefully. By creating healthy routes, you lay a foundation for stress resilience. Humans have amazing capacity to adapt to new situations. In addition, the situation will affect your physical and physiological stress. It helps you gain insight into why you feel so stressed. It helps you to change your thinking or taking action to improve the situation. It may help you put the stressor and your reactions in perspective and deal with your feelings of stress in a pre-active manner rather than avoiding them. This results in your finding peace and well-being. We all experience stress, one way or the other. This research is a break-through approach based on mindfulness, neuro-science and positive psychology. It helps you to put a stop to unhealthy stress responses like avoidance, self-criticism, fixed mind-set and fear. And it helps to empower you to master your emotional responses, overcome negative thinking and create a more tolerant stress – proof brains You let go of the small stuff to deal with the big ones and become a happier, healthier you, and you aging becomes beautiful and graceful.

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